Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 910 – Why Don’t You Stay At The Martial Hunter College To Be Their Teacher

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Chapter 910: Why Don’t You Stay at the Martial Hunter College to be Their Teacher

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To Lin Huang, getting Lin Xin to stay in Division 7 would be much safer.

Division 3 was a mix of highs and lows. 80% of the underground organizations’ headquarters on the entire continent was there.

Even the Union Government gave up on the overall jurisdiction of the area whereby they took footholds No. A1 to A10 with other union organizations.

Among the 38 Grade-A footholds, 28 of them were occupied by top underground organizations. The Grade-B footholds were all taken up by the remaining underground organizations.

Meanwhile, the leftover Grade-C’s and Grade-D’s with little value were filled with underground organization members.

Such a safety zone was not the best environment for Lin Xin to grow up in.

Lin Huang could always leave whenever he got into any trouble if he was alone. However, if he brought Lin Xin along, not only would it be a drag, but his rivals might come after both of them.

After laying out the pros and cons, Lin Huang came up with a plan right away. He shared his opinion during dinner.

Lin Xin listened to him from the beginning until the end without saying a word. She did not show any expression on her face, but Lin Huang knew that she must be upset.

“It would be a relief for me if you stayed in Division 7,” Lin Huang added, “White Capital’s the safest foothold in the entire Division 7.”

“But I’ve applied for graduation.” Lin Xin lifted her head to look at Lin Huang. She had been hiding her expression from him.

“When did you apply for that?” Lin Huang was a little surprised.

“Before the winter holidays,” Lin Xin said softly, “The stuff Martial Hunter College’s teaching is no longer useful for me. I’ve learned everything about Sword Dao and firearms through whatever’s available at the library by myself throughout the year… So, I applied for the graduation exam ahead of time and pa.s.sed with full marks.”

Lin Huang frowned slightly. It was not that he was unsatisfied with Lin Xin’s result, but he was worried that she would be not able to stay in Martial Hunter College any longer since she was no longer a student there.

Winter City was a grade more dangerous than the White Capital. To be honest, Lin Huang was worried about leaving her alone in Winter City.

Moreover, Lin Xin would consider leaving her initial circle after leaving Martial Hunter College. Apart from the Witch, she had no friends, which was bad for her growth.

After some deep thought, an idea popped into Lin Huang’s mind.

“Xin Er, why don’t you stay at Martial Hunter College to be a teacher?”

“Huh?!” Lin Xin was shocked to hear that.

“It’s great to be a teacher. I think you could try that.”

“Am I good enough to be one?” Lin Xin felt a little emotional now.

After all, her brother had been a teacher at Martial Hunter College before. It sounded like a fantastic idea to experience what her brother had gone through.

“With your current standards, you should be good enough to teach the Sword Dao faculty or firearms at Martial Hunter College,” Lin Huang said while smiling and nodding approvingly.

Lin Xin teaching at Martial Hunter College would be another way to push her back to the White Capital for better safety.

“You’ll still see your cla.s.smates and teachers if you go back to Martial Hunter College. Wouldn’t that be great? It’s way more fun than staying in Winter City with the Witch alone.” Lin Huang proceeded to persuade her.

“Is Division 3 really as dangerous as you described?” Lin Xin gazed at Lin Huang and asked grudgingly. She knew that he was being dramatic in order to get her to follow him.

“I’ll send you the statistical reports of the distribution of the organizations and the crime rates in Division 3.” Lin Huang selected two doc.u.ments immediately and sent them to Lin Xin.

Lin Xin took a look at the doc.u.ments right away. She was just glancing through them and found out that he did not lie about the distribution of the organizations. She then studied the crime report. The longer she looked through it, the deeper her frown became while her little face turned pale.

“Apart from footholds No. A1 to A10, the rest of the footholds in Division 3 aren’t safe,” Lin Huang confirmed, “But you’ll need a permit to enter the safe footholds, let alone reside there.

“As for the rest of the areas, even Grade-A footholds have an average of at least 30,000 crimes, including murder, every year. There are some Grade-A footholds that have recorded more than 50,000 crimes annually. Grade-B and Grace-C areas are even messier. Even the data statistic isn’t complete.”

“Why isn’t the Union Government doing anything about it since it’s so messed up?” Lin Xin knew he was telling the truth after looking at the statistics.

“It’s not that they don’t want to do anything, but there’s nothing that they can do. If the Union Government didn’t vacate Division 3, there would’ve been more underground organizations residing in Divisions 1 and 2. If that happened, the three core zones would be in chaos. For overall stability, the Union Government was forced to give and take.” Lin Huang provided a simple explanation.

Lin Xin went silent for a moment and finally nodded. “I’ll promise to stay in Division 7, but I have a condition!”

“Do tell.” Lin Huang raised his brow in curiosity. It was clear that Lin Xin had grown up now that she was laying her conditions down.

“I want to go to Division 3 when I reach immortal-level. By then, you’re not allowed to use all sorts of excuses to trick me.” Lin Xin firmly named her condition.

“I’ll accept your condition, but I’d like to add another one.” Lin Huang nodded after agreeing to her condition and laid out his terms. “You must wait until you’re totally stable in each rank before elevating to the next rank when you reach holy fire-level. Don’t destroy your foundation just because you want to fulfill the agreement you’ve made with me as soon as you can.”

“I’m not that stupid to destroy my own foundation.” Lin Xin retaliated immediately.

“So… Deal?” Lin Huang extended his fist.

“Deal!” Lin Xin extended her fist as well and b.u.mped it with Lin Huang’s.

Lin Huang had another worry crossed off his mind after coming to an agreement with her.

“Do you need to hunt for Life Fire monsters to elevate from gold-level to holy fire-level? Or will you be able to achieve that just by guzzling Life Crystals like before?”

The reason Lin Huang asked that was that Lin Xin had an extremely unique physique whereby she had depended on eating Life Crystals alone to elevate from iron-level all the way to gold-level. She did not even have to obtain any Life Seeds. He was unsure if Lin Xin would need Life Fire or merely depended on the Life Crystals to elevate from gold-level to white flame-level which was a big leap.

“I think I can achieve that with sufficient Life Crystals.” Lin Xin was hesitant when she answered.

Lin Huang transferred a sum of Life Crystals to Lin Xin right away. “Let me know if it’s not enough.”

Lin Xin heard a chime a moment later and she checked her account immediately.

“One, ten, hundred, thousand, ten thousand…” Lin Xin counted the number of zeroes one after another. “100 million, one billion!”

She counted again to make sure that she did not get it wrong. She then gaped at Lin Huang with her eyes wide open.

“A billion Life Crystals?!”

“Is it not enough?” Lin Huang raised a brow.

“It’s enough. It’s enough!” Lin Xin nodded immediately.

“Just take whatever you need and break through these few days when I’m around. Your combat strength was close to complete-stage gold-level much earlier, so there’s no need for you to stay on this level,” Lin Huang urged Lin Xin to break through to holy fire-level as soon as possible. He wanted to guide her in the system before he left. “If you can’t break through from eating Life Crystals, I’ll bring you to hunt Life Fire monsters.”

“Alright, I’ll go to the Credit Bureau to withdraw Life Crystals now.” Lin Xin did not plan to drag this on anymore. She was eager to become a transcendence since the beginning.

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