Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts Chapter 2626 Bite to Death

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Chapter 2626 Bite to Death

“Dragonblood Legion, you must retreat! That’s a mid Heaven Merging expert!”

Feng Fei shouted at them as she recognized that terrifying aura. Although they might not be afraid of early Heaven Merging experts, upon reaching the fourth step of Heaven Merging, the power levels were completely different.

However, Liu Ruyan was already attacking. Her branches condensed into a giant whip that struck the hand.


The whip exploded, but the hand also crumbled, transforming into a black rune. At this moment, devil qi erupted, and within the black mist, a large figure slowly condensed.

It was an ape-shaped devil. Its body was just as large as Liu Ruyan’s giant willow and was covered in scales. With a mouth like a fish and eyes like two golden lanterns s.h.i.+ning within the black mist, it was like a h.e.l.lish fiend that had emerged to the world.

What Liu Ruyan had destroyed was one of its divine abilities. She hadn’t actually damaged its true body.

After that, it suddenly let out a heaven-shaking roar, which was like that of a fierce tiger. The world quivered as an invisible pressure enveloped everyone.

Hidden within the darkness, Long Chen nodded upon hearing Feng Fei’s shout. Although she was very dislikable, it seemed that she could at least keep her head clear in the face of the big picture.

If it was Ye Liangchen or Jiang Wuchen instead, there was no way they would give a warning. They wanted the Dragonblood Legion to be destroyed.

“Everyone, work together…” Long Chen sent a spiritual message to the Dragonblood warriors.

The Dragonblood warriors had formed a defensive formation and were preparing to retreat, but upon hearing Long Chen’s transmission, they changed into the Crane Wing Formation. All their Blood Qi soared.

The devil ape was already attacking. One of its legs stamped toward the Dragonblood warriors, and s.p.a.ce completely collapsed around its foot.

A figure then flashed through the air, bringing forth the clear sound of a sword coming out of its sheath. In the next instant, a cold light flew out. Yue Zifeng cut a giant opening in its foot.

Despite that, its foot was too thick, so Yue Zifeng’s sword was unable to sever it. But he had achieved his goal. Its tendons had been severed.

The devil ape then stumbled, wanting to stabilize. However, its other foot had at one point been silently bound by wooden stakes.

As it lost balance and began to fall forward, Guo Ran was waiting.

“Dragonblood Cross Slas.h.!.+”

A giant cross slashed toward the ape’s neck. However, as soon as Guo Ran unleashed this attack, he almost slapped himself.

Just as he attacked, the ape had its hand falling toward the ground due to losing its balance. As a result, Guo Ran’s attack landed on its arm.


This was an attack containing the majority of power from every Dragonblood warrior. Hence, the hand was blown apart.

After that, the attack continued through its arm, striking it on the neck. Black blood splattered everywhere as a giant cross cut was left in its neck.

However, due to going through its arm, it was not a fatal injury. Guo Ran was incredibly regretful at having this killing blow fail. It seemed that they would be forced to retreat.

Suddenly, white light illuminated the world, and a streak of light struck the ape’s head.

However, it was just an ordinary streak of light. It didn’t seem to cause any harm.

Everyone looked over to see Meng Qi floating in the air, holding a mirror. The light was coming from it.

That was the mirror that Long Chen had taken from the Ghost s.h.i.+p, the Void Mirror, and this was Meng Qi’s first time using it in public. As a result, the ape’s body trembled. Its eyes grew dull.

Seeing this scene, Long Chen smiled and put away Evilmoon. Meng Qi had finally figured out how to use the Void Mirror. Hence, the ape was most likely lost in some kind of illusion-scape and unable to extricate itself.

“Retreat. A mid Heaven Merging expert is too hard to deal with. I don’t want to expose myself,” Long Chen transmitted to everyone.

Just as everyone was about to pull back, startled cries rang out from the Dragonblood warriors. They saw a giant Wilde charging forward and striking the ape’s neck.

That was precisely where Guo Ran’s attack had struck. At this moment, the wound grew bigger, and it even became possible to see bone.

“Wilde, what are you doing?!” shouted Guo Ran.

As expected, after that blow, the ape instantly woke up and a berserk aura exploded, unleas.h.i.+ng a wave of astral winds that forced back the Dragonblood warriors. It was like knives running across their faces.

Now that the devil ape was enraged, its power made even Long Chen jump in shock. He once more took out Evilmoon. If something unexpected happened, he would have to interfere, even if it meant exposing himself.


However, the devil ape suddenly shrieked. It clasped its neck that was bitten down by Wilde.

Wilde’s giant body was already shocking enough, but in comparison to the devil ape, he was the size of a single finger.

Right now, Wilde had crawled into its wound and was biting on its bone. As a result, the devil ape howled and began to roll on the ground. Cracks spread.

Its body suddenly shrank, forcing Wilde out. However, it then began to twitch as it lost control over its body.

Wilde had managed to crush its neck bones in just a few bites due to shrinking down. Hence, it could no longer control its body.

Just at that moment, Guo Ran’s arrows flew over, striking its eyes and piercing its head. After that, blood began to ooze out of its eyes, ears, nose, and mouth. This terrifying devil ape was finally killed.

“Haha, we did it! Let’s retreat.”

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