Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 973 – Done Deal

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Chapter 973: Done Deal

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

After breakfast the next morning, Lin Huang departed for the Wanbao Auction leisurely.

Just when he entered the entrance, a female attendant, who had outstanding features, welcomed him with a wide smile.

“Mr. Lin, my boss asked me to bring you to the guest lounge. Please follow me.”

Lin Huang nodded and followed her. They pa.s.sed the crowd toward the guest lounge.

At the entrance of the lounge, she swiped her work pa.s.s which was projected onto the wall and opened the door. “Mr. Lin, my boss will be here right away. Would you like tea, coffee, or something else?”

Lin Huang noticed a coffee machine in the guest lounge. He said carelessly, “Black coffee, please. Thanks.”

“Sure, please give me a minute,” she said to Lin Huang while her hands moved to make the cup of coffee. “The fruits just came in this morning and we’ve just washed them.”

“Oh.” Lin Huang just noticed a basket of fruits on the coffee table with seven to eight different varieties.

He sat on the couch and picked up a sour cherry, then popped it into his mouth without paying much attention. Sour cherry was a fruit that looked a little like a cherry, but its color was purple like an eggplant. It was seedless and tasted like a combination of cherry and blueberry. There was a faint sourness in the juicy sweetness.

Such a fruit was very expensive to ordinary people as one would cost hundreds of credit points. However, it was affordable to cultivators.

When Lin Huang had just popped two sour cherries into his mouth, Tang Xu opened the door and walked to Lin Huang with a grin.

“Brother Lin, sorry to keep you waiting.”

“Not really, I’ve just arrived.” Lin Huang stood up and shook his hand while smiling.

As they sat down, Tang Xu peeped in the direction where the attendant was without talking about the G.o.d relic right away. Instead, he began talking about Lin Huang’s daily life.

“Brother Lin, it’s only been two months and you’ve already achieved a boost in your combat strength!”

“My Master should own the credit.” Lin Huang brought up his fake ident.i.ty again.

“That’s right. I’m envious you have a demiG.o.d-level Master!” Tang Xu’s longing on his face was authentic. Although he came from a wealthy family, he only had one demiG.o.d who was a few generations away from him at home. He did not receive any lessons from the demiG.o.d.

“I heard from your Master that you guys went into the ruins earlier?”

“That’s right, my Master encountered this private ruins by accident. We went in for a month and just came out yesterday.” Lin Huang confirmed what the demiG.o.d he disguised as had said to Tang Xu in detail.

“Having a demiG.o.d to train you himself is a treatment that we don’t even dare to dream about.”

The attendant served the coffee that she made to Lin Huang after they chatted for a while.

Smelling the wonderful aroma, Tang Xu ordered one for himself.

The attendant only left the guest lounge after serving Tang Xu’s coffee and shutting the door.

Seeing that the attendant had left, Tang Xu could not help but ask while lowering his voice, “Brother Lin, did you bring the G.o.d relic?”

Lin Huang smiled and put the coffee mug in his hand down, then took out the G.o.d relic spear, Ba Huang, from his storage s.p.a.ce.

Tang Xu could not help himself but become excited when he took the G.o.d relic. He caressed it softly.

Although it was not his first time seeing Ba Huang, Tang Xu’s eyes would still light up whenever he saw a G.o.d relic.

“How do you plan to sell it this time?” Lin Huang asked because he wanted to get the G.o.d Figurines as soon as possible.

If Tang Xu was planning to organize another auction, the fastest he would be able to obtain the G.o.d Figurines would be a month later.

“I can’t do an auction this time since the two buyers are in a hurry to get this. Furthermore, we don’t have much good stuff in our inventory. I’ll just invite the two buyers to talk about it. The buyer who offers the highest price will get it,” Tang Xu said, feeling a little helpless. He was more eager to organize an auction to boost his fame, but the situation did not allow him to.

Under normal circ.u.mstances, to organize a ma.s.sive auction like the Wanbao Auction, they would need two to three months or even half a year to collect the items. Even a small-scale auction would require more than a month to prepare the preliminary work.

