Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 976 – She Really Is A Powerful Lady

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Chapter 976: She Really is A Powerful Lady

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As soon as Jian Fei was done speaking, Lin Huang was the first to raise his hand while Jian Fei followed suit.

After the two deputy chiefs raised their hands, the eight higher management hesitated and looked at each other.

The short-haired lady looked at Gu Fei who sat at the far end of the long table and raised her hand.

Since then, the tanned, middle-aged man and the fatty next to Lin Huang raised their hands too.

The remaining five people did not move.

“Since we’re done with the voting, I’ll announce the result then. Jian Fei glanced at everyone.

“7 voted yes while 5 objected. More than half have agreed!” After announcing the result, Jian Fei looked at Gu Fei with a grin.

“Congratulations to Gu Fei for becoming the Heaven Alliance’s third deputy chief!”

Gu Fei stood up to show her grat.i.tude while smiling.

“Since we’ve selected our third deputy chief, now it’s time to go back to our first topic: picking the acting chief!

“We have three deputy chiefs now, which means there are three candidates. Now, everyone will vote among the three candidates to select the acting chief.

“There are 11 people here. Everyone gets one vote, and the same goes to the deputy chiefs. Three candidates can vote for themselves and vote for others.”

“Let’s write the candidate’s name that we’re picking down on the paper. Those who don’t want to be part of this can submit an empty paper to show that you’re giving your vote up,” said Jian Fei and gave everyone a piece of white paper the size of a palm.

“Don’t peep at the name others are writing down and no discussion is allowed. Write the name of the candidate that you hope to be the acting chief. Those who are done, fold the paper and don’t let anybody see what you have written. We will announce the result after everyone has submitted the slip. The name that appears the most will eventually be selected as the acting chief.”

Everyone, including Lin Huang, picked up the piece of white paper in their hands and scanned it with their Divine Telekinesis. They found out that this paper blocked detection out to a certain level. Apart from that, there was nothing wrong with the paper.

After confirming that the paper was fine, Lin Huang inserted Life Power into the paper and scrawled Jian Fei’s name on it. He then folded it and put it on the table before him.

Jian Fei, who was sitting across Lin Huang, wrote a name without much hesitation and folded it.

In less than half a minute, all 11 of them had written their chosen name down and folded the paper one after another.

“Deputy Chief Gu, please collect everyone’s vote for us,” Jian Fei instructed Gu Fei since everyone was done.

Gu Fei nodded and picked up her paper before collecting the remaining slips quickly. She then pa.s.sed them to Jian Fei.

Jian Fei pa.s.sed the slips to Lin Huang who was sitting across him. “Deputy Chief Lin, you’ll announce it.”

Lin Huang was a little surprised, but he nodded anyway.

He picked up the bunch of slips and stood up.

It was his name when he opened the first folded slip: Lin Xie.

“Lin Xie, 1 vote.”

Lin Huang presented the opened slip to the people then placed it on the table.

He saw his name again when he opened the second folded slip.

“Lin Xie, 2 votes.”

He then presented the opened slip to the people again then placed it on the table.

Upon opening the third slip, he could not help but frown when he saw the name. It was his name again.

“Lin Xie, 3 votes.”

After putting the stack of opened slips on the table, he picked the fourth one up while scowling slightly.

Finally, it was not his name this time. There was finally a slight relief in his expression.

“Jian Fei, 1 vote.”

Since then, Jian Fei’s name came up more often.

“Lin Xie, 4 votes.”

“Jian Fei, 5 votes.”

Jian Fei’s votes finally surpa.s.sed Lin Huang’s when it came down to the last three slips. Lin Huang was much more relieved. He really did not want to take the responsibility as the acting chief, and he did not have the time to look after the Heaven Alliance.

However, his name appeared again when he opened the last second slip.

“Lin Xie, 5 votes.”

Lin Huang was a little surprised that it was 5-5 which was a tie.

He had only been a deputy chief for less than a month and hardly did anything usually. He did not even log onto the Genius Union. He had no idea why would so many people vote for him.

Jian Fei looked a little nervous too. It seemed like he did not expect so many people to vote for Lin Huang as well.

Everyone was taken aback by the result too.

Naturally, they knew that Lin Huang had not cheated because they could recognize their own handwriting.

They were left with the last vote that had yet to be revealed. Apart from the person whose slip that was, the rest were antic.i.p.ating the last reveal with bated breath.

Lin Huang exhaled in relief when he picked up the last slip and saw the name on it. “Jian Fei, 6 votes!”

He showed everyone the last slip after he spoke, “It’s 6-5!”

“Congratulations, Chief Jian, for being the acting chief of the Heaven Alliance!”

“Thank you, thank you!” Jian Fei exhaled in relief after seeing the result. He stood up with all smiles and shook Lin Huang’s hand. He then thanked everyone.

Although close to half of them had voted for Lin Huang, he accepted the final result anyway.

n.o.body was surprised that the newly appointed deputy chief Gu Fei had zero votes.

After a brief conclusion, Jian Fei ended the meeting.

In the meeting room, Jian Fei and the eight higher management logged out one after another.

Just when Lin Huang was going to log out, Gu Fei stopped him. “Deputy chief Lin, can I get your contact details, please?”

“Sure.” Lin Huang nodded to agree immediately.

He had recommended Gu Fei so that she could share the burden of the Heaven Alliance. They would be communicating with each other on many matters in the future.

After getting his contact details, Gu Fei asked while smiling, “Why didn’t you want to be the acting chief, Deputy Chief Lin?”

“Did I say that?” Lin Huang raised his brow.

“I saw that you were in great relief when you opened the last slip,” said Gu Fei with a chuckle.

“Haha, you saw that!” Lin Huang did not bother to deny it. “Maybe I’m a little lazy.”

“But I think the Heaven Alliance might advance further if you were to become the acting chief,” Gu Fei expressed while smiling.

“You’re thinking too highly of me. The reason the Heaven Alliance has achieved what it has today depended on the generations of chiefs managing it as well as the shared effort from the past Heaven Alliance members throughout the hundreds of years. It can’t be changed just by relying on one person’s ability. If Chief Chan Dou can’t do it, neither can I.” Lin Huang shook his head. “Moreover, I’ve never planned to stay on immortal-level since the beginning.”

“Shallow water can’t keep a real dragon submerged. I understand now.” Gu Fei smiled and did not dwell on the subject. “Let’s keep in touch. I’ll log out now.”

As he watched Gu Fei logging out, Lin Huang shook his head and said with a grin, “She really is a powerful lady. Chan Dou’s taste really is something!”

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