Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 990 – The Imperial Monsters That Hatched

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Chapter 990: The Imperial Monsters that Hatched

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Lin Huang sensed clearly that the Herculean King’s aura was much more powerful than before. It was at least 100 times more powerful now.

The golden flames in the Herculean King’s eyes faded slowly when he saw Lin Huang.

He walked to Lin Huang before speaking, “Master, you must take care of yourself when we’re not around.”

“I will. Don’t worry. You guys just wait for me to elevate to imperial-level.” Lin Huang patted the Herculean King’s arm. “Your new style isn’t too shabby. You’re quite handsome!”

The Herculean King smirked when he heard the compliment. His body turned into orange pieces before he could say anything more as he converted into an orange card before Lin Huang quickly.

Lin Huang extended his hand and the card was drawn to his palm.

The card was completely orange with the Herculean King’s image on it. He was waving at Lin Huang in there.

Lin Huang smiled and flipped the card over to look at the details.

“Monster Card: Herculean King

“Rarity: Mythical-level

“Monster Name: Super Strength Battleape (Fire attribute)

“Type of Monster: Demon G.o.d-type (Pure Blood) / Ancient era Mighty Ape Tribe)

“Nickname: None

“Combat Level: Imperial-level Yellow Gold-rank

“Major: Martial Dao

“Major Skills: Superhuman Strength, Undefeatable Warrior, Unbending Will, Unrestrained Divinity…

“Minor Skills: Demon G.o.d Armor, Demon G.o.d s.h.i.+eld…

“Summon Authority: Denied (To be activated when you reach imperial level)

“Card Remarks: The second Monster Card that you can show off.

“Demon G.o.d-type…”

Seeing that description on the card, Lin Huang recalled the introduction of such a tribe in his memory of the great world. During the ancient era, the demon G.o.d and G.o.d’s blood were the two major tribes of almost of the same rank. They were glorious.

The reason they were fallen later on was mainly because the demon G.o.ds needed to maintain pure bloodline in each subgroup while most subgroups had low reproduction. Eventually, that caused the tribe members to drop and soon they were fallen.

Putting away the Herculean King’s card into his body, Lin Huang gave his undivided attention to practicing his sword skills. He waited for the remaining three golden eggs to hatch patiently.

In the next afternoon, the second golden egg hatched when the sun was glaring the hottest in the middle of the sky.

It was Charcoal that hatched from the golden egg this time.

Charcoal’s body shrunk to approximately 30 meters, but its appearance was at least a grade higher now.

The current Charcoal had s.h.i.+ny scales all over its body like a coat of piano sh.e.l.lac that reflected Lin Huang’s image clearly. The scales were like s.h.i.+ny black mirrors.

Not only had it shrunk, but its body was also slenderer now. It lost the clumsiness it had before and seemed rather elegant now.

Although it did not look as suppressive as before, Lin Huang clearly sensed that the aura the current version of Charcoal had was so powerful that it was terrifying.

Charcoal disappeared just when Lin Huang saw it hatch out of the sh.e.l.l. It then appeared before Lin Huang, rubbing its head against him. Lin Huang staggered from the slight scare.

He did not see the dragon’s trajectory of movement at all which shocked him a little. “His speed’s a few folds faster than Kylie before she elevated!”

He patted Charcoal’s head. “Your strength’s different from before now. Please behave.”

“Hehe, I’m more powerful now! Soon, I’ll be able to fight.” Charcoal grinned.

“It’s still far away from that. Stay in your sealed form patiently.” Charcoal’s body began to turn into a card as soon as Lin Huang was done speaking.

Lin Huang flipped the card in his hand directly to look at the detailed information on the back.

“Monster Card: Charcoal

“Rarity: Mythical-level

“Monster Name: Demon Flame Dragon (Fire attribute)

“Type of Monster: Dragonkin (Pure Blood) / Ancient Era Demon Dragon Tribe)

“Nickname: Flame Lord

“Combat Level: Imperial-level Yellow Gold-rank

“Major: True Dragon Dao

“Major Skills: Evil Flame, Dragon Power, Dragon Breath, Draconic secret skill, Dragon Realm, Dragon Flame…

“Minor Skills: Elemental Immunity, Divine Regeneration, Physical Reflection…

“Summon Authority: Denied (To be activated when you reach imperial level)

“Card Remarks: Trainable!”

Lin Huang proceeded with his sword practice after putting Charcoal’s card away.

On the morning of the 11th day, Lin Huang heard the cracking of an eggsh.e.l.l when he had just washed up and was having a snack.

He looked up and saw a crack that was so subtle that it was almost invisible to the naked eye on the giant golden egg which was so colossal that it was touching the sky. Since he had experienced the same thing twice, Lin Huang proceeded to munch on the dried meat in his hand while waiting for Tyrant to break out of the egg patiently.

Almost 20 minutes had pa.s.sed when he finished his breakfast in leisure. By then, Tyrant finally hatched from the egg.

Tyrant’s height that was over 30,000 meters tall was shrinking rapidly. He only stepped out and appeared before Lin Huang when he shriveled to approximately two meters tall.


Lin Huang began taking a closer look at Tyrant that looked almost similar to a human now.

He was over two meters tall with huge muscles bulging all over his body while his skin was its usual bronze color. He had blonde hair now while his pupils were black. The beard on his face was cleanly shaven. He looked like a handsome hunk who was 25 years old at the most.

The once-dark gold armor that was attached to his body was pitch-black and it flaunted his body even more now.

Lin Huang sensed the explosive power coming inside of Tyrant’s body unquestionably. Although he was only two meters tall, his real flesh was tens of thousands of meters tall. His power was condensed in each cell of his body.

“Not bad! You’re much more powerful now.”

Tyrant smirked while scratching the back of his head, feeling bashful.

“I’m sorry that I’ll have to seal you guys for a while. I’ll release all of you as soon as I’ve elevated to imperial level.” Lin Huang patted Tyrant’s shoulder.

Tyrant’s body soon began to fade and turned into a card.

Lin Huang looked at the back of the card in his hand right away.

“Monster Card: Tyrant

“Rarity: Mythical-level

“Monster Name: Genie Combat G.o.d

“Type of Monster: Archaic-type (Pure Blood) / Celestial Giant Tribe

“Nickname: Combat G.o.d

“Combat Level: Imperial-level Yellow Gold-rank

“Major: Combat G.o.d Dao, Martial Dao

“Major Skills: Combat G.o.d Technique, Combat G.o.d Power, Combat G.o.d Rage, Combat G.o.d Ax…

“Minor Skills: Divine Regeneration, Physical Immunity…

“Summon Authority: Denied (To be activated when you reach imperial level)

“Card Remarks: Trainable!”

Lin Huang put the card back into his body after reading Tyrant’s card description. He turned his head and looked at the last golden egg far away for a while before glancing away.

“Bai won’t complete his elevation so soon. The materials he digested were a few times more than the standard amount so it will delay the digesting time,” b.l.o.o.d.y explained while smiling upon noticing Lin Huang’s behavior.

“I know.” Lin Huang nodded.

He said nothing more. In reality, he was rather worried that Bai would elevate abnormally. The reason being was that he had asked Xiao Hei a couple of days ago if there would be any side effects if Bai used too many integrated materials. Xiao Hei said that the material amount recommended by the system was the best suggestion. Too much or too few might cause the elevation to fail.

Time pa.s.sed by and another week pa.s.sed. It was the 18th day since Lin Huang entered the Abyss Brink.

Early in the morning, he finally heard a soft crack.

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