Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 922 – Tang Xu’s Gift

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Chapter 922: Tang Xu’s Gift

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Yi Yeyu, who was in VIP Room S7, looked at Lin Huang with her eyes wide opened.

She could not believe that this little guy, who was not even on iron-level three years ago, could trade with demiG.o.d relics now.

Yi Zheng, on the other hand, looked like there was nothing to be surprised about since he had witnessed Lin Huang auctioning demiG.o.d relics off half a year ago.

He thought about it and figured why his sister would think someone else’s brother was more outstanding than he was, resulting in the dissatisfaction Yi Yeyu had for him.

Lin Huang delayed no further after he successfully bid for the item and he got the staff to complete the transaction with the mid-level demiG.o.d archery relic.

It was a huge golden bow with 12 black arrows.

Yi Yeyu could not help but ask when she saw the archery set, “Why don’t you keep this demiG.o.d relic to trade for a demiG.o.d relic that you can use, like a sword or some armor?”

Yi Zheng glanced sympathetically at his sister sitting beside him. He already had the answer to her question.

As expected, Lin Hung answered immediately, “I already have all the demiG.o.d relics that I need.”

Yi Yeyu became speechless at that moment. She turned to look at Yi Zheng while he turned away and pretended he saw nothing. She glared deadly at her brother. It was clear that Yi Zheng knew about this since the beginning.

Until now, she faintly sensed that she seemed to have misunderstood Lin Huang’s comment on ‘doing well in Division 3′ earlier.

Although it had only been a few days since she came to Division 3, Yi Yeyu had already gained a basic understanding of the combat strength and spending power of Division 3’s cultivators. It was remarkable even for the top imperial-level powerhouse to have two demiG.o.d relics. A powerhouse who had one demiG.o.d relic for his own use and could trade with his additional demiG.o.d relics was basically a demiG.o.d himself.

Judging from that alone, Lin Huang’s fortune should be comparable with a demiG.o.d-level powerhouse’s.

‘It’s only been a year and he has grown to this from being almost the same level as we were. Could the Heaven Alliance be the reason behind this?’

During the spare time throughout the past few days, Yi Yeyu asked Yi Zheng about the Genius Organization and found out that the Heaven Alliance was the No. 1 organization in the Genius Organization. Thinking that Lin Huang’s growth was related to the Heaven Alliance, she could not help but antic.i.p.ate joining the Heaven Alliance soon.

Naturally, Lin Huang had no idea what Yi Yeyu was thinking about.

Soon, the staff, who was in charge of the transaction, came knocking on the door.

Lin Huang opened the door and realized it was the owner of the Wanbao Auction, Tang Xu.

He had always been communicating with Tang Xu with his demiG.o.d disguise and had never met Tang Xu as Lin Xie before.

“Why did you come alone and not with an appraiser?” Lin Huang pretended not to know Tang Xu.

“I’m the appraiser, and I’m also the owner of the Wanbao Auction,” Tang Xu revealed his ident.i.ty directly.

Lin Huang’s heart sank. Tang Xu might want to persuade him to call off the soul crystal deal since he came here himself. He pretended like he knew nothing. “Oh, it’s the owner himself. I apologize for being rude.”

“Kid, you don’t know me, but I know you,” Tang Xu said while smiling, “Your master’s our big client. You should know that the two G.o.d relics included in our auction this time belongs to your master.” The reason why Tang Xu said so was that Lin Huang did not really partic.i.p.ate in bidding for the past few days. His presence there could possibly be part of an inspection on his master’s collector’s items to monitor the result of the auction.

“I know that,” Lin Huang admitted.

“Apart from the two G.o.d relics, there are 12 demiG.o.d-level items in this auction while 10 of them belong to your master. We put the other two in.” Tang Xu finally got to the topic.

“Please don’t laugh at me for telling you this. Actually, I borrowed the demiG.o.d-level soul crystal that you bid for from my family just to make up the number. I’ve never planned to auction it off. That’s why I set such a strict opening bid condition. Never had I thought that you’d have such a demiG.o.d archery relic with you,” Tang Xu said sheepishly and looked at the archery on the table behind Lin Huang.

“Boss, are you here to cancel the deal yourself?” Lin Huang raised his brow. Tang Xu’s words were exactly what he guessed earlier.

“Kid, what kind of person do you think I am?” Tang Xu waved his hand while grinning and took out the demiG.o.d-level soul crystal that was at the auction earlier from his Emperor’s Heart Ring. “Although our Wanbao Auction isn’t big and we don’t have the best reputation, it’s impossible that we’d break the promise for items that we’ve auctioned off.”

“Kid, I see that you’re pretty fated with this demiG.o.d-level soul crystal. I’ll give it to you as a gift, eh? Let’s be friends.” Although it was painful for Tang Xu, he made a bold decision.

The reason why Tang Xu made that decision was that under normal circ.u.mstances, people below demiG.o.d-level would not be able to use this demiG.o.d-level soul crystal at all. Even people on imperial-level purple gold-rank could not take the impact of the spiritual energy of such a level. Only demiG.o.ds could use it.

He figured Lin Huang must have bought the demiG.o.d-level soul crystal for his master. The kindness that Tang Xu showed was actually directed at the demiG.o.d who supplied him with resources.

As long as he had a stable supply of demiG.o.d relics and G.o.d relics, the Wanbao Auction’s fame would rise as time pa.s.sed by. The long-term profit would be much more than the total amount of profits from one or two auctions, let alone a demiG.o.d-level soul crystal.

However, what he had no idea about was that Lin Huang’s G.o.d Figurine’s Combat Soul was the body of a G.o.d. This little demiG.o.d-level soul crystal aside, it could even swallow a true G.o.d-level spiritual energy.

“Are you sure you want to give it to me for free?” Lin Huang narrowed his eyes while asking. He knew very well that Tang Xu did that just to get closer to his ‘demiG.o.d master’ for more demiG.o.d relics and G.o.d relics in the future. “You could sell this demiG.o.d-level soul crystal for at least 100 billion Life Crystals if you were to auction it. That’s enough for you to trade two mid-level demiG.o.d relics.”

“You can never make enough money. Friends.h.i.+p’s more important compared to money.” Tang Xu shoved the soul crystal into Lin Huang’s hand.

‘He’s so good at talking,’ Lin Huang thought to himself, ‘Businessmen have such terrifying talking abilities.

“I won’t beat around the bush if you say so. I’ll take it then.” Lin Huang took the soul crystal and nodded with a smile. “Thank you, Boss Tang, for this great gift. I’ll remember that.”

“Then, I won’t be disturbing you any longer, kid. You guys proceed with the auction.” Tang Xu nodded while smiling since he had achieved his goal. He left after shaking hands with Lin Huang and waved at Yi Zheng and Yi Yeyu not far away.

“Boss Tang’s so generous! He gave out an item worth hundreds of billions of Life Crystals just like that!” Yi Yeyu exclaimed with envy written all over her face.

“Lin Huang, are the two G.o.d relics in this auction from Mr. Fu?” Something caught Yi Zheng’s attention.

“He meant someone else when he said ‘master’,” Lin Huang gave Yi Zheng a simple reply and put the soul crystal in his hand away.

Yi Zheng knew Lin Huang was unwilling to talk about it, so he did not ask further. He thought Lin Huang had another master of his own.

It was clear that Yi Yeyu wanted to ask the same thing. Noticing that she was going to ask further, Lin Huang walked straight to the deck and sat down. “Let’s just enjoy the auction.”

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