My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker! Chapter 1728 – This Thing Called Luck

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Chapter 1728: This Thing Called Luck

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No kidding? Wasn’t this large yellow striped cat the opponent Dao Wuji wanted?

How come it appeared behind his door.

Feng Chen circled around this large yellow striped cat and once again confirmed that it didn’t have much attack power. It was simply a high-leveled mystic beast.

Even though this cowardly mystic beast could be considered a ferocious beast in the outside world, crus.h.i.+ng this beast was as easy as blowing off dust for him.

Feng Chen walked up and lifted his arm.

‘That large cat knew its place and lay down along the wall, waving its paw at him in goodwill.

Meanwhile, it was even stranger on Mo Lian’s end. He didn’t discover any trace of a mystic beast even after making a circle around the room.

‘When he thought of what the Little Despot had said earlier, Crown Prince Mo’s expression turned a bit peculiar.

It looked like he was the lucky dog who picked an empty door!

Was this called heaven-detying luck? Dao Wuji wouldn’t believe it if he heard it!

On the other hand, Dao Wuji was currently embroiled in a bitter battle with the giant morning glory.

If he was to find out right now that Mo Lian had entered an empty door while Feng Chen was bullying a weak mystic beast, he would most likely cough up blood out of vexation.

It really drives one mad comparing people’s luck. At this time, Dao Wuji could only leap up and dish out his bag of tricks to counter this morning glory flower.

Right now, he was only hoping that this giant morning glory that could spit poison didn’t have that much more poison stored up inside.

Know when to stop!

‘When Crown Prince Mo pushed open the door to come out, he just so happened to see Feng Chen walking out with a yellow striped kitty.

That kitty nestled docilely against his leg with an expression that said “I’m very obedient and well-behaved.” Mo Lian couldn’t help but be surprised.

Could it be that Feng Chen had encountered this kitty with no combat ability behind this door?

What else could this kitty do besides being a pet?

Could you rely on it to bite or tear someone apart? A single kick was probably all that was needed to boot this wimpy cat far away.

For Mo Lian and Feng Chen, the test behind these two doors was basically in name only.

The two people only noticed after a while that Dao Wuji still hadn’t come out.

Each closed door created a soundproof s.p.a.ce, so Mo Lian and Feng Chen naturally couldn’t hear the fool shouting and yelling for help inside.

The two silently exchanged gazes after seeing that Dao Wuji still hadn’t come out.

“Boss, how about we first head to the highest level?” The Luo Brothers huddled over to inquire.

h.e.l.l knows how long this Dao Wuji was going to take.

Since he wasn’t able to come out from the room by now, he was definitely being held up by some enormous spiritual beast or divine beast.

It was a question whether he could even make it out alive.

Inany case, Boss couldn’t just keep waiting without end because the guy hadn’t come out yet!

This guy had even revised his selection three times in all seriousness at the beginning.

The result was…

Mo Lian nodded indifferently.

He had only interacted with Dao Wuji for several days. There wasn’t any deep bond to talk of between them.

He indeed didn’t have many thoughts about throwing him behind on the 16th level.

Everybody cheerfully abandoned Dao Wuji, who was entangled with fighting the giant morning glory, as they set foot onto the pa.s.sageway to the 17th level.

Several roots had wrapped around a bundle of the pitiable Dao Wuji’s hair, and he was struggling to extricate himself. However, he saw the petals on that giant morning glory blossom, shooting its green poison at him..

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