“I’ve scheduled to meet them tomorrow morning. We should be able to close the deal before noon if everything goes as planned. I’ll contact you right away by then.”

Tang Xu’s arrangement was exactly what Lin Huang wanted.

“Oh right, did your Master mention if there’s anything specific that he wants for the trading items apart from G.o.d Figurines?” Tang Xu asked out of the blue.

“He mentioned it once casually. He said the best would be demiG.o.d-level soul crystals. If there are none, demiG.o.d relics will suffice,” Lin Huang thought about it and answered.

“No problem. I’ll tell the buyers later.” Tang Xu nodded. “Wait for my good news tomorrow.”

Lin Huang returned to the hotel after the successful discussion with Tang Xu.

As he calmed himself down, the Emperor’s Heart Ring on his hand vibrated all of a sudden just when he was going to practice his sword skills.

He opened the communication page and realized that it was a message from Jian Fei.

“The meeting date has been set at 9.30 a.m. the day after tomorrow. The venue will be the meeting room at checkpoint 63 of the Stairway Tree. Please be there on time!”

Lin Huang replied, “Got it”, and began to practice his sword skill.

His mind was occupied with selling the spear, Ba Huang, after breakfast the next morning. He could not even focus on practicing. He put the practice aside directly and looked at the news on the Heart Network and the Hunter a.s.sociation forum.

An inconspicuous thread on the Hunter a.s.sociation forum grabbed his attention all of a sudden.

The t.i.tle of the thread was ‘What’s The Purple Crow Doing?’. Due to the mention of the Purple Crow on the t.i.tle, Lin Huang could not help but click on it.

The thread was written by a Hunter a.s.sociation member. He happened to be on a mission in Division 3’s No. A17 foothold. He noticed many Purple Crow members who possessed powerful combat strength showing up in the foothold as a group. Furthermore, more than one group who were on the go, so almost all the members with powerful combat strength were out.

There were less than ten replies on the thread. Basically, n.o.body took the matter seriously.

However, Lin Huang thought of Yang Ling and Hong Zhuang right away when he saw the thread since both of them were in No. A17 foothold right now. It was clear that Hong Zhuang must have known something about this, there must be an objective that she chose to be in No. A17 foothold now.

“What’s that lady thinking?” Lin Huang frowned slightly. He was almost sure that Hong Zhuang’s appearance in No. A17 foothold definitely had something to do with the Purple Crow.

Just when Lin Huang was thinking about that, a message popped out suddenly from the communication page on his Emperor’s Heart Ring.

Seeing that it was Tang Xu who sent it, he opened the message immediately. “I’ve closed the deal. The final price was three G.o.d Figurines and two demiG.o.d-level soul crystals.”

Lin Huang was stunned to see the message. ‘I have one more G.o.d Figurine now?!’

Nonetheless, he accepted the result happily.

No matter whether it was G.o.d Figurines or demiG.o.d-level soul crystals, those were the items that he urgently needed now.

“Got it. I’ll drop by later.”

After replying Tang Xu’s message, Lin Huang closed the webpage and forum that he was surfing.

To show that he was not eager, Lin Huang did not go to the Wanbao Auction right away. Instead, he went to a cafe near the hotel. He ordered two cups of coffee and snacks that were prepared on the spot. He spent approximately half an hour to finish them and headed to the Wanbao Auction slowly.

Although he took his time, Tang Xu said to him with a smile when he arrived at the auction, “You’re quick. I thought tomorrow after lunch would be the earliest you’d come.”

“Oh well, my Master’s urging me.” Lin Huang used the demiG.o.d who did not exist to defend himself.

Tang Xu took out the three G.o.d’ Figurines and two demiG.o.d-level soul crystals, then handed them to Lin Huang. He did not forget to remind him, “I hope that Brother Lin and your Master will support us in the September auction.”

“Don’t worry, my Master loves working with people he’s familiar with.” Lin Huang smiled while putting the G.o.d Figurines and demiG.o.d-level soul crystals away.

“Our Wanbao Auction welcomes regular customers like Brother Lin and your Master too.”

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