My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker! Chapter 1723 – Simply Couldn’t Watch

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Chapter 1723: Simply Couldn’t Watch

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“Hey! What if someone just so happens to advance a level during battle?”

“Hm, advancing a level! Then that really is too incredible.” Young Sir Ding said with a smile, “But since it is a compet.i.tion, you of course have to continue competing to decide the outcome.”

So? The person advancing was out of luck and deserved to get attacked by their opponent!

If there weren’t any protective measures, the person who finally was able to advance a level might get ganged up on or even worse, get interrupted and experience vital energy deviation.

Wasn’t the danger too great!

Young Sir Ding blinked his eyes guilelessly. “Who would advance a level in the middle of a compet.i.tion? No matter what, there is a buffer period during level advancement.”

In other words, even if you felt like you were going to advance, you could hold it off until the end of the battle. Then you could go find a quiet place to advance!

“Not necessarily,” Qiao Mu grunted.

If you really were going to advance after drinking the spiritual tea, you simply couldn’t hold it off!

Just like with Qi Xuanxuan last time, didn’t she have to immediately sit down and meditate when she felt like she was about to advance?

“Qiaoqiao, if you’ve given all your defensive weapons to us, how about you?” Qi Xuanxuan asked worriedly.

“still have a lot.” Qiao Mu pulled out another seven to eight for them to see without caring about their contorted expressions.


Previously, Senior Giant Ape had given her a heap of “trash” as tribute. Ah, that wasn’t right. It was “trash” that Senior Xuanji had swindled out of ten or so generations of disciples. There were more than a hundred if they were just talking about defensive rings. There were truly too many and she had no

use for them.

Even though she disdained her own eggsh.e.l.l defensive weapon, it really couldn’t be denied that the defensive ring Mo Lian forged was of much higher rank than these “tras.h.!.+”

Her trash-collecting teammates silently put away these defensive rings and calmly placed the waterskins into their inner worlds. Afterwards, they sat down around Qiao Mu.

Duanmu Qing, Qi Xuanxuan, and the little fatty naturally sat beside Qiao Mu.

Ma Ta looked at them pitifully like an abandoned puppy and unwillingly sat down with his teammates in the row behind Qiao Mu and her group.

The two groups started discussing how to coordinate their attacks when battling later.

Young Sir Ding said with a smile, “When it is your turn later, the stone crystal display will show your names.”

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