My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker! Chapter 1719 – Preparations

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Chapter 1719: Preparations

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Young Sir Ding instantly became aggrieved and asked Qiao Mu pitifully, “You know what I wanted to say?”

“You want to help me cheat and give me a thousand points.” Qiao Mu glared at Ding Yun gruffly.

Did this guy have a pig brain?

If they could cheat, would she still be here talking nonsense with them?

Did she need him to offer this bit of points as a favor? She would have long put a knife to his neck and forced him to give her the points. Humph!

Just now, Senior Brother Lu had warned them not to be tricked by the mentors’ absence. Who knew whether or not they were hiding in those crowded audience seats to watch their battles and calculate their points.

If they dared to cheat, ha ha. Those mentors would definitely reduce all their credits to zero!

They would have to continue battling in this underground battle arena

So depressing!

Qiao Mu sighed and then turned to the lady in charge of the sign-up process. “Sign us up.”

Compared to the frustration Qiao Mu and her group felt, Ma Ta felt even more frustrated!

He really wanted to tell Qiaogiao earlier to include him in her team. After all, this battle arena’s team compet.i.tion allowed teams to have five people!


Ha ha!

Senior Brother Lu and them were staring at him as if saying, should he dare speak such irresponsible words, they would kill him on the spot and bury him in a hole somewhere!

Sigh, he had no choice but to submit to this despotic power.

But as a teammate, even though he was present in Senior Brother Lu’s team, his heart was in Qiao Mu and Duanmu Qing’s team!

Hua Tao patted Ma Ta’s shoulder and gave him a sinister smile. “Little Ta, don’t you get crooked ideas. You have to know that the mentors wrote in their letter that each group must have more than 1000 points on average and rank in the top 50.”

“This goes to show that the mentors had originally intended for us to separate into groups. Ha ha, if you dare let our four-person group become a three-person one, do you think that the mentors wouldn’t dare cancel our scores at that time?”

Ma Ta gave a shudder. The mentors would certainly dare cancel.

Afterwards, the ladies at the sign-up desk took out a simple contract for them to sign.

The contract was not complicated. It was a life-and-death contract stating that the signer was taking part in this tournament of their own volition. Their life or death had nothing to do with Qianluo Underground Battle Arena.

This was to cast off any relations to the underground battle arena.

After all, the compet.i.tors that were going to die in this battle arena tournament were definitely not just going to be just one or two.

The battle arena made arrangements beforehand in case the family members of compet.i.tors who died came to make trouble.

Qiao Mu and them camly signed the life-and-death contract. Afterwards, they were led to the standby area.

Besides the people who were battling in the arena, the other compet.i.tors were resting in designated areas.

The compet.i.tors’ area could accommodate about a thousand people. When Qiao Mu and them went over, there were already many fully armed people sitting there.

Qiao Mu’s party of eight immediately attracted many people’s attention when they walked into the compet.i.tors’ area under Ding Yun’ss lead.

‘When they saw that the leader was a little cold beauty around 14 or 15 years old, they were surprised. Afterwards, two ruffians started jeering, “Yo, even a little la.s.s still wet behind the ears dares to come challenge our battle arena? Tut tut, look at these slim limbs and waist. Tut tut, they’re not even as

thick as my thigh.”

Instantly, Qiao Mu’s icy gaze shot like daggers toward that burly man who was jeering at her.

She then raised her arm, and something similar to a washboard appeared in her hand

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