My Hidden Wife is Sweet Chapter 1378 – Marriage 2

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Chapter 1378: Marriage 2

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Gu Weiwei shook her head in silence. If Fu Hanzheng had not appeared, she might have hated the cruel and unfair destiny even more.

But because of his appearance, she did not feel wronged at all.

She thought that it was a torment she had to go through just to be by his side.

It was because she had fallen into the dust that she realized how precious this warmth was.

Seeing their distressed expressions, Mrs. Fu tried to persuade them with a gentle voice.

“It is all in the past, why are you bringing it up? If you don’t want to hold a grand celebration for the children’s birthday, we can just hold a banquet at the Fu Family and not invite any guests.”

One of the reasons why she said that she did not want the children to be noticed was because she and Hanzheng had not remarried and neither she nor the children had a proper status.

“It is still early, let me think about it.” Gu Weiwei did not agree instantly.

Mrs. Fu and the Old Lady stayed here until the afternoon. Before Fu Hanzheng left work, he asked the driver to drive them back to the old mansion.

‘The moment they entered the house, Fu Shengying asked anxiously,

“How did the matter of Youyou’s and Tiantian’s birthday go?”

“What are you talking about? She turned it down.” Old Lady snapped.

“She rejected it?” Fu Shengying mumbled.

“She is the one who has the children and she is divorced from Hanzheng. Why would she approve of bringing her children home for the first birthday banquet?” Mrs. Fu also started to complain about Fu Shengying.

She and the Old Lady both supported their remarriage, but this stubborn old man did not approve.

“There are still a few months left, we can try to persuade her,” Fu Shengying said.

“You can do whatever you want, we won’t.” Mrs. Fu snorted.

Old Lady took a sip of tea and glared at him.

“If the children can’t come home because you won’t let Hanzheng and Weiwei get remarried, then you can cut off all ties with us. We welcome Weiwei and the children home, so you can go wherever you want.”

Fu Shengying’s face sank. “Mother, you are being unreasonable.”

“Why should I reason with you when you don’t even talk reason with us?” Old Lady said as she looked at Mrs. Fu, “Since he likes people divorcing so much, why don’t you divorce him and let him go out alone? I will pretend that I don’t have a son.”

“Mom!” Fu Shengying became increasingly anxious. Why was he getting a divorce?

‘They were a good couple, what divorce?

“I think I need to think about it.” Mrs. Fu nodded thoughtfully and went upstairs.

Old Lady followed, leaving Fu Shengying alone in the living room.

He had only asked them to ask if the birthday banquet could be held at the Fu Family, but why was he getting a divorce now?

He could tell that Gu Siting did not give up on Gu Weiwei. If she remarried Hanzheng, she would be in trouble.

Therefore, he only wanted to bring the two children home.

But these two people did not understand him and thought that he was trying to prevent his son’s marriage, so they all blamed him for being unreasonable.

If Gu Weiwei had not been related to the Gu Family and Gu Siting had forgotten about her, he would have wanted her to marry into the Fu Family.

But because of her special ident.i.ty and her biological father who was part of the Mafia, he had to cheat..

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