Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 954 – The Royal Trial Has Begun!

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Chapter 954: The Royal Trial Has Begun!

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Time sure flew. A week soon pa.s.sed.

Lin Huang thought the token he had would attract covetous members from Dynasty whereby they would send people to take it away from him. He was prepared to fight anytime, but it had been peaceful for the past week. Nothing happened at all.

He wondered if something had happened to Dynasty that caused them to not put the extra effort in to get the token back.

He did not log into the Genius Union for the past week. He was basically doing three things every day: eat, sleep and practice sword skills.

He managed to merge the card pieces into two complete pseudo-mythical-level sword skills.

Early morning on the 5th of May, Lin Huang returned to the hotel room after breakfast. He then took out the Dynasty trial token from his Emperor’s Heart Ring.

The token was completely golden and was almost half the size of a palm. The word ‘Dynasty’ was imprinted in the middle of it with complicated sigils around it.

According to the notice Dynasty posted, the trials would officially begin at 9 a.m.

However, the sigils on the token glowed with a golden stream that lit up when it was 8.30 a.m. It was like lava flowing slowly. Approximately 20 minutes later, the beam lit up all of the sigils on the token and spread towards the ‘Dynasty’ word.

When it was 9 a.m. sharp, the golden stream flowed all over the ‘Dynasty’ word, lending a bright golden ray to surround the entire token. It was like a mini sun hovering before Lin Huang.

Even he could not help but narrow his eyes.

He witnessed the golden ray expand rapidly and transform the small token into golden double doors that were approximately three meters tall.

The golden ray only faded away quickly as soon as the doors were completely formed.

Lin Huang was puzzled when he noticed that the golden doors were still shut after the golden ray faded. However, he soon found out that there were two palm dents in the middle of the two doors.

“Do I press my palms on those dents?” Lin Huang stepped forward in puzzlement and pressed both of his palms on the dents.

Soon, two golden rays shot out of the dents and covered both of his palms.

At that moment, Lin Huang heard a lady’s voice in his ears.

“The verification of candidate has begun…

“The candidate’s current location is No. D000857142.


“Recording candidate’s ident.i.ty…

“Name: Lin Huang

“Gender: Male

“Age: 18

“Combat Strength: Immortal-level Rank-7 (Candidate’s cultivation system is eligible for the trial).

“Qualification a.s.sessment: Grade-A

“a.s.sessment Result: Pa.s.sed preliminary selection, official qualification – Rank-D

“Binding of trial token has begun… Binding successful!

“Candidate, are you to going into the trial s.p.a.ce now?”

“Yes.” Lin Huang nodded without any hesitation.

In the next second, the golden rays that were initially covering both of his palms spread all over his body and covered his entire being in it.

Lin Huang, who turned into a sphere of golden ray, penetrated the closed golden doors right away and vanished. A moment later, the golden doors disintegrated and disappeared.

As his body was covered in the golden ray, Lin Huang felt like he was riding on a high-speed rail and moving swiftly with it.

It only took a moment before it stopped. The golden ray before his eyes faded slowly and was then replaced by a dense jungle.

Lin Huang turned his head to look around. Trees and bushes covered his field of vision. Even the sunlight above his head was covered by the dense trees. The jungle seemed a little dim because of that.

There were different smells around, including the earthy scent of the soil and the fragrance of flowers.

Lin Huang felt lost at that moment. He had zero ideas about the trial conditions here and it was an open-style environment as he glanced around.

“Do I kill monsters in this trial since I’m put in such an environment?” He speculated that that would most likely happen.

At that moment, he just realized that the golden token had returned to his hand without him even realizing it.

A page was projected from the golden token all of a sudden as soon as he spoke. There were rows of information displayed.

“The trial setting: unlimited hunting.

“The trial condition – kill every living thing that you see!

“There are two ident.i.ties in the trial setting. One will be the convict while another will be the candidate.

“You’ll obtain points according to the convict’s combat strength that you kill.

“Single kill point system: 1 point for imperial-level black gold-rank, 3 points for imperial-level crimson gold-rank, 10 points for imperial-level yellow gold-rank, 30 points for imperial-level white gold-rank, 100 points for imperial-level purple gold-rank.

“You’ll obtain all of the points the candidate possessed if you kill one.

“Candidate can crush the trial token as a sign of surrender. He or she would then be sent out of the trial s.p.a.ce. The points will be awarded to the candidate who witnesses the surrender and is the closest to the person who surrenders.”

“Trial candidates: 10,000 people. Convicts: 100,000 people.”

“Trial Period: 1 month.

“The candidate who survives the trial and obtains the highest points will win a Dynasty citizens.h.i.+p.

“Last warning: this trial isn’t a virtual game. Dying in the trial means death in reality. Please use the trial token when necessary.”

“There are 10,000 people partic.i.p.ating in this?!” Until then only did Lin Huang realize that there were so many people in this trial s.p.a.ce apart from himself and the people from Dynasty.

“Convict… Looking at the description, the convict stated shouldn’t be monsters but humans.” Lin Huang calmed himself down and began focusing on the information provided. “So, candidates kill continuously in this trial to obtain points. Not only are the convicts preys, but so are the other candidates too.

“Looking at the description of the condition, all of the convicts seem to be on imperial-level. The lowest one would be on imperial-level black gold-rank while the highest would be on imperial-level purple gold-rank. Furthermore, the ratio of convicts to candidates is 10:1. Also, a candidate who survives at the end of the one-month trial meets the prerequisite to winning the final eligibility. It shows that the candidates in this trial aren’t the predators, but the prey.”

Lin Huang narrowed his eyes slightly. “The condition didn’t mention that collaborating is prohibited. Those organization members who partic.i.p.ate in this trial would most likely choose to collaborate in the hunt with people from the same organization. Although I’ve no idea what’s up with the convicts, I think they should be collaborating in groups. If people don’t come from the same organization, there might be teams with many people in it.”

Lin Huang did a detailed a.n.a.lysis of the conditions. Clearly, this trial was much more difficult than it appeared to be. If one were to read the description of condition on the surface, he would most probably die if he went after the convicts without thinking much about it.

Lin Huang summoned b.l.o.o.d.y calmly after reading the conditions. “b.l.o.o.d.y, as usual, show me the map.”

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