My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker! Chapter 1726 – Looking at One’s Luck…

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Chapter 1726: Looking at One’s Luck…

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Feng Chen eyed Crown Prince Mo silently. “You haven’t told me yet.”

Crown Prince Mo had said “you might not believe it even if I say it,” but that was it.

He was itching to find out what this brat had wanted to say!

Feng Chen felt like he had gotten tricked by the crown prince

Crown Prince Mo observed these seven doors calmly before creasing his brows. “I’m going to the first door.”

The carvings on these seven doors were each different. Looking at them closely, they looked like the patterns of different ferocious beasts.

The door that Mo Lian picked was engraved with a jade-eyed Cerberus. Just looking at it exuded the presence of an ancient ferocious beast.

Dao Wuji’s heart thumped uncontrollably when he looked at it. “Th-This? Can we not enter the same door together?”

Hearing this, the Little Despot looked at him with contempt. “Scared? Don’t attempt to clear the stage if you’re scared! You should be content to have scrounged three levels already!”

If that lad didn’t destroy the entire talisman matrix with sacred fire, would Dao Wuji have come out in less than 30 years?

If Dao Wuji could, then he, the Little Despot, would take his surname!

The words this kid spat out were too aggravating. Even though what he said was the truth, but did he, Dao Wuyi, not want his pride as the faction master of the Saber Faction?

The Little Despot cast an icy glance at Dao Wuji. “It’s your turn to choose.”

Dao Wuji shuddered, feeling an indescribable chill.

This guy examined the first door all the way to the last door but was still unable to make a decision.

By this time, Feng Chen had already picked the second door. A thunder hawk spewing lightning was engraved on the door.

“Have you chosen already?” The Little Despot’s childlike yet frosty voice rang out once again, and he shouted in irritation, “You’re acting like a sissy by being so wishy-washy. Hurry up and choose!”

The Little Despot’s shout made Dao Wuji hastily observe the doors from beginning to end again. He stood in front of the seventh door at last.

There was a large yellow striped cat engraved on the seventh door. From the looks of it, it looked rather tame.

Dao Wuji turned to look at the Little Despot’s impa.s.sive face and coughed lightly. “This, this one then.”

“Let me remind you. What you choose may not be the same as what the door indicates.”

Dao Wuji shrugged carelessly when he heard this. “Ha, don’t think I’ll get scared by what you say. It’s this one.”

You kid have to go train for a few more years to trick this old man.

The Little Despot simply glanced at him and stated nonchalantly, “You all have probably guessed that each door corresponds to a beast. It could be a mystic beast, a spiritual beast, or even a divine beast or a sacred beast! That is all dependent on your own luck.”

If they encountered a mystic beast or a spiritual beast, then it was naturally a piece of cake to crush them in moments.

If they were so unlucky as to encounter a divine beast ha ha, or perhaps even a high-leveled divine beast, then it’d be a long fight!

As for a sacred beast, it was another question altogether whether you could walk out this door.

Even someone in the venerable immortal realm would not necessarily be able to defeat a sacred beast in the adolescent stage. It was evident that if you were unlucky and pushed open the door to a sacred beast, then you could only, ha ha ha, die with a grievance

Dao Wuji instantly switched a door, picking the one engraved with a plant.

Compared to animal-type beasts, plant types would definitely be easier to deal with.

There was a large, gorgeous morning glory engraved on this door. Its large, gaping mouth looked rather unfriendly, but.

What kind of danger had he, Dao Wuji, not witnessed before? Could he be scared of it? Humph!

Dao Wuji absolutely did not believe that he would be the unluckiest one out of the three!

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