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Chapter 91: A Fateful Battle – Two Fish In A Moat

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The mysterious lady stared at Lin Huang. After the BlackEagle33 in her hand morphed into a pistol, she made a few consecutive attacks at Lin Huang instead.

Lin Huang easily dodged her shots.

When Lin Huang shot back, the woman moved as swift as a ghost. She was on par with Lin Huang’s Cloud Steps or if Lin Huang would admit it, she was probably even better than he was. The few shots he fired did not even graze her leather armor.

Both of their attacks were fired lighting fast and they instantly realized that they had encountered strong opponents – each other.

None of them were willing to retreat and within a few seconds, their attacks became more intense. Lin Huang used this opportunity to train himself.

The woman in leather clothing seemed happy, perhaps due to the fact that it was rare to encounter a similarly strong opponent in the iron zone.

A grin formed on her fair face and her waist-length black hair followed her curves. She was so graceful even when she dodged his attacks. Lin Huang, on the other hand, looked serious and was worried all the time but he seemed to do it all effortlessly, his skill light and graceful.

Both of them continued to attack each other at a distance of around 100 meters and yet none of them were hit by their opponent’s attack.

The people who watched were amazed at their movement speed. The reason why they could avoid the bullets was because they had astonis.h.i.+ng predictive abilities. Both of their eyes had never once left each other’s body. They were able to capture the subtle changes in their opponents’ muscles just before they attacked.

Under such circ.u.mstances, they were able to predict each other’s moment of attack and dodge in the nick of time. If they were a tenth of a second slower, they would be hit.

The fight lasted for only a few minutes before it ended; not because either of them was. .h.i.t by a bullet but because there were other players who had now entered the battle.

The first player who entered was the woman’s companion. He was short and fat. Before he was able to react, a bullet penetrated his head between his eyebrows and he collapsed instantly.

Of course, it was Lin Huang who fired that shot. His speed was terribly fast.

The second player who joined the fight was Brother Mighty. He was Lin Huang’s partner.

As soon as Brother Mighty resp.a.w.ned, he hurried to the place where he died. He had no clue about what had just happened. After watching the video on playback, he found out that he had been shot by a lady aged between 16 or 17. He went back to the battleground to help Lin Huang.

He was still far away and could only hear the sound of shots fired every few seconds. He excitedly muttered, “The guy had not died yet?!” He recognized the gun that was being used – the BlackEagle33.

He rushed in the direction of the sound using a different route. This way, he could see the high ground of the night market with better clarity and protect his back from being shot again.

“How dare this fellow get me with a sneak attack? I’ll let you know how it feels like, getting shot in the head!” Brother Mighty grinned as he exited yet another restaurant.

He popped his head from behind the wall and he could see the woman in leather armor from afar.

As soon as he was about to pull his trigger, he blacked out, again.

Lin Huang noticed Brother Mighty popping his head from behind the wall and once again, he witnessed the lady in leather shooting him. She did it in the same way Lin Huang shot down the fat guy, between his eyebrows.

Lin Huang shook his head as he knew that she was determined to compete with him.

However, Lin Huang and the woman had never expected that something peculiar was going to happen on that battlefield…

After Brother Mighty was shot and had watched the video on playback, he realized that the woman was powerful. However, Lin Huang had yet to be sent back to the resp.a.w.n point. Instead, it was the backbone of his companions, the middle-aged man with the player ID of ‘Man in his forties is a flower in bloom’ who appeared at the resp.a.w.n point.

Brother Mighty immediately told the middle-aged man that there was a woman who could very well be a gunmaster at the night market. They then proceeded to the night market together.

At the opponent’s resp.a.w.n point, when the short and fat guy resp.a.w.ned, there were two other people there. He then told them that there was a young man in the opposing team. Three of them rushed to the night market, planning to kill Lin Huang.

Soon, the night market that initially began with only two of them was now crowded.

As soon as the three of them appeared, including the short and fat guy, Lin Huang made three consecutive shots and immediately, they were sent back to the resp.a.w.n point.

On the other side, Brother Mighty and the middle-aged man were shot by the woman right after they appeared. They were sent back to the resp.a.w.n point as well.

“What just happened?” Everyone was curious. On playback, they saw the scene when Lin Huang made three consecutive shots and all three shots fired hit them right in the middle, between their eyebrows.

At the resp.a.w.n point, Brother Mighty and the middle-aged man were watching the same replay and they exhaled loudly. They were amazed by how powerful the woman was and at the same time, they had finally witnessed Lin Huang’s ability.

“We might have met a true gunmaster!” They exclaimed at the same time.

Indeed, many hunters were obsessed with firearms but not all of them can be a gunmaster.

The main purpose of the Gun Master a.s.sessment was to evaluate how they used a firearm. It was not really related to the candidate’s ability. Though it was a beginner-level a.s.sessment, many of today’s Gold Hunters were not able to pa.s.s the a.s.sessment at some point in the past. Yi Yeyu was one of them.

With the hunter zone opening in Gun Master, many gun-obsessed-hunters were motivated to join. They hoped to brush up on their firearm skills through virtual combat instead of dying in actual battle. Besides, they may just have a chance of meeting an actual gunmaster which would be a good learning experience for them.

They suspected that this was a battle between two gunmasters.

“Hey guys, there might be two gunmasters fighting at the night market. Stop fighting and let’s watch the battle between them!” Brother Mighty and his team shouted at the video.

At the opposing camp, the short, fat guy and his teammate invited more people to witness the memorable fight as well.

Two guys who were fighting in the courtyard forfeited their battle and ran towards the night market…

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