Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 1107 – Do You Agree To Go To The Last Checkpoint?

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Chapter 1107: Do You Agree to Go to the Last Checkpoint?

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

A pitch-black claw with black scales stretched out of the Virtual Eye. Subsequently, a giant head poked through.

It was a ma.s.sive dragon head that looked like it was made of black metal casting. It seemed cold and ferocious.

It was a dragonkin!

It had six screw-like horns on its head while its four eyes lit up like golden lightbulbs. Before it crawled out of the Virtual Eye completely, its four eyes were locked onto Lin Huang. It snorted in disdain after realizing that Lin Huang’s combat strength was only immortal-level rank-9.

The Death b.u.t.terfly landed on Lin Huang’s shoulder slowly, glaring fatally at the dragonkin. It looked like it was staring its prey down.

After more than two hours of killing, it realized that the spiritual energy in its body had been filling up. Meanwhile, this demiG.o.d-level dragonkin before them looked like it had an even more powerful spiritual energy than those imperial-level monsters that it had destroyed. In other words, the dragonkin looked delicious to the Death b.u.t.terfly.

Unfortunately, the dragonkin did not notice that it was practically being drooled over. After announcing its arrival with a roar, its entire body came out of the Virtual Eye slowly.

From the looks of it, Lin Huang figured this monster was at least up to 10,000 meters long.

It opened its jaws wide after getting out. Then, it released a roar that quaked the world as though it was announcing its arrival.

The Death b.u.t.terfly looked at Lin Huang, seeming to ask whether it could attack yet.

Lin Huang nodded tersely at it.

In the next second, the blue Death b.u.t.terfly flapped its wings. An invisible wave seemed to ripple in the sky.

The dragonkin’s roar was cut short all of a sudden. Its four big, golden lightbulb eyes dimmed while its body that seemed to be formed of metal casting was rotting at a speed that could be seen with the naked eye. Merely three to four seconds later, its flesh vanished. Only a ma.s.sive black skeletal frame remained. However, the frame lasted less than five seconds before turning into ashes and disappearing with the wind.

The demiG.o.d-level dragonkin did not even have the chance to attack and was killed without even realizing what hit it. Lin Huang could only witness how terrifying the Death b.u.t.terfly was.

After the demiG.o.d-level dragonkin came out, the Virtual Eye became normal again.

Imperial-level purple gold-rank monsters started coming out of it again. The monster horde came one after another like a flood.

“So, imperial-level purple gold-rank monsters are appearing again. Judging from the current pattern, the occasional demiG.o.d-level monsters will come out in the last four hours. I’m just not sure if an hour will be the right interval.”

Lin Huang was rather relieved to see that the monsters that were coming out were imperial-level purple gold-rank monsters. He was a little worried that many demiG.o.d-level monsters would appear.

After all, demiG.o.d-level monsters were different from imperial-level monsters. When encountered some with a unique ability, his G.o.d Figurine’s Combat Souls might not be able to kill them in one hit. Moreover, they had a higher chance of breaking Enchanted Fairy’s defense with their Divine Power at full force. As soon as the defense was broke, a demiG.o.d-level attack alone could cause a major scale of death if it landed in the foothold. As soon as the number of deaths surpa.s.sed the mission limit, he would fail the stage. That was what Lin Huang was most unwilling to see happening.

However, Lin Huang’s concern was unnecessary since no more demiG.o.d-level monsters emerged.

Time flew by, and another half an hour pa.s.sed. A powerful aura came out of the Virtual Eye again.

Lin Huang lifted his head and looked at the Virtual Eye’s direction in the sky. He frowned slightly. “This aura…”

He was wondering whether a demiG.o.d-level monster would come out every hour in the last four hours since the first one came out an hour later. However, that was not the apparent pattern at all because only half an hour had pa.s.sed and a demiG.o.d-level monster’s aura was coming out of the Virtual Eye again.

What surprised Lin Huang even more was that the aura this time seemed to be coming from more than one demiG.o.d-level monster.

A moment later, a dark-purple head came out of the Virtual Eye. The dark-purple body came out of the Virtual Eye completely before Lin Huang could take a good look at it.

Lin Huang looked closely to see a giant indigo centipede. It was thousands of meters long with three pairs of barely-there wings on its back.

Two indigo feelers at the top of its head moved in the air as it seemed to be sniffing out for aura. Brutality exuded from its three pairs of ruby-like b.l.o.o.d.y eyes on both sides of its head. Its mouth that looked like a scimitar below was twitching slightly, giving out chilling insecurity.

After the centipede came out, a gigantic spider crawled out of the Virtual Eye slowly.

The spider was bigger than any arachnid that Lin Huang had ever seen in his life. It was completely grayish-brown and had legs that were thousands of meters long. Its entire body seemed like a moving mountain supported by eight pillars.

Its head was filled with dense black eyes of all sizes. There were at least 30 to 40 of them. People with trypophobia would have gooseb.u.mps if they saw this creature.

The two monsters’ aurae were clearly demiG.o.d-level.

Lin Huang could not help but scowl when two of them came at once. It was not that he could not handle two, but the pattern was unfathomable.

The first time a demiG.o.d-level monster came out was an hour since the new batch of the monster horde. Now, there were two demiG.o.d-level monsters half an hour later. The interval and quant.i.ty were unpredictable now.

Just when the two monsters locked their eyes on Lin Huang and the Enchanted Fairy as soon as they appeared, the blue Death b.u.t.terfly on Lin Huang’s shoulder flapped its wings all of a sudden.

In the next second, the two demiG.o.d-level monsters’ bodies began to disintegrate while they stared at it in shock. They looked like corpses being dissolved by all sorts of microorganisms with a fast-forward b.u.t.ton.

In less than ten seconds, the two demiG.o.d-level monsters turned into ashes. The enormous bodies left ashes all over the ground.

After the second batch of demiG.o.d-level monsters came, the third wave rushed forward merely ten minutes later. There were three of them this time.

However, the fourth wave came merely a minute after the Death b.u.t.terfly killed the third batch of demiG.o.d-level monsters. Then, there were five monsters.

Seeing the batch of monsters coming, Lin Huang could not help but frown again. If the intervals shortened and the number of monsters was growing like this, there was a possibility that he would really fail this time.

Fortunately, Lin Huang’s concern did not happen. The pattern finally stabilized whereby five demiG.o.d-level monsters emerged from the Virtual Eye every one minute.

The pattern persevered and the last four hours ended.

Lin Huang was finally relieved the moment when the Virtual Eye closed entirely.

Before he recalled his two G.o.d Figurine’s Combat Souls, two notifications popped out from his Emperor’s Heart Ring consecutively.

“Congratulations, Lin Xie, for breaking through the 80th checkpoint of the Stairway Tree!”

“Do you agree to go to the last checkpoint on the Stairway Tree?”

“The last checkpoint?” Lin Huang was stunned for a second but soon made up his mind almost without thinking. “I agree! Take me there!”

Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 1510 – Play A Game With Me

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Chapter 1510: Play A Game With Me

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

In the secret territory, having killed Sitch, Lin Huang proceeded with the hunt.

Unlike the other hunters, all of his targets after that were now third-rank heavenly G.o.d-level prisoners.

For the other partic.i.p.ants in the secret territory, successfully being able to kill a third-rank heavenly G.o.d-level prisoner might have been a matter of luck. However, they saw Lin Huang’s hunting points skyrocket by 400 points a second and third time, respectively.

Only then did they understand that Xiu Mu did indeed possess such ability. He did not depend on luck at all.

The numerous Heavenly G.o.d leaders who were watching the battle outside could very clearly see for themselves and basically acknowledged that Lin Huang’s abilities were almost on par with the standard of a top third-rank Heavenly G.o.d.

However, they did not know that what they saw was, in reality, only what Lin Huang wanted to display.

In the secret territory, under the continued stimulus of Lin Huang’s achievements, the few top-tier True G.o.d powerhouses also began moving into the domain of the second-rank heavenly G.o.d-level prisoners, thus beginning a whole new challenge.

However, their hunts were far less successful than Lin Huang’s.

For one thing, they did not possess the ability to dominate their opponents. For another, the convicts in the secret prisoner territory held the geographical advantage. Almost every hunt was a mutual battle of wits and valor, which was extremely time-consuming.

