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Chapter 97: Leng Yuexin Leveled Up – Transcendent

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

During the two days in Baqi City, Lin Huang brought Lin Xin to places with good food and fun in the foothold. On Monday morning, Lin Xin woke up at 6 o’clock again causing Lin Huang to wake up early too because she was noisy when she was getting ready in the living room.

He showered, changed and then brought Lin Xin to have breakfast downstairs. Whenever Lin Huang stayed in a hotel, he always thought of the food back at Stable Residence. The buffet breakfast in this hotel was not bad at all but it was nothing compared to the food at Stable Residence. Lin Huang then headed to the reception to check out once they were done.

After they left the hotel, he brought Lin Xin to the open air cafe that he went before. He was welcomed by the refres.h.i.+ng fragrance of coffee which made him feel wide awake.

He then asked a staff, “May I know what time you open?”

“Sir, we are open 24 hours. You can come in anytime you want.” The lady staff replied gracefully.

“Oh, that’s great… Get me a cup of black coffee then.” Lin Huang raised his eyebrow, turned around and asked Lin Xin, “What would you like to drink?”

“Coffee must be bitter, are there any other beverages?” Lin Xin looked at the menu and noticed that there were no decaffeinated beverages available.

“We just launched honey coffee a few months back. It’s a sweet beverage.” The lady staff recommended.

“I’ll have that then.” Lin Xin nodded.

“Is there anything else? We have desserts too.”

“None for me, how about you?” Lin Huang looked at Lin Xin.

“I’m good. We’re still full from breakfast.” Lin Xin shook her head.

“Alright then. One black coffee and one honey coffee.” The lady staff repeated.

After the bill was paid, Lin Huang brought Lin Xin to sit under the umbrella under the open air. The morning sun hurt their eyes. It was the first time Lin Huang could enjoy the beautiful side of the world without any pressure. Baqi City was quiet in the morning, there were very little people walking at the plaza.

Nonetheless, the city was indeed beautiful. If there were fewer monsters in this world, people would be able live in peace like heaven on earth.

He was staring at the sun for a long time and was distracted when the staff brought his coffee to him. He took a sip but frowned. Lin Xin noticed that and asked, “Is it bad?”

“It’s a little bitter.” Lin Huang a.s.sured his sister.

“You can have mine then, give me yours.” Lin Xin pushed her drink to him.

“It’s okay I prefer my coffee bitter.” Lin Huang politely declined her offer.

“Oh…” Lin Xin immediately took a sip of her drink and Lin Huang watch as her eyes brightened up,” It tastes so good!”

“That’s great, but don’t drink too much or else you’ll have trouble sleeping at night.” Lin Huang reminded her.

Lin Xin was indulging in her drink that she did not hear what Lin Huang said. Three minutes later, Lin Xin finished the drink. She let go of the straw and with her puppy eyes she asked, “Brother, can I please have another one?”

“I suppose, please try to get some rest tonight though.”

“You’re the best!” Lin Xin rushed into the cafe soon returned to Lin Huang’s side with a larger coffee cup.

Lin Huang glared at her. She stuck out her tongue and said to Lin Huang playfully, “You did not say that I’m not allowed to order an extrlarge one.”

“Don’t come looking for me if you can’t sleep tonight.” Lin Huang was stern.

“I will play my games if I can’t fall asleep tonight.” Lin Xin nodded and said.

After he finished his coffee, Lin Huang read the news on the network. A news article caught his attention. The t.i.tle of the news was ‘Daughter of the Leng Family became a transcendent at the age of 18’. He clicked on the news, it was Leng Yuexin. Lin Huang read the news article and got to know more about Leng Yuexin’s family background.

She was from the most powerful family among the six royal families in Division7. The news read that their family was powerful ever since the new era, about 800 years ago.

“No wonder relics did not mean anything to her…” Lin Huang had heard about the six royal families before but he did not know that Leng Yuexin’s family was one of them.

“No wonder the Li family would even consider apologizing to her family.”

“Brother, is this Leng Yuexin the one who sent you the parcels?” Lin Xin peeped at the news her brother was reading. “Only 18 and she’s already a transcendent, wow! How do you know her?”

“I followed her team when I journeyed into w.a.n.gyou Forest.” Lin Huang simply said.

“Then why did she send you stuff?” Lin Xin was curious.

“I bought some stuff from her but she did not bring it along with her at the time, so she sent them over when she got home.” Lin Huang thought of a quick lie.

“What did you buy from her?” Lin Xin asked further.

“Why are you asking so many questions? Drink your coffee.” Lin Huang was afraid that the more he engaged in the conversation, the more she’ll want to know.

“Did you at least get her signature?” Lin Xin asked again.

“No, I forgot to ask.”

“Please ask for her signature the next time!”

“Sure, I’ll ask her that if we ever meet again.”

After settling Lin Xin, Lin Huang hesitated and sent Leng Yuexin a message. The message was short, ‘Congratulations on leveling up to a transcendent!’

Leng Yuexin did not reply and moments later, Lin Huang switched off his communication device. He was b.u.mmed. They were drinking coffee while waiting for the s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p. Just then, there was a notification from his ring. He opened it and it was a message from Leng Yuexin.

“Thank you. I was in the shower just now so I could not check my message. What’ve been up to?”

“My sister is on a long break so I’m bringing her to Xiagong City.” Lin Huang immediately replied.

“You had a hard time before so it’s good to relax a little. I’m going for a vacation myself in the next few days. I’m going to Division3.” Leng Yuexin told Lin Huang.

“It’s not easy to become a transcendent, you deserve a treat. Enjoy yourself!” Lin Huang replied.

“You enjoy yourself too.”

Lin Huang turned off the device and couldn’t help but smile. Just when Lin Huang had the time to travel, he visited a B-grade foothold while Leng Yuexin who belonged to royalty could go anywhere, anytime she wanted.

“One day I will become a transcendent and travel to other divisions!” Lin Huang promised himself.

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