Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 911 – Lin Xin — Elevating To Transcendence

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Chapter 911: Lin Xin — Elevating to Transcendence

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Lin Huang got himself a chair and sat on guard outside of Lin Xin’s room. He used his Divine Telekinesis to penetrate the wall and was aware of Lin Xin’s condition at all times although he was just a wall away from her.

Lin Xin sat by her bed with Life Crystals piled into a little hill under her bed.

She opened her mouth and the Life Crystals the size of a thumb turned into white rays which seeped into her mouth one after another. The pile of Life Crystals that looked like a little hill was getting smaller and smaller at a speed could be seen with the naked eye.

Whenever the Life Crystals pile on the floor finished, she would fill them up from the stock in her Emperor’s Heart Ring immediately.

She repeated that for more than ten hours and eventually stopped when it was almost midnight.

Lin Huang, who had been guarding outside the door, could not help but stand up. He fixed his eyes where Lin Xin was through the wall. He could finally sense that her aura was getting more powerful at a rapid speed.

Using his Divine Telekinesis, he had been following up with her, and he waited for the change to end patiently.

However, Lin Xin’s aura elevated from complete-stage gold-level all the way to white flame-level in less than a minute. It finally stopped when it reached the peak of white flame-level.

He was rather surprised to sense Lin Xin’s current aura. Her aura had clearly surpa.s.sed most triple mutated white flame-level monsters. She was almost on par with the G.o.d Blood, Bai, back then.

In less than three minutes, Lin Xin’s flesh transformed at a high speed.

It was transforming internally and could not be seen with one’s eyes. Lin Huang clearly sensed with his Divine Telekinesis that her soul was transforming at the same time. Moreover, the transformation speed of her soul was no slower than that of her flesh.

Lin Huang thought it was mind-boggling when he sensed the transformation speed of her flesh and soul.

One must know that it had taken him more than three hours to complete the preliminary transformation of his flesh and soul when he elevated to white flame-level back then. He then took almost a month to stabilize the transformation completely.

However, Lin Xin only took less than three minutes to complete the transformation of her flesh and soul completely. Compared to his process that took a month, this was astounding.

Just when Lin Huang was worrying about her, in her bedroom, Lin Xin opened her eyes slowly.

She looked around before holding her head down to look at her hands. “Is this transcendence? I feel like I’m so much more powerful now.”

After confirming that Lin Xin had woken up, Lin Huang knocked on her door.

“Come in.” Lin Xin knew that her brother was the only one who would knock on her door at that moment.

Lin Huang opened the door and stopped when he noticed the Life Crystals that were strewn all over the floor. “Xin Er, do you feel any discomfort in your body since you’ve just elevated?”

“No.” Lin Xin checked her body and did not notice any unusualness. “Why do you ask?”

“Oh, great then.” Lin Huang was relieved. “Some people will experience some discomfort from not being able to control their body or soul that’s become powerful all of a sudden after they’ve just elevated.”

Lin Huang made up an excuse to cover up his concern. He figured that her transformation speed must have something to do with her body that was one of a kind.

“Tidy up your room and sleep early.”

“Sleep early?” Lin Xin turned to look out of the window, only realizing that the sky was now dark. She then turned to ask Lin Huang immediately, “What time is it now?”

“It’s past midnight,” Lin Huang said with a grin, “You took over ten hours to break through this time.”

“That long?”

“Leaping through a level will result in a transformation of flesh and soul, so it’s normal for it to take longer,” Lin Huang a.s.sured. “Sleep early. I’ll teach you how to build the Flying Power Sigil tomorrow. You’ll be able to fly after you learn that.”

“Flying Power!” Lin Xin’s eyes lit up upon hearing that.

Lin Huang shook his head while smiling before he returned to his room.

Lin Xin put all of the Life Crystals on the floor into her Emperor’s Heart Ring but sleep eluded her due to the excitement.

On the next morning, Lin Xin woke Lin Huang up before it was even 7 a.m. The silly girl did not sleep the entire night because she could not wait to learn how to build the Flying Power Sigil!

Lin Huang rolled off his bed slowly and ignored Lin Xin’s prodding. He proceeded to wash up as usual.

Just when he was on his way down to prepare breakfast after was.h.i.+ng up, he found out that Lin Xin had already made breakfast and finished her food.

There was no peace during breakfast for him that day.

“Hurry up and finish. Then, we can learn the Flying Power Sigil when you’re done!” Lin Xin did not stop urging him.

Lin Huang followed his own rhythm and finished his breakfast at his own pace. He then pointed between Lin Xin’s brows to transfer the Flying Power Sigil to her.

“Try building it yourself first. Ask me if there’s anything that you don’t understand.” Lin Huang picked the plate up and walked toward the kitchen sink.

Lin Xin returned to her room in excitement after obtaining the sigil.

Lin Huang had given her the set of Flying Power runes that Mr. Fu had pa.s.sed him back then. It was made up of a total of 28 different sigils.

The set of runes was great for people elevating before immortal-level. It would not be difficult for Lin Xin to adapt, but it was not enough for Lin Huang now. Especially after encountering so many imperial-level enemies, he decided to use the Witchcraft Rune to make himself a new set of Flying Power runes.

Now that Lin Xin could learn Flying Power, he did not plan to drag it on any longer.

He put his Sword Dao cultivation aside temporarily and spent more than two hours finally building a new set of Flying Power.

He used over 800 Witchcraft Runes for the set, which was close to 30 folds of the set of sigils before. The rune combination was hundreds of times more complicated than the previous sigil.

The ma.s.sive number of runes formed a brand new anti-gravity sigil, a motion sigil, a kinetic energy regulation sigil, a direction-s.h.i.+fting sigil, a balancing sigil, a shelter sigil, a reduction sigil, an instant acceleration sigil, and so on.

After spending over half an hour building a whole set of sigils, a Skill Card appeared in Lin Huang’s body. He was stunned to hear Xiao Hei’s notification because it was a pseudo-mythical-card.

“Congratulations, you’ve obtained a pseudo-mythical-level flying-type Skill Card x1

“Skill Card

“Skill Name: Unnamed

“Rarity: Mythical-level (Pseudo)

“Type of Skill: Flying

“Status: Available

“Skill Description: This is a flying-type skill mainly used for flying in the air.

“Remarks: Comprehensive function. There are no flaws about it, but drains Life Power

“Card Remarks: Not bad

“Would you like to name this card?”

“Let’s call it Wandering G.o.d.” Lin Huang came up with that name after giving it some thought. He wanted to depict a person wandering around like a G.o.d.

He then walked out of the house after the card was formed. He activated the newly built Flying Power and hovered in the sky. Picking a direction, he flew after taking some time to familiarize himself with it.

After half an hour, Lin Huang’s body turned into a stream of light and he penetrated a door in a small area.

‘With this flying skill, my flying speed’s on par with Kylie’s when she was on immortal-level rank-4. The turbo speed’s also almost the same speed when Kylie was flying on turbo mode. If I add Seraphic Speed on, the speed will get another 50% boost!’ Lin Huang was pretty satisfied with the Flying Power. However, he was comparing himself with Kylie when she was still triple mutated on the same combat strength instead of the version of her having elevated to mythical-level now.

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