Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 958 – Ge Nan And Li Li

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Chapter 958: Ge Nan and Li Li

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Since hanging up the call with the skinny man, Ge Nan frowned as he lay in his bed. He had a blanket covering the part below his waist while his upper body was completely naked.

“That brat Skinny Monkey’s mischievous. He daren’t go against my word in the past and now he’s spread the news of the candidates right after promising not to tell anyone about it.”

“Perhaps he’s out of his mind from the hunger. After all, it has been 50 years since Dynasty opened this Royal Trials. I guess it’s been 50 years since he had any food. It’s normal for him to contact a few others so that he can get more food,” A lady lay naked next to Ge Nan. She glided her fingers with nails that were painted red along Ge Nan’s tummy and headed southward tenderly.

Ge Nan held onto that soft hand without saying anything for a while. “Are you trying to suck me dry, you little devil?”

“Don’t you want that, you handsome thing?” whispered the lady softly into Ge Nan ear as she leaned closer to him.

Ge Nan felt ticklish and his body responded to the lady’s irresistible words.

Noticing the changes in Ge Nan’s body, the lady snickered and sat on top of him. Her busty b.r.e.a.s.t.s bounced and she leaned forward toward him while seducing him. “Are you sure you don’t want it?”

Ge Nan gulped and took a deep breath in to calm himself down. “Oh no, I really can’t do it now. Let’s finish our business first and talk about this later.”

“This is business too,” said the lady while pouting.

“Come on. Stop teasing me,” Ge Nan patted the lady’s b.u.t.t cheekily. “Skinny Monkey spread the news across. The person who moves faster will have the highest opportunity to get the entire team of candidates. We must gather people now. We can’t afford to lose any more time.”

“Hmph!” The lady s.h.i.+fted away from Ge Nan discontentedly. Slyness flashed through her eyes. “I want one more body then!”

“Sure, you can have anything you want.” Ge Nan shook his head helplessly.

Getting up from the bed, Ge Nan slapped the lady’s b.u.t.t again. “Get dressed now and follow me. I can’t get you anything if you don’t go with me. Or you could just stand there. That’s better than nothing.”

The lady got up to put her clothes on reluctantly.

When the duo was dressed, they headed to the appointed place immediately. There were already 12 people waiting for them when they arrived.

“Boss Ge, Sister Li…” The bunch of people greeted them.

Ge Nan took a glance at the people. “Since everyone’s here, let’s go!”

He waved and led the team of people towards the coordinates Skinny Monkey had provided.

As they were approximately 40 kilometers away from the coordinates, Ge Nan sensed their target in the range of his territory.

“Found them!” Initially, he was worried that the information Skinny Monkey had given might be wrong. Now that he sensed the target, the doubt he had all vanished. “A total of 26 people and an imperial-level crimson gold-rank summoning beast. Looking at the current situation, we should be the first team to get here. We’ve got pretty great luck.”

Ge Nan could not help but peep at Li Li who was next to him as he spoke. He was secretly relieved that they did not delay much.

“I’ll handle the summoning beast. The rest of you will fight two people each. Li Li, you’ll handle the rest.” Ge Nan completed the a.s.signment as soon as he identified the exact location of the target. “Remember to do it quickly and don’t drag it out. Zhao Kui and the other few teams might come anytime. We must finish the fight before they arrive!”

“What if we don’t manage to end the fight in time? Do we fight with Zhao Kui and the rest?” A fierce gleam flashed through Li Li’s eyes. Zhao Kui had raped her before. The reason she had gotten together with Ge Nan who loved her dearly was in the hopes that he could kill Zhao Kui one day.

“Don’t fight with anyone no matter which team they come from.” Ge Nan glanced at Li Li. Naturally, he knew what she was thinking about. “Our main mission this time is to hunt the candidates in order to obtain more food. If another team comes later, there might be a second and a third team coming after that. By then, it’ll be much more difficult for us to get food.”

“What if they attack us just for the sake of food? Do we not fight as well?” Li Li asked while feeling hesitant.

“If something like that really happens, I’ll inform the regional chief.” Ge Nan remained rational.

Li Li glared at him sourly but she chose to keep quiet eventually.

She was a wise lady. She never liked quarreling with men. She knew men’s weaknesses very well too. She knew when to fight for what she deserved, to get the men to compromise with her willingly. She knew that although Ge Nan loved her, he was not an idiot who would follow whatever a lady said. That was what she liked the most about him.

“I know what you have in mind. I, too, want to kill Zhao Kui, but this is not the right time,” Ge Nan spoke through voice transmission secretly, “As soon as I find the right timing, I promise you that I’ll kill Zhao Kui to avenge you!”

Li Li calmed down a little after hearing Ge Nan’s voice transmission.

Indeed, now was not the best time to punish Zhao Kui.

Ge Nan was relieved that he calmed Li Li down. In reality, he was worried that Li Li would embarra.s.s him earlier. Although their relations.h.i.+p was not a secret, it was a shame to be embarra.s.sed in front of his bunch of juniors. Fortunately, Li Li stopped the nonsense in time instead of embarra.s.sing him.

“Since we’re here, attack at once as soon as we get there instead of beating around the bus.h.!.+” Ge Nan led the team and dashed towards the team of candidates that was less than 40 kilometers away from them as soon as he was done speaking.

It only took a moment for Ge Nan and the gang to get to the team of candidates.

“Attack!” Ge Nan shouted as soon as they met without uttering anything else. The bunch led by Ge Nan sped toward Lin Huang and the rest.

However, a little white cat appeared on Lin Huang’s shoulder at that moment. In the next second, it disappeared from Lin Huang’s shoulder and in less than 0.1 seconds, it appeared on the other side of Lin Huang’s shoulder. It squatted there while licking one of its front paws.

Meanwhile, Ge Nan and the 13 of them turned into headless bodies. Their bodies were dismembered into a few parts too.

As the parasitical puppets were collecting the loots, b.l.o.o.d.y was done retrieving information from the 14 heads.

b.l.o.o.d.y shook its head helplessly, looking at Li Li’s eyes that seemed like she did not die in peace. “What a poor thing, but you can die in peace now because I’ve avenged you. The fella who took your virginity and raped you many times died 15 minutes ago.”

After shutting Li Li’s eyes, b.l.o.o.d.y pa.s.sed the head to one of the parasitical puppets. “Retrieve all the loots before burying it.”

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