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Chapter 1618: Wonder

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Chi Yang truly knew that he was wrong. However, regarding the matter of absorbing the energy in the jade, he explained, “I didn’t want to absorb the energy. Firstly, I thought that the energy should be given to those who buy your products. Secondly, I thought that my body had already recovered, so there

was no need to absorb more. I didn’t expect you to be so angry, nor did I think about your feelings. I’m sorry.”

“When customers buy jade, they don’t know that the jade has energy in it. Even if the energy can nourish them, they only buy it for aesthetics. Firstly, when the jade is first cut, the energy in it has already disappeared. Secondly, they’re only buying the jade as a statement pieces. Meanwhile, after you

absorb the jade’s energy, your body will heal and you’ll grow stronger. In the future, when you go out on missions, I won’t be so worried. That’s why I want you to absorb the energy. At most… you’ll just feel guilty. I can sell those jades at a discount. Although the energy inside is gone, the jade’s crystal had

not been damaged, so once I discount it, people will definitely be willing to buy it.”

Chi Yang lowered his head and kissed Nuannuan again. His voice was hoa.r.s.e as he said, “Alright. I’ll do whatever you say. I’m all yours. I won’t stop you anymore. If I do that, will you still be angry at me?”

Nuannuan thought for a moment and finally shook her head.

How could she bear to be angry at him? Was he not making things difficult for her?

Seeing that his wife was no longer angry, Chi Yang picked her up and cuddled her in his arms for a while before saying, “Then I’ll go and absorb some more of the jade’s energy, okay?”

“Aren’t you afraid that I’ll lose money?” Nuannuan nestled in Chi Yang’s embrace and looked up at him.

Chi Yang could not help but laugh aloud. “I’m not afraid. I’ll make up for all the losses you’ve suffered, as long as you’re not angry with me.”

Nuannuan was finally amused by Chi Yang’s behavior.

“Then let’s go. I’ll take you to absorb all the energy from the emeralds in there.”

Chi Yang, “…”

Although he also had the Shengyang Group, a top-notch corporation, he still felt a little guilty absorbing so much energy from good jade in one go.

With this absorption rate, even if it was a small amount, it would cost his wife at least hundreds of millions of yuan.

Fortunately, no one else could see the absorbed energy, not even Nuannuan with her X-ray vision. Only he could see it. If not for that, this would be a huge loss for his wife.

Chi Yang was brought to the storeroom by Nuannuan. Then, without any heartache, she moved all the big and good quality jades in front of him so he could absorb all their energy.

Facing the warmth from his caring wife, Chi Yang was toucehd and overwhelmed by his emotions.

Feeling the energy freely flowing into him, he closed his eyes and adjusted his breathing.

Now, he could almost feel the movement of his supernatural cells, and he could also mobilize them.

Basically, every time his supernatural cells circulated in his body, he felt his meridians grow stronger. Coupled with the rich energy in the jade, Chi Yang felt like his meridians were wrapped in warmth.

Nuannuan looked at Big Brother Chi Yang in surprise.

Although she could not see the energy in the jade, she could see that the supernatural cells in his body seemed to be pus.h.i.+ng something around.

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