Mrs. Huo Is A Crybaby Chapter 817 – Gege Is A Repeat Offender

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Chapter 817: Gege Is A Repeat Offender

Translator: Yunyi

He knew that the two children were afraid of him, but he still liked to tease them.

And he always teased them until they cried.

“Second brother, it was you, wasn’t it?”

Yi Ting took Tong Tong from Song Yaoyao’s arms with a cold expression.

Tong Tong was crying and sobbing. Her chubby hand was still pointing at Huo Yunque, letting her father know who the culprit was.

Yi Ting expressed his helplessness.

Daughter, your father can’t beat this man, and I can’t beat him in business.

You just have to endure it. In the future, you will bully his son and take revenge.

Huo Yunque shrugged.

Song Yaoyao rubbed her nose. She was too embarra.s.sed to say that he was bullying a child. It would be shameless if she told others.

But why did Yi Ting make it sound like her Gege was a repeat offender?

“Xiao Ye, where did you run off to? Your mother was worried sick, do you know that?” Song Yaoyao said as she touched Xiao Ye’s face.

Xiao Ye pulled a long face and turned his face away from Song Yaoyao.

Lin Shuang frowned. “Xiao Ye…”

“It’s okay.”

Song Yaoyao squatted down and placed her hands on Xiao Ye’s shoulders. She asked patiently, “Does Xiao Ye not like coming here? But this has nothing to do with your mother. Why are you angry with your mother?”

The girl’s voice was exceptionally gentle, making Lin Shuang want to cry.

She quickly raised her head and swallowed the little bit of sourness.

Xiao Ye matured earlier than Tong Tong, and he wasn’t as heartless as her. In fact, he had a lot of things hidden in his heart at such a young age.

Otherwise, he would not have said what he said.

But no matter how mature he was, he was still a child.

Especially when he heard his favorite sister’s gentle voice, his eyes reddened slightly. He said coldly, “I hate Great Grandmother! I hate this place!”

“Uh huh, what else?”

Yi Ting patted Lin Shuang’s back with heartache. “We won’t come here anymore, okay?”

“She always scolds Mommy! That’s why I don’t like her.”

At this point, everyone understood what he meant.

Song Yaoyao glanced at Yi Ting but did not say anything.

This was their family matter, so it was naturally up to them to settle it. Although she felt sorry for Lin Shuang, as an outsider, it was not appropriate for her to interrupt.

Smooth sailing only happened in fairytales. Real life was filled with obstacles.

Xiao Ye hugged Song Yaoyao’s neck, unable to hold back his tears.

Huo Yunque pinched the s.p.a.ce between his brows. No matter how he looked at this little brat, he did not like him.


Seeing that he was so pitiful, he let him lean on her for a bit.

Song Yaoyao and Huo Yunque did not arrive early so it didn’t take long before the banquet began.

Old Madam Yi rested for a while. She had clearly recovered.

She had a smile on her face, and beside her was the weak girl from before. In the hall, other than the guests who had come to celebrate the birthday, there were also the descendants of the Yi Family.

From old men with gray hair to babies who were still in their infancy.

Five generations were present in the same house.

They had suffered so much when they were young, but even now, they were still living under her wrath.

As long as she was still alive…

Old Madam Yi smiled proudly. When her gaze swept past Lin Shuang, she could not help but show disdain. But soon, when she saw Yi Ting, her smile became gentle.

“Yi Ting, come to Grandma.”

She looked at Yi Ting’s figure with antic.i.p.ation.

This was her proudest grandson, the most promising one among the younger generation.

“I’m sorry, Grandma. Xiao Ye and Tong Tong are scared. I have to stay with them.”


In front of the entire hall of guests, Old Madam Yi’s cheeks puffed up.. She nodded with a smile and asked with concern, “That’s only right. Is everything okay?”

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