Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 933 – The Hornet Queen

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Chapter 933: The Hornet Queen

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“He obtained hundreds of millions of points and got No. 1 directly. It’s so insane!”

“His speed’s scary! The points are rising by tens of millions almost every minute!”

“d.a.m.n, he’s killing monsters like it’s a game to him.”

“He’s clearly cheating!”

Some people were not surprised that Lin Xie was slaying on the leaderboard again, but there were still some sour grapes who reported him for cheating.

Soon, the Genius Union members who were online spread the word about Lin Xie achieving No. 1 on the Stairway Tree leaderboard out of nowhere. Many members who were offline logged in to see it for themselves after hearing the news.

After logging in, many members from various organizations lifted their head to look at the number on the first place of the leaderboard that was skyrocketing continuously.

“It’s increasing by tens of millions in a minute. Could it be a system glitch?”

The happiest people had to be the Heaven Alliance members. They could not help but cheer looking at Lin Huang returning with a bang half a year later.

The fame of the Heaven Alliance was boosted once again.

At a corner on the Stairway Tree, Yi Zheng, who found some time to log in after hearing the news, looked at the first name on the leaderboard. He was silent for a long time as he looked at the number that was continuously increasing before muttering softly, “So, this is your real ability, eh?”

On the other corner on the Stairway Tree, Yi Yeyu had just logged in too. She was in slight disbelief when she saw the name Lin Xie on the leaderboard. “Did this fella cheat at all?”

The Heaven Alliance members watched on the Stairway Tree’s checkpoint 63.

Ever since Lin Huang had logged in, Chan Dou had been following the changes in Lin Huang’s points. He was the only person to witness Lin Huang’s entire progress of achieving No. 1 on the Stairway Tree leaderboard all of a sudden.

“He’s worthy of being the man I, Chan Dou, look up to the most!”

The high management of the major organizations who were online including the Hong Alliance and the Tang Alliance began to discuss this absurd turn of event.

“Initially, I thought that the Heaven Alliance would fall since Chan Dou’s leaving, but now Lin Xie’s rising.”

“Lin Xie was only on golden flame-level at the end of August last year. It has only been less than eight months. The most he could’ve achieved would be immortal-level rank-2. Even if he’s on immortal-level rank-3, he’s still very far away from getting to immortal-level rank-9. No matter how talented he is, it would take at least a year and a half to two years to really grow.”

“We shouldn’t look at his personal combat strength. No matter what he’s relying on, which one of you could kill tens of thousands of Combat Hornetdemons within a minute? Those Combat Hornetdemons are all on high-level immortal-level, but he’s killing them like he’s chopping vegetables.”

“Indeed, it’s beyond terrifying if we’re talking about combined abilities. I’m afraid that even Chan Dou can’t do that.”

“No matter what his personal combat strength is now. His combined abilities have far surpa.s.sed ordinary immortal-level rank-9 powerhouses. It’s just a matter of time for him to possibly become the second Chan Dou and even surpa.s.s the man himself!”

“It’s unfortunate that Chan Dou has taken such an extraordinary bud.”

A chief and three deputy chiefs gathered in one of the Divine Alliance meeting rooms. It was an emergency meeting.

The Divine Alliance chief, Zhong Liyan, sat in the main seat as he glanced at the other three.

“I’ll begin since everyone’s here. The reason for gathering all of you here is because of that fella named Lin Xie from the Heaven Alliance. All of you should’ve already seen the Stairway Tree leaderboard. I think that fella could be our next target.”

“He’s on checkpoint 56 now. Looking at his speed, indeed he’s a great sacrifice. He’s nothing less than that Chan Dou.” The bald man on Zhong Liyan’s left was the first to voice his opinion.

“Killing tens of thousands of high-level immortal-level monsters within a minute… That’s pretty amazing.” The only lady among the four chuckled softly.

“He’s only on immortal-level no matter how powerful he is. Even Chan Dou has to run away from imperial-level yellow gold-rank powerhouses. He’s no match for powerhouses of such combat strength.” The last who spoke was a fair, sinister-looking man.

“So, should we make him our next target?” Zhong Liyan glanced at the three again.

“I agree.” The bald man was the first to vote.

“I’ve no comment on that as long as we don’t miss.” The lady twirled her hair while looking at her crimson nails with her head held low like it did not concern her.

“I’ve no comment too.’ The fair man nodded and proceeded to speak, “But I suggest that we only talk about the details after we’ve captured the current sacrifice target before capturing Lin Xie. Our main focus should be on the current sacrifice now. After all, the current target isn’t even an easy one.”

“Sure, so we’re set on the next sacrifice. We’ll talk about the details again. That’s all for today.” Zhong Liyan stood up as soon as he was finished. He held his fist and placed it on his heart confidently. “Glory to the Lord!”

The rest stood up immediately and posed the same way. “Glory to the Lord!”

Lin Huang had no idea about what happened at all. Even if he did, he would not take it to heart.

He had been practicing his demiG.o.d-level sword skills while Bai and the rest were hunting since he had nothing else to do.

There were at least tens of thousands of hornets’ nests on the Stairway Tree’s checkpoint 56. At their speed, they could clear 40 to 50 nests within an hour if they tried hard enough. Even if they hunted for 24 hours without stopping, they could clear just over 1,000 nests a day at the most. Moreover, the Stairway Tree would refresh the monsters every day. After clearing 1,000 hornets’ nests today, another 1,000 nests would appear out of nowhere tomorrow. They could never clear all of the hornets’ nests.

Lin Huang was only planning on killing the monsters as he made his way up as he just wanted the points.

After spending over an hour killing Combat Hornetdemons, Bai and the rest had killed more than millions of monsters in total.

The three new G.o.d Figurines’ Combat Souls in Lin Huang’s body had finally elevated to imperial-level black gold-rank. His points had surpa.s.sed 800 million and were close to one billion.

However, b.l.o.o.d.y spoke through voice transmission while smiling all of a sudden, “The hornet queen has noticed the unusualness and is coming our way.” b.l.o.o.d.y projected a surveillance image as it spoke.

In the projected image, there was a conglomerate of hundreds of hornets’ nests with up to tens of millions of Combat Hornetdemons sweeping like locusts.

There were over 300 Combat Hornetdemons in the middle of the swamp of hornets that were clearly different from the rest.

Their size was much smaller whereby the length of their bodies was only five to six meters. Meanwhile, most parts of their body were golden and they looked much more elegant.

However, one should not underestimate those Combat Hornetdemons that seemed a little different. They were the hornet queen’s guardians. Each of them had combat strength of peak immortal-level rank-9 and all of them were triple mutated. They were not afraid of death when they battled and they had distinguished abilities.

There was a huge hornet queen in the middle of the hornet guardians. She was much bigger than an ordinary Combat Hornetdemon. Her body was more than 100 meters long. While the top part of her abdomen looked normal, ger bottom looked extremely swollen. She looked eight to nine months pregnant.

In addition to that, it could not fly, so it depended on the 200 hornet guardians carrying it. The remaining 100 or so hornet guardians were responsible for the safety around it.

“It has to be carried when it’s out. How high and mighty!” Lin Huang teased while grinning.

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