Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 2336: The Majestic Moon Heaven Ascending City, Part Two

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Chapter 2336: The Majestic Moon Heaven Ascending City, Part Two

Another day had pa.s.sed.

Qin Nan finally pa.s.sed the Second Small Immortal Realm and arrived in the First Small Immortal Realm.

He suddenly noticed something. He glanced at his storage bag and saw the badge he received from Heaven Highness Dragon Island glowing.


Heaven Highness Dragon Island said, “Young man, have you arrived in the First Small Immortal Realm? To be honest with you, I’ve made a huge mistake this time.”

A huge mistake?

Qin Nan immediately realized what it was after a slight ponder. He replied, “Senior, are you referring to the ancient lamp?”

Heaven Highness Dragon Island exclaimed, “Yeah, I didn’t realize you have such extraordinary capabilities even though your cultivation level isn’t that impressive.”

Qin Nan said, “Senior, you are exaggerating it. I just happened to stumble upon the information.”

Heaven Highness Dragon Island shook his head and said, “You’re being too modest. If it only happens once, it might be a coincidence, but it’s different if it happens several times in a row. Besides, you have given us such a huge gift. Normal people won’t even bother doing so.”

“Even though I didn’t claim the ancient lamp, but I’m grateful toward you. If you are in any trouble, feel free to contact me.”

“I hope you won’t forget me if you happen to receive any news again.”

Qin Nan smiled. He gave his promise and ended the conversation.

“Even though I can’t claim most of the successions and fortune myself, I may be able to trade them with others for some benefits…” Qin Nan thought.

Heaven Highness Dragon Island had reminded him of the option. It could be his trump card during his time here.

Qin Nan continued on his journey. He went to the Luosha Ancient Kingdom first.

It was only an average faction in the First Small Immortal Realm. However, the kingdom was built on a Land of Treasure. Its kings had opened the place to the public, thus many cultivators had visited the kingdom over the years.

It took Qin Nan another day to reach the ancient kingdom.

Unfortunately, the princess suddenly fell sick, thus the hunting was delayed by fifteen days.

Qin Nan was not too surprised.

Zhou Xundao and Jiaye had gone through countless incidents. It was unlikely they could remember every single detail of the past. Besides, they only heard about certain things from other people.

Qin Nan decided to leave the Luosha Ancient Kingdom.



There was a special city in the First Small Immortal Realm. It was the Majestic Moon Heaven Ascending City.

Many powerful cultivators had established the city at the entrance of the Heaven Highness Battlefield. It was designed for the cultivators to prepare themselves prior to entering the battlefield or served as a place for them to trade among themselves.

After many years of development, there was an unspoken rule in the city. No one was allowed to use violence in it.

Once, someone disregarded the rule by abusing their background, but the person was killed by a Heaven Highness on the spot.

Two days later, Qin Nan arrived at the entrance.

He raised his head and saw the Majestic Moon Heaven Ascending City spreading across the land. It was s.h.i.+ning brilliantly under the sun. Many cultivators were flying into it from the distance.

In addition to it, he could also hear splashes from the distance.

It was the sound of the Huzun River located behind the Majestic Moon Heaven Ascending City.

It was a mysterious river. The authorities of the Nine Heavens Immortal Realm could not determine its source and its end. They only knew they would enter the Heaven Highness Battlefield after crossing the river.

It was necessary for everyone to ride an ancient boat made of the Heavenly River Wood to cross the river safely regardless of their cultivation. Otherwise, they would find themselves in great danger. Even Heaven Highnesses were unable to guarantee their safety.

The water was so cloudy that no eye-technique could peek through it, nor could anyone see through it with their Divine Sense. No one was able to manipulate the water with their arts too.

Therefore, there was something called ‘G.o.d Fis.h.i.+ng’ here at the river.

At the bottom of Huzun River existed something called the Heaven Dao Moon Stones that were further cla.s.sified into nine levels, with the Heaven Dao Nine Moons Stones as the highest level.

Not only was refining these stones useful for achieving the Ruler Realm, but the person also had a chance to enter the mystical state of comprehension. It could also help cultivators to avoid certain danger in the Heaven Highness Battlefield.

The higher the level of the Heaven Dao Moon Stones, the greater the effects.

There was only one way to obtain these Heaven Dao Moon Stones. Only special rods made of the Heavenly River Wood were able to fish out the Heaven Dao Moon Stones.

The number and level of the Heaven Dao Moon Stones one could obtain were purely based on luck.

Qin Nan soon went inside the city. He was surrounded by noises.

“There are really a lot of experts in the Master Realm and Ruler Realm during the ancient era,” Qin Nan exclaimed after taking a quick look around him.

There were only several cultivators in the Peerless Ruler Realm and the Nine Heavens Supreme Realm.

The rest were all Masters of Dao and Rulers of Dao.

