Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 907 – Such Big Nostrils

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Chapter 907: Such Big Nostrils

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

It was a new beginning after the New Year.

Early morning on the 9th, Mr. Fu made everyone breakfast. He bade farewell to Lin Huang after that.

Bai and the rest did not want to Mr. Fu to leave. Tyrant was so close to crying.

“To be honest, I’m not worthy of being called your master. You’re on your own path now and you’re doing better than I expected you to. There’s nothing that I could teach you any longer.” Mr. Fu completely gave up the thought of staying a few more days to teach Lin Huang cultivation after witnessing his cultivation speed in sword skills for the past few days.

“Please don’t say that, Master. What you’ve taught me is much more important than Sword Dao and ability.” Lin Huang really admired Mr. Fu for sacrificing so much for the humans of the world.

“You little fellas, listen to your master. I won’t cook for those who are disobedient,” Mr. Fu warned Tyrant and the rest of imperial monsters that nodded immediately.

After giving them some reminders, Mr. Fu summoned a dimensional portal and stepped into it. Soon, the dimensional portal shut and he disappeared completely.

Lin Huang returned to the house with his imperial monsters, appearing gloomy.

“I’ll never have such delicious meat again…” Tears rolled from Tyrant’s eyes.

Lancelot seemed like he was broken. He kept muttering the same thing over and over again, “I want cuc.u.mber salad…”

“Hey, have you looked at the inheritance? How long will you take to learn it?” Grimace asked b.l.o.o.d.y directly.

“It’s not difficult to learn. The key is that we might not be able to cook as well as he does even if we follow the inheritance that he gave,” b.l.o.o.d.y spoke the truth.

“If you can’t do it, show me the inheritance. I’d like to learn too. We’ll compete and see who cooks better!” It was clear that Grimace was unwilling to lose to b.l.o.o.d.y.

“Sure,” b.l.o.o.d.y agreed right away.

b.l.o.o.d.y did not care if it could defeat Grimace in cooking because it would be great if someone could share the workload in the kitchen. Moreover, getting Grimace to do something was better than him creating trouble out of boredom.

Lin Huang returned to his room, but he could not quiet his mind to practice his sword skills.

Mr. Fu had duplicated a copy of 11 virtual G.o.d-level methods for him while he had made a copy of the three true G.o.d inheritances and 14 virtual G.o.d inheritances which he had obtained from Gong Sun for Mr. Fu.

Lin Huang discussed how to handle those methods and inheritances with Mr. Fu. They decided to keep the three true G.o.d inheritances a complete secret. They would record the 14 virtual G.o.d inheritances into jade slips and sell them together with the 11 virtual G.o.d methods to the Union Government. Mr. Fu would follow up with the Union Government and trade some exclusive authorization and cultivation resources for Lin Huang.

The 25 different cultivation methods were sufficient to cultivate millions of virtual G.o.d-level powerhouses. It was quite impossible that the Union Government would decline this business.

However, Lin Huang was concerned about Mr. Fu. After all, the person who had plotted against him the last time came from the Union Government.

Just when Lin Huang was worrying about Mr. Fu, the temporary communication ring on his finger vibrated all of a sudden. He had only left the contact number for this communication ring at the Wanbao Auction.

The communication page popped up. As expected, it showed that the person who was calling was Tang Xu from the Wanbao Auction.

Lin Huang was suspicious about the reason he would contact him at such a time. “Maybe he’s calling for season’s greetings?”

Lin Huang accepted the video call request after disguising as a demiG.o.d. “Yes?”

“Sir, I’m sorry to call out of the blue, but I must tell you this immediately.” From Tang Xu’s tone, Lin Huang faintly sensed that it might be bad news.

“Do tell.”

“I heard news coming from Division 1 early in the morning. Gigantic ruins appeared in Division 1 last night out of nowhere. Judging by the intensity of its power, it should be grade-7 ruins. Many demiG.o.ds are interested in this brand new ruins.”

“I heard that the Union Government’s planning to open this new ruins to all demiG.o.ds for them to discover on their own. We’ve set the auction on the 8th of March, but the official opening day for the ruins is set on the 25th of February. In other words, most of the demiG.o.ds on this continent will be in the new ruins rather than attending our auction when it begins.”

“So, I’m wondering if we should s.h.i.+ft the auction earlier or postpone it later?” Tang Xu was asking for Lin Huang’s opinion.

“It doesn’t make sense to bring it forward because the G.o.d Figurine is what I want. The G.o.d Figurine’s Combat Soul is a conquest weapon. It’s pretty impossible for them to trade G.o.d relics with that. Meanwhile, it’s unnecessary to postpone it to the date after they’ve come out of the ruins. You’ve already set the date before the New Year and the news has spread far and wide. It’ll be embarra.s.sing to change the date.” Lin Huang shook his head. “Let’s just go with the initial date. If they’re not sold, we’ll do it again next time.”