Lin Huang aside, the fastest top-tier True G.o.d powerhouse to complete the killing of a second-rank heavenly G.o.d-level prisoner spent over five hours just to do it. This excluded the time spent tracking down their opponent and the time spent traveling.

Among the top-tier True G.o.ds, there was even a rather unfortunate fellow who happened to encounter a second-rank heavenly G.o.d-level prisoner that managed to overwhelm him. After the intense battle of close to ten hours, he had no choice in the end but to flee in defeat.

While many partic.i.p.ants were still cautiously hunting prisoners to obtain points, Lin Huang’s hunting points had long since shot up, leaving everyone far behind.

The number of rules and G.o.d sequence chains in his body was also skyrocketing as he went.

By the fifth day of entering the secret prisoner territory, the number of rules within Lin Huang had increased to over 700,000. He was getting closer and closer to a breakthrough to fourth-rank True G.o.d.

As usual, Lin Huang checked the number of rules that had increased within him after completing the hunting of a third-rank heavenly G.o.d-level prisoner. He put away the corpse and headed straight to where the next target was.

However, halfway through his journey, there was a sudden change of expression on his face.

The reason for this was because, within the sensing range of his Divine Telekinesis, he sensed two auras in the area where his target was located.

One of the auras was at third-rank heavenly G.o.d-level; that was clearly his target.

Meanwhile, the other aura was not strange to him. He had come face-to-face with that particular individual before entering the secret territory.

Lin Huang did not slow down, nor did he change his route; he continued hurrying along his intended path.

The Heavenly G.o.d team leaders outside the secret territory displayed various expressions.

Many were secretly looking at Buried Heaven.

This was because the individual that Lin Huang was about to encounter was none other than Virtuoso from Death Sickle.

None of the Heavenly G.o.d team leaders had noticed exactly when Virtuoso had headed to the Heavenly G.o.d domain.

Once Lin Huang had locked down his prey and his flight path had become clear, almost all of the Heavenly G.o.d team leaders only noticed—after they had checked to see who Xiu Mu’s target was— that there was now an individual who had appeared out of nowhere beside the intended prisoner.

What puzzled the team leaders even more was that Virtuoso was standing less than two meters away from that third-rank heavenly G.o.d-level prisoner, but Virtuoso had not been attacked.

It was as if the third-rank heavenly G.o.d-level prisoner could not see Virtuoso, completely ignoring their existence.

Such an odd state of affairs confused the entire group of Heavenly G.o.d team leaders.

Actually, everyone present had heard of Virtuoso and was aware that this individual’s talent and potential even exceeded that of Buried Heaven.

Not a single mission that Virtuoso took on for Death Sickle failed. All the targets would mysteriously die, and even their manner of death was very seldom repeated.

However, n.o.body knew exactly what Virtuoso’s abilities were, nor had anyone ever seen their face. In fact, no one had any idea whether they were male or female.

Some grade-6 and grade-7 organizations had even attempted to investigate Virtuoso, but their efforts were to no avail.

Virtuoso was like a person who had appeared out of the blue; utterly no traces of their past could be discovered.

After some time, everyone gave up wasting time trying to investigate Virtuoso.

However, everyone was aware that Death Sickle had a mysterious individual like that with stunning potential—one who had extremely powerful potential to become a Lord.

Although the numerous Heavenly G.o.d leaders were not clear on Virtuoso’s background, they were familiar with what Virtuoso had done.

Virtuoso was merely a true G.o.d-level White Sickle member in Death Sickle, but he had killed over 20 Heavenly G.o.ds.

Among this number were even a few second-rank Heavenly G.o.d powerhouses.

Therefore, n.o.body had much at all in the way of doubts about Virtuoso’s ability.

If Xiu Mu had not shown up out of the blue, Virtuoso was, without a doubt, the strongest contender for the No. 1 spot on the Hunter’s Gold Leaderboard.

Meanwhile, it was clearly no coincidence that Virtuoso had appeared next to Lin Huang’s hunting target out of nowhere.

Buried Heaven could not help frowning upon seeing Virtuoso suddenly appearing in the surveillance video.

Since the opening of the secret prisoner territory, it was also the first time he had openly displayed any sign of emotion in front of everyone present.

‘This Virtuoso fellow, I’ve warned them repeatedly, and still, they choose to do as they please…’

In the secret territory, Lin Huang and Virtuoso very soon encountered each other.

Lin Huang was not overly surprised to see Virtuoso calmly standing next to the heavenly G.o.d-level prisoner, who seemed to have no intention of attacking Virtuoso at all.

Lin Huang had heard of Virtuoso’s name in the early days when he first joined Death Sickle as Xie Lin.

He had even seen the pictures of the targets Virtuoso had killed, as well as the autopsy reports. All of them had died in strange ways. At the time, he had already known that Virtuoso possessed extremely odd abilities.

At the same time that Lin Huang was sizing up Virtuoso, Virtuoso was silently scrutinizing Lin Huang as well.

The heavenly G.o.d-level prisoner, on the other hand, was ignored by them both.

The strange thing was that the prisoner was still standing where he was, ignoring the duo so close to him.

“From the looks of it, you’ve been waiting for me?” Lin Huang took the initiative to break the silence.

“That’s right.” Virtuoso’s voice was still ambiguous in terms of gender. “I’ve been waiting for you for a long time…”

Lin Huang did not think Virtuoso had been waiting on him here for a long time. Virtuoso’s words seemed to imply that they had been waiting for Lin Huang outside the secret territory, or even much earlier than that.

“Here we are now. If you have anything to say, don’t beat around the bush.” Lin Huang had never been fond of talking to people who spoke with hidden meanings. “Whatever you want to do, just say so outright.”

“There are so many people watching out there, are you sure you want me to say it outright?” Virtuoso paused and said the last two words through voice transmission, “Xie Lin…”

Lin Huang’s pupils contracted slightly. He had not expected that Virtuoso would have unmasked his ident.i.ty.

“Just tell me what you really want.”

Lin Huang was startled for only a moment, quickly recovering his composure. However, the expression on his face remained cold.

“If you want to know what I really want…” Virtuoso said with a hint of mockery, “You’ll have to play a game with me first.”

Power and Wealth Chapter 677: Geng Yuehua’s secret?

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Chapter 677: Geng Yuehua’s secret?


Along an unknown road.

Dong Xuebing walked for almost two kilometers before getting strong mobile signals near a village. He immediately called for vehicle repair and called Geng Yuehua’s secretary. He did not tell her what happened and only conveyed Geng Yuehua’s message. He told her that the District Mayor has some unfinished work at Da Feng County, and there’s no signal. She should be back before noon.

10 am.

Dong Xuebing’s clothes are almost dried after walking under the sun. He took his time to return while thinking about Geng Yuehua’s body.

What is going on?

It felt terrible not to get to the bottom of this.

Suddenly, Dong Xuebing’s phone rang. It is Zhou Yanru.

Dong Xuebing answered. “h.e.l.lo, Director Zhou?”

Zhou Yanru raised her voice. “Director, I finally got you. I called you last night, but your phone is not in the service area. I was so worried, and I thought something had happened because of the heavy rain.”

Dong Xuebing laughed. “Sorry to make you worry. Is everything fine at your side?”

“Those j.a.panese Investors will be arriving this afternoon. You….”

“I am with Mayor Geng and might not be back in time. If I can’t make it, you will accompany those investors on my behalf.”

“Alright. I know.”

Suddenly, Dong Xuebing asked. “Oh, Sister Zhou.”

“Huh? What is it?”

“I remember Mayor Geng is single. Does she have a boyfriend?”

Zhou Yanru immediately lowers her voice. “I don’t think so.”

“Ah? She is in her early thirties. What happened?” Dong Xuebing can’t ask directly.

Zhou Yanru paused for a second. “Err……”

Dong Xuebing laughed. “I am just curious. It’s fine if you don’t know.”

Zhou Yanru quickly reply. “No…. it’s like this. Most of the time, Mayor Geng stays at our Subdistrict family quarters as her parents live here. I overheard Mayor Geng’s parents quarreling a few months ago on my way home from work. They are quarreling about her marriage issue. They had introduced a few guys to her but failed.


“Yes. They met, but no guys called back after the meeting.”


“I heard a City Government Leader tried to matchmake his son with Mayor Geng. That was before you were transferred here. I heard from others that she met with that Leader’s son a few times but ended. That City Leader and his son did not bring up this issue again. It’s quite weird, and no one knows what happened.”

