Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 916 – Handling The Loot

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Chapter 916: Handling the Loot

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The long-distance dimensional portal traveling from Division 7 to Division 3 was located in Sweep City.

After walking out of the dimensional portal, Lin Huang did not head straight to Wanbao City. Instead, he disguised himself in a hidden corner without surveillance.

He changed his physique, features, and clothes. He then put on a demiG.o.d relic mask with a disguise function, changing his aura to imperial-level black gold-rank.

After making sure there were no flaws in his disguise, he headed straight to the black market of Sweep City.

Lin Huang walked into a store and spoke directly when a lady attendant welcomed him, “I’m looking for Hu Lu.”

“Sure, please follow me.” The attendant could tell he was a regular customer from his tone, so she brought him to Hu Lu’s room on the second floor immediately.

Lin Huang entered and took a careful look at Hu Lu. “Are you Hu Lu? A friend recommended me, saying that you’re reliable.”

“Thanks for your friend’s compliment,” Hu Lu said without humbling herself, “Please take a seat, Sir. Do tell me what you need.”

“I have a bunch of stuff to sell.” Lin Huang sat across Hu Lu, teasing flas.h.i.+ng through his eyes under the mask. “I wonder if you guys would dare to take them or not.”

“Could you tell me about the source roughly?” Hu Lu asked, “You don’t have to tell me which organization exactly they’re from just yet. Just roughly tell me about them and what are the items that you’re getting rid of.”

“Most of the items come from top underground organizations.” Lin Huang smirked, but Hu Lu could not see that since there was a mask on his face. “The most troublesome one among these items would probably be a Holy Son’s stuff.”

Hu Lu’s pupils shrunk upon hearing the first sentence. Then, her face turned pale all of a sudden upon hearing the last sentence. She could tell that Lin Huang was not joking with her.

“Sir, we daren’t accept them if the items really are from the organization that you mentioned.” Hu Lu forced a smile while shaking her head.

Disappointment flashed through Lin Huang’s eyes and he stood up right away. “It’s fine if you don’t accept them. I won’t force you.”

“Sir, please don’t leave just yet.” Seeing that Lin Huang was leaving, Hu Lu stopped him immediately. “We can’t accept them, but I know a place that will.”

Lin Huang stopped walking and turned around. “Do tell.”

“The Exotic Treasure Pavilion in Wanbao City.”

“What’s the background of this place?” Lin Huang proceeded to ask.

“It’s opened by the heretics. They take anything as long as the items don’t belong to their Virgen.”

“Do you charge for this piece of information?” Lin Huang asked wearing a smirk.

“No, many people know about the Exotic Treasure Pavilion. It’s not a piece of valuable information.”

“Don’t tell me that the organization behind you guys is by the heretics too?” Lin Huang took a stab at Hu Lu’s background.

“We’re only considered as their underling’s branch.” Hu Lu nodded, admitting in all honesty.

“Thanks.” Lin Huang turned around and left right away.

Hu Lu’s soft voice came from behind. “Please visit us in the future if you can, Sir.”

“Sure!” Lin Huang did not even turn his head as he left after saying that monosyllabic answer.

After leaving the black market of Sweep City, Lin Huang summoned a dimensional portal after making sure that n.o.body was watching or following him. He then stepped into it.

When he stepped out of the dimensional portal, he arrived at Wanbao City.

Since he arrived, he headed straight to the black market and very soon, he found the Exotic Treasure Pavilion.

He was then guided to a room after informing the customer service personnel at the front counter that he had something to sell.

“Sir, could you show us the items that you’re selling?” The receptionist was an old man with white hair.

“Do you guys really take anything at all?” Lin Huang did not bring out the items right away. He wanted to make sure they were really keen.

“Oh, we take anything.” The old man nodded in determination.

“Do you accept items from top underground organization’s Holy Son and elders?” Lin Huang proceeded to question.

The old man looked at Lin Huang and nodded. “We accept those too.”

“That’s great then.” Lin Huang then pa.s.sed a storage ring containing a barrage of loot to the old man.

Apart from some useful elixirs, a few types of expensive rare minerals, and a few ancient-level telekinesis weapon relics that he had put aside for himself, he got b.l.o.o.d.y to categorize all the relics, miscellaneous items, elixirs, and minerals from grade-1 to ancient-level in the ring.

The old man soon saw the two ancient-level combat sword relics belonging to Dynasty’s Seventh Prince when he was going through the items. There were pieces of equipment that clearly came from Dynasty, Charm, the Purple Crow, Saint, and other organizations. There were even a few items from the heretics.

The old man could not help but have a slight change of expression when he saw those items. Looking at that plunder alone, he knew that the man in the mask before him had killed at least hundreds of underground organization members. Not only that, most of them were on the immortal-level while some were on the imperial-level.

The old man came up with such speculation mainly because Lin Huang did not bring out those demiG.o.d-level items. Otherwise, the old man would have known that the sheer number of imperial-level powerhouses Lin Huang killed was beyond his imagination.

After spending over 20 minutes to count the items three times, the old man finally came up with the final figure.

He had calculated the price of the items.

“Sir, among the items that you’ve brought today, there are a total of 1,128 ancient relics, 161 supreme relics; a total of 37 types of elixirs including 36,521 bottles of ancient-level healing elixirs, 587,951 supreme-grade healing elixirs; 26 types of minerals including 24,579 ton of iron ore. The final price for the items would be 78.7 billion Life Crystals.”

“Why don’t you round it up to 80 billion for me?” Lin Huang suggested shamelessly.

“I can’t do that…” The old man looked troubled. “The most we could offer is to round it up to 79 billion.”

“Alright, 79 billion then.” Lin Huang did not bother to bargain further. In reality, he knew that they earned twice what they offered for this deal, but the items were shady after all. The items could not be sold at auctions or markets, so the price could not go any higher.

If they could be sold at markets, the price would at least double. If they went all the way to auctions, the price would at least triple.

After the deal was done, Lin Huang stood up right after receiving the Life Crystals in his account. He did not bother to say anything more to the old man.

The old man, on the other hand, said in a friendly manner while smiling, “Please come again.”

Lin Huang removed his disguise in an area without surveillance. He turned his face back to Lin Xie’s and headed straight to somewhere around the Wanbao Auction. He checked into a hotel called w.a.n.guo Hotel.

Initially, he planned to stay at the Wanbao Auction’s S-cla.s.s VIP room, but Yi Yeyu said that she had arrived on the 1st of March and had booked her stay at w.a.n.guo Hotel, so Lin Huang decided to stay in the same hotel as she did.

After checking in, Lin Huang removed his disguise upon going into the room. He then called Yi Yeyu to ask which room she was staying in.

However, the call was cut off directly before the first tone even rang.

He received a message a moment later. ‘I’m busy shopping now. I’ll contact you when I’m back at the hotel.’ It was Yi Yeyu’s style indeed.

Lin Huang shook his head, wearing a smile while feeling helpless. He replied to her message, ‘I’m already at w.a.n.guo Hotel. My room number is 3303.’

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