Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 986 – She Becomes Bald But No More Powerful

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Chapter 986: She Becomes Bald but No More Powerful

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The missed hit made the Ghastly Spider Lady s.h.i.+ft her attention to the Ninetails Lynx on Lin Huang which was even more threatening.

The Ninetails Lynx looked at her from far away too.

As they locked eyes, the Ghastly Spider Lady clearly noticed that her soul was shaking. At that moment, she realized that it was on a higher level of suppression.

“It’s on mythical-level?!” The moment the Ghastly Spider Lady was stunned, the Ninetails Lynx on Lin Huang’s shoulder disappeared again.

Almost at the same time, a white streak appeared before the Ghastly Spider Lady without warning.

It was too late when she noticed that. Before she managed to do anything, the white streak had pierced through her body.

In the next second, the white streak appeared hundreds of meters behind the Ghastly Spider Lady, revealing itself gradually. It was the Ninetails Lynx that had been on Lin Huang’s shoulder earlier!

Lin Huang only noticed that the little white cat on his shoulder was no longer there when he saw it appear behind the spider lady.

By then, he had arrived less than five kilometers from the Ghastly Spider Lady. He was stunned when he saw her naked body sliced into tens of pieces. He recalled something all of a sudden and spoke to the Ninetails Lynx through voice transmission immediately, “She’s an undead monster. You must cut all of her hair off to kill her!”

The Ghastly Spider Lady’s body was healing rapidly at a speed that could be seen with the naked eye as soon as the voice transmission was heard.

Her head turned 180 degrees directly, and her black eyes on her pale face glared deadly at the Ninetails Lynx. Her long hair began dancing like snakes.

“Die!” A devastating shriek came from the Ghastly Spider Lady’s throat.

Clearly, she was extremely furious that she was attacked. She had gone into a frenzy, not caring whether the opponent was on mythical-level at all.

At the same time that she shrieked, her long hair swept towards the Ninetails Lynx like an ocean wave.

Her black, long hair turned into bunches of black threads and swept through heaven and earth. It was like flood flus.h.i.+ng out of a broken dam.

Nonetheless, the Ninetails Lynx was fearless, its eyes turned a little red as it charged like a white streak again.

Not only did the white streak not run away, but it also entered the flood formed by the black strands of hair.

The white streak was sparkling mid-air. At the same time, sharp air blades formed from the white streak attacked the hair again and again.

The bunches of black hair was like hair being cut whereby they broke off easily wherever the scimitar-like sharp blade pa.s.sed by.

None of the hairs managed to touch the white streak at all.

“Didn’t they say that the Ghastly Spider Lady’s hair is as powerful as a demiG.o.d relic?” Lin Huang began to suspect whether the information recorded in the monster guide was true. According to his observation, the Ghastly Spider Lady’s hair seemed to be no different from an ordinary human’s hair whereby it was easily snipped off.

“The information in the monster guide should be verified,” b.l.o.o.d.y voiced its speculation, “There should be two reasons why the hair can be cut so easily.”

“One is that the Ninetails Lynx is extremely powerful, and its attack contains the slicing of s.p.a.ce. The second reason is that the Ghastly Spider Lady’s hair’s attribute isn’t the highest defense mode at the moment, but is her most powerful attack mode.”

In the short couple seconds of battling, the Ghastly Spider Lady who had a third of her hair gone realized that her opponent was much more powerful than she imagined. She calmed down gradually.

“No, I’ll definitely lose if this goes on!”

She noticed that her opponent would cut a great amount of her hair easily whenever it mauled her with its claws. Although she had no idea how it did it, she knew that she would be defeated sooner or later, so she changed her strategy immediately.

Her black hair scattered all of a sudden and turned into thin threads. They swept towards the Ninetails Lynx from all directions.

In the blink of an eye, the Ninetails Lynx seemed to have fallen into a trap whereby it was covered completely by countless strands of hair. Furthermore, its s.p.a.ce was shrinking.

“Let’s see how you’re going to run!”

A sense of disdain flashed through the Ninetails Lynx’s eyes when it noticed that.

In the next second, it flashed away while the prison made of the long hair suddenly became empty.

The Ghastly Spider Lady jolted upon realizing that the Ninetails Lynx was gone.

Almost at the same time, the Ghastly Spider Lady’s head was left with a round and naked scalp. She looked similar to a middle-aged man who suffered from baldness.

Yes, she was bald.

However, no, she did not become more powerful. Instead, her aura was dropping rapidly.

The Ninetails Lynx’s attack almost made her lose two-thirds of her hair.

Lin Huang was not sure to laugh or cry when he witnessed that mid-air. The Ninetails Lynx had made its opponent bald! It was clear that the cat had done that on purpose.

Perhaps because she thought the top of her head was a little chilly, so the Ghastly Spider Lady could not help but touch her head. Her expression turned terrible when she found out that she was bald.

Her pallid face was even paler now. The expression on her face was gravely ferocious. Clearly, she was extremely mad.

“I’ll kill you! Kill you! Kill you!”

Anyone could not help but have gooseb.u.mps when the devastating shriek that reflected despair spread hundreds of kilometers away into the night.

The Ghastly Spider Lady fell into a complete frenzy later on. She lost her calm and ditched her strategy entirely. She consolidated her remaining hair into a long whip, even inserting Divine Power into it while las.h.i.+ng everything around her madly.

The Ninetails Lynx did not bother to fight her and dodged with sparkles continuously. It even had the time to grab Lin Huang and send him into the alternate dimension to prevent him from feeling the impact.

The Ghastly Spider Lady was even more enraged now that the Ninetails Lynx could still take care of others under its attack. She increased the frequency of her lashes.

However, apart from destroying everything within hundreds of kilometers, her attack did not even touch a hair on the Ninetails Lynx.

By going into a rage, the spider lady revealed all of her flaws to the Ninetails Lynx.

The flaws that kept spilling made the Ninetails Lynx a.s.sault her scalp over and over again.

When it attacked for the sixth time, it removed the very last strand of hair behind the Ghastly Spider Lady’s head.

By then, the Ghastly Spider Lady became completely bald. Her s.h.i.+ny scalp reflected the bright moonlight.

The Ghastly Spider Lady, whose hair was completely removed, looked like she had turned into a rock. She stood frozen where she was while her eyes lost spirit slowly and all signs of life were fading rapidly.

Xiao Hei’s notifications came one after another on Lin Huang’s side.

“Congratulations, you’ve obtained complete Ghastly Spider Lady Card (Legendary-level) x2!

“Congratulations, you’ve obtained demiG.o.d soul crystals (Pseudo-mythical-level) x2

“The system has detected a demiG.o.d soul and a G.o.dhead (broken). Would you like to retrieve them?”

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