Ms. Doctor Divine Chapter 761 – Busy With

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Chapter 761: Busy With

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So judging from what this young girl was saying, she was not going to do

anything according to their suggestion? And she sounded very confident that

she was able to cure dying people

Doctor w.a.n.g suddenly became very furious.

He had received a lot of respect from doctors in the capital, but this young girl

dared to counter him so boldly leaving him totally humiliated.

Very well. Very well.

Doctor w.a.n.g looked at Gu Chaoyan. “So you mean that you are able to cure

dying people?

“of course.” Gu Chaoyan answered peacefully.

Doctor w.a.n.g nodded. He did not continue to argue with Gu Chaoyan, but

turned to the other doctors as he said confidently, “Since she thinks that we are

causing her trouble, then we will wait and see if she is able to cure dying

people. If she fails, then we will have to do something about her!”

The other doctors had a discussion among themselves, then they nodded at

what Doctor w.a.n.g said. They believed that it was a good idea.

Those visiting doctors could just send their patients who they were not able to

cure to the Xinlin Clinic.

When that moment came, it would be more than about arguments.

Doctor w.a.n.g went away with the gang and silence dominated the Xinlin Clinic


As Xiu Jie saw these people going away, he asked worriedly, “What are we going

to do, Elder Miss?

“No worries.” Gu Chaoyan answered briefly. She did not attach much

importance to these people at all, but Xiu Jie was still very worried.

He did not think that Doctor w.a.n.g was a man with integrity. He was a doctor

with a terrible look in his eyes and he might use some filthy tricks to win the


Sword One patted Xiu Jie’s shoulders seeing his worried look. “Aren’t you

confident in Elder Miss’ medical skills?

Xiu Jie nodded.

Well He did not have to worry about anything. Elder Miss was a very capable


Gu Chaoyan glanced at the clinic, then she nodded in satisfaction.

Xiu jie looked like a tough man, but he was very careful in his tasks.

The Xinlin Clinic wasn’t very large in size, but Xiu Jie had very carefully

decorated it. They were not specialized in selling medicine, so the Xinlin Clinic

looked a bit concise inside, but the Xinlin Clinic set up shelves in the clinic,

where some medical books were placed neatly.

That must have been prepared by Xiu Jie for her, when he noticed that she

loved reading books.

After the examination, Gu Chaoyan had intended to take a walk around when

someone came to the clinic.

Gu Chaoyan was very surprised to see the visitor, who turned out to be

Madame w.a.n.g!

A look of delight and surprise appeared on her face.

Madame w.a.n.g’s grandson was the first person she cured, and she had taken

good care of her, but Madame w.a.n.g barely went outdoors, so they almost

never ran into each other. Unexpectedly, she was at the clinic now.

“Madame w.a.n.g” Gu Chaoyan went up to greet her politely.

Madame w.a.n.g was in a good mood. “Theard that you opened a clinic, so I am

here to check up on you. You are selling medical pills, right? Officer w.a.n.g has

been very busy these days, and he barely has time to take a break, so I would

like to buy some medical pills for him to be healthy. I am very a.s.sured about

your medical skills, so I am very a.s.sured about your medical pills too.”

Gu Chaoyan was very surprised. Nothing special was going on in the court. So,

what kept Officer w.a.n.g so busy?

“What is Officer w.a.n.g busy with? Gu Chaoyan asked subconsciously..

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