Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 939 – Arriving At The 63Rd Checkpoint

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Chapter 939: Arriving at the 63rd Checkpoint

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As soon as the new Stairway Tree’s rules were imposed, everybody at the Genius Union was excited. They all knew that this rule was made because of Lin Xie.

Other than Lin Xie, n.o.body could possibly collect 10 billion points in a day in the Genius Union. Perhaps only Lin Xie could earn 100 billion points on one checkpoint.

Although there seemed to be only two new rules, he was actually highly restricted.

Not each of the checkpoints would have monsters. Going up 10 checkpoints further from checkpoint 58, only checkpoints 61, 63, and 67 had monsters there.

That being said, including checkpoint 58, if Lin Huang were to earn points by killing monsters, he could only gather 400 billion points at the most. In addition to only earning 10 billion points a day, that indicated that it would take him 40 days to gather 400 billion points.

If he were not being restricted, he would only need two nights to gather 400 billion points.

When the new rules were announced, the Divine Alliance and the rest of the organizations that had submitted the request were exhilarated.

Regardless of how cool you were, we can still restrict you with the rules! Don’t expect to get the benefits that we can’t!

Other than the Divine Alliance and the rest of the organizations, the majority of the members from the Genius Union were enjoying the show.

Lin Xie was never close to me, so why should I help him?

He had gained so many points. If that continued, it would seem like the Genius Union actually belonged to him.

Since the two rules were restricting something that no one could ever achieve, they all thought that they should just watch the show.

Only the Heaven Alliance members and a small number of people felt sorry for Lin Huang.

“Lin Xie must be upset since he’s suddenly being restricted.” Chan Dou smiled, shaking his head helplessly. If the Genius Union came up with two rules just to restrict him, he would definitely feel annoyed about it.

After a moment of hesitation, Chan Dou sent a message to Lin Huang. “Are you okay?”

Soon, Lin Huang replied, “I’m okay. I’ll go offline later and go to bed.”

On checkpoint 56, Lin Huang frowned after going through the two new rules. He did not deem them as a restriction. Instead, he said with a smile, “They changed the rules just because of me which means that I’m pretty cool.”

Lin Huang could still vaguely remember when he was on Earth, China’s table tennis players were extremely formidable. They would emerge as champions every time they partic.i.p.ated in an international compet.i.tion. As a result, the international compet.i.tion revised their rules again and again because of them.

“Should we log out of the system?” b.l.o.o.d.y asked when it saw the announcement.

“Let’s stay on for another half an hour. We can collect 10 billion points today,” Lin Huang declared with a smile.

It took them another half an hour to earn 10 billion points. As soon as he confirmed that Bai and the rest would not be rewarded even if they continued to hunt for monsters, Lin Huang then exited the Genius Union.

At the hotel, Lin Huang was sitting on the sofa, checking his rewards.

Five out of seven G.o.d Figurines were on white gold-rank while the other two had advanced to purple gold-rank.

The Stairway Tree points he owned had exceeded 190 billion. He had reaped huge rewards.

“I wasn’t allowed to stay up all night,” Lin Huang sighed, shaking his head.

“With the new rules that have just been implemented, it’s not worth going straight up to checkpoint 63,” b.l.o.o.d.y reminded, “We have a chance to obtain 100 billion points on checkpoints 58 and 61. Once we manage to pa.s.s through that checkpoint, we’re giving up our chance to collect points on the two checkpoints.

“However, if we don’t, we have to stay at the two checkpoints for 20 days. There’s no need to waste our time there.” Lin Huang shook his head. “I won’t remain on immortal-level for too long. The points that we’re going to miss out on the two checkpoints can be earned back later on. We must first arrive on checkpoint 63 before the Royal Trials begins. We have to hunt for the Queen Mother’s monster card!”

Lin Huang was rus.h.i.+ng to checkpoint 63 because on that checkpoint itself, there was a monster that looked somewhat like a mythical-level Queen Mother which was from the Bug Tribe. The Queen Mother had a dozen bug guardians that were proven to be on pseudo-mythical-level.

All of the 13 monsters were monster cards that Lin Huang wanted to own. Especially the Queen Mother that was much stronger than the Hornet Queen on checkpoint 56, Lin Huang was determined to hunt for her.

“With the new rules, we can only collect 100 billion points on each checkpoint. We must kill as few monsters as possible on checkpoint 63 and go right after the Queen Mother and the bug guardians. The lesser points we obtain, the higher the chances we can hunt for the Queen Mother,” b.l.o.o.d.y reminded.

“Let Ghastly use its illusion skill to control part of it and the rest shall be controlled by your parasites. Try to reduce the number of monster deaths.” Lin Huang put a plan together. “Leave immediately after killing the Queen Mother and her bug guardians.”

Most people would want to collect as many points as possible. It was ironic that Lin Huang was afraid of overkilling and exceeding the maximum number of points allowed.

After chatting with b.l.o.o.d.y for a while, Lin Huang then went to the bathroom and washed up. When he returned to his bedroom, he lay on the bed and read the news for a while before falling asleep.

The next morning, Lin Huang returned to his room again after breakfast and tapped open the Genius Union webpage.

After midnight, he had collected 10 billion Stairway Tree points. If he were to log in now, regardless of how many monsters were killed, he would not be rewarded. Still, Lin Huang logged into the system.

When he logged into the Genius Union again, Lin Huang was on checkpoint 58 of the Stairway Tree. He was still where he had been when he exited the Genius Union yesterday.

The monster horde had cleared out after last night’s killing spree. The Mutated Serpents on checkpoint 58 had returned to their underground serpents’ den as well, so all was peaceful.

Lin Huang then summoned the Herculean King and headed toward checkpoint 59.

Half an hour later, the Herculean King made it through from checkpoints 58 to 61 along with Lin Huang.

“Aren’t we going to stay here for a day?” b.l.o.o.d.y asked.

“No. There are only 10 billion points here. We’ll be able to earn them later.” Lin Huang shook his head. He then patted the Herculean King’s neck, instructing him to go further up.

After spending another 20 minutes, the Herculean King finally arrived at checkpoint 63 with Lin Huang.

Checkpoint 63 was the highest checkpoint that all the Genius Union members could ever achieve. Even Chan Dou was stuck on this checkpoint and was unable to go further up. It was also a checkpoint with monsters.

However, compared to the abilities of the monsters on checkpoints 58 and 61, they were a few levels higher.

All the monsters were no long on high-level immortal-level. Instead, they were all on immortal-level rank-9. In addition to that, about a tenth of them were triple mutated immortal-level rank-9 monsters.

The most troublesome part was that there was a Queen Mother that seemed to be on mythical-level and 12 incredibly strong pseudo-mythical-level bug guardians.

The 12 bug guardians could be compared to Lancelot and the Regal Sword Killer that were on the same rank. Despite the fact that one bug guardian alone would not threaten Chan Dou, if he were besieged by three to four of them, he would barely escape from them.

As for Lin Huang, the reason why he stayed on checkpoint 63 was to obtain the monster cards of the Queen Mother and her bug guardians.

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