My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker! Chapter 1722 – Qiaogiao’s Colossal Investment

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Chapter 1722: Qiaogiao’s Colossal Investment

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She had plenty of manors and shops and the like on Sikong Planet!

None of these items of the secular world were as useful as her Paradise Planet.

Qiaogiao’s disdainful look instantly made Young Sir Ding glum.

“Qiaogiao, what should we do when we battle later on?” Those mentors had screwed all of them over.

They were clearly targeting Qiaogiao by saying no poison or talismans or divine weapons or sacred beasts!

Shees.h.!.+ They freakin’ couldn’t even use these and had to fight by relying on their inherent abilities, but other people wouldn’t stupidly adhere to the principle of fairness. Their opponents would naturally summon their mystic beasts for the battle.

At that time, they were certainly going to face a team with four people plus four beasts. If they were even more unlucky, it could be five people plus five beasts.

“Ah, Qiaogiao, your mentors are so unreasonable!” Young Sir Ding quickly cut in, “What are you staying at such an academy for? Qiaogiao, let me recommend you to a good academy.”

Qiao Mu waved her pet.i.te hand and declared expressionlessly, “What the heck is there to be scared of!”

Everyone: “..”

“Take out the letter.” Qiao Mu poked Qi Xuanxuan.

They had drunk this tea before and naturally knew its effects. That was definitely a spiritual tea that injected them with chicken blood and made them alive and kicking again!

This time, Qiao Mu had put in a colossal investment!

She had prepared ten servings of tea each for the eight of them, using up 240 grams of her precious 1500 grams of spiritual tea in one go. Her heart was simply aching to death.

“Drink sparingly! There’s no more after you use it up.” Qiao Mu reminded them not to freakin’ waste it.

This was even more expensive than spirit stones. Wasting even a mouthful was a crime

Besides Hua Tao and the other two who were not in the know, the other four people nodded solemnly to indicate that they understood.

Qi Xuanxuan turned to give Hua Tao and them a kind reminder. “Drink this tea only when you are in battle. Don’t taste it out of curiosity since every drop is precious. You’ll definitely regret it later on.”

The three of them got piqued even more by the tea in the waterskin from Qi Xuanxuan’s words.

Ding Yun was also curious and blinked his black eyes while asking, “Qiaogiao, what kind of tea is that.”

Yet Qiao Mu merely gave a grunt and turned her head aside pridefully.

But three seconds later, she turned her head back to him..

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