Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 927 – The Last Auction Item

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Chapter 927: The Last Auction Item

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Soon, two staff brought the last case onto the stage.

Yun Mei’er was fretting. However, with more than ten years of auction experience under her belt, one could not tell how she felt since she managed to contain her feelings and concealed them well.

“This is the last collector’s item we have for the day. It’s also the very last item at our auction this time. I believe the few demiG.o.ds who are here today came just for this. I won’t waste any more time. I present to you the second G.o.d relic of the day!” Yun Mei’er pulled the red cloth away as soon as she was done speaking.

An exquisite sword in the case was presented before the people.

It was a sword without a scabbard, and it was around one meter long.

The hilt was wooden with two little intertwining dragons carved on it. The crossguard on the other side was completely golden and was the size of less than half a palm. Its shape looked like a hollowed jade piece with dragon patterns on it.

The sword seemed to be very s.h.i.+ny and was around 75 centimeters long. Its material did not seem like steel. Instead, it resembled silver.

There were dragon patterns carved on one side of the sword while a poem was carved in messy ancient text on the back.

‘Three thousand guests indulge themselves in the blooming flowers; one frosty sword is enough to conquer the world.’

Judging from its appearance, although the sword was not on par with the battle sword, the Black Jade, it was very beautiful. Undeniably, it carried a quaint charm.

Many of the onlookers were stunned just looking at it.

“This sword’s called Frost Flower. It’s a famous sword from the early era. Although it’s named Frost Flower, it has nothing to do with the frost attribute,” Yun Mei’er began to tell the story.

“Legend has it that the swordsmith who crafted this sword was a powerful sword cultivator, and so was his wife. She was wounded badly in a monster horde war and pa.s.sed away not long later. The day his wife pa.s.sed away, white frost flowers bloomed on the frozen lake next to his house.

“He was always drinking by the lake since his wife pa.s.sed away and never made any weapons for years since then. One winter 11 years later, the lake was frozen again. Frost flowers formed on the lake again on his wife’s death anniversary.

“Unable to take it any longer, the emotions that he had been keeping inside for 11 years exploded completely. He wailed devastatingly while kneeling by the lake, screaming his wife’s name over and over again.

“After spending the day releasing all of his emotions, he suddenly thought of something that his wife had said before. ‘All of the swords that you’ve made are for men. They’re so ugly. When will you customize one for me? A sword that would be love at first sight for me?’

“Recalling that he still owed his wife a sword, the swordsmith began working that day itself. He spent an entire year before he finally completed the sword. The day the sword was completed was his wife’s death anniversary. There were frost flowers all over the lake again, so he named the sword Frost Flower.

“Later on, he fought with the sword and died in the monster horde war. Frost Flower then fell into the possession of a few other people and ended up with a lady sword cultivator, Nangong Xin, eventually. She gave life to the sword.

“It was said that Nangong Xin was a Sword Dao divinity and defeated all the male sword cultivators. She was the most powerful sword cultivator powerhouse in the era. There were at least 20 virtual G.o.d-level monsters that died by Frost Flower’s power. Besides that, there was a true G.o.d-level monster that died by the sword too.

“Nangong Xin’s stunning record made Frost Flower a famous sword and it was then doc.u.mented in history. Although this sword was made for women, it actually combines a bit of the swordsmith’s style which seems tough and rugged. It’s a sword for both men and women.”

After she was done with the story of Frost Flower, Yun Mei’er then began to go into the details of the sword.

“The total length of the sword is 1.8 meters whereby the body’s 75 centimeters long and five centimeters wide. There are dragon patterns carved everywhere.

“The starting bid is two G.o.d Figurines. Each increment must be an item nothing lower than demiG.o.d-level.”

The auction became stirred once again when the bidding condition was stated.

“The bidding condition remains the same! Will it be bought in again?”

“It’s hard to say. There are so many more sword cultivators than spear cultivators after all.”

“This auction will be a laughing stock if it’s bought in again. If it really happens, they would’ve auctioned two G.o.d relics and none of them were sold!”

Lin Huang felt anxious too.

Although it would not matter if a bought-in happened again since he could auction them again after the demiG.o.ds came out of the ruins, he wanted to get G.o.d Figurines as soon as possible to elevate the G.o.d Figurines’ Combat Souls.

On stage, Yun Mei’er was nervous too. She was really worried that the second G.o.d relic would be bought in as well.

Fortunately, she was relieved when the screen of VIP Room S1 on the third floor lit up.

“I’m offering two G.o.d Figurines. If n.o.body here has items that fit the bidding condition, then this Frost Flower will belong to me.” The screen of VIP Room S2 lit up suddenly as soon as the old man from VIP Room S1 was done speaking.

“I’m bidding G.o.d Figurines and a mid-grade demiG.o.d battle sword relic! To the old man from VIP Room S1, do you really think n.o.body has brought G.o.d Figurines this time? Do you think you can take the item home with just the starting bid?” The short-haired muscular lady in VIP Room S2 condemned right away.

“Hehe, I was just breaking the ice. Its been a while, Lady Lu. You’re still as straightforward as ever.” It was clear that the old man in VIP Room S1 knew the person.