After hanging up, Dong Xuebing also finds it strange.

Geng Yuehua doesn’t want to get married and rejected those guys?! It cannot be. She is at the right age, and her parents push her to get married. Why is she not dating? It should not be because of work. If she wants to move up, she must consider setting up a family. Being single at her age is considered politically immature from a certain perspective.

Then it should be those guys who cannot accept Geng Yuehua’s character.

This is not a valid reason too. Those guys should have heard about Geng Yuehua’s character as they are being recommended. They should be prepared or try dating for one to two months. Why did they reject after the first meeting? This is the problem. She is beautiful and has a perfect body. Even with her character flaw, she should have lots of suiters. If she wants to get married, men should be queuing up.

This is strange.

There must be something he doesn’t know.  

Dong Xuebing didn’t continue to think about it and walked back to the car. He is glad he was Geng Yuehua’s first man no matter what.


Geng Yuehua was still in the same position when Dong Xuebing returned. She is still reading her doc.u.ments, but Dong Xuebing notices the bloodstains on the seat are gone. She had wiped it.

Dong Xuebing walked up to Geng Yuehua. “Mayor Geng, I had made the phone call and pa.s.sed your message to Secretary Ma.”

“Ok.” Geng Yuehua replied without lifting her head.

Dong Xuebing laughed and entered the car. He sat beside Geng Yuehua and looked at the doc.u.ment. “What are you reading?”

Geng Yuehua gave Dong Xuebing a cold stare. “Is this something you should ask?”

“Huh? I was just asking.” Dong Xuebing was used to her reply and lit a cigarette to ease the awkwardness.

Geng Yuehua flipped a page of her doc.u.ment loudly. “Go out and smoke.”

Dong Xuebing quickly snubbed the cigarette. “Err… I will stop smoking.”

But the cigarette smoke still fills the inside of the car.

Geng Yuehua frowned and got out of the car. Suddenly, she gasped and quickly pressed against her thighs. Her legs almost give way and trip.

Is it because of the snake bite wound on her legs or the after-effects of her first time?

Dong Xuebing quickly moves forward to help her. “Are you alright?”

Geng Yuehua looks terrible, but she does not let Dong Xuebing help her. She supported herself in the car and continued to read her doc.u.ment.

It became awkward, and Dong Xuebing did not say anything. He just stood by the side to admire Geng Yuehua at work. He finds her serious-look attractive.

The coldness in her face….

Her beautiful brows….

Her curvy body….

The more Dong Xuebing looks at her, the more he likes her.

Sigh…. What secrets does Geng Yuehua have?

Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 1365 – The Swordmaster’s Authority

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Chapter 1365: The Swordmaster’s Authority

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“The damage to the Great Heaven Palace is that serious?!”

 After briefly going through the information transmitted from the Great Heaven Palace, Lin Huang was left somewhat speechless.

 Less than 20% of the Great Heaven Palace was intact. Except for the main hall and the attached s.p.a.ce which were not greatly affected, other halls with various functions were almost completely damaged.

 Lin Huang had originally thought that there would still be a lot of cultivation resources left in the Great Heaven Palace.

 However, after going through the information sent by the Great Heaven Palace, only then did he realize that almost all of the Palace resources had been destroyed, except for a part that Great Heaven had depleted during his Dao unification.

 Even the G.o.d relics that remained had been crushed by the Palace and used as materials to repair itself.

 Now all that was left of the Great Heaven Palace was one main hall, one Inheritance Dimension, two Archaic Fire Dragon gates, and two three-legged Golden Crow sculptures which remained intact.

 What surprised Lin Huang, however, was that the two Archaic Fire Dragons and the two three-legged Golden Crows were all living beast souls that possessed peak heavenly G.o.d-level abilities and that they were the guardians of the Great Heaven Palace.

 Great Heaven had discovered the four beast souls in two different ancient ruins and brought them out.

 However, Great Heaven was worried that his successor would rest on their laurels, so he allowed the Great Heaven Palace to restrict his successor’s authority. At Lin Huang’s current authorization level, it was impossible for him to order these four beast souls around.

 Noticing that the information given by the Palace mentioned limits of authority, Lin Huang took a closer look at his current authorization.

 At present, there were only six main authorizations available to him.

 “Authorization 1: The swordmaster can return to the Great Heaven Palace at any time; the swordmaster cannot lock anything below lord-level.”

 “Until the swordmaster achieves heavenly-G.o.d level, the Great Heaven Palace cannot be taken away or even moved from its place.”

 ‘Authorization 2: As the swordmaster’s Combat Level has not reached virtual G.o.d-level, the swordmaster may bring Sword Servants Sword301 to Sword368 out of the Great Heaven Territory. However, the Sword Servants’ combat strength is limited by the swordmaster’s own strength, and can only be higher than the swordmaster by one level at most.”

 “When the swordmaster elevates to virtual G.o.d-level, he will be authorized to have control over Sword Servants Sword101 to Sword300.”

 “When the swordmaster elevates to true G.o.d-level, he will be authorized to have control over Sword Servants Sword11 to Sword100.”

 “When the swordmaster elevates to heavenly G.o.d-level, he will be authorized to control the swordmaster’s bodyguards from Sword1 to Sword10.”

 “Prior to obtaining the necessary authorizations, the swordmaster cannot bring the Sword Servants out of the Great Heaven Palace’s a.s.sociated s.p.a.ce (the Trial s.p.a.ce).”

 “Authorization 3: As the new domain master of Great Heaven Territory, the swordmaster may leave the Great Heaven Territory with any creature of the Great Heaven Territory with combat abilities one level higher than himself. There are no restrictions on numbers.”

 “Before ascertaining the loyalty of the other party, it is best not to bring the other party out of the Great Heaven Territory without careful consideration, otherwise, the existence of the Great Heaven Territory could be exposed.”

 “Authorization 4: The swordmaster may utilize the Great Heaven Palace to teleport himself to any area of the Great Heaven Territory.”

 “Until the swordmaster elevates to heavenly G.o.d-level, he will not be able to integrate with the Great Heaven Territory. The swordmaster can only use the Great Heaven Palace to manage the Great Heaven Territory.”

 “Authority 5: In the Great Heaven Territory, within the tolerance range of the body and soul, the swordmaster can utilize a small amount of the Great Heaven Territory’s world strength for simple applications.”

 “Because there is no formal integration with the Great Heaven Territory, once the swordmaster leaves the Great Heaven Territory, the swordmaster will not be able to utilize any world strength outside of the Great Heaven Territory.”

 “Authority 6: Within the Great Heaven Palace’s a.s.sociated s.p.a.ce (the Trial s.p.a.ce), the swordmaster has absolute control over the Sword Servants and the swordmaster’s bodyguards.”

 “Only within the Great Heaven Palace’s a.s.sociated s.p.a.ce does the swordmaster have absolute authority. Upon entering the Great Heaven Territory, this absolute authority will be weakened. Therefore, the swordmaster must elevate his combat strength as soon as possible to obtain full control and authority over the Sword Servants.”

 “Authorization 1 means I can return to the Great Heaven Palace at any time, which is equivalent to an extra survival measure.

 “Authorization 2—at my current authorization level, I only have control of the Sword Servants with numbers above Sword300. My combat strength is still too low…

 “Authorization 3 means I can bring the people of Great Heaven Territory to the great world, but the people of Great Heaven Territory may not be loyal to me, the new domain master. It’s even possible that some of them were not loyal to the previous domain master, Great Heaven. Therefore, this function should be used with caution.

 “Authorization 4—this teleportation is a good thing; unfortunately, it can only be used within the Great Heaven Territory.

 “Authorization 5 means I can use world strength—this is not a bad level of authorization at all. Unfortunately, it can’t be used outside of the Great Heaven Territory.

 “Authorization 6 means I only have absolute control over the Sword Servants and the bodyguards within the Trial s.p.a.ce. It’s also specifically emphasized that after leaving the Trial s.p.a.ce my authority will be weakened. This indicates that these Sword Servants are not absolutely loyal either, otherwise it wouldn’t be necessary to set controls in place. Great Heaven very likely used this authority to restrict these people… So, it’s still necessary to increase my combat strength as soon as possible to obtain more control over the Sword Servants!”

 After reading the authorizations, Lin Huang interpreted them one by one.

