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Chapter 914: Yes, Senior

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After she was done settling in, Lin Xin did not stay in Martial Hunter College. Instead, she returned to the hotel room where Lin Huang was.

She planned to ask for some teaching advice, seizing the opportunity since Lin Huang was still around.

Although Lin Huang was the least popular teacher in Year 1 in the beginning, he later became the most popular teacher. It was enough to prove that his teaching method was great.

After spending a day to go through all of the teaching materials, Lin Xin spent the next two days looking at video lessons by rather popular firearms teachers. She came up with questions every day and would ask Lin Huang about it.

“Brother, what if the students refuse to listen to me?”

“That’s why you must stand your ground as a teacher. It’ll be difficult for you to manage them if you don’t have your stance in the beginning,” Lin Huang advised, “There are ways you could use appropriately to manage them if you’re in a rut.”

“Would the students hate me if I’m too strict with them?” Lin Xin raised another concern.

“You’re here to be their teacher, not to their friends. The more they learn in your cla.s.s, the higher the probability of them surviving being a hunter or being in the military after they graduate.”

“Also, I saw in the videos that some teachers talk about topics that have nothing to do with firearms, but they’re very practical. However, I don’t know much about things other than being a firearms master. What should I do?”

“That’s why it’s important to have a range of knowledge. Make it a habit to read more at the library to get more knowledge. Then, you’ll have a wide array of topics to talk about in cla.s.s.” Lin Huang added after he was done, “Since you don’t have much now, you could branch the topic out from firearms for now. Go deeper into the topic. You could reveal some related topics that will be taught in Year 2 and Year 3 suitably. Of course, do it at an appropriate amount so that you won’t confuse your students. As for your own benefit in the long-term, you should still read more to learn more.”

Lin Xin recorded all of those teaching experiences in the little notebook projected from her Emperor’s Heart Ring.

On the 26th of February, Martial Hunter College officially opened.

All of the students in Year 2 Cla.s.s 1 Sword Dao faculty noticed that their No. 1 student in the cla.s.s, Ling Xue, was absent.

The cla.s.s was in chaos at the moment.

“Ling Xue isn’t coming?”

“It’s the first day of school. Could she be involved in something that’s dragging her down?” Some of them asked the few girls who stayed in the same dorm as Lin Xin did. They, too, had no idea where Lin Xin had gone.

“That’s odd. I saw her a few days ago in school,” Nangong Qing said while looking puzzled.

While a few boys were bombarding Nangong Qing with questions, a muscular man walked in. His name was Cao Long and he was the new Sword Dao teacher the college had hired last year. His combat strength was on holy fire-level. He replaced Qin Tianxing and was in charge of teaching Year 2 Cla.s.s 1 of the Sword Dao faculty.

“Teacher, our cla.s.smate Ling Xue isn’t here,” a boy shouted at Cao Long.

Cao Long was stunned to hear that and recalled the students had no idea that Ling Xue applied for the graduation exam earlier. Now that the students were asking, he had to explain, “Your cla.s.smate Ling Xue took the graduation exam before the winter holidays and graduated with full marks in all the subjects.”

The students in the cla.s.s were dumbstruck to hear that piece of news.

Huh? Did she graduate?

We’re only halfway through Year 2 and she’s graduated?

Moreover, she graduated with full marks in all the subjects!

“But I have good news.” Cao Long cleared his throat and said slowly, “Ling Xue has taken up a position in school and she’s now the teacher of Year 1 Cla.s.s 2 of the Firearms faculty.” Cao Long had heard there was a pretty teacher in the Firearms faculty who had just come on board early in the morning. The name Ling Xue rang a bell. He thought she merely shared the same name as his student. However, he found out from the sneaky photo his colleague had snapped that she really was his student.

Everyone in cla.s.s appeared lost upon hearing what Cao Long said.

Huh? Did she come back to be a teacher?

It had to be a lie!

Almost all the students were in disbelief.

“Teacher, I think you’re mistaken. They probably happen to have the same name!” A girl could not help but shout.

“I thought so too in the beginning, but I saw the photo my colleague took secr— I saw her photo. It really was Ling Xue.” Cao Long almost revealed that her photo had been taken secretly.

“Alright, the cla.s.s will begin now. We’ll speak after cla.s.s if you guys have any other questions.”

Just when chaos stirred in Year 2 Cla.s.s 1 of the Sword Dao faculty, Year 1 Cla.s.s 2 of the Firearms faculty welcomed a new teacher.

The students in the cla.s.s were discussing among themselves when they realized that the girl on the podium was almost the same age as they were.

“Did this student walk into the wrong cla.s.s?”

“Cla.s.s should be beginning now. Why isn’t the teacher here yet? Is this girl the teacher’s family member?”

“Why is she standing on the podium?”

The bell went off, but the teacher was not there yet, so everyone stared in confusion at the girl standing on the podium.

