Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 971 – Was Chan Dou Attacked?!

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Chapter 971: Was Chan Dou Attacked?!

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Lin Huang realized he was still in the hotel in Wanbao City when he opened his eyes after getting out of the trial s.p.a.ce.

The trial that should have gone on for a month ended early. It only lasted for 12 days.

Although he did not experience any elevation in his combat strength at all, Lin Huang was satisfied with the trial results.

The biggest reward was none other than the 100,000-strong undead army and the information about the tens of thousands of mini worlds and great worlds retrieved from the undead army’s souls.

The various cultivation methods were the second best. The information in the memories broadened Lin Huang’s view greatly. It made him realize that the gravel world he was currently in was just the equivalent of a rookie village in a game.

“I wonder if Yang Ling can unlock the s.p.a.ce equipment from other great worlds and mini-worlds. If he can’t, I’ll have to get someone from the great world to unlock them.” Lin Huang thought that the journey into the trial s.p.a.ce was worth it as he thought about the hundreds of thousands of s.p.a.ce equipment that were waiting to be unlocked in his Emperor’s Heart Ring.

He put the Dynasty member matter aside at the moment.

Within less than ten seconds after he returned from the trial s.p.a.ce, the Emperor’s Heart Ring in his hand began vibrating as soon as he reconnected to the network and signal.

He clicked on the communication page and immediately took a look.

“Why did Jian Fei call me?” Lin Huang saw a couple of call requests and messages the Heaven Alliance deputy chief Jian Fei had sent a week ago as soon as he opened the communication page.

He began reading the messages one after another.

The first two messages were about Jian Fei asking Lin Huang to contact Chan Dou since his attempt was to no avail and he was busy working on something. The two messages sent following that were links and screenshots from some news. He even asked Lin Huang to contact him as soon as he saw his messages.

Lin Huang’s pupils shrunk when he saw the few screenshots of the news.

“Chan Dou has been attacked? Someone abducted him! n.o.body knows if he’s still alive…”

“Who did this? Why did they attack Chan Dou?”

Lin Huang’s expression was rather grim after reading the news via the links.

Chan Dou had been taking care of him all this time, so Lin Huang treated him as a friend. Otherwise, he would not have shared the ancient cultivation methods with him.

“Could the cultivation methods have leaked and the Union Government sent people to do this?” Lin Huang shook the idea off a moment after it flashed through his mind.

Knowing Chan Dou’s character, there should not be anyone who would find out that he had obtained the cultivation methods apart from Lin Huang. It was quite impossible for the Union Government to find out about it within such a short period of time. Furthermore, the Chan Clan was a powerful family in Division 1. Even if the Union Government found out, the possibility of them attacking Chan Dou directly was low. The most they would do was just to prod the Chan Clan for that.

Lin Huang thought about it and called Jian Fei back eventually since he could not figure anything out.

Jian Fei picked up the phone as soon as the video call request only went on for two rings.

“I’ve finally reached you!” Looking at his face that was initially plump, Jian Fei had lost weight.

“I’ve been doing closed-door cultivation and just got out today.” Lin Huang nodded. “I’ve read about the chief. Is there any updates about his attack from your side?”

“I’ve been getting everyone to search for related information, but we haven’t found many useful ones. We only know it was two white-robed men who attacked him.”

“White robes? Could it be the Saints?” Lin Huang thought of the Saints right away when he heard about the white robes.

“Shouldn’t be them. They had no cross on their faces.” Jian Fei shook his head. “Moreover, the Saints’ headquarters isn’t in Division 1. They wouldn’t have the guts to offend Chan Clan in Division 1. The Chan Clan has demiG.o.ds guarding their home and many members who are working for the Union Government. Underground organizations that aren’t stupid won’t offend them easily.”

“You said they have no cross on their faces, so did anyone see the attackers’ faces?” Lin Huang asked again.

“The chief was attacked at Sun City’s black market. Although the attack was s.h.i.+elded with a demiG.o.d relic, two people from the Genius Union happened to be at the black market before it happened. They know the chief and just when they were going to greet him, they saw the two white-robed men walking towards him before the three of them disappeared. A few minutes later, the chief was nowhere to be seen when the two white-robed men reappeared.”

“The Union Government’s intelligence system retrieved the two white-robed men’s facial recognition outline and matched their databank, but they couldn’t find anyone that matches the face.”

“It’s obviously a plot. They must’ve disguised themselves before they attacked.” Lin Huang nodded after he listened. The possibility of finding the attackers based on the two faces was low.

“Oh yeah, why did you look for the chief earlier? Is it solved yet?” Lin Huang asked again.

“Jiang Rui has elevated to imperial-level. His deputy chief position is vacant now. I wanted to discuss picking another deputy chief with the chief,” Jian Fei told Lin Huang what he had been dragging out for a week.

Jiang Rui was one of the Heaven Alliance deputy chiefs but Lin Huang had never seen him before. The latter happened to be in a ruins in Division 1, attempting to break through to imperial-level when Lin Huang was promoted to deputy chief. Chan Dou and the rest could not find him, so he did not join the meeting during which Lin Huang was promoted to deputy chief.

Lin Huang nodded as he listened. Chan Dou had mentioned Jiang Rui to him before.

“The chief suggested that Gu Fei replace Jiang Rui as deputy chief earlier. Although Gu Fei’s a supreme genius, she’s only on immortal-level rank-8 now. I’m a little concerned that she can’t convince the people.”

Chan Dou had told him about Gu Fei before. The reason she was stuck on immortal-level rank-8 was that she was a psychic, so it was even more difficult for her to look for Life Lamp monsters to elevate herself. However, when it came to abilities, she was just as powerful as other immortal-level rank-9 Heaven Alliance supreme geniuses.

“I think we should follow what the chief said. Gu Fei has a powerful ability. Her elevating to immortal-level rank-9 is just a matter of time.” Lin Huang gave his opinion. “Moreover, her appointment as deputy chief could unite the current female Heaven Alliance members. It could attract more female members to join too. It’s a good thing for the Heaven Alliance’s development in the long run.”

“The other organizations such as the Divine Alliance are watching us. We can’t drag this new deputy chief appointment any longer. Gu Fei isn’t a rookie. Getting a headstart as a deputy chief should fast track her faster than me. They can come to me if they think she’s not convincing.”

“Also, since the chief isn’t around now, I think based on Brother Jian’s experience, he is the best to take the chief position temporarily. We should spend some time closing the decision of the appointment of the acting chief and new deputy chief these few days. I’ll support you in your work with all my might.”

“Great, I’ll contact the rest and organize a meeting as soon as I can. I’ll let you know once I’ve gotten the confirmed date.” Jian Fei nodded immediately. He did not expect Lin Huang to be so easy that he handed the acting chief position to him directly.

Lin Huang smiled while shaking his head after ending the call with Jian Fei.

To Lin Huang, who was in touch with all sorts of information about Dynasty, the Genius Union was just a place for kids playing the most. Apart from its resources that were not too shabby, the benefit of it was its people relation. The position as the chief of the Heaven Alliance position was similar to a kindergarten cla.s.s monitor to him.

He knew Jian Fei wanted to be the acting chief. He was not interested in being deputy chief, so he might as well just release the position and get Gu Fei to take the place as deputy chief.

He knew nothing about Gu Fei, but he believed Chan Dou’s taste. Moreover, without the newly appointed deputy chief, he figured Jian Fei would disturb him every few days.

For the development of the Heaven Alliance and him being more relaxed with their responsibilities, it was necessary for him to get Gu Fei who Chan Dou had made positive comments on to take the position.

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