 Initially, he was not very satisfied with the fact that he could only control the Sword Servants with numbers higher than Sword300, but when he thought about it carefully, he realized that even the Sword Servants who ranked after Sword300 were actually quite terrifying.

 One had to know that in the Compet.i.tive Trial, the Sword Servants were not just restricted in their Combat Levels. They were even more restricted in their ability to use their Rule Bending Powers and their Sword Dao strength was limited to peak level-6.

 Even under such dismal circ.u.mstances, the ability of an unbelievable genius like Unrivalled G.o.d in the Compet.i.tive Trial was equivalent to Sword Servants ranked 200 or so.

 The Sword Servants controlled by Lin Huang had all unsealed other aspects of their abilities to a certain degree except their combat strength. Not only were their Sword Dao levels unsealed up to True Martial Level, but they even had access to nine types of Rule Bending Power. They could almost be said to be at their peak.

 If it came down to a fight, the acc.u.mulation of nine types of G.o.d Rule Power and Elemental Enlightenment in addition to True Martial Level Sword Dao meant that even Lin Huang—whose Sword Dao had elevated to True Meaning Level—would have had some difficulty taking them on one by one and winning.

 “Although these Sword Servants are ranked after 300, with this level of authorization at present, their abilities would be no worse than Sword1 in the final Trial.” Lin Huang briefly glanced over the available authorizations for the Sword Servants. He then realized that he might have an additional 68 people whose abilities were comparable to Sword1.

 “The Great Heaven inheritance has been obtained; I already have the scabbard on hand, and I have also obtained authority over the Great Heaven Palace…” Lin Huang glanced out the window. “I have basically achieved my purpose in partic.i.p.ating in the Great Heaven Trial, which means it’s time for me to leave the Trial s.p.a.ce…”

 After murmuring to himself, Lin Huang suddenly spoke again.

 “Everyone, a.s.semble in front of the Great Heaven Palace!”

 All the Sword Servants in the Inheritance Dimension heard his order clearly.

 It was no surprise to all the Sword Servants, because a few minutes ago when Yin Yin transmitted the Great Heaven inheritance to Lin Huang, the Great Heaven Palace had already informed them that the new swordmaster had taken office!

 Everyone had been waiting for the new swordmaster’s summons for the last few minutes.

 Most of them already knew who the new swordmaster was.

 Earlier when the Compet.i.tive Trial had ended, the news that Lin Huang successfully initiated the final Trial had spread to all the Sword Servants. Moreover, more than two-thirds of the Sword Servants had fought against Lin Huang in the Compet.i.tive Trial and knew what he looked like.

 As for the swordmaster’s ten bodyguards, Lin Huang had pa.s.sed by through each of their stages one by one.

 After hearing the new swordmaster’s order, more than 360 Sword Servants all set off at the very first instant and hurried to the Great Heaven Palace…

Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 518

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Chapter 518: Special Cards

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The Scarborough Workshop was a powerful organization that was founded in the olden days. They mainly researched genetics where they were looking into genetic elixirs in the beginning, but they also secretly worked on genetic modification and artificial humans. Later on, as the new era came, the organization started researching on various monsters and modifications. They integrated the genetics of monsters and humans to come up with modified humans.

Scarborough’s owner, Si Nan, was not only powerful. He was also a genius scientist who supported human evolution. He said the new era was a world of new human beings. Those humans who refused to be modified would die with history. Lin Huang retrieved the basic information about the Scarborough Workshop from Mr. Fu. Although Mr. Fu only knew that the organization headquarters was located in Division 2 200 years ago, he had no idea where it was now. However, he asked Lin Huang not to worry about the organization as they were not a threat to him.

“It seems like the Scarborough Workshop sold the three fiends to the Purple Crow or they had some collaboration going on,” Lin Huang speculated from what Mr. Fu told him.

The Scarborough Workshop had modification businesses which many underground organizations worked with since hundreds of years ago. It was highly possible that the Purple Crow had bought the fiends from the Scarborough Workshop to join their army. However, both the organizations could be collaborating with each other.

Lin Huang thought it was normal that Professor Jin did not recognize the three fiends as they looked a lot more different than before. The fiends had appeared much more terrifying when Lin Huang found them at the Mystery Auction. When they were made into cards, their appearances were restored back to how the fiends usually looked like. However, according to Xiao Hei, the fiends’ modification data remained in their memories, which made them powerful enough to fight immortal-level rank-2 monsters when they were only double mutated gold flame-levels.

Lin Huang did not dwell on it further after finding out that the Scarborough Workshop was not a threat to him. However, he remembered clearly that Professor Jin had treated him like a toy and wanted to turn him into his guinea pig. He did not plan to look for Professor Jin at the moment as he was incapable of fighting him now. He would go back for him when he was more powerful in the future.

It was clear that Mr. Fu would teach the Scarborough Workshop a lesson as he had said that he would talk to Si Nan soon. Lin Huang decided to forget about the incident while browsing through the rewards that he had obtained in the past few days.

“The mission took me a total of four days, and the ten Life Fires in my body are burning at 300 meters now, which exceeds the 50-meter limit of rank-3 tinder. I also got four epic-level monsters, two Black Serpents, and two Tri-headed Apes. However, as my combat level is restricted, these four monsters are suppressed at gold flame-level instead of its previous immortal-level rank-1. The main reward is the cross-ranking rewards…” His eyes lit up when he thought about that.

“300 card draws!”

Before Lin Huang reached white flame-level, he had less than 100 functional cards excluding Monster Cards. The mission this time had rewarded him with 300 card draws. It was like a lousy player who gotten $5 million and became a platinum player.

“300… Hehehe…” As he giggled to himself, Xiao Hei’s notification came through.

“You have acc.u.mulated 100 card draws this time, and that has activated a new function. I didn’t remind you earlier. I shall explain to you now before you draw the cards.”

“A new function?” Lin Huang was excited.

“The first new function would be a specific card draw whereby you’ll get one specific card that you desire for every ten card draws. Of course, the specific card may be either a Skill Card, an Item Card, a Function Card and even a Monster Card but not a Special Card.”

“Special Card?” Lin Huang was surprised to hear that. He was familiar with the four types of card that Xiao Hei had listed, but it was his first time hearing about a Special Card.

“A Special Card is a supreme card such as the Revival Card that can revive a dead person, the Invincible Card that makes a person immune to all harm and the Time Freezing Card that can stop time… The Deceiving Card that you used the last time is also a Special Card which allows you to hide away, deceiving every living thing in the world.”

Lin Huang was stunned at what Xiao Hei informed him as the effect of these cards were incredibly attractive.

“How about the second new function?” He only snapped out of his daydream zone a while later.

“The second new function will be the ability to obtain a Special Card. This function allows you to obtain one Special Card with 100 card draws. The card that you’ll get is random; there’s nothing I can do about it.”

“So that means I’ll only get three Special Cards for 300 card draws and what I get is random…” Lin Huang was tempted after hearing the effects of the Special Card. However, he remained rational.

“Xiao Hei, if I draw my cards now, I’ll definitely have the chance of getting a Special Card. Am I right?”

“Yes, but the probabilities are slim.”

“Do you have a more specific ratio?” Lin Huang asked.

“No. All I can tell you is that if you’re not lucky, the probability of getting it will be zero.”

“That depends on my looks then…” Lin Huang became gloomy after hearing Xiao Hei’s answer. He always hated games that depended on looks. Although he thought he had become luckier when he got to this world, he was still traumatized from playing ‘Master XX’ the last time.

Lin Huang made his decision a while later.

“Never mind then, I shall keep a hundred card draws for an emergency. If I ever encounter something threatening, at least I’ll have something that I can depend on.” He was insecure ever since he got to this world. After thinking about it, he decided not to draw all of the cards now.

“I should have enough for 200 card draws.”

“Xiao Hei, show me the cards that I can choose from!” Lin Huang said to Xiao Hei.

“I have randomly picked 3,600 cards for you. Pick 200 cards from these 3,600 cards as your reward.”

Lin Huang was surrounded by an ocean of cards as Xiao Hei spoke. It was like a card frenzy had set upon him…

Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 733 – Hunting For Zhu Xing!

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Chapter 733: Hunting for Zhu Xing!
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Seeing that he was now hundreds of meters away from the Fading Petals, Zhu Xing concluded that he had finally rid himself of it so he stopped running. He had expended a large amount of strength in his attempt to escape.