Lin Xin took a deep breath in before speaking, “Hi, everyone. My name’s Ling Xue. From today onwards, I’ll be the teacher of Year 1 Cla.s.s 2 of the Firearms faculty…”

The students in Year 1 Cla.s.s 2 of the Firearms faculty looked lost.

After some simple self-introduction, a boy raised his hand all of a sudden.

Lin Xin nodded at him. “Do you have any questions?”

“Teacher, may I ask how old are you?”

“17.” Lin Xin thought to herself that that would not be considered lying since she would be turning 17 next month.

A girl sitting on the front row raised her hand next.

“Go ahead.” Lin Xin nodded.

“From what I know, the lowest combat strength for teachers in Martial Hunter College is on gold-level. May I ask what’s your combat strength, Miss Ling?” The girl stood up and asked, feeling unconvinced.

“Gold-level rank-3. Next!” Lin Xin pointed at a short and plump girl.

“Teacher, may I ask which school did you graduate from?”

“Martial Hunter College. I graduated last year,” Lin Xin said that to sound more convincing since graduating before the New Year would also be considered as last year too.

This time, a girl with braids asked directly without raising her hand, “But our Firearms faculty have never heard of any senior called Ling Xue.”

“First of all, please raise your hand before you speak in my cla.s.s.” Lin Xin frowned a little. “Secondly, I wasn’t a student in the Firearms faculty. I was in the Sword Dao faculty and firearms was my minor.”

At the moment, the girl in braids, who did not raise her hand before speaking, lifted her hand.

“Do speak.” Lin Xin looked at her expressionlessly.

“So, you’re saying not only are you not from the Firearms faculty, but you’re also a Sword Dao student who just graduated last year and has zero teaching experience. Do you think you’re qualified to teach us?” The girl in braids was not convinced.

Lin Huang, who was observing that scene using his Divine Telekinesis from two kilometers away, smirked. “Seems like you’ve encountered a How will you handle that?”

Lin Xin frowned and only spoke after staring at the girl in braids for a moment. “Follow me to the shooting range and you’ll find out if I’m qualified or not!” She turned and walked off right after she spoke.

The girl in braids pouted and followed her while everyone else in the cla.s.s followed them immediately. They soon arrived at the shooting range in high spirits.

Lin Xin got the controller to get a default iron-level gun. She held the gun up and began to shoot as soon as she positioned herself at the specified spot.

Bang, bang, bang!

She opened fire ten times with almost no pause in between. She had full accuracy.

“Take them 100 meters away!” Lin Xin turned her head and shouted at the controller.

The ten targets that were initially 50 meters away were soon moved 100 meters away.

Bang, bang, bang!

She opened ten shots continuously without stopping again. Again, she demonstrated full accuracy.

“200 meters!” Lin Xin shouted.

The controller moved the targets further away again.

Bang, bang, bang!

Still, she performed with full accuracy.

“300 meters!”

Bang, bang, bang!

Full accuracy again.

“Anyone could get fixed targets right. The only difference is just that the distance is further away. I can do that too if I practiced for a year.” The girl in braids was still dissatisfied.

Lin Xin glared at the girl in braids for a second and shouted at the controller, “Move them horizontally!”

“Should I s.h.i.+ft the distance closer?” The controller asked.

“No need. Keep them at 300 meters.”

All of the students in the Firearms faculty had a slight change of expression as soon as they heard what Lin Xin said.

It was difficult to aim a moving target at 100 meters. Looking at the current distance of 300 meters, no one could tell if Lin Xin could shoot any one of them at all, let alone with full accuracy.

Soon, the ten targets beginning to move horizontally 300 meters away.

Lin Xin did not stop. She lifted her hand and fired ten consecutive times with full accuracy!

The Firearms faculty students were dumbfounded now.

This senior really was something!

“Add irregular movement and speed!” Lin Xin shouted again.

All of the students were shocked.

“Coming right up!” The controller took action immediately.

A moment later, the targets were moving in an unpredictable manner.

Finally, Lin Xin did not move immediately this time. Instead, she took a deep breath in before pulling the trigger.

She fired ten consecutive times.

Bang, bang, bang!

The result was out a moment later — full accuracy!

At 300 meters with irregular movement and speed, having fired ten consecutive times, she achieved full accuracy!

All of the students were blown away to see the results. It took them a while to snap back to their senses.

“Senior, you’re amazing!”

“Senior, you’re a G.o.d!”

“Senior, please punish me!” Everyone glared at the boy who said that with disdain as soon as he said that. He corrected himself immediately, “I made a mistake. I meant to say teach me.”

“Senior, I give up.” The girl in braids was finally convinced and apologized, holding her head down.

“Call me Miss Ling!” Lin Xin put her hands on her hips sternly.

“Yes, Senior.”

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