My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 1615 – Chi Yang Used Force

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Chapter 1615: Chi Yang Used Force

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He had done something wrong. He did not realize what yet himself, but he dared ask her to be reasonable. She was not going to talk anymore!

She flung Chi Yang’s hand away and rushed out.



As Nuannuan ran out, Chi Yang followed.

The manager was about to talk to Selina when he saw his chairman running away barefoot.

“Boss, what’s the matter?”

As soon as Selina opened the door, her brother-in-law rushed over with her boss over his back. He glanced at Selina and said

‘s okay, Selina. You can entertain yourself.”

“Put me down!”

Nuannuan felt like she was being slung over someone’s back like a sack. She was extremely angry and slapped Chi Yang’s back with all her might.

However, he just slapped her b.u.t.t and shouted, “Stop fooling around!”

This was the first time Chi Yang had seriously shouted at her. The little girl on his shoulder, who had been just as p.r.i.c.kly as a hedgehog a moment ago, suddenly stopped.

Carrying his wife, Chi Yang turned around and walked back toward his villa. He slammed the door shut.

The manager’s mouth was wide open as he looked at Selina in disbelief.

“Miss Selina, the chairman…” He wanted to ask if the chairman was going to be bullied, but after some thought, he realized that the chairman was KE’s Queen. Who could do anything to her?

However, when he saw the chairman being carried away by a big bad wolf like a little white rabbit, he could not help but worry for her.

It was the first time Selina had seen her boss so angry at her brother-in-law. After all, she had always doted on him.

Brother-in-law had been really fierce just now.

She really wanted to see how his brother-in-law would punish Boss.

Selina looked away and said, “Don’t worry about things you shouldn’t be worrying about. Instead of worrying about Boss here, you should worry about why you’re still a bachelor in your forties.”

After that, Selina closed the door and continued playing her game.

The manager, who had just been insulted, was speechless.

If not for working for KE and then for Imperial Phoenix, would he still be a bachelor in his forties?

“Let go of me! You’re so annoying! Let go of me!”

Nuannuan kicked and hit Chi Yang’s back, but she did not use much of her strength. She was just angry.

Chi Yang was furious. He carried Nuannuan upstairs and threw her on the bed before pressing her down.

“Who are you calling annoying?!”

“You!” Nuannuan replied, not showing any weakness.

Chi Yang was a little sad. “How am I annoying? Just because I’m thinking about you by telling you not to waste your jade?”

“Is it a waste to use it on you? Is it a waste then? Is it?!”

Nuannuan couldn’t take it anymore and shouted back at her Big Brother Chi Yang.

Although he had been yelled at, Chi Yang’s heart was filled with warmth at her words.

Putting away his domineering att.i.tude, Chi Yang bent down and kissed Nuannuan.


‘The response was a warm hum.

Chi Yang kissed her again.

The response was still a hmph from Nuannuan.

Chi Yang kissed her a third time. This time, he did not let go of the squishy little person in his arms. Instead, he stretched his arms out to touch her mouth and sucked on her sweet and delicate lips..

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