‘This guy is really skilled. He managed to almost kill me by using the Fading Petals.’ Zhu Xing thought fearfully about the Fading Petals.

He would not have dared to provoke the Fading Petals in the past even while he was at the peak of his strength, let alone in his current form after parasitizing an immortal-level body. He could very well turn into food for it if his skill did not activate in time

“The Fading Petals chased after Lie Kong before me. I think Lie Kong is dead…” Zhu Xing did not see the snow giant getting killed but he could guess that the snow giant had fallen. It was impossible that the Fading Petals would let go of a demiG.o.d to give chase to him.

“There are a few hours left until the deadline set by the Union Government. Without Lie Kong’s teleportation ability, I won’t be able to chase after that person any longer. I’ll remember this forever. After leaving the floating land in the near future, he’ll have to pay for what he has done!” Zhu Xing’s eyes flashed with a trace of fury.

After summoning b.l.o.o.d.y, Lin Huang finally felt like he had vented his anger after witnessing the snow giant dying and Zhu Xing fleeing clumsily through b.l.o.o.d.y’s projection. He felt lucky because he was now safe.

He knew that the Fading Petals was terrifying. However, it was not until he saw the demiG.o.d snow giant suffering before it died on the screen that he realized how fearsome the Fading Petals were. It was hundreds of times scarier than what he could ever imagine.

“The Fading Petals hail from the abyss and is simply too terrifying.” Lin Huang sighed. “I guess Zhu Xing is too afraid to come after me anymore.”

As seen from the monitoring screen, Zhu Xing looked like a frightened bird. Lin Huang knew that he would no longer be able to cause any trouble for him any longer.

“Without teleportation, it’ll be difficult for him to locate you.” b.l.o.o.d.y laughed.

“Unfortunately, Zhu Xing is still alive.” Lin Huang was upset.

“He was a Virtual G.o.d in the past, and he’s quite skilled.” It was within b.l.o.o.d.y’s expectation. “At least the result is a positive one, and you’ve temporarily rid yourself of one of the biggest problems you’re facing.

“As you said, this is just a temporary plan. I’m pretty sure Zhu Xing will still get me into trouble after we leave this place.” Lin Huang knew that Zhu Xing would not give up a chance for him to exact revenge on him.

“What are you going to do? Kill him before leaving the floating land?” b.l.o.o.d.y asked.

“It’s definitely difficult to kill him but now is the best timing. He’s alone and he doesn’t have a guardian with him. Also, he’s just completed parasitizing his new body so his combat strength must be at its weakest point now. Once he recovered his combat strength to the level of a Virtual G.o.d, it’ll difficult to kill him.” Lin Huang wanted him dead because he was a threat and was eager to kill him so that nothing would happen in the future. “He won’t expect that I’m planning to kill him now.”

“Regardless of how weak he is, he’s still an immortal-level rank-9. His ability is on par with someone at the imperial-level. His escape from the Fading Petals is proof enough of his power. Even if you were to start a fight with him, the probability of defeating him will be extremely low. Also, the number of times you can use your skills against him will be reduced each time they’re activated. Are you still going to give it a try?” b.l.o.o.d.y disagreed with Lin Huang.

“Let’s give it a try. We’ll flee if the plan fails. If the plan succeeds, we’ll be able to rid ourselves of this danger permanently. I think it worth a bet.” Lin Huang insisted.

“Since you’ve made up your mind, let’s make a wager. However, we’ll need to discuss the details of the plan.” b.l.o.o.d.y failed to persuade Lin Huang so it had to agree with him.

Thousands of kilometers away, he gave up the thought of chasing after Lin Huang after confirming that he managed to escape from danger and headed towards the gathering point of the tribal members. Despite being unsure of the person who took Lin Huang in the past, he was ready to fend anyone of them off. ‘All the tribal members who were friendly to humans were traitors! They should be killed!’

Of course, Zhu Xing did not know that he had become Lin Huang’s target. Each and every action of his was being monitored by Lin Huang.

“Based on the direction that he’s headed in… Is he going to meet the tribal members? Lin Huang frowned after seeing b.l.o.o.d.y’s projection.

“Yes. According to his current flight speed, he’ll meet with the tribal members in 1.5 hours at most.” b.l.o.o.d.y nodded. “If we want to kill him, we’ll have to do it before they meet.”

Lin Huang nodded as he projected the map of the floating land. Soon, they managed to pinpoint Zhu Xing’s location. He pointed at it and said, “He’s there! About 200 kilometers away. It must be somewhere near the coordinates that I saved in my dimensional relic earlier. Please help me estimate his path. We’ll have to block his way and kill him!”

“Alright!” b.l.o.o.d.y replied.

After summoning the Golden Wheel, Lin Huang and b.l.o.o.d.y were sent to a place that was thousands of kilometers ahead of Zhu Xing.

“Let’s head toward two o’clock. There’s a forest situated about 25 kilometers that way. We can hide there since Zhu Xing is definitely going to pa.s.s by that place.” Lin Huang recalled the Golden Wheel while b.l.o.o.d.y estimated Zhu Xing’s path.

“Let’s wait for him over there.” Lin Huang grinned as he headed toward the two o’clock direction.

In just a short while, Lin Huang arrived at the forest that b.l.o.o.d.y was mentioning.

As they went deeper into the forest, b.l.o.o.d.y led Lin Huang to a place to hide. It was a hollow tree.

They squatted inside the tree while Lin Huang patiently waited for Zhu Xing to arrive.

After three minutes pa.s.sed, Zhu Xing appeared in the sky above the forest. He had no idea that they were hiding there.

All of a sudden, flocks of birds in the forest randomly flew to the sky in every direction as if they were frightened.

Zhu Xing frowned and slowed down to avoid the flocks of birds.

However, a flock of Thunder Sparrows rushed toward him.

Zhu Xing immediately landed on the ground once he saw what just happened. It would not be wise for him to take on the flocks of birds in the sky in his current condition.

“Now’s the time! Let’s fight!” At this moment, b.l.o.o.d.y whispered to Lin Huang.

Lin Huang had prepared himself with six of his G.o.d Crashers. With his telekinetic powers, the muzzle of the cannons took aim at Zhu Xing while he descended from the sky.


A golden beam was seen flas.h.i.+ng through the sky along with a loud bang. Not even expecting anything, Zhu Xing was engulfed by the golden beam…

Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 578

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Chapter 578: Yi Yeyu is Angry

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The entrance to the second floor was situated in one of the rooms that they had cleaned out. To be accurate, it was in the eighth room that they had cleared about two hours ago.

After cleaning up all the 16 rooms, the five of them returned to the entrance to the second floor underground.

The staircase was different from the first one as they were made of stone.

As they went down the stairs, they found out that not only were there scratches on the staircase but also on the walls beside the staircase. The scratches were of different depths. That being said, they seemed to be made by various monsters.

Seeing the scratches, Yi Yeyu frowned. “It seems like many monsters appear over here.”

“Many of them are new. It’s obvious that these scratches have been made within three days,” Yi Zheng added, “This indicates that the monsters go out often to hunt for food.”

“Most likely, that’s the reason. It seems like all the monsters that we encounter in the ruins are nocturnal, and they’ll possibly hunt for food in a group at night,” Leng Yuexin further a.n.a.lyzed.

Their a.n.a.lysis was precisely what Lin Huang wanted them to find out for themselves as he could not explicitly tell Yi Zheng and the rest that about the monsters hunting for food at night.

He had gotten this information from b.l.o.o.d.y as it had retrieved the memory of the monsters. Lin Huang could not explain the source of the information as he had told them earlier that he had never been to the ruins. He would be contradicting himself if he told them about it.

However, since they had guessed that the monsters would hunt for food at night, Lin Huang added, “It seems possible that all the monsters in the ruins are nocturnal. That’s why we didn’t encounter a single monster during the daytime.

“There’s also the existence of the chief-level monster in the ruins, which means that this is at least a 3-star ruins. There’s certainly the presence of other chief-level monsters. If our guess is correct, the ruins will be extremely dangerous at night!”

Because they had come up with their own inference, Lin Huang then concluded based on the facts that he already knew. However, he kept it secret that they were at least in a 4-star ruin.

Their faces turned grave after listening to what Lin Huang said.

“If the monsters appear in the 3-star ruins at night, it’ll be very dangerous.” Yi Zheng fretted.

