Mrs. Huo Is A Crybaby Chapter 819 – What Do You Want To Talk About? You?

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Chapter 819: What Do You Want To Talk About? You?

Translator: Yunyi

Tang Xinrou sat down unwillingly, her eyes red with anger.

She gnashed her teeth. “If An Feiran dares to rekindle his old feelings for Song Jingwan, I’ll castrate him!”

Even if she didn’t want him, she couldn’t let that faker get away with it!

“You can’t just look at the surface of everything.” Song Yaoyao propped up her chin and raised her eyebrows. “Occasionally, you have to learn to look through the surface to see the problem.”

“What problem?”

Tang Xinrou felt wronged. “I’ve looked from side to side, up and down! All I see is An Feiran, that stinky man, having a good conversation with that faker! Don’t I look good? He didn’t even look for me tonight!”

“How dare he brush me aside! We need to have a proper talk.”

Song Yaoyao gently knocked on her forehead. “Be more patient. Before you have any evidence, don’t be blinded by anything. Otherwise, you might regret it for the rest of your life.”

How many couples ended up becoming enemies because of a misunderstanding when they were clearly in love before?

Tang Xinrou was already used to listening to Song Yaoyao, so she sat down beside her and stared in An Feiran’s direction.

“What do you think they’re talking about?” Song Yaoyao smiled. “About you.”


Tang Xinrou was shocked. She then pursed her lips. “You’re not lying to me, are you?”

Talking about her with another girl? Was he sick?

Song Yaoyao said helplessly, “Look at the shape of his mouth.”

As they were talking, An Feiran seemed to have noticed that someone was looking at him. He turned around and saw Tang Xinrou.

In that instant, his polite smile was instantly covered by gentleness, and his eyes were filled with starlight.

Tang Xinrou’s heart skipped a beat, and her face started to heat up.

She nervously held Song Yaoyao’s hand. “Yaoyao, are you… are you serious? Was he really talking about me just now?”

“Why do you have to guess it yourself?

Song Yaoyao held her chin and looked at the man who was surrounded by the crowd, talking and laughing cheerfully. She smiled softly. “Can’t you just take the initiative to ask?”

So many women liked her Gege. Did that mean Huo Yunque was having an affair with them even though Song Yaoyao couldn’t help but feel jealous?

Tang Xinrou did not seem to understand. “How could I do that…”

As she spoke, An Feiran had already walked to Tang Xinrou’s side and extended his hand towards her.

“Tang Tang, I’ll bring you to meet someone.”


Tang Xinrou instantly turned cold and stared at him with resistance. “It can’t be Song Jingwan, right? I don’t want to!”

Song Yaoyao facepalmed.

This woman was hopeless.

Perhaps G.o.d had placed all his skill points on her looks when he created her and had forgotten to give her a brain.

An Feiran was also very surprised. He and Song Yaoyao looked at each other. It was funny. “Why would you think it’s Song Jingwan? What do we have to do with her?”

“I can’t believe you’re asking that!” Tang Xinrou could not hide her grievance, but she raised her head high with an arrogant expression. “Tell me, what were you talking about just now? She even touched you! How annoying!”


An Feiran could not help but laugh. His amber eyes were like honey, especially warm as it moved under the light.

“She came to talk to me, but she was asking me about my relations.h.i.+p with the chairman of An Corporation.”

Tang Xinrou squinted. “What did you say?” “Of course, I told her the truth.” An Feiran was very curious. “Is my father very shameful?”

“Fool, he’s obviously too attention-grabbing!” People like Song Jingwan wouldn’t do anything if it didn’t benefit her. She used to look down on An Feiran, but now she took the initiative to talk to him. Could it be that she suddenly changed her mind and discovered his strengths?


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