Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 937 – I Feel Like Kicking Him Out!

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Chapter 937: I Feel Like Kicking Him Out!

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Lin Huang did not expect to be expelled from checkpoint 56 by the Stairway Tree.

However, as he thought about it carefully, there was nothing strange about it. The Stairway Tree became out of balance due to his existence.

Other than the demiG.o.ds, none of them could fight 50 million immortal-level rank-9 monsters, not even a purple gold-rank would be able to do so.

The combat strength of the members of the Genius Union was restricted to immortal-level rank-9. As for immortal-level rank-9s, even a supreme genius like Chan Dou could only fight a yellow gold-rank at his best.

Having Lin Huang in the Genius Union was like the existence of a programming error.

If it were not because of his combat strength only being on immortal-level rank-7, he would have long been expelled from the Genius Union.

Since he could no longer earn any rewards on checkpoint 56, Lin Huang did not stay there any longer. Recalling Bai and the rest, he then summoned the Herculean King and continued to climb.

What he did not know was that he stirred issues up again as soon as his Stairway Tree points stopped increasing.

On the leaderboard, Lin Xie who ranked first had acc.u.mulated more than 35 billion points.

“Take a look at Lin Xie’s points. They’ve stopped increasing!”

“The points have stopped increasing. Did the system just lock it because he cheated?”

Just as the majority of them thought that Lin Huang’s points had been locked, the points that he had acc.u.mulated changed. However, only the last four digits changed.

That then put a stop to these rumors.

The change in points was because the Herculean King had encountered a lonely Combat Hornetdemon as it climbed up and gave it a hard smack.

After a short while, people noticed that the checkpoint where Lin Huang was at had changed.

“Lin Xie has gotten to checkpoint 57!”

After less than five minutes, again, there was a change in the checkpoint where he was.

“He’s on checkpoint 58 now!” Many of them were amazed.

“He managed to break through checkpoint 57 in less than five minutes!”

He now encountered the Devil Swamp on checkpoint 57 of the Stairway Tree. Most people had to be extra careful when they reached this checkpoint. Since creatures from the outside were not allowed to fly when they were on the Stairway Tree, they would sink if they happened to step into the swamp. The swamp had a very strong magnetic force and could engulf humans. Moreover, most of the plants in the swamp had offensive abilities and would attempt to attack the humans who tried to get through that checkpoint.

Normally, in order to get through this checkpoint, one would have to carefully look for a landing point and be cautious of each step they took.

However, Lin Huang aggressively summoned the Herculean King straight away. An ice road was built in the middle of the swamp.

Under normal circ.u.mstances, if humans attempted to pave the road this way, it would be destroyed by the plants around. However, the Herculean King was on crimson gold-rank. The ice it made caused the plants surrounding it to freeze-up. Right until the Herculean King and Lin Huang had left checkpoint 57, the plants on both sides had not thawed. In fact, even if these plants did not freeze up, it would be difficult for them to destroy the ice road that had been paved by Herculean King.

Checkpoint 58 was also a checkpoint with monsters. The Mutated Serpent occupied this checkpoint.

More than half a year ago, when Lin Huang was in the Secret Forest, he had encountered this monster.

The Mutated Serpent was a very special type of serpentine monster which would undergo a genetic mutation once in its early phase of life. This mutation caused each of them to be very different from the rest of the Mutated Serpents. Some of them were huge, some could secrete toxin, some were extremely fast, and there were even those that had control over elemental forces. Even twins would be completely different after the mutation.

As for ordinary humans, they would have a headache if they encountered monsters like these because before the Mutated Serpent launched any attack, they would have no idea what abilities it would possess at all.

However, Lin Huang did not mind whether he knew what their abilities were or not since he was capable of defeating them.

When he got to the 58th checkpoint, Lin Huang summoned Bai and the rest of the imperial monsters again. Then, he instructed them to hunt separately.

The reason why he entered the Stairway Tree this round was not to obtain points. His main purpose was to obtain spiritual energy because one could rarely find a place with a dense monster distribution in the real world. Due to limited resources, most of the monsters on holy fire-level and above would not live in groups. Apart from the monster horde from which Lin Huang could obtain spiritual energy, he could hardly find anywhere else he could gather spiritual energy in such a convenient way.

Therefore, even though he was kicked out of checkpoint 56, he still decided to hunt for monsters as soon as he reached checkpoint 58. He did not mind being kicked out again after this wave of the monster horde as the Stairway Tree had no way of overriding the spiritual energy which he had obtained.

Bai and the 13 other imperial monsters left, guided by b.l.o.o.d.y. They then began to look for the lair of the Mutated Serpent.

The living habits of the Mutated Serpent on the 58th checkpoint were somewhat similar to that of the Combat Hornetdemons on checkpoint 56. Tens of thousands of Mutated Serpents formed a group, digging a huge serpents’ den underground. They lived and multiplied together.

There might be about 20,000 Mutated Serpents in the smaller den while there could be about 200,000 of them living together in the larger den. The capacity of the underground serpents’ den was much larger than that of the Combat Hornetdemons’.

Following b.l.o.o.d.y’s instructions, Bai and the rest sneaked into the serpents’ den and wiped them out.

On the leaderboard, Lin Xie’s points began to rise again.

Seeing Lin Xie’s points increasing again, the members of the Genius Union who were online had gotten used to it by now.

“Do whatever makes you happy since we’re just the audience.” That was what ran across most of their minds.

While Lin Huang continued obtaining points on checkpoint 58, the Genius Union finally responded to the reports that were made.

A message was instantly sent to everybody’s communication devices.

“Since many of you have raised your objections to the rise in Lin Xie’s points and have reported him for cheating, the union has repeatedly looked into this matter. From the final results of the investigation, it turns out that Lin Xie did not cheat. Lin Xie managed to obtain a ma.s.sive amount of points because he killed all the monsters in a proper way. The data of the points are valid and they aren’t false data.

“Other than that, many members have suspected that there could’ve been a system glitch. The system has been both self and externally inspected. The final inspection results show that there’s nothing wrong with the system of the Stairway Tree. Please take note of the above.”

As soon as the message was received, the Genius Union members began to kick a fuss about it.

“F*ck! He isn’t cheating even though he has collected hundreds of millions of points in a minute?! How strong can Lin Xie be?!”

“Lin Xie isn’t cheating and there aren’t any system glitches. The conclusion is that Lin Xie is cool!”

“Is Lin Xie the son of the Genius Union?”

“He might be an investor of the Genius Union.”

If there were human emotions in the Genius Union system, their inner voice might have been saying, “Lin Xie’s playing by the rules. What can I do? I’m in despair! He has almost ruined the system!! d.a.m.n it, I feel like kicking him out!”

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