“However, we shouldn’t overthink. Let’s kill the monsters before night falls. We’ll be in great trouble if we are surrounded by the monsters at night,” Lin Huang reminded them what they had to do now.

As reminded by Lin Huang, Yi Zheng came up with a plan. “Regardless of whether we made the right guess, we’ll have to clear all the monsters here. We’re at a depth of more than hundreds of meters, and there’s an aura from the monsters everywhere. They’ll be able to cover our aura. The main thing is that there’s only one entrance which has a diameter of five meters. They can hardly attack us. If hordes of monsters do really appear at night, this place is ten times safer than places that are larger. Even if the monsters manage to squeeze through the entrance, the number of monsters will be limited, and we’ll be able to defend against their attack…”

The rest of them soon noticed the importance of them clearing the monsters in the ruins. They snapped out of their thoughts and became serious.

Lin Huang felt relieved as he was wondering how he should tell them that the monsters in the ruins would appear at night and that it would be the safest for them to hide in the ruins. He did not expect that everything would turn out well just as he wished.

In less than two minutes after they had finished their conversation, they arrived on the second floor of the ruins.

There was a long corridor at the end of the stairs. There was no need for Lin Huang to show them the way as Yi Zheng and the rest saw that on the left-hand side of the corridor, there was an entrance to the first room.

Still, Lancelot and Lin Huang brought up the rear while Yi Zheng and the rest rushed into the room.

In the first room on the second floor underground, the sleeping Bat Demons were awoken by the four of them as they entered.

The Bat Demon was a type of demon with a black or greyish-black body. It had a falcon-like head and a human body structure. Without looking at its head and wings, it looked exactly like bodybuilders in the human world. Bat Demons were very muscular, but they had a dark skin tone. However, they were different from humans as their feet and palms were agile. They could fully support their body with their feet and hang upside down while they were sleeping. Besides that, they would also cover their whole body with their wings. While a group of Bat Demons was sleeping, people would think that they were black hanging ceiling lamps.

However, the “ceiling lamps” woke up as Yi Zheng and the rest entered.

Upon realizing that the monsters were Bat Demons, their faces turned grave. Although there were only 50 to 60 of the Bat Demons and the number of monsters was lesser than those on the first floor underground, their abilities were incomparable to the Bat Demons’.

Most of the Bat Demons were on blue flame-level after becoming adults. Some of the talented ones could even get to purple flame-level. Their combat strength alone surpa.s.sed the monsters on the first floor.

Besides, the Bat Demon could fly, and they were skilled at performing short flights. The Blind Apes that Lin Huang and the rest had encountered on the first floor were extremely agile monsters. However, the Bat Demon was way nimbler than the Blind Ape.

Aside from that, the Bat Demons did not build those muscles for fun. This type of monster had immense strength. The strength of the blue flame-level was on par with purple flame-levels. As for those that were on purple flame-level, they would definitely be able to fight gold flame-level monsters with their power. That being said, it was a type of monster that possessed all speed, strength, and agility.

At almost the same time as the four of them rushed into the room, a few of the Bat Demon pounced on them.

Leng Yuexin immediately activated her ice element whereas Yi Zheng brandished his sword. However, there were still two of the Bat Demons that went after Yi Yeyu and Li Lang.

Both of them could not block the two Bat Demon’s actions in time, and they could only dodge their attack.

Bang! Bang!

The loud thuds were heard at almost the same time. Soon after, two shadows were blown out of the room, smas.h.i.+ng against the wall on the corridor. In an instant, two big cracks that looked like spider webs appeared on the wall, forming an indent in it.

Unexpectedly, Yi Yeyu and Li Lang were the ones smashed against the wall.

Just as the two Bat Demons were about to pounce on them and continue attacking, Lancelot appeared, standing in front of both of them. It was using a single-handed sword, slas.h.i.+ng its sword down on the Bat Demons. They were instantly killed, and their black blood splattered all over the place. Lancelot put its left hand that was still holding the packet of dried vegetables behind its body as it was afraid that it might stain its precious food with blood.

“Ahem!” Li Lang coughed as he got up from the indent on the wall. As he patted the dust from his body, he said, “Dirty tricks. He gets me with a sneak attack. I’m just not ready for the fight yet!”

Yi Yeyu’s face turned grave, keeping quiet. However, her body was emitting red flames. Not only was her sword surrounded by flames, but her whole body was also burning. Apparently, she was angry.

When she got out of the wall, Yi Yeyu gradually walked towards the room. With every step forward, the flames on her body became more intense…

The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy Chapter 2082 – wanted to go to the Ding Group

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Chapter 2082: Chapter 2082 wanted to go to the Ding Group

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Unfortunately, Le Tian’s mother fell for it.

Ding Junqi was a best actor himself, so why would he care whether he was good at acting or not?

He didn’t care at all, okay?

Therefore, Ding junqi was completely capable of coaxing le Tian’s mother to be happy.

However, Le Tian still wanted to go to the ding group’s elevator, if that was a way for her to recall everything.

“Previously, Yu Dong told me that there was a parent-child program that invited me. I was wondering if I wanted to partic.i.p.ate.”Ding junqi finally placed his gaze on his son.

Ding Yuejia:”…”

He suddenly felt that this was not a good thing.

“Aiyo, it’s the kind of program that is similar to where Daddy Goes. I really like that program.”Le Tian’s mother was a television addict, especially for variety shows. If her little grandson could partic.i.p.ate, that would be the best.

“It’s more or less the same. It’s just a kind of adventure show that brings children along. The people who partic.i.p.ate are not necessarily actors, but also elites from all walks of life,”Ding Junqi explained in detail.

“Like Gu Juexi?”Le Tian suddenly asked. If Gu Juexi were to partic.i.p.ate —

Ding junqi turned around and gave her an unfriendly look, but it was so that Le Tian’s parents would not see it. “What show do you think can afford to hire Gu Juexi?”

“If Gu Juexi were to partic.i.p.ate, the traffic would not need you, the best actor, to drive it,”Le Tian said and stood up with Ding Yuejia. “Let’s go. Mom bought you new clothes. Let’s go and try on some new clothes.”

Ding junqi:”…”

Her heart was pierced, and it was the kind that was pierced through.

“Ignore her.”Le Tian’s mother glared at her daughter and turned around with a smiling face. “But it’s such a young child. Wouldn’t it be unsafe to bring him on an adventure?”

“The safety crew must have some arrangements. The main reason is that Yuejia is too delicate sometimes. It’s good to bring him on an adventure.”The main reason was to let her son learn not to stick to her mother all day long.

Le Tian’s mother’s heart melted when she thought of her little grandson’s baby voice. She could completely forgive him for being delicate.

Ding Yuejia belonged to that category. No one could refuse his request once his baby voice was released. This child was simply cuter than ever.

“But, the child is so young –”

“Auntie, it’s alright. I heard from Yu Dong that the production team has invited an active-duty soldier to bring along a pair of dragon and Phoenix Twins. They are more than a year younger than Ding Yuejia. Young lady can partic.i.p.ate, and so can ding Yuejia.”Ding junqi was doing the work of Le Tian’s mother, “Furthermore, Le Tian also said before that Ding Yuejia doesn’t want to go to school and doesn’t want to interact with others. Just take it as bringing him out to interact with others.”

Le Tian’s mother heard that the young lady was going and thought about how she had taken Ding Yuejia with her for more than ten days. The Little Fellow did stay at home all day and didn’t want to go out. Even if he went downstairs, he didn’t like to play with other children.

This was a big problem.

“Alright then. You have to tell your parents about this. After all, Yuejia is so small. We are really worried.”Le Tian’s mother still felt sorry for her little grandson. If it was an ordinary variety show, then forget it. The main point was that it was an adventure, she was afraid that her little grandson would not be able to endure this hardship.

Ding Yuejia sneezed when he was changing his clothes. who was scheming against him?

“Are you cold?”Le Tian hurriedly reached out and touched his little body. Then, she turned the air conditioner up a little.

“Daddy must be thinking of ways to harm me..”Ding Yuejia snorted.

Star Rank Hunter Chapter 361.1: The Complete Star Map of God’s Tear

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Chapter 361.1: The Complete Star Map of G.o.d’s Tear

Lung didn’t bring many people with him. Just like he said before, he wanted to keep a low profile this time.

