Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 974 – Overthrowing All You Ever Knew

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Chapter 974: Overthrowing All You Ever Knew

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Leaving the Wanbao Auction, Lin Huang could not wait to take the three G.o.d Figurines out to observe as soon as he returned to the hotel room.

The first of the three G.o.d Figurines was a monster carrying a coffin.

The monster was completely red with muscles bulging all over its body. Its form looked like a fully skinned bullfrog that had just been served from a spicy hotpot. It had faint black sigils on its body and seemed rather human-like since it walked on both feet. However, it had fangs and two horns on its head like a buffalo’s. Unlike a human, however, it had hoofs on both feet and sharp claws on its hands like a devil.

There were two thick, black chains on the back of its shoulders that were tied to a black coffin. The coffin was clearly heavy, making its back seem a little crooked from the pressing weight of the coffin.

“This monster is called the Coffin Carrier. It’s an Abyssal Protoss that fell from its kind. It’s a ninth-rank True G.o.d that has mastered the Death Rule,” introduced the stone tablet. “I never expected an Abyssal Protoss to turn into a G.o.d Figurine when it dies.”

“What kind of True Spirit should I visualize?” Lin Huang could not help but inquire.

“There are actually many True Spirits that have mastered Death such as the Death Knight, the Black-robed Death G.o.d, the Golden Skeleton, the Immortal Tombstone, the Tabooed Black Coffin, the Crimson-eyed Crow, and the Grimacing Baby Puppet. Although they’re all extremely powerful, I personally think the one that has the most spirit and is also the most unique goes to the Death b.u.t.terfly.”

“The Death b.u.t.terfly guards the Yin Yang Gate, and it’s the only True Spirit that can travel between the material realm and the spiritual realm freely when it’s on true G.o.d-level. As long as your soul’s still intact, the Death b.u.t.terfly can guide you from the spiritual realm back to the material realm.”

“Of course, it has flaws too. Its beginner combat strength is no match for True Spirits such as Black-robed Death G.o.d and Golden Skeleton. However, its growth potential is outstanding among all True Spirits because it’ll be more powerful each time it comes out of its coc.o.o.n.”

“The Death b.u.t.terfly then.” Hearing the stone tablet’s introduction, Lin Huang decided to pick the Death b.u.t.terfly. He had too many G.o.d Figurines’ Combat Souls that were experts in combat. It would not affect him at all if he had one less.

After confirming the first True Spirit, Lin Huang then looked at the second G.o.d Figurine which took on the form of a lady.

The lady wore a thin, purple dress that was almost transparent. She hovered in the air barefoot and she had a beautiful body. However, she had no face or features, only black hair on her head.

Her hair was swaying in the air like countless little snakes that were alive and looked like they were going to attack.

“This monster’s called the Hair Demon. It’s an evil spirit type of Protoss which was an eighth-rank True G.o.d when it was alive. She mastered the Sealing Rule, and her ability’s similar to the sealing chains your red-robed skeleton imperial monster has, but she’s much more powerful.

“Among the True Spirits that have mastered the Sealing Rule, the one that has the highest compatibility with this Hair Demon would be the Shackle Serpent. The Shackle Serpent’s a formidable True Spirit. Among the Protoss, the Medusa Tribe which possesses the most powerful sealing ability obtained their sealing ability from the Shackle Serpent.

“Legend has it that the most powerful Shackle Serpent could imprison the world forever with just one look, freezing the time and s.p.a.ce, making it a specimen.”

“That’s so powerful!” Lin Huang could never imagine any sealing ability to be so powerful that it could do that. He always thought that a sealing ability was just an aiding combat ability.

After settling the second True Spirit, Lin Huang looked at the third G.o.d Figurine.

This G.o.d Figurine looked like a toy doll with short and small limbs. It also had the face of a clown. The most unique thing about it was its tummy. It was not made of blood and flesh, but a mechanical clock. Besides the hour hand, the minute hand, the second hand, and the timescale could be seen clearly. Even the big and small gear wheels within were clear.

“What an odd creature!” Although Lin Huang had seen all kinds of monsters, the peculiarity of this monster could make the top three because it did not look like a living thing at all. It appeared more like a puppet.

“This is a Time Spirit. It’s a unique species among the Protoss with a limited number. It was an eight-rank True G.o.d when it was alive and it mastered the Time Rule. It could control the flow of time in a specific area and even stop time.”

“Doesn’t that mean that True Spirits which master the Time Rule are even mightier?” Lin Huang was very interested in this G.o.d Figurine.

“Yes, the Creation Clock is a True Spirit of the same kind. Legend has it that such a True Spirit is the Creation Clock’s stopwatch. It could control the life and death of all creations by changing the hour hand on the clock. It could even target the entire world and destroy it.

“Apart from controlling life and time as well as the flow of time, the most powerful Creation Clock in the legend had terrifying abilities including stopping time, turning back time, freezing time and time traveling.”

“That sounds compelling!” Hearing the stone tablet’s description, Lin Huang suddenly thought that all the three G.o.d Figurines were desirable and he could not get rid of any of them.

“What should I do? I want all of them, but I’m only two G.o.d Figurines away from elevating to immortal-level rank-9.” The extra G.o.d Figurine now became a burden for Lin Huang and he was having difficulty choosing now. “Which one should I give up?”

“Why do you have to give up?” At the moment, the stone tablet’s voice came to Lin Huang’s ears.

“I only need two G.o.d Figurines to get to immortal-level rank-9. What else can I do with the extra one if I don’t give it up?” Lin Huang retorted back rather confusedly.

“Everyone else can only have nine Combat Souls in one Life Wheel. You have ten Life Wheels. Even if one Life Wheel can only keep one Combat Soul, you could have ten of them, am I right?” asked the stone tablet.

“Err…” Lin Huang could not rebel against the stone tablet’s logic at the time being. He thought about it seriously and found that it kind of made sense.

“But my combat strength will elevate a rank up whenever I absorb one G.o.d Figurine. Looking at the current situation, my combat strength will reach the limit of immortal-level after absorbing two G.o.d Figurines. I’m not sure what will happen if I absorb one more.” Lin Huang thought about it and decided to raise his doubt.

“Maybe I should put it this way. The cultivation system in the world you’re currently in has its flaws. The limit that you are thinking about isn’t the limit if you’re looking at it from higher ground,” said the stone tablet while smiling.

“Do you mean that immortal-level rank-9 isn’t the limit for immortal-level and that there’s s.p.a.ce to elevate even more?” Lin Huang was stunned and asked immediately.

“I mean there might not be s.p.a.ce for elevation in the past, but it’s possible under various conditions.” The stone tablet fell into silence after that. It did not talk no matter what Lin Huang asked later on.

“There’s still immortal-level rank-10 after immortal-level rank-9.” What the stone tablet said completely overthrew Lin Huang’s knowledge of the current cultivation system. He fell into deep thought.

‘My body’s different from others. My G.o.d Figurines are all True Spirits that I have visualized. True Spirits are a formidable existence. It’s impossible for them to share territory with another True Spirit. Therefore, my Life Wheels can’t contain many Combat Souls like the rest whereby each Life Wheel can only contain one True Spirit at the most. Even if I were to calculate it based on this, I’d be able to take ten True Spirits in given that I have ten Life Wheels.

‘Judging by this logic, it’s definitely possible for me to elevate to immortal-level rank-10!’

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