Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 929 – Elevating To Immortal–Level Rank–7!

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Chapter 929: Elevating to Immortal-level Rank-7!

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It was midnight when Lin Huang returned to the cultivation room.

After bringing out the three G.o.d Figurines, he covered all of them with Divine Telekinesis and drew them into his body.

The three palm-sized sculptures penetrated Lin Huang’s chest and vanished just like that.

Meanwhile, in Lin Huang’s body, the three G.o.d Figurines entered a Life Wheel each and were soon engulfed by the Divine Fire that was like a gigantic mountain.

A moment later, sensing the Divine Power being sent out from the Divine Fire, the three G.o.d Figurines began to absorb Life Power thirstily.

Lin Huang was observing the transformation in the Divine Fire quietly.

Not long later, a monstrous vortex was formed. The G.o.d Figurines stood within the colossal flaming mountain which fire started tens of thousands meters high. The size of Divine Fire began to shrink rapidly.

At the same time, the overflowing Life Power in Lin Huang’s Life Wheel was sucked into the vortex completely. It did not only happen to one Life Wheel. The Life Power in the other seven Life Wheels was being drained as if a dragon were chugging water.

The four G.o.d Figurines that were already formed were releasing Life Power insanely as well, feeding their three new siblings.

Lin Huang replenished his Life Power immediately with three Life Power Refill Cards to feed the vortex.

He was not worried that the Life Power in his body would be insufficient. Instead, he replenished more so that the evolution process would speed up even faster.

Over three hours pa.s.sed by quickly as all of the Life Power in Lin Huang’s body was absorbed completely. The G.o.d Figurines that were in the three Life Wheels vanished completely together with the Divine Fire. Three G.o.d Figurines the size of a palm were the only things left.

Lin Huang waited patiently with excitement written all over his face. He was not worried about his current condition of not having any Life Power left at all.

After ten minutes, the three G.o.d Figurines were activated almost at the same time.

In Lin Huang’s fifth Life Wheel, the Mysterious Frostwoman, whose top half of her body was human, opened her eyes. Icy-blue flame lit up her eyes. Her body that was sealed with ice began to break out of its constraints. As the frost on her body faded away, a white mist began to linger around her body while she hovered above the ground.

In his sixth Life Wheel, a b.l.o.o.d.y spark lit up in a roaring devil’s eyes. Its body began to turn a little illusory gradually. Soon, it appeared elusive. Its palm-sized body expanded all the way to more than two meters tall. Its crimson pupils could make panic blossom in one’s heart. There were a few skulls that were the size of a fist hovering around its body, wailing devastatingly.

Meanwhile, a plant was growing rapidly in his seventh Life Wheel. Surprisingly, it turned into a bush. Although it looked inconspicuous, its lush ‘leaves’ were very lively. Lin Huang could sense the tremendous amount of life hidden in each leaf clearly.

The three G.o.d Figurines began to repay Lin Huang’s body the second they were activated. Circles of energy waves spread out in his body.

The drained Life Wheels in Lin Huang’s body were rapidly replenished with Life Power.

It began from the three Life Wheels where the three G.o.d Figurines occupied, then the fourth, the fifth… Until all ten Life Wheels were filled, Life Power began to throb through his meridians, muscles, bones, and soul.

Lin Huang could feel Life Power in his body transforming clearly. The cells in his body and soul were experiencing a transformation at the same time.

He also felt his combat strength begin to rise without stopping. In less than a minute, he elevated from immortal-level rank-4 to immortal-level rank-7.

No one, not even the people in the ancient times, could ever surpa.s.s such a terrifying speed of combat strength elevation.

“I’m finally on high-level immortal-level!” Lin Huang could not help but smirk gleefully.

He looked into his body and checked through the information in Bai and the rest’s cards. As expected, they had elevated to imperial-level crimson gold-rank!

“I’ll elevate to immortal-level rank-9 as long as I sell the other G.o.d relic in the next auction. Then, I’ll just be one step away from getting to imperial-level.” Lin Huang was sure that it would be pretty impossible for the G.o.d relic to be bought in during the next auction. That would not happen as long as the demiG.o.ds got out of the ruins in Division 1. Him elevating to immortal-level rank-9 was a sealed deal; it was just a matter of time. “I’m just wondering when exactly will the Royal Trials begin.”

After a slight distraction, Lin Huang recalled what he should be doing.

Although the three G.o.d Figurines were activated, he still had to visualize his True Spirit Guide to consolidate the Combat Souls. That was his top priority at the moment.

Looking at the time, it was already past three in the middle of the night. Lin Huang did not begin the visualization right away. Instead, he went to bed and slept.

Visualization was a strenuous thing to do. Even with the Epiphany Card, it was exhausting. Hence, although he was not sleepy, he decided to have a good rest.

Lin Huang slept all the way past noon and was completely recharged when he woke up.

In reality, one to two hours of sleep a day was definitely sufficient for an immortal-level powerhouse.

After was.h.i.+ng up and having some snacks, Lin Huang then sat on the cus.h.i.+on and began communicating with the stone tablet.

“Rocky, which True Spirits that suit my three new G.o.d Figurines should I visualize?” After communicating many times, Lin Huang was pretty familiar with the stone tablet and finally christened him with an obvious name: Rocky. Yes, he ignored the stone tablet’s objections completely.

“The Mysterious Frostwoman belongs to the frost attribute as well as the yin attribute. There are actually a few True Spirits that are compatible with her, but personally, I’d pick the Enchanted Fairy. The Enchanted Fairy’s also called the Moon Fairy. It’s a spirit-type and happens to go well with your Divine Sun Tree which has the yang 1 attribute.

“The Yasha Ghost’s an undying species which has a special skill in Reincarnation Dao that makes it suitable to cultivate in. However, I’d suggest the Undead Styx. The Undead Styx is a formidable True Spirit. Finding a compatible G.o.d with it is difficult and coincidentally, the Yasha Ghost happens to be compatible. This is an opportunity that’s hard to come by, so it’s best that you don’t miss it.

“Meanwhile, the Tender Vanilla’s a healing monster that doesn’t have much battle strength. The most compatible True Spirit for it would be the Withered Flower. The Withered Flower is a True Spirit that can control life energy. It can release life energy for healing as well as absorbing various living beings’ life energy. A powerful Withered Flower can even meddle with the rules of life and death whereby it can revive a dead person.”

“Sure, I’ll take your advice.” After hearing the stone tablet’s explanation, Lin Huang found an Enchanted Fairy in the True Spirit Guide immediately.

The Enchanted Fairy in the True Spirit Guide was a human lady who looked like a fairy. She was wearing a white dress and her beauty was exceptional.

Lin Huang summoned b.l.o.o.d.y to be on watch before he crushed an Epiphany Card. He then began to visualize.

Time pa.s.sed by soon. The epiphany this time lasted for 12 days before it was completed.

The Mysterious Frostwoman in his Life Wheel was finally reproduced in the appearance of the beautiful fairy.

After resting for a day, Lin Huang crushed another Epiphany Card and began to visualize the Undead Styx.

It took a consecutive 15 days for this visualization to be completed.

Lin Huang took another day of rest after visualizing the Undead Styx. He then crushed the third Epiphany Card and began to visualize the Withered Flower. He took 11 days to complete it this round.

He spent a total of 39 days to finally complete the visualization of the three G.o.d Figurines’s Combat Souls.

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