There were two people in the room besides Lung when Cillin first showed up. However, both men only shot Cillin a glance before returning to the games they were playing to the pa.s.s the time. Including Big Rock, he had only seen three Andrea Family subordinates so far.

Old man Berzett hadn’t come with Lung either. Berzett was Lung’s butler, and many people believed that it was easier to predict Lung’s movement via him than it was to predict the unpredictable man himself. They were right, which was why Berzett had stayed behind to pull the wool over people’s eyes.

“Is this everyone?” Cillin asked.

A few years ago, they had visited the infamous Sector S alone and relied mostly on good equipment and good sense to protect themselves. Sea Paradise was even more dangerous than Sector S, however. Not even the Great Four was willing to brave its dangers for the vast riches it hid beneath its depths. Even for Lung, three men was too few especially considering the Andrea Family’s modus operandi.

Lung gave the bird nest that was his bed hair a scratch before replying, “Nah. Not including you, I’m bringing ten men in total for this adventure.”

The ten men he chose were completely trustworthy, strong, and had the best chance of surviving Sea Paradise’s environment. They might not be able to beat the Andrea Family’s top fighters on land, but it might be a different story in the sea.

However, Lung glanced at Czedow and Wheeze before saying, “But why do I get the feeling like my ten men are less reliable than your companion and your pet?”

The two gamers immediately looked up from their devices and stared at Czedow and Wheeze. Even Big Rock had temporarily stopped tidying whatever it was he kept in his briefcase.

Three pairs of eyes lasered onto Czedow and Wheeze, but Czedow continued to read the newspaper quietly as if nothing was going on, and Wheeze was still gobbling down its fish biscuits with all the grace of a messy eater. The only sign that it heard them at all was its ears twitching once when the three men looked in its direction.

It was at this moment another three men entered the room. They were one of the ten people Lung had chosen for this mission. They had gone out earlier to make a couple of purchases.

Cillin recognized one of them as a trainer that he had clashed briefly in the past. The trainer had shown great speed in the sea, and he was no standard human being. Cillin distinctly remembered seeing a tentacle or two while the man was zooming around in the waters.

Pascado immediately sensed that the atmosphere was odd when he entered the room. There were two new faces in the room, and one of them were being scrutinized intensely by his companions. For some reason, there was also an ugly cat on the ta… huh? Was it just him, or had he seen the cat before?

Pascado’s expression grew odder and odder until finally, he asked Lung, “Young master, is that…”

Lung beckoned him and his companions over before saying, “Introductions are in order, I see. This guy is my brother Cillin, that guy over there is Czedow, and this cat is Wheeze.”

Everyone rolled their eyes at the same time. That’s it? You give us their names but nothing else?

At least they knew who Cillin was. Everyone here had served under Lung for quite some time and were privy to some of his contacts, and Pascado most definitely remembered Cillin now. Czedow was definitely an unfamiliar name though.

Pascado had fought Cillin before, so he didn’t think that he or his companions would be dragging their feet at Sea Paradise. However, the two gamers and Big Rock didn’t share the same knowledge and thus were extremely displeased with Lung’s comment.

What do you mean the ten of us don’t compare to one man and a cat?

Why is he demoralizing us before the mission?

His two companions and even Pascado himself shared more or less the same opinion after learning what the trio were so miffed about. He might be the weakest fighter of his group, but he still didn’t believe that he would lose to the guy reading the newspaper.

“So, do you guys want to train together for a bit? To build rapport and improve teamwork,” the guy next to Pascado suggested.

Everyone voiced their agreements, and Lung shot Cillin an inquiring look. The latter nodded.

“Sure, why not? I need to speak with Lung though, so count me out. Let’s go somewhere more private, Lung.”

“Sure,” Lung replied while pointing at a room. He said to his men after stepping inside, “Keep it down, okay?”

“Will do, young master!!” The guys answered while doing some quick stretches. They obviously couldn’t wait to “train” together with Czedow already.

Lung knew they didn’t understand what he really meant, but he left them to their fates and closed the door. They often thought too highly of their own abilities and could use the wake-up call anyway.

“Well? What’s this mystery about? Did the media movement from before affect you or something?” Lung pulled over a chair and sat down. He would rather sit if he didn’t need to stand, and lie down if he didn’t need to sit.

“No, it’s regarding the Aurelio’s Cage.”

Lung subconsciously straightened his back and turned serious the moment he heard the two words. He hadn’t told Cillin in detail why he was heading to Sea Paradise, so he was surprised to hear Cillin bringing up the Aurelio’s Cage himself.

Cillin took out a star map fragment from his ring, and Lung immediately jumped to his feet.

“Holy s.h.i.+t! You have a star map fragment of G-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-G.o.d’s Tear!? I can hardly believe it!!!”

Lung carefully took the star map fragment from Cillin’s hands before asking, “Are you really going to give this to us?”

“Yes. This fragment is very valuable to your family, but not to me,” Cillin replied.

He had become allies with the Andrea Family from the moment he became staunch friends with Lung. a.s.suming that he might need to call on their aid in the future, they were sure to provide it especially if he made the request through Lung. However, Cillin would rather prove to the Andrea Family that he and the Eleventh Squadron were worthy allies in their own right. By giving this star map fragment to Lung, he would be helping a friend and showing the old fox behind the Andrea Family that the Eleventh Squadron was an ally they should strive to keep.

After making some changes to the room so as to minimize the risk of detection, Lung took out a different star map fragment from his subs.p.a.ce container. The Andrea Family had come into possession of this star map fragment for a very long time, but their search for the other star map fragment hadn’t yielded any fruit. That was why they had set it aside until now. If GAL’s future wasn’t growing more and more uncertain everyday, Lung wouldn’t have made the decision to search for G.o.d’s Tear using the incomplete star map.

Before this, the Andrea Family guessed that G.o.d’s Tear might be hidden in Sea Paradise, but couldn’t be certain because the star map was incomplete. In fact, Lung himself was just gambling on the possibility that it might be there. No one, not even the old fox, Andrea Fergus himself believed that Lung would actually find anything.

After learning that Lung was going to Sea Paradise to search for G.o.d’s Tear, Fergus had given him a time limit of one hundred days. If he couldn’t find G.o.d’s Tear in one hundred days, he would leave Sea Paradise immediately and return home. Big Rock was Fergus’ subordinate, and he wasn’t just here to support the search mission and protect Lung from danger. If Lung exceeded the time limit but still refused to leave, then it was Big Rock’s job to take him home by hook or by crook.

“Who would’ve thought? Seriously, who would’ve thought?”

Most of the core members of the Andrea Family were aware that there were only two G.o.d’s Tear star map fragments in the entire galaxy. Unfortunately, it also meant that finding the last star map fragment was about as easy as finding a needle in an ocean planet. Lung had never thought that he would be able to see and even hold the last star map fragment his family had been searching for G.o.d knows how long until now.

Reborn: Femme Fatale First Daughter Chapter 516 – Officially Falling out with the He Family

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Chapter 516 Officially Falling out with the He Family

Yu Mingyong felt that he was about to be beheaded when he heard that King Xuan added another sin to his list. He was so frightened that he almost wet his pants. He was afraid that Feng Yuran would kill him on the spot. He said hurriedly, “Your Highness, Your Highness, I have, I have evidence. They said that they would find a way to get a hornet’s nest to the tree by the lake. When Consort Xuan pa.s.sed by, it would fall and the hornets in it would fly out. When everyone was in chaos, the s.l.u.t would push Consort Xuan into the lake.”

A hornet’s nest?

It immediately occurred to the crowd that when it was in a mess just now, there was indeed someone crying out that there were hornets. They saw many maids and elder maidservants pulling out their handkerchiefs and sleeves to drive something forcefully, which made it hard to make out who had fallen into the lake. They only heard someone screaming that Consort Xuan had fallen into the lake, so everyone thought that it was Mo Xuetong who had fallen into the water.

If it weren’t for that hornet’s nest, this whole mess wouldn’t have happened. It seemed that Yu Mingyong was telling the truth, especially now that he was still glaring at He Yufen, who was half-lying on the ground, as if he wanted to tear her apart.

Feng Yuran looked at He Yufen and asked coldly, “He Yufen, is what he said true?”

Since she woke up from a semi-comatose state, He Yufen had been trembling. She pulled the belt of her dress and huddled, unable to utter a word. However, it was only because she was just saved from the lake, she was more panicky.

