Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts Chapter 2623 Devil Race’s Expert

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Chapter 2623 Devil Race’s Expert

“What is it?” asked Long Chen. Had the other worlds started invading the Martial Heaven Continent?

“Just yesterday, a batch of experts gathered inside of Devil Spirit Mountain and charged out, fighting with the defenders left behind by the divine families and the Martial Heaven Continent,” reported Guo Ran.

Devil Spirit Mountain had launched a sudden attack, catching the divine families and the Martial Heaven Continent’s army off guard. Because of it, the latter had taken heavy losses.

Fortunately, the reinforcements from the original devil race had come quickly. Using their Devil Suppressing Divine Seals, they had been able to strike back.

The battle ended up exceptionally intense, with Ye Liangchen and Jiang Wuchen joining in as well. However, both these Sovereign sprouts of the divine families were beaten by a certain terrifying lifeform within Devil Spirit Mountain. Moreover, Jian Wuchen had his leg severed and almost died.

“Who is that strong?” asked Long Chen.

“He called himself the Alldevil Heavenwalker. The original devil race was unable to suppress him, and he killed hundreds of them,” said Guo Ran.

Long Chen’s expression changed. Although there was no way to prevent people from dying in battle, he was still unable to accept casualties amongst the original devil race.

Guo Ran continued, “The Dragonblood Legion quickly arrived afterward. Luckily, Xiaoqian’s Devil Suppressing Seal was able to have some effect on him, and only then did he retreat into Devil Spirit Mountain. But he demanded that the Martial Heaven Continent hand over three people, or they would return at any moment.”

At that moment, Guo Ran’s expression grew a bit odd.

“Which three people?” asked Long Chen, confused.

“He showed an image. The image depicted you, Chang Hao, and Bao Buping.”

Long Chen was still confused, but then comprehension struck him. “Could it be him?”

“Do you have a picture of him?” asked Long Chen hastily.

“Photographic jades cannot record battles on such a terrifying level. But I saw him, and he was extremely strange.” Guo Ran waved his hand, summoning an image of a humanoid. His face was blurry as this was just something that Guo Ran was recalling from his memory, but Long Chen did feel that he was a bit familiar.

“It’s him.”

Long Chen thought of when he, Chang Hao, and Bao Buping had snuck into Devil Spirit Mountain. They had found countless experts chained within an abyss.

The chains were connected at the bottom to a giant coffin, and inside the coffin was a divine fetus, which had given off a terrifying pressure that had scared them off. However, at the last minute, Long Chen had seen his pillow, which was the Heaven Flipping Seal.

In the end, Long Chen had taken the risk of stealing it, and Bao Buping had used a chamber pot to replace the Heaven Flipping Seal.

As there was no news from Chang Hao and Bao Buping, they were probably still in seclusion, training in the ninth form of Split the Heavens. Otherwise, the two of them would have definitely recognized him.

That fellow had definitely awakened and realized that he had been sleeping on a chamber pot. The smell definitely wasn’t good. That was why he had suddenly charged out before the laws of Devil Spirit Mountain mixed with the Martial heaven Continent. It was most likely his individual act and not part of the larger strategy.

“What about the other powers? Did they partic.i.p.ate?” asked Long Chen.

“Yun Tian hasn’t shown himself since the Star Field Divine World. Pill Valley’s people appeared but not the Pill Fairy, and there’s been no news from the Corrupt path at all. It seems that they know that they are viewed as enemies now and do not dare to show themselves. As for the seniors, either the battle came too suddenly for them to react, or they felt that it was a matter for the junior generation. They didn’t appear,” reported Guo Ran.

“What about Mo Nian then? It isn’t his style not to show up at something so flashy,” said Long Chen.

“Exactly. It was such a good chance to show off, but he didn’t come.” Guo Ran also couldn’t explain it.

“He’s definitely up to something. He wants to shock everyone when the time comes. Speaking of which, ever since advancing to the Netherpa.s.sage realm, he has never used his core energy again. It seems that his energy is undergoing some kind of rebirth. All the power that he used in the previous battles was from a NetherG.o.d’s mortal husk,” said Long Chen.

In the Star Field Divine World, Mo Nian had grumbled to Long Chen about how difficult it was to use a NetherG.o.d’s power. Furthermore, his own power was undergoing a transformation, so he was quite sullen. With so many activities occurring on the Martial Heaven Continent, he was definitely in a critical state if he hadn’t appeared.

“Boss, what should we do?” probed Guo Ran.

“Gather our brothers. We’ll make them pay blood for blood,” said Long Chen without hesitation.

“Hehe, good. I knew that there would be something good once boss was out of seclusion!” Guo Ran cried out excitedly and ran off.

Although Devil Spirit Mountain was jointly guarded by the divine families and the Martial Heaven Continent, most of the Martial Heaven Continent’s forces were concentrated on the Yin Yang World and the Corrupt G.o.d Cemetery.

Devil Spirit Mountain could be considered the divine families’ main battleground, so the divine families had led that battle. If it weren’t for the Alldevil Heavenwalker appearing, the Dragonblood warriors wouldn’t have joined in. Even if they would have, it would only be in a pa.s.sively defensive position. Long Chen had told them to be wary of the divine families and not foolishly charge forward to be taken advantage of.

In that battle, Ye Liangchen and Jian Wuchen had both been defeated, driving them crazy. But the Dragonblood Legion was even more incensed. Long Chen had left it up to them to protect the original devil race, but hundreds of them had been killed by the Alldevil Heavenwalker.

For a battle on such a level, Guo Ran couldn’t rashly make the decision on his own, so he had waited for Long Chen to come out of seclusion.

At this moment, the Dragonblood Legion was quickly gathered, and Long Chen faced them. “That Alldevil Heavenwalker is too arrogant. He crushed the divine families and brought us casualties. We will repay him tooth for tooth, eye for eye. If he sneak attacked us, then we can sneak attack him. This isn’t letting emotions control us but strategy. In a battle between two worlds, morale can sometimes be even more important than power. To win this war, the Martial Heaven Continent’s side must maintain an elevated level of morale. That will give its warriors the determination to face death fearlessly and unleash their greatest power. When it comes to the battle for morale, the continent’s number one legion is the only one qualified to partic.i.p.ate. That is because we are not willing to leave our responsibilities to others. As for the Sovereign sprouts’ guards? In my eyes, they’re not even worth as much as dogs.h.i.+t. They strut around normally, but when the real battle starts, they cower like dogs.”

The Dragonblood warriors nodded. Ye Liangchen and Jian Wuchen’s guards had been terrified by the Alldevil Heavenwalker. When it came to a real battle, they really weren’t anything special.

They were the divine families’ strongest group with the highest cultivation bases, greatest talent, and best equipment. Only their actual combat power was trash. They were a far cry from the Dragonblood warriors. When it came to killing enemies on the battlefield, they weren’t even on the same level.

“However, you have to be mentally prepared. I will not be partic.i.p.ating in this battle,” said Long Chen.


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