Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 913 – Settling In

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Chapter 913: Settling In

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

It was on the 23rd of February. Lin Huang and Lin Xin returned to the White Capital with the Witch early in the morning.

It had been half a month since the New Year. Martial Hunter College had yet to open school officially, but many teachers and students had returned.

Lin Xin’s application as a Martial Hunter College teacher was smooth-sailing.

She was an outstanding graduate of the college with a combat strength that fitted the school’s standard. Moreover, Lin Huang had spoken to his Senior Brother Liu Ming beforehand.

Although Liu Ming was no longer at the college, he was advancing his career in the core zone now. The current dean at Division 7 would still have to give him face. Moreover, even if the dean had no idea about him, the two deputy deans used to be under Liu Ming’s wing, so it was easy to send Lin Xin in.

Lin Huang checked into a hotel close to Martial Hunter College instead of going to the school with Lin Xin.

Before leaving Division 7 last year, he used a method to wipe some people’s memory. n.o.body in the entire Martial Hunter College knew about his relations.h.i.+p with Lin Xin now, and he did not want to cause any trouble.

He stood at the balcony of the hotel room and watched Lin Xin go into the Martial Hunter College’s entrance. He then looked away, but he did not recall his Divine Telekinesis.

At the same time, with an ounce of deja vu, Lin Xin was a little nervous to be returning to Martial Hunter College.

After all, her ident.i.ty here was previously a student, but she was now a teacher.

Furthermore, she was the same age as most Year 2 students and a year younger than most Year 3 students.

She was getting more and more nervous when she recalled that her brother was named the least popular teacher among the Sword Dao faculty students when he had just begun his career there.

Just when Lin Xin’s head was in chaos, a voice came from across all of a sudden.

“Lin Xin, you’re back in school!” It was a tall and skinny boy who was walking toward her. He was her cla.s.smate, Nangong Qing.

Lin Xin was stunned to into someone she knew out of the blue. She nodded and spoke subsequently, “Yes, I’ve just come back today.”

She did not tell anyone about her applying to graduate. She did not even tell her close friends who stayed in the same dorm as she did. Initially, she planned to drop by the college when she had the time that year to explain to her close friends. It seemed like there was no need for that now.

Both of them had just begun to chat while another boy walked towards them in long strides.

“Mu Xiao…” Fear flashed through Nangong Qing’s face.

From a distance, Lin Huang recognized that the boy was the top student of the same year as Lin Xin. He had created an uproar at the orientation back then, claiming that he wanted to break through to transcendence-level and become the youngest transcendent in Division 7.

However, this boy’s combat strength was stuck on white silver-level rank-3. He lagged far behind Lin Xin despite being the same age.

“Lin Xin, I’ll definitely earn the No. 1 rank that belongs to me this year!” Mu Xiao roared furiously when he arrived in front of Lin Xin and stormed off.

Lin Xin was stunned but she subsequently smiled while shaking her head.

After saying goodbye to Nangong Qing, she headed straight to the dean’s office.

Lin Huang saw what happened loud and clear with his Divine Telekinesis.

“That little fella named Nangong Qing seems to like Xin Er, but it’s obvious that Xin Er isn’t interested in him,” Lin Huang mumbled to himself with his hand on his chin. “While that little fella named Mu Xiao has great talent and potential, he’s hot-headed. There’s nothing to worry about him. Hmm, I’ll observe for a few more days and see if there’s anyone who has ill intentions toward Xin Er. If there is, I’ll end their plot right away!” Ferocious gleam sparkled in his eyes.

Lin Xin knocked on the dean’s office door when she arrived.

“Fellow student, how may I help you?” The dean was a man with neatly combed white hair. He wore an ironed dark-blue Chinese tunic suit with a plain white s.h.i.+rt inside.

He seemed to be in his early fifties, but the way he dressed was different from most clumsy old men. He put in effort into his appearance.

The grave seriousness on his face loosened when he lifted his head and saw Lin Xin, whom he thought was a student, standing at the door.

However, he sensed Lin Xin’s combat strength as soon as he spoke. She was on gold-level rank-3.

Lin Huang gave her a disguise demiG.o.d relic when she elevated to white flame-level, so the dean was looking at Lin Xin undercover. After all, it was shocking for a 16-year-old to achieve transcendence-level.

The new dean only had a combat strength of an immortal-level rank-9. Naturally, he could not see through Lin Xin’s real combat strength.

“Are you the new teacher that Old Liu recommended?” The dean asked immediately and waved at Lin Xin at the same time, inviting her to come in.

“Yes, my name’s Ling Xue. I applied to graduate before the New Year.” Lin Xin sat down nervously at the dean’s desk.

“Hmm, I’ve looked at your doc.u.ments. Very impressive.” The dean looked rather serious now.

A gold-level rank-3 16-year-old. He thought that this girl must have some powerful background or came from some honorable family to have Liu Ming’s recommendation!

“Looking at your doc.u.ment, you’re good at Sword Dao and firearms. Which one would you like to teach?”

“I would like to teach firearms,” Lin Xin answered without thinking twice.

It was Lin Huang who had taught her Sword Dao. There was a possibility that people might find out about her relations.h.i.+p with Lin Huang if she were to teach Sword Dao. She did not want to take the risk.

“Sure, we happen to lack teachers for firearms.” The dean thought for some time before speaking, “Miss Ling, you’ll teach Year 1 Cla.s.s 2 for the second half of the semester.”

Lin Xin was stunned to hear that. She did not expect to be asked to teach Cla.s.s 2 given that she was new.

However, she knew very well that Martial Hunter College distributed the students according to their exam results. Although Cla.s.s 2 was less powerful than Cla.s.s 1, they were still geniuses.

This new dean was efficient. After working on his Emperor’s Heart Ring for a moment, he lifted his head to look at Lin Xin. “I’ve sent you the teaching certificate.”

“The 26th of February will be the official school opening day. Go to the academic affairs office when you have the time these few days. They’ll give you the teaching materials and arrange your accommodation. Ask them if there’s anything that you don’t understand.”

“Sure.” Lin Xin nodded immediately.

She headed straight to the academic affairs office as soon as she left the dean’s office. She wanted to get the teaching materials as soon as she could to prepare ahead.

There was only a middle-aged lady on duty at the academic affairs office. She immediately asked upon seeing Lin Xin knocking on the door, “Fellow student, how may I help you?”

“Hi, I’m a new teacher. Dean Chen told me that I could get the teaching materials and arrange my accommodation here.”

“A new teacher?!” The lady was stunned for a second before snapping back to her senses shortly after that. “Please show me your teaching certificate.”

Lin Xin projected her certificate immediately. The lady scanned it with her Emperor’s Heart Ring and saw Lin Xin’s doc.u.ment right away.

‘Ling Xue, 16 years old, gold-level rank-3 combat strength…’ The more the lady read, the more surprised she was. ‘Arranged to teach firearms in Year 1 Cla.s.s 2…’

“Alright, the details have been confirmed and recorded. I’ll send you the teaching materials now.” The lady was sure that Lin Xin came from an honorable family with a powerful background after reading her details.

Lin Xin received the packed doc.u.ments a moment later.

The lady gushed pa.s.sionately, “Let’s go. I’ll bring you to pick an apartment!”

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