“Alright then.” Tang Xu could only accept Lin Huang’s suggestion helplessly. He regretted releasing the news before the New Year especially since it would have definitely been fine to release the news after that. If he were to change the date all of a sudden now, it would make people think that the Wanbao Action was unreliable.

Lin Huang changed his appearance after the call with Tang Xu and forced a smile while shaking his head helplessly. How would he have thought that this obstacle would happen when he was all ready for the auction.

He thought he would get at least four G.o.d Figurines after the auction and advance all the way to immortal-level rank-9. However, now it seemed like it would be an issue to even sell one of his G.o.d relics.

His targeted customers would be exploring the new ruins in Division 1, so who would come to the auction?

“Never mind. Just go with the flow. I’ll sell them off sooner or later.” Lin Huang was sure of that. It was just that he would elevate to immortal-level rank-9 much later.

His Emperor’s Heart Ring vibrated all of a sudden soon after he ended the call with Tang Xu.

The communication page popped up. It was Yi Yeyu calling this time.

After accepting the video call request, Yi Yeyu’s image was projected. She wore a loose, bright yellow coat with a denim mini skirt. The hemline of the coat was almost the same length as her mini skirt. There was a cute Swine Beast printed on her fluffy sandals under her long, fair legs. They were so fair that they were almost reflective.

“It’s winter now and you’re showing your legs off. Aren’t you cold?” Lin Huang could not help but tease her as soon as he picked up her call.

Yi Yeyu was stunned when she heard his statement and explained immediately, “I have heating at home.”

“Why are you wearing a coat when there’s heating at home?” Lin Huang was speechless. “Also, I think you bought the coat three sizes bigger than you are. I think this is supposed to be worn by girls who are 250 pounds or so.”

“You are the one who weighs 250 pounds! I bought a bigger size on purpose. This is called layering. You’ve no f*cking idea about fas.h.i.+on!” Yi Yeyu could not help but use profanity.

“Sure, you know about fas.h.i.+on.” Lin Huang shrugged.

“I don’t want to talk to you anymore. I’m hanging up.” Yi Yeyu pretended like she was going to put the phone down.

“Don’t hang up. You’ve already called, so let’s just spend your Life Crystals on this call,” Lin Huang said wearing a smile.

“Then, don’t talk about my clothes.” Yi Yeyu named her condition.

“The Swine Beast printed on your sandals… has such big nostrils.”

“Don’t talk about my sandals!” Yi Yeyu thought that Lin Huang would say her sandals were cute, but he teased her about the big nostrils instead.

Lin Huang s.h.i.+fted his focus up and his eyes eventually landed on Yi Yeyu’s face.

“Why did you apply such heavy make-up today? Your lips are so red that they’re going to drip with blood…”

“I’ve only put some lipstick on. I don’t have any make-up on!” Yi Yeyu insisted furiously.

“Your hair…”

“Don’t you dare talk about my hair!” Yi Yeyu interrupted Lin Huang directly this time.

“I just wanted to say that your hair looks nice this time. You seem radiant,” Lin Huang mumbled softly.

“Thanks, but I don’t need your compliments!” Yi Yeyu did not look any happier although she was complimented.

“You don’t look too well. Are you sick? Drink more warm water,” Lin Huang asked earnestly.

“I’m feeling fine. I don’t need to drink warm water!”

“Alright then. So, tell me, why are you calling?” Lin Huang could not find anything else to talk about since he had commented about her from bottom to top. Moreover, she did not look pleased now.

“Nothing. Bye!”

“Don’t. Just tell me what you were going to say.”

Yi Yeyu glared at Lin Huang madly and only spoke a moment later, “I’ve elevated to immortal-level.”


“Soon, I want to train in Division 3 too.”

“Sure, I’ll buy you a meal then,” Lin Huang said generously.

“I heard that the Wanbao Auction will be auctioning G.o.d relics after the New Year, and I’d like to take a look,” Yi Yeyu proceeded to say.

“I’m going to that auction too. Let’s go together,” Lin Huang suggested.

“My brother might come as well. He said he wanted to see how a G.o.d relic looks like.”

“Sure, let’s go together,” Lin Huang responded while nodding with a grin. “I’m pretty familiar with Wanbao City. I’ll be your host.”

After chatting with Yi Yeyu, Lin Huang put the concern he had for Mr. Fu aside. He took a wooden sword out after hanging up and went into the zone to cultivate his sword skills for the day.

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