Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 936 – Congratulations, You’ve Passed Through The 56Th Checkpoint!

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Chapter 936: Congratulations, You’ve Pa.s.sed Through the 56th Checkpoint!

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Of course, Lin Huang could clearly see what the hornet guardians had done.

The radius of his territory had expanded to seven kilometers, so he could sense everything that happened within the region covered by his territory.

The odd movements of the hundreds of hornet guardians were visible like lights in dark.

b.l.o.o.d.y, who was in charge of the overall situation, noticed that as well. Just as it was about to instruct the army of puppets to launch an attack, Lin Huang stopped it.

“Let them come. It’s time for me to practice with my sword.” Lin Huang chuckled. “If you aren’t going to give them any chances, the hornet queen might bail out and escape with the team.”

As soon as b.l.o.o.d.y heard what he said, he reluctantly allowed a few of the hornet guardians to enter.

Although it knew that Lin Huang had terrifying abilities, only three of them were allowed to enter.

Right after they managed to break through their defense, they rushed towards Lin Huang who was ever ready to fight.

Both parties were locked in the battle and it was an interesting fight.

All the hornet guardians were on immortal-level rank-9 and had completed their third mutations. In fact, they were not weak at all. They were just slightly weaker compared to the Herculean King when it was on immortal-level rank-9.

When Lin Huang had been on immortal-level rank-1, he was capable of fighting an immortal-level rank-9. Since he was currently on immortal-level rank-7, in addition to his Sword Dao achieving Level-6, he could even fight a yellow gold-rank. He was capable of killing a crimson gold-rank with ease.

It seemed like they were locked in a fight. However, he was just practicing his sword skills with them.

He was afraid that if all the hornet guardians were killed within seconds, the hornet queen would bail out of the battle.

Watching Lin Huang being engaged in an intense fight from afar, the hornet queen was worried but felt exhilarated.

She was worried because the hornet guardians failed to attack Lin Huang and they were unable to kill the human Imperial Censor. However, she was smug that the Imperial Censor was not that strong and they might probably win the fight.

However, the fight was miserable for the few hornet guardians. They could tell how powerful he was. His sword controlled them and they became his puppets. The only thing they could do was follow the movements of his sword skills. Otherwise, they would die in the next second.

Their opponent seemed to have isolated them from the outside world whereby they were unable to contact the hornet queen to report their actual situation.

b.l.o.o.d.y then allowed more hornet guardians to enter. Lin Huang only let himself be surrounded by about three hornet guardians. If there were more than that, he would begin to take them out.

The hornet queen then panicked while the number of Combat Hornetdemons reduced drastically every minute as they were slaughtered by Bai and the rest of the imperial monsters.

The people seemed to have gotten used to the rapidly increasing points on the leaderboard of the Stairway Tree.

Lin Xie’s points increased by about 300 million every minute and the growth in his points lasted for an hour. The total points which he had acc.u.mulated exceeded 20 billion.

What could 20 billion points buy?

The price of a G.o.d relic or a G.o.d item would start from 10 billion points in the Stairway Mall. Lin Xie’s current points were sufficient to exchange for two basic G.o.d items or G.o.d relics!

The slaughter continued on the 56th checkpoint of the Stairway Tree.

Hundreds of hornet guardians that attacked Lin Huang were killed. The hornet queen then realized that she was being fooled by the human.

Among the 300 hornet guardians, a third of them had died. Initially, there were 50 million Combat Hornetdemons, but about 30 million of them were killed.

The hornet queen then knew that it would lose the fight.

The Life Power of her opponent’s imperial monsters was inexhaustible. They could unleash their powerful skills with ease. Moreover, the difference in the combat strength between them was too huge. They were unable to break through the defense as their opponent was extremely strong. If it persisted, 50 million Combat Hornetdemons would eventually be killed.

Although she was annoyed, the hornet queen soon managed to calm down.

