My Hidden Wife is Sweet Chapter 1374 – Not Weiwei and the Children

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Chapter 1374: Not Weiwei and the Children

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“Kuroda s.h.i.+

Hearing the name, Gu Weiwei looked at Fu Hanzheng and Fu s.h.i.+gin in astonishment. “What is Kuroda s.h.i.+o doing in Hua Land?”

Kuroda s.h.i.+o was Gu Siting’s most trusted aide. If he was in the capital of Hua Land, either Gu Siting was here or he had been ordered by Gu Siting.

They must have come to Hua Land for the Fu Family.

Fu s.h.i.+gin slapped his forehead and realized that he had done something wrong.

His brother had repeatedly told him that his sister-in-law was not to know about this matter. He had been so agitated when he received the call that he had come straight over to tell him about it, totally forgetting that he was hiding this matter from his sister-in-law.

Fu Hanzheng threw a cold look at him and said after feeding his daughter water, “Not sure yet, but we should find out soon.”

“Did he come alone or with Gu Siting?” Gu Weiwei asked worriedly.

After she ran into him in Paris last time, she felt uneasy.

When Yuan Meng left, she kept reminding her to be careful. But now Kuroda s.h.i.+o had come to the capital of Hua Land, which made her nervous.

“Well…” Fu s.h.i.+gin glanced at his brother discreetly, wondering if he should continue.

Fu Hanzheng gave his daughter to the nurse and said calmly, “He came alone, don’t worry, we can deal with it.”

Gu Weiwei pursed her lips and did not ask anything more.

“Then… go ahead.”

With such news, they would definitely investigate the purpose of Kuroda s.h.i.+o’s visit to Hua Land.

“You and the children should rest early,” Fu Hanzheng said to her and asked Fu s.h.i.+gin to go to the study.

‘The moment he entered the study, Fu s.h.i.+gin admitted his mistake instantly.

“Brother, I am sorry, I forgot about it…”

“Where did he appear? Where is he now? Any news?” Fu Hanzheng asked what he needed to focus on.

The most important thing now was to figure out why Kuroda s.h.i.+o was here.

Fu s.h.i.+gin sighed helplessly. “We only found out that he appeared in Hua Land a few days ago, but we don’t know where he is. This man is very secretive.”

If Gu Siting had come with him, their men would have noticed it.

But only Kuroda s.h.i.+o had come discreetly, so they did not notice it.

“Search for the reason again.”

With one hand against his forehead, Fu Hanzheng was thinking about Gu Siting’s purpose of sending Kuroda s.h.i.+o to Hua Land.

“Lei Meng said that the other party used a fake ident.i.ty and the place where he lives changes every day, so it is very difficult to find him,” Fu s.h.i.+gin said.

Fu Hanzheng pursed his lips. “The more mysterious it is, the more it means that they are carrying out a secret plan.”

Also, it was most likely related to the Fu Family.

Fu s.h.i.+gin got very nervous because of his brother’s att.i.tude. “He seems to be here alone, so he shouldn’t cause any trouble.”

His brother was most concerned about his sister-in-law and the two children, but they usually stayed in this villa and did not go out. Lei Ning and a group of bodyguards were responsible for their safety.

If Gu Siting only sent Kuroda s.h.i.+o, he would not have been able to approach sister-in-law and the two children.

“His first goal is not her and the children, but me,” Fu Hanzheng said.

It was too risky to kidnap her like this. If he were Gu Siting, he would find a way to get rid of him, so that he could bring Weiwei back from Hua Land..

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