Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 938 – The Stairway Tree’s New Rules

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Chapter 938: The Stairway Tree’s New Rules

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The Mutated Serpents were densely distributed in the underground serpents’ den. It made it much easier for Bai and the rest to perform the slaughter. Their efficiency was much higher than when they were trying to clear the hornets’ nest.

Despite the fact that it could not be compared to their efficiency during the arrival of the army of Combat Hornetdemons, Lin Huang managed to earn about 50 million Stairway Tree points every minute.

If they were to go further up to checkpoint 58, the next checkpoint with monsters would be checkpoint 61.

However, considering that there were not that many Luna Beasts on checkpoint 61, Lin Huang did not choose to pa.s.s checkpoint 58 and go further up. Instead, he decided to stay on this checkpoint and continue hunting for monsters.

It lasted for more than seven hours until the sky turned dark. The system did not force Lin Huang to leave either.

Bai and the rest had killed more than 40 million Mutated Serpents in the last seven hours. The total Stairway Tree points Lin Huang had gained had increased by more than 25 billion. However, despite a large amount of spiritual energy being inserted into the Ninetails Lynx’s G.o.d Figurine, still, it did not manage to level-up to purple gold-rank.

“According to its progress, it seems like if I were to upgrade a G.o.d Figurine from white gold-rank to purple gold-rank by absorbing spiritual energy alone, it’s going to take up to hundreds of millions of points.” Lin Huang knew that the spiritual energy required by G.o.d Figurine would increase later on. However, he was surprised by the consumption of a purple gold-rank. “That being said, there are nine Combat Souls and I’ll need to kill at least 900 million high-level immortal-level monsters. However, that’s only an upgrade from a white gold-rank to a purple gold-rank. The consumption by one rank up…”

Right while Lin Huang was secretly calculating this, b.l.o.o.d.y’s voice was suddenly heard. “The sky is turning dark soon. Shall we go offline? Or shall we deal with the next wave of monsters?”

“Let’s stay for the next wave of monsters.” Lin Huang raised his head, gazing at the sky. In fact, dusk was falling and it would probably turn completely dark in less than half an hour. “Let’s make it through the night. We go further up tomorrow and there’s no need to stay on the 61st checkpoint. The Luna Beasts aren’t densely distributed there and it’s going to waste a lot of our effort. Let’s go straight up to checkpoint 63. We can then go offline and rest.”


b.l.o.o.d.y did not mind at all since its combat strength was already on imperial-level. There would not be much effect on it even if they were not going to sleep for months. It had asked so because Lin Huang would sleep every day and rarely stayed up all night.

The main reason why Lin Huang did not like to stay up all night was that he had gotten used to pulling all-nighters when he was on Earth.

However, it would be fine for Lin Huang to stay awake for one night. If an ordinary person did not sleep for the whole night, one would only feel tired the next day. An immortal-level might probably feel tired after not sleeping for a month, but they would definitely feel nothing after staying awake for the entire night for a day.

After 6 p.m., the sky gradually turned dark.

The members of the Genius Union had either gone offline or returned to their stopping point on the Stairway Tree.

However, Lin Huang stayed on checkpoint 58. Seeing the images b.l.o.o.d.y projected, the monster horde was about to begin. He had recalled all the monster cards and quickly returned to the starting point of checkpoint 58. He then summoned all the imperial monsters that were adept at killing in a group, patiently waiting for the arrival of the monster horde.

At about 6.30 p.m., it was pitch black. That was when the monster horde appeared!

On the 58th checkpoint of the Stairway Tree, all the Mutated Serpents that were hiding underground during the daytime swarmed out, heading towards checkpoint 55.

After several moments, the first wave of Mutated Serpents b.u.mped into Lin Huang.

Because Lin Huang the rest were blocking their way, they triggered the Mutated Serpents’ rage. They could clearly sense human aura which they really despised.

Sensing the existence of Lin Huang, the Mutated Serpents went berserk and pounced towards him. However, before they could approach him, they fell into a variety of traps set by Ghastly.

Although the imperial monsters had yet to launch an attack, all the Mutated Serpents were trapped and died on the spot.

