My Hidden Wife is Sweet Chapter 1375 – Thank You for Understanding Me

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Chapter 1375: Thank You for Understanding Me

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“It’s you?” Fu s.h.i.+qin scratched his head and mumbled, “Didn’t you say that he might attack the children first? Why are you saying that he wants to deal with you first?”

What was his brother talking about?

“If he doesn’t have the chance to do anything to Weiwei and the child, he will create chaos for me instead, so that I won’t have time to help her and the child.” Fu Hanzheng guessed with a serious face.

Before he met Weiwei, he had never been worried about the grudge between the Fu Family and the Gu Family.

But after meeting Weiwei and having children, he had a weakness and he was afraid that they would be implicated and injured, so now he had many worries.

“Lwill keep an eye out for sister-in-law and the children.” Fu s.h.i.+qin promised seriously.

‘When Gu Siting faked his sister-in-law’s death and kidnapped her to the Gu Family, his brother was extremely frightened.

His brother, who seemed to have lost his soul at that moment, did not want to see it happen again.

“Try everything you can to find out who Kuroda s.h.i.+o met in Hua Land.” Fu Hanzheng looked very serious.

Now that Will Dorrans had lost his position, the Anderson Family would definitely become Cayman Dorrans’ next target. Gu Siting could not shake the Fu Family with just the Gu Family, so he would definitely find more helpers.

Kuroda s.h.i.+o must have found help in Hua Land.

But they still did not know who they were looking for.

“Got it, I will dig him out even if I have to dig three feet deep.” Fu s.h.i.+qin promised.

Fu Hanzheng was still worried. Since the Gu Family were looking for someone to work with and they were so secretive, they must be on guard against the Fu Family.

Therefore, it would not be easy to find Kuroda s.h.i.+o.

“Well… if there is nothing else, you should go back and keep sister-in-law and the children company.” Fu s.h.i.+qin reminded him. Seeing his sister-in-law’s expression, it was clear that she had started to worry too.

Fu Hanzheng nodded, told Fu s.h.i.+yi about the preparations for the two meetings and left the study for the master bedroom.

Gu Weiwei had just finished bathing the two children, when Fu Hanzheng took over the task of getting the children dressed and asked her to sit down and rest.

Sitting next to them, Gu Weiwei sized up the man who was carefully putting on clothes for the two children.

“Is Kuroda s.h.i.+o a problem?”

Although he said that he could deal with it.

But judging from his serious expression, she still felt that it was not going well.

“No he’s not, we have found his whereabouts.” Fu Hanzheng sounded relaxed.

Gu Weiwei pursed her lips. She wanted to help but knew that if she was involved, he would be even more worried.

‘Therefore, she did not ask to help him but said, “Don’t worry, I will take good care of myself and the children, you can deal with Kuroda s.h.i.+o.”

He did not want her to get too involved in the grudge between the Fu Family and the Gu Family, so what she could do was to take good care of herself and the children, so that he would not have to worry about anything.

Fu Hanzheng helped the children to get dressed and kissed them on their cheeks. Then he caressed Weiwei’s narrow face and kissed her soft lips.

“Weiwei, thank you for understanding me.”

He was still thinking about how to tell her not to worry.

But before he could persuade her, she had already said those words.

Instead of asking anything more, she said that she would take good care of his children, so that he would not have to worry about anything.

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