One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire’s Sweet Love Chapter 3593 – A New Addition (209)

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Chapter 3593: A New Addition (209)

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Youyou had been gone for three days, and during this time, Little Yichen had

suffered terribly on the island.

He was given nutritious meals, cereal, fruits, and all sorts of boiled green

vegetables that were so bland he couldn’t taste a thing. There was broccoli in

every meal. He ate until his eyes almost turned green!

The boy increasingly felt like a rabbit. Every time he sat at the dining table, it

was as if he was being tortured. As he ate the tasteless vegetables, he felt like a

rabbit that had lost all hope in life. He held the broccoli and nibbled on it

resentfully. The problem was, even if he could put up with this amount of

vegetables, where was the meat?! There was no meat at all!

No wonder Youyou had become so thin after disappearing for more thana

year! Good grief, how could he not be thin?

According to Alice, Youyou’s protein intake had to be controlled because of certain drugs he was taking. However, that shouldn’t mean no protein at all?!

The worst thing was that there was no rice, no rice, no rice! The most tragic

thing had to be emphasized thrice!

Little Yichen’s stomach was as large as a cow’s and normally needed at least

two bowls of rice. But there was only a side dish here, not even rice. Finally,

when the nth nutritious meal was served, the boy swayed, teetering on the

verge of collapse. He was so hungry that he felt dizzy. Finally, with a thud, he

fell face-first into the plate.



Little Yichen had a dream. In the dream, he saw a huge piece of steak with

hands and feet running like a human being, some distance ahead of him. As

soon as he saw the meat, his eyes watered and he started drooling as he ran

after it. Just as he almost caught up with the meat, Lisa slapped him awake.

When Little Yichen woke up, he realized that he was in Lisa’s arms. At some

point, saliva had dripped from the corner of his mouth onto her chest.

Lisa’s face was ashen as she said coldly, “You are still able to talk in your


Little Yichen blinked in surprise and furrowed his brows in confusion. “What

was I saying?”

“Rou? Rou’er?”

Lisa gave him a strange look and said, “It was a name.”

Little Yichen pondered for a moment before scratching his head. “I… I dreamed

that a piece of meat was running in front of me.”

Lisa’s eyes darkened.

What, meat with legs?

Could his dream be any more absurd?

He asked, “How did I end up fainting?”

Lisa replied coldly, “Low blood sugar.”

“Low blood sugar?!” Little Yichen cried, “I was healthy when I came here. Ive

only been here three days and now I’m so starved I have low blood sugar!?”

Lisa rolled her eyes. “Who’s fault is it that you eat so much?”

“I haven’t had meat for days.”

On the way here, the food on the s.h.i.+p was already rather bad. He had thought

that he could have a good meal once they landed, but as it turned out, he had

been given green vegetables for every meal.

He was starving! He really wanted to know how Youyou managed to survive in

the past year!

“Didn’t Youyou end up with low blood sugar, given that he had had no meat?”

“The pills Alice concocts contribute to meeting his nutrition needs.” It was rare

for Lisa to speak this much. She glanced at him disdainfully. “Are you awake?

Can you get off the bed and walk?”

“I.. I’m famished.” Little Yichen said pitifully, “I want to eat meat”

“Human meat, will you eat it?” Lisa asked.

Little Yichen gave her a look of disgust. He was skinny all over, but what could

he possibly do?

Suddenly, his gaze fell on Lisa’s slightly bulging chest.. She had already entered

p.u.b.erty, so her chest was becoming rather obvious..

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