The Mutated Serpents had no fear at all. Instead, they became more aggressive and dove for them.

The effect of Ghastly’s trap was quite impressive. Since there were a limited number of traps, they were all used up very soon.

Bai and the rest finally launched an attack and began their slaughter.

The abilities of the Mutated Serpents on checkpoint 58 were not as strong as that of the Combat Hornetdemons that occupied checkpoint 56. The only difference was that they possessed a wide variety of skills. When they encountered Bai and the rest that were on crimson gold-rank, it was a one-sided fight.

The arrival of the monster horde led to a sudden rise in Lin Huang’s points. His performance had reached its peak as if he was on checkpoint 56 again. His points increased by about 300 million every minute.

“I wonder how long the system of the Stairway Tree will allow me to earn points. According to the speed of Bai and the rest, if I’m allowed to hunt until the next morning, I’ll obtain about 200 billion Stairway Tree points. Moreover, at least three or four of my G.o.d Figurines will elevate to purple gold-rank.”

Just as Lin Huang did his calculations, he could vaguely feel that things would not go so smoothly. He knew that he had already disrupted the balance of the system.

If the Genius Union allowed him to collect 200 billion points a day, perhaps he would be able to earn sufficient points to buy all the gold relics and G.o.d items at the Stairway Mall very soon.

Lin Huang could confirm that the Stairway Tree system would do something to restrict him. However, before a restriction rule was triggered, he would surely earn as many points as he could!

With this thought in mind, Lin Huang continued to hunt for monsters gleefully.

He did not know that other than the Heaven Alliance, the Divine Alliance, and hundreds of other organizations had requested to restrict the points Lin Xie could earn.

According to them, even though Lin Xie did not cheat, the number of points which he had earned had caused the Stairway Tree system to tip out of balance. If Lin Xie was allowed to collect hundreds of billions of points a day, it simply meant that he could own everything available at the Stairway Mall. It was unfair to the rest of the members!

A few of Lin Xie’s “criminal evidence” had been provided in the joint request, stating that it would lead to serious consequences.

Chan Dou who was from the Heaven Alliance would, of course, receive the message as well. He made another request on behalf of the Heaven Alliance. However, he knew that it would not help much because Lin Xie did really cause the Stairway Tree system to go out of balance. Even if the people from the Divine Alliance did not bring this issue up, the Stairway Tree system would still put a limit on Lin Xie. It was just a matter of time.

Lin Huang was allowed to acc.u.mulate points freely for about five hours and by then, his Stairway Tree points had increased by more than 110 billion. The number of Mutated Serpents and Luna Beasts Bai and the rest had killed during the monster horde had exceeded 200 million monsters. Lin Huang managed to collect a large amount of spiritual energy and he could finally upgrade the Ninetails Lynx and the Destructive Divine Mammoth from white gold-rank to purple gold-rank.

However, at midnight sharp, an announcement suddenly popped up on Lin Huang’s communication device.

“Announcement: two new rules have been added to the Stairway Tree system.

“One, the maximum number of points allowed to be collected on each checkpoint is limited to 100 billion. Once the number of points acc.u.mulated on each checkpoint has reached its limit, the member will be able to get through the checkpoint. The member won’t receive any further rewards on that checkpoint.

“Two, each member is only allowed to collect a maximum of 10 billion points a day. Regardless of which checkpoint on the Stairway Tree and what methods have been used to collect the Stairway Tree points, each member is only allowed to collect 10 billion points at the most. Once the member has collected more than 10 billion points, the member will not be rewarded any longer on that particular checkpoint on the Stairway Tree.”

Lin Huang immediately checked the points he had collected as soon as he saw the two new rules being implemented. He was afraid that out of all the points he earned that day, he would only be rewarded 10 billion. Soon, he was relieved when he saw that there were no changes in the points he had acc.u.mulated. Apparently, the points which he had obtained before the new rules were introduced would not be impacted.

Although it was within his expectations, Lin Huang was still depressed. “Why are they being so mean? Only 10 billion points are allowed in a day? I can only play for half an hour!”

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