“Old man, I don’t really know you. Don’t try to kiss my a.s.s!” The screen on VIP Room S8 lit up when the duo was talking.

“Two G.o.d Figurines and three mid-grade demiG.o.d relics. You can choose any armor among the three mid-grade demiG.o.d relics. I should have everything as long as it’s not too rare.” The guest in VIP Room S8 stopped speaking right away. It was clear that he did not plan to communicate with anyone else.

“Two G.o.d Figurines and five mid-grade demiG.o.d relics!” The old man from VIP Room S1 offered a higher bid again. “I’ll give the same treatment as VIP Room S8. Pick any five demiG.o.d relics.”

“Old man, it’s rare seeing you being so generous,” teased the lady from VIP Room S2 and she offered again, “I’ll just go all out then. Two G.o.d Figurines and ten mid-grade demiG.o.d relics!”

“Lady Lu, you’re just messing with us now.” The old man from VIP Room S1 said helplessly, but he offered again while biting the bullet, “Two G.o.d Figurines and 20 mid-grade demiG.o.d relics!”

The screen on VIP Room S8 lit up again. “Two G.o.d Figurines, two expert-grade demiG.o.d relics, and 10 mid-grade demiG.o.d relics. You can pick any demiG.o.d relics.”

The bid shut the demiG.o.ds in VIP Rooms S1 and S2 up right away. It was rather difficult for one to obtain an expert-grade demiG.o.d relic.

The people who were watching the auction were discussing intently among themselves.

“That dude is so rich! He’s using expert-grade demiG.o.d relics like currency.”

“He must be a big boss since he brought out expert-grade demiG.o.d relics just like that!”

“I’m afraid the big boss in VIP Room S8 isn’t from Division 3.”

Lin Huang, who was sitting in VIP Room S7, could not help but felt a little pleased. Although he had close to 400 demiG.o.d relics, there were only ten expert-grade demiG.o.d relics among them and there was only one battle sword that suited him.

“The guest from VIP Room S8 has offered two G.o.d Figurines, two expert-grade demiG.o.d relics, and 10 mid-grade demiG.o.d relics. Does anyone have a higher bid?” Yun Mei’er added upon noticing VIP Rooms S1 and S2 being silent.

The screen on VIP Room S2 lit up again as soon as she was done speaking.

“Two G.o.d Figurines, three expert-grade demiG.o.d relics, and 20 mid-grade demiG.o.d relics,” growled the muscular lady fiercely. One would guess that she was offering almost everything she had.

However, the screen in VIP Room S8 lit up once again.

“Two G.o.d Figurines, one supreme-grade demiG.o.d relic, three expert-grade demiG.o.d relics, and 20 mid-grade demiG.o.d relics.” His bid this time basically included a supreme-grade demiG.o.d relic on top of the bid called by VIP Room S2.

The muscular lady in VIP Room S2 knew that she definitely could not beat the person. She had no supreme-grade demiG.o.d relic with her, so she could not compete with the other person at all. It would be futile even if she were to add another expert- or mid-grade demiG.o.d relic because the person could do the same.

The guest from VIP Room S1 was completely silent now. It was clear that the bid was out of his expectations, so he decided to give up entirely.

In VIP Room S7, Lin Huang was pretty satisfied with the bid.

Combining the G.o.d Figurine that he had, the two G.o.d Figurines were enough to boost his combat strength to immortal-level rank-7. He could advance to high-level immortal-level officially, which meant that Bai and the rest would benefit by elevating their combat strength to imperial-level crimson gold-rank.

“If everything goes as expected, this should be the final bid. I think the guest from VIP Room S8 isn’t from Division 3 since he can even bid with a supreme-grade demiG.o.d relic.” Yi Zheng had been staying in Division 3 for half a year, so he knew about the demiG.o.ds in Division 3.

“Why? Is there no demiG.o.d in Division 3 who has supreme-grade demiG.o.d relic?” Yi Yeyu could not help but ask.

“There are very few demiG.o.ds in Division 3 after all. From what I know, only three of them own a supreme-grade demiG.o.d relic. They only have one supreme-grade demiG.o.d relic, so it’s pretty impossible for them to bid with it this time,” Lin Huang explained, “The guest from VIP Room S8’s most probably from Division 1.”

Many people figured the guest in VIP Room S8 was not a local resident.

“I wonder if he’s a big boss from Division 1 or 2.”

“Compared to Divisions 1 and 2, our big bosses are fake bosses.”

“I pity the demiG.o.ds from our division. They’re being oppressed directly without the ability to fight back at all.”

On stage, Yun Mei’erm who had a rich experience in auctions, naturally knew that the result was established up to this point.

“The guest in VIP Room S8 has offered two G.o.d Figurines, one supreme-grade demiG.o.d relic, three expert-grade demiG.o.d relics, and 20 mid-grade demiG.o.d relics.

“Going once!

“Going twice!”

“If there are no objections, this final item of the day goes to the guest in VIP Room S8.

“Alright, going thrice!


The last item of the auction was finally sold officially as the resounding thud of the gavel echoed.

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