Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts Chapter 2628 Horned King Majesty

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Chapter 2628 Horned King Majesty

“Big brother Long Chen, I…” transmitted Dong Mingyu.

“What is it?” asked Long Chen.

“I… I really want to laugh…”

“You can’t laugh… haha!” Long Chen himself couldn’t hold back after saying that. He and Dong Mingyu had ‘transformed’ into two warriors of the devil race.

Long Chen had a horn on his head and was barefoot. Moreover, his face was covered in bloodstains, and there was a tail on his b.u.t.t. This appearance of his made Dong Mingyu unable to hold back her laughter.

On the other hand, Dong Mingyu had a pair of bat wings, and her two ears were long and thin. She was holding a bone trident in her hand.

Having disguised themselves as experts of the Blood race, they couldn’t help laughing when they looked at each other.

After a while, they got used to their new appearance. Dong Mingyu giggled, “Big brother Long Chen, I feel happy when I’m with you.”

“We have plenty of happy days before us. Once the dark era is past, our enemies will all be gone. After that, we can live freely,” said Long Chen.

Perhaps this was Dong Mingyu’s first time doing such a thing, so she was especially excited. It was truly stimulating. After getting used to their bodies, they gathered with the Devil race’s army.

After entering a branch, one of their experts pointed at them and shouted something in their language, causing Dong Mingyu to jump. She almost killed that fellow.

Fortunately, Long Chen stamped that expert and sent him flying into the distance. This drew quite a bit of attention.

That warrior had been cursing Long Chen and Dong Mingyu for being cowards, leaving their squad and only returning now. They had lost the face of the devil race.

However, after sending him flying, Long Chen pointed at his own nose and spoke in their language.

The last time he had entered Devil Spirit Mountain, Long Chen had done soulsearches on some of their experts, so he knew their language. Hence, now he cursed that warrior, acting like a big wig.

The outer form that Long Chen had taken was from a small squad leader with quite the temper. Long Chen had also done a soulsearch on him and knew his status and position.

As expected, quite a few of these experts recognized him as soon as he drew some attention. They then raised their fists toward him, seemingly in praise. It could be considered a kind of thumbs-up.

The devil race had many tribes. The one that had cursed the two of them just now belonged to the same tribe as the Heaven Merging expert that had been killed.

Due to their leader being killed, their tribe was facing great chaos. That irritation was what caused him to immediately fly into a rage when he saw Long Chen and Dong Mingyu return. However, Long Chen didn’t give him any sympathy.

Using the devil race’s words, Long Chen cursed back, “s.h.i.+t-eating fellow, your leader’s been killed. You’re just as useless as your leader, yet you dare be so arrogant? Go home and eat more s.h.i.+t. This battle doesn’t need useless fellows like you.”

“I’ll kill you!” The devil expert tried to charge at Long Chen but was held back by the others in his group. Perhaps they knew that Long Chen wasn’t a good target to provoke, or perhaps they felt that it wasn’t a good idea to blow this up any bigger. Hence, they dragged that devil expert away.

Long Chen put on an icy face and continued walking. Naturally, no one else provoked him, so he and Dong Mingyu walked silently.

When they reached a transportation formation, Long Chen took out a medal. This transportation formation could only be activated by experts of the devil race with a certain status and position.

The guard looked at Long Chen and then pointed at Dong Mingyu. Killing intent flashed in Long Chen’s eyes. “Scram! My mood isn’t good today, so if you don’t want to die, get further back!”

According to the memories of this corpse, this transportation formation could only be used by small squad leaders and above. Others couldn’t use it. But if they were with other bosses and chiefs, it would be different.

There were different levels amongst the squad leaders, bosses, and chiefs. Long Chen’s level needed to hand over a devil crystal as a price for the transportation, but in truth, this fee entered the pockets of those guarding the formations.

Those guards let those with greater backgrounds through for free of course. Hence, Long Chen’s shout instantly scared them, and they allowed Long Chen to bring Dong Mingyu onto the transportation formation.

“Hehe, so the devil race is the same as the human race. Even bullies are afraid of the strong,” transmitted Dong Mingyu.

“Foolish girl. I’ve interacted with many races. Let me put it to you this way. Our human race is the most complicated. The human race’s ways of doing things can be used anywhere.” Long Chen smiled.

After that, the transportation formation activated, and they appeared on an island, at a dock to be precise. This was where the transportation formation was constructed.

There was water around them, but this water was black as ink and gave off a fishy smell. There were also dozens of other small transportation formations around them.

At this moment, countless experts of the devil race were milling around, but Long Chen didn’t know what they were busy with. In any case, no one bothered the two of them.

Based on his corpse’s memories, Long Chen advanced through this island that had countless caves on it. It was like a beehive.

These were training caves. The higher he went, the greater the level of the cave. These were the residences of the devil race’s experts.

The body that he had taken over had a cave on the lowest level. In other words, this devil expert had just reached the qualifications of entering this place.

However, he didn’t go to his own cave. Instead, he went to a certain cave at the center of the island.


Long Chen had only just arrived when two experts blocked his way. These two were from the same race as his body.

“Please tell his majesty Horned King that I have a report for him,” said Long Chen.

“His majesty is cultivating in preparation for Heaven Merging. No one can disturb him,” said the guard. He eyed Long Chen. Despite being from the same race, these two guards didn’t seem to have a high opinion of him.

“I bring important news from the front lines. If you report it, then if his majesty Horned King wants to blame someone, he’ll blame me. But if you refuse to report it and end up wasting precious time, his majesty will definitely make your heads fall to the ground. Don’t blame me then,” sneered Long Chen. He turned to leave.

Those two guards’ expressions changed. One of them finally said, “Slow down. Since we’re from the same race, I’ll send the message. As for whether or not his majesty wishes to see you, it’s your matter.”

The two guards were also afraid of this responsibility. If they ended up causing an important report to be stalled, the price could be their lives, so they would rather report it.

After that, one of the guards pushed a red b.u.t.ton at the entrance. That b.u.t.ton represented that something important needed to be reported.

After a while, no response came. The guard said, “We’ve pa.s.sed the message, but his majesty doesn’t wish to see you. You can scram.”

Long Chen sighed inside. Why was his luck always so bad? However, just as he began to walk away, the stone gate creaked open.

“Let him through.”

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