My Hidden Wife is Sweet Chapter 1377 – Marriage

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Chapter 1377: Marriage

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Gu Weiwei had expected that they would ask this question sooner or later.

But if she was holding a birthday banquet for the children at the Fu Family, she and Fu Hanzheng would not be able to get married yet, and she and the children would be in an awkward position.

“Well… let me think about it.”

“We know that the Fu Family owes you and your children a lot this past year.” Old Lady sighed and said straightforwardly, “I have told Hanzheng clearly that even if you remarry now, I will not say a word.”

They had just found out about everything and got so emotional that they forced them to divorce.

It had been more than a year since she saw Hanzheng change into someone else. When she heard about the arrival of the two children, she regretted her decision.

She was already at this age and she did not know how long she could live for. All she wanted was for her children and grandchildren to be safe and happy.

Therefore, there was nothing to stop them.

“Thope that the children can live in peace and grow up happily. I don’t want them to be paid too much attention to.” Gu Weiwei told him what she thought.

If the Fu Family held a birthday banquet for the children, they would definitely announce their existence to the public.

In the future, the two children would become the grandchildren of the Fu Family and they would be either flattered or hurt.

With Gu Siting’s ruthlessness, he would never tolerate a child with the Fu Family’s bloodline.

Gu Weiwei smiled bitterly. “You already know why I am like this, why ask?”

She and the Gu Family could not go back the moment she died in St. Paul Hospital.

Seeing her bitter smile, Old Lady patted her shoulders anxiously.

“You have suffered all these years…”

She had died in the Gu Family, so she became Mu Weiwei and came to the Fu Family.

But the Fu Family could not tolerate her and forced her to leave Hanzheng.

She was just a young girl and she had been through the worst pain in the world.

If she intended to go back to the Gu Family, she would have gone back when she first became Mu Weiwei.

Even if she had not gone home at that time, she would have gone home after the divorce with Hanzheng.

She had no intention of returning to the Gu Family, so even after she divorced Hanzheng, she did not return or look for the Gu Family. She did not even look for her father, Cayman Dorrans..

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