A peculiar buzz from the hornet queen could be heard. Soon after, there was a sudden change in the formation of the Combat Hornetdemons.

Millions of Combat Hornetdemons got into a defensive position and many of the Combat Hornetdemons began to move backward, heading towards the hornet queen.

“They’re about to retreat!” b.l.o.o.d.y, who was monitoring the situation of the battle all the while, immediately noticed that something was off. It knew what the hornet queen’s intention was.

“Do you want to retreat? It’s not that easy!” Lin Huang glowered. “b.l.o.o.d.y, parasitize them!”

After receiving Lin Huang’s instruction, millions of Leech Pods were cast on the Combat Hornetdemons’ bodies.

The Combat Hornetdemons that were parasitized began to attack their companions all of a sudden. In an instant, the army of Combat Hornetdemons was in chaos.

Just as the hornet queen wondered what was happening, one of the Leech Pods had secretly parasitized her body. She could immediately sense it and the Leech Pod was quickly destroyed.


b.l.o.o.d.y was shocked when it failed to parasitize the hornet queen. Soon, it noticed that the hornet queen could probably be a pseudo-mythical-level monster.

It transformed into a purple glow and secretly appeared on top of the hornet queen. Before she could respond, a tentacle was extended towards her head.

The hornet queen struggled for a while. Soon, a purple glow flashed through her eyes. She saw b.l.o.o.d.y but did not launch an attack.

Opening her mouth wide, a buzz could be heard again.

A ma.s.sive amount of bugs soon flipped out and began to bite their companions.

20 million Combat Hornetdemons were all exterminated in less than 10 minutes.

The efficiency of b.l.o.o.d.y’s parasitizing could be compared to the fight by the rest of the imperial monsters that took half an hour.

Again, Lin Huang witnessed how terrifying the Leech Pods were.

After the battle, only the hornet queen that was being parasitized by b.l.o.o.d.y remained alive. All the hornet guardians had died and none of them managed to survive the battle. None of the living beings could leave the Stairway Tree.

“Do you want to let the hornet queen gather more Combat Hornetdemons?” b.l.o.o.d.y did not kill the hornet queen because it wanted to ask Lin Huang whether if he still wanted to collect points.

Just as Lin Huang nodded his head in agreement to earn more, the Emperor’s Heart Ring that he was wearing suddenly vibrated and he received a pop-up notification.

“Congratulations, Lin Xie, you’ve pa.s.sed checkpoint 56!”

Lin Huang frowned. The Stairway Tree could not take it any longer and allowed him to complete that checkpoint. That being said, he could no longer get any rewards if he were to stay at checkpoint 56.

Of course, b.l.o.o.d.y saw the notification. It then laughed. “It seems like that’s just too much.”

“We’ve just collected about 30 billion points.” Lin Huang pouted.

“It’s okay. There are checkpoints with monsters later on,” b.l.o.o.d.y a.s.sured. Not far away from them, the hornet queen’s head exploded. The headless corpse soon collapsed into bits and disappeared.

Since n.o.body could take a living puppet away from this place, there was no need to keep it alive.

Lin Huang was upset because he did not receive any notification that he had obtained a complete set of monster cards. “It’s too bad that I can’t get a complete set of monster cards from the hornet queen.”

If he happened to obtain a complete set of monster cards, Lin Huang might have trained it. Since the hornet queen was a pseudo-mythical-level monster, she could form an army of Combat Hornetdemons.

It took them more than an hour to butcher 50 million Combat Hornetdemons. The three new G.o.d Figurine’s Combat Souls in Lin Huang’s body were nurtured by a large amount of spiritual energy and all of them upgraded to white gold-rank. Lin Huang decided to insert the remaining spiritual energy into the Ninetails Lynx’s body. However, it was not sufficient for the Ninetails Lynx to advance to purple gold-rank.

Lin Huang’s points on the Stairway tree leaderboard finally stopped increasing.

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