How could something like this happen? Shouldn’t Mo Xuetong fall into the lake, and be rescued by Yu Mingyong and ruin her reputation? How could she fall into the lake because she was staggered for a moment? After that, she did not even have time to think about what was going on. She only struggled subconsciously. However, as a woman, her strength could not be compared to an adult man’s. She was too weak to break away from Yu Mingyong who tried to take her ash.o.r.e even with all her effort.

At this time, she would rather die like this than lose face. “Oh, no, I’m done!” She didn’t know what to do next. Her face paled and she just lowered her head miserably and didn’t say a word. Her mind went blank.

She only lifted her head when she heard the call from above. She looked up at Feng Yuran who was seated high. His handsome face looked as if covered with frost. Then, she looked at Mo Xuetong who was seated by his side. There was disdain and ridicule on her beautiful face. It was as if she was saying that even if she had calculated everything, this was how she came to be.

He Yufen noticed that Mo Xuetong intentionally moved closer to Feng Yuran, and that her pink lips curled up, carrying a provocative taunt. He Yufen’s chaotic mind was filled with hatred. She could not help but point at Mo Xuetong and scream, “It’s you, you b.i.t.c.h. I am supposed to be Consort Xuan. Aunt said that the position can only be mine. How dare you take that position? You must have seduced Cousin Xuan. Our He family will not let you off the hook. I will take that position back. Only I am worthy of this position and Cousin Xuan.”

At this time, she shouted at the top of her voice and her beautiful eyes were full of blood-red hatred. She stared at Mo Xuetong as if she wanted to pounce on her and tear her apart.

Mo Xuetong leaned towards Feng Yuran in fear and pulled on his clothes timidly. There was a hint of water in her bright eyes. She looked at He Yufen in confusion and asked, “Concubine He, how could you say something like that? I was going to marry King Xuan before your He family came. When did I take over the position from the He family? When did the position of Consort Xuan end up belonging to the He family?”

Her delicate appearance made people feel sorry for her. Many people immediately stood on her side and fiercely looked at He Yufen, who was not properly dressed. Everyone thought that she was an eyesore. She was such a vicious woman and only a concubine, but she dared to covet the position of Consort Xuan.

Most of the people present were wives and legitimate daughters. They would not like a concubine who wanted to become the wife, so they scolded her incessantly, which made He Yufen start to lose her mind. She stared at Mo Xuetong and felt that this s.l.u.t had seduced her cousin, causing him to turn a blind eye to her beauty.

“Cousin Xuan, how could you support her like that? What’s so good about that b.i.t.c.h? Cousin Xuan, I’m your cousin. Before I came, Aunt told me that I was going to be your wife. I came here for you, Cousin Xuan. Everything I do is for you. You have to have my back!” He Yufen cried out. Her hair was disheveled and there were some water plants on her head. Her face was streaked with powder, making it hard to see her beautiful features.

Everyone thought that she looked like a ghost and was really ugly. When they heard that her aunt was aimed at the position of Consort Xuan, they immediately looked at her with disgusted and meaningful gazes.

Who was He Yufen’s aunt? Of course, it was Consort Zhao in the palace. Unexpectedly, Consort Zhao in the palace wanted to kill her niece-in-law and wanted her niece to replace her. It was said that the consort was virtuous, graceful, and decent, but she had done something outside the palace. How could she be generous and decent?

It seemed that the Emperor’s favorite concubine was not as gentle as she appeared to be on the surface. She was also extremely cruel and merciless.

“Somebody, beat Yu Mingyong for 20 times, and take this woman…” Feng Yuran smiled devilishly. “To a brothel,” he said slowly under He Yufen’s expectant gaze.

A brothel? That was a place for men to have fun. He Yufen was stunned. When she saw two guards coming to pull her, she suddenly became sober and struggled with all her might. “Your Highness, Cousin Xuan, Cousin Xuan, please spare me. Cousin Xuan, please spare me.”

Finding the two guards dragging her out without mercy, He Yufen finally felt scared and she cried out, “Your Highness, Your Highness, please spare me! Please spare me! I…” Suddenly, she thought of something and her eyes lit up. Then she yelled loudly, “Your Highness, I have something to…”

However, before she could finish her words, the guards grabbed the handkerchief that had fallen in front of her and blocked her mouth. Her hands were clamped, so she couldn’t use her strength. Thinking that she would be thrown into a brothel, she rolled her eyes and really pa.s.sed out.

Mo Xuetong calmly pinched Feng Yuran’s hand and moved her face to He Yufen’s direction, motioning him to see He Yufen clearly. Mo Xuetong was slightly shocked when she heard that He Yufen said she knew something. She had a feeling that He Yufen knew more than He Yuxiu did and that she might even know some old stories.

Feng Yuran did not turn around, but gave her a pinch back.

At the same time, Yu Mingyong was also dragged away. When he thought that he would not be beaten to death, Yu Mingyong breathed a sigh of relief. He was strong, so this punishment would not kill him. But when he thought that it was the He family that started this matter and that Consort Zhao was involved in this matter, he couldn’t wait to go to the palace and complain to his sister immediately.

“The He family and Consort Zhao! You’re making enemies with our Yu family!”

Looking at how Feng Yuran dealt with He Yufen, and his angry handsome face—even though there was a smile on his face, it looked ferocious—a few, who had wanted to be close to the He family for the sake of King Xuan and Consort Zhao, gave up the idea.

King Xuan sent his cousin to the brothel which meant that he officially fell out with the He family!

It seemed that they’d better keep away from the He family. On the one hand, it would offend King Xuan. On the other hand, the He family was too vicious. Many felt that the He family had no humanity when they saw how nervous and afraid Consort Xuan was when she clung to King Xuan!

The He family even dared to lay a finger on their own nephew’s wife. They were just too vicious!

“Ah!” All the people here had their own thoughts and stood far away from Madam Lian. Suddenly, they heard a woman’s painful scream. Everyone looked over and saw a beautiful woman covering her stomach with her hands. They were all stunned and there was some suspicion in their eyes. “What the h.e.l.l is going on again?”

Then, the crowd exchanged glances, feeling speechless for a moment. It seemed that they had made a mistake to come to King Xuan’s Manor today! They ran into a lot of trouble.

Concubine Xiang was also confused. She had no clue what happened just now. When she rushed to Mo Xuetong, she had made a good plan. Whether Mo Xuetong avoided her or fell into the lake, because of what happened before, everyone would think that Mo Xuetong was jealous of her so that she deliberately did such a thing to hurt the child in her belly.

If she lost the child in her belly, King Xuan would divorce Mo Xuetong. Even if he didn’t divorce her for a while, he would treat her coldly. And she could win his care because of the child she lost. Maybe she could become the second consort in one stroke. By then, Mo Xuetong who was snubbed couldn’t compete with her.

In the future, as long as she worked hard, it would not be difficult for her to make Mo Xuetong lose the position of Consort Xuan.

The hornet’s nest that had fallen out of thin air made her thrilled. She planned to blame it entirely on Mo Xuetong, and then she would not be able to explain herself at all.

Her hand was about to touch Mo Xuetong when she suddenly felt a flash in front of her. Mo Xuetong had disappeared out of thin air. Then, her vision darkened, and she felt a heavy blow behind her neck. She was knocked unconscious by someone.

Before she closed her eyes, she heard a splash, and then someone shouting, “Her Lady has fallen into the lake. Her Lady has fallen into the lake!”

Then she completely fainted.

Only then did she wake up slightly. She touched her slightly dazed head and looked at the group of people in front of her. She could not make heads or tails of the situation and only felt pain in her belly. She reached out to cover her belly and moaned softly.

The maid who also fainted didn’t wake up until now. She didn’t know what had happened either, and only saw many madams, ladies and young masters present. She thought she had missed something important. At this time, Concubine Xiang beside her moaned slightly. She hurriedly turned around and saw Concubine Xiang covering her belly with her hands, and the hem of her dress was red with blood.

She immediately figured out what was going on, so she screamed at once, “Ah! Hurry up…somebody, the baby in Concubine Xiang’s belly is gone! Hurry up! Help her!”

Suddenly, she looked up and saw Feng Yuran sitting in the middle. She hurried over and knelt down, kowtowing profusely. “Your Highness, please save Concubine Xiang. She has a miscarriage. Quickly, save her quickly.”