Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 948 – A Thread That’s Straying Off Topic

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Chapter 948: A Thread That’s Straying Off Topic

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

When Lin Huang killed the 16 Queen Mothers at once, he caused a mob of bugs from the 16 hives to break out on checkpoint 63 of the Stairway Tree. A superma.s.sive bug horde made up of more than five billion of bugs burst out.

The bug horde was like a flood pouring down the branches of the Stairway Tree.

The Zhu Hong team that was investigating the reason for the bug horde on the main branch of the Stairway Tree came in contact with the bug horde less than five minutes after it broke out.

Under the chaotic attack of the bug horde, the 15 team members braced the onslaught painfully for more than three hours. In the end, all of their Life Power was worn out and they were soon dead.

Less than five hours later, the other members on checkpoint 63 who were online were dead too. Apart from a minority of them who managed to hide in defense barriers, the rest of them were sent back to checkpoint 1.

The entire checkpoint 63 had fallen. Even the defenses of all the organizations on the branches were attacked by the bug horde in a frenzy.

The news of checkpoint 63 falling soon spread through the entire Genius Union.

People called it Doomsday.

On the front page of the Genius Union news was all about Doomsday. Everyone was talking about the same topic even in the forums.

“Did you hear? Checkpoint 63 has completely fallen! They can’t even log in now.”

“Yeah, I heard the scale of the bug horde was super scary this time. There were billions of monsters, and it surpa.s.sed the normal monster horde at night by folds!”

“I heard the team led by the chiefs of the Hong Alliance and the Tang Alliance has fallen too. Someone saw them on checkpoint 21.”

“That’s nothing. I heard that all the big bosses on checkpoint 63 are dead apart from those who didn’t log in and a minority of them who managed to hide behind the defense barrier in time. All of them fell back to checkpoint 1!”

Lin Huang was speechless when he read the popular thread in the forum.

He knew the monster horde would come after him for killing their Queen Mothers, but never had he thought that the number of Bug Tribe fighters would have multiplied as well. However, now that he thought about it, it made sense since there was an increase of hives.

People who experienced the bug horde complained in the forum, saying that everyone had died on checkpoint 63. One even posted a video of the bug horde breaking through their defenses.

In front of the defense barriers, Bug Tribe fighters crawled all over. Each and every one of them was attacking the defense under their feet insanely like they had lost their minds.

Everyone was worried as they watched the video. To their relief, the defense remained intact at the end of the video.

Lin Huang felt a little guilty after watching the video. “Will this bug horde traumatize the people?”

However, his guilt only lasted less than a minute. He then revealed a smirk. “So many of them are talking about the reason for the bug horde breaking out. I shall seize this opportunity to tell them the ‘truth’!”

Lin Huang set his account to anonymous status and created a thread ent.i.tled ‘The Truth of the Bug Horde Breaking Out on Checkpoint 63′. He then uploaded the video that he had recorded earlier.

After submitting it, he waited for almost ten minutes until the thread went through a review.

The thread grabbed the attention of many Genius Union members as soon as it appeared.

Many of them clicked on it suspiciously because there was no description in the thread. There was only a video. Everyone then watched the video directly and were shocked after finis.h.i.+ng it.

The thread created a stir right away.

“This has to be fake! The Bug Tribe Queen Mother is a little girl? Who’d buy that?!”

“The Bug Tribe Queen Mother really does look like that. Although I’ve never seen the real thing, I saw the strategy for checkpoint 63 and there were photos. It’s almost the same as the one in the video.”

“The Queen Mother, her bug guardians, and the bug beasts are real. The details of the hive’s real too. This video’s legit. What I’m curious about is who took this video? The person went really deep into the hive.” It was the chief of the Hong Alliance, Zhu Hong, who posted that.

Zhu Hong used her personal account instead of going incognito. The forum went into a frenzy all of a sudden.

“Pleased to meet the G.o.ddess!”

“Sister Hong, please reply to me!”

“Please let me ride on your fame, Almighty!”

Another big boss replied to Zhu Hong’s comment, “Sister Hong, what do you think about this video?” The person who commented was the chief of the Tang Alliance, Zhang Xiaoshan, who had used his personal account to comment too.

People were agitated again as soon as Zhang Xiaoshan appeared. No matter if it was Zhu Hong or Zhang Xiaoshan, both of them were the top bosses in the Genius Union. They were in the top five among the people at the same level.

Zhu Hong replied when she saw that it was Zhang Xiaoshan who had asked the question, “It looks more like a prank, but we can’t rule out the possibility of it being authentic. What I want to know most is how did he go so deep into the hive?”

“It’s actually easy for someone who has powerful spiritual energy. They can use an illusion to isolate themselves to do this,” Zhang Xiaoshan replied.

“Brilliant! I know roughly who posted this thread now that you say that.”

Many people asked who the person was as soon as Zhu Hong commented, but she did not reply.

Zhang Xiaoshan also disappeared as soon as Zhu Hong was gone.

However, people on checkpoint 63 soon began to a.n.a.lyze Zhu Hong’s comment.

“Sister Hong should be talking about the Divine Alliance’s Zhong Liyan. Chief Zhong’s a psychic and he has extraordinary spiritual power. It’s possible that he’s mastered illusion skills too. Looking at it now, on the entire Stairway Tree, he’s the only person who could possibly shoot the video so close to the Queen Mother.”

The people in the thread soon began to talk about the Queen Mother after the a.n.a.lysis.

“So, that’s what the Queen Mother looks like! It’s so cute.”

“I want to keep one!”

“Here’s a question. If you brought the Queen Mother home and had s.e.x with it, would the children the Queen Mother gave birth to be a human or a bug?”

“There won’t be any children because you can always use precaution. Thank me later!”

“I’ve reported inappropriate content.”

As Lin Huang read the comments, the thread was straying off topic. Only a minority of people talked about the G.o.d relic sword, and he felt helpless.

“These people are just here for the fun. They don’t care about the reason for the bug horde breaking out at all.”

“It’s natural that they don’t care since it doesn’t concern them. They’ll definitely be desperate for answers if the bug horde spreads below checkpoint 63,” b.l.o.o.d.y grinned while explaining, “Most people on checkpoint 63 who saw this video should have opinions about the G.o.d relic sword. It’s just that they didn’t comment on what they think. Be patient. We should be able to see how many people exactly show interest in the G.o.d relic.”

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