Many of the vendors at the stalls on both sides of the streets were Rulers of Dao too.

It was unimaginable for Rulers of Dao to be managing a stall in person in the future.

Qin Nan followed the crowded street and arrived at the G.o.d Fis.h.i.+ng Plaza.

The place was crowded with people. There were people selling fis.h.i.+ng rods and people fis.h.i.+ng along the river. They even bet against one another as they were fis.h.i.+ng.

Huzun River lied behind the plaza. Its cloudy water was surging fiercely, like it could devour everything in its way.

“Cultivator, how much is this rod?” Qin Nan went forward and asked a rogue cultivator with long hair.

“My friend, my rods are the cheapest around here. Only a Heaven Dao Two Moons Stone for a rod. If you buy ten of them at once, it will only cost you nine Heaven Dao Two Moons Stones.”

The rogue cultivator smiled, “Is it your first time coming to the Majestic Moon Heaven Ascending City? I’m going to be honest with you. Each rod can only last for a thousand breaths. If you want to fish for a long time, you should buy at least thirty of them.”

Qin Nan nodded and said, “Can I buy them with something else?”

The rogue cultivator said, “Of course, as long as you can offer me something valuable.”

Qin Nan immediately took out the Dragon Scale Immortal Stones he received from the Hall Leader of the Heavenly Art Palace.

The rogue cultivator’s eyes glittered, “Are these from the Dragon Island? There are so many of them! Brother, I can sell you thirty rods for them!”

Qin Nan gladly took the rods.

Meanwhile, an uproar suddenly took place nearby.

Reborn: Femme Fatale First Daughter Chapter 584 – Foil the Plot, One Dead and One Mad

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Chapter 584 Foil the Plot, One Dead and One Mad

“Stop!” A cold shout came from behind the crowd. Ling Rui’er, who had almost lost her wits, immediately regained her sense. When she heard the voice at this point, Ling Rui’er’s face paled and she fell to the ground. The maidservant standing beside her quickly held her up.

Everyone turned around in shock. Feng Yuxuan and Feng Yuran had arrived graciously at the entrance of the yard. Most importantly, everyone saw a person they would never have imagined: Mo Yarui.

Wasn’t she having a private meeting with another man on the bed? Everyone’s eyes swept past Mo Yarui’s face and then landed at the man and woman, who were wrapped tightly in the quilt on the bed. If she wasn’t Mo Yarui, then they would be able to see clearly that Consort Chu had framed Consort Xuan.

Ling Rui’er insisted that the woman on the bed was Mo Yarui, and used all kinds of coincidences to prove that it was a trap set by Consort Xuan. According to her, all kinds of things had something to do with Consort Xuan. But now it seemed that Consort Xuan and Second Consort Mo were probably plotted against by Consort Chu! She disgraced King Chu by doing such a thing at his banquet.

Feng Yuran’s charming purple clothes flashed past the crowd and immediately appeared by Mo Xuetong’s side. A look of hatred and anger appeared on his handsome face. He glared at Ling Rui’er who was s.h.i.+vering by the side, with dark and bloodthirsty look in his eyes. Ling Rui’er was so frightened that she immediately lowered her head. Feng Yuran turned around and softly asked Mo Xuetong, “Are you alright?”

“I’m fine!” Mo Xuetong beamed at him. She reached out to hold his outstretched hand and squeezed it gently, indicating for him to rest a.s.sured.

“My Lady, I could not find you at the rockery in the inner yard, so I went to look for His Highness. It just so happened that His Highness came, so I followed along.” Mo Ye, who was standing behind Feng Yuran, came forward and curtsied.

It turned out that Consort Xuan’s missing maidservant did not go to do something shameful, but to see King Xuan. Everyone suddenly realized what was going on. But what about Mo Yarui?

“Second Consort Mo, why, why are you here?” A madam could not help but cover her mouth and exclaimed. She looked at Mo Yarui as if she had seen a ghost.

Mo Yarui looked at Feng Yuxuan, and the man nodded with a gloomy face as his eyes swept past Mo Xuetong’s delicate face and fell on Ling Rui’er’s pale face with a trace of fierceness, ruthlessness, and disgust in his eyes. He had wanted to keep this chess piece, but he didn’t expect her to be so stupid to do some unpresentable fights again and again. Now she herself was also involved in it.

Everyone had intended to play down the matter happening in the palace. The man was dead and it could not be considered that there was no evidence. However, Ling Rui’er’s crazily framed Mo Xuetong. The two of them belonged to the two manors and there was no need for this to happen unless Ling Rui’er hated Mo Xuetong because of what happened in the palace.

That was to say, it proved from the other side that Ling Rui’er had indeed been seen by another man.

As Consort Chu, the daughter-in-law of the royal family, how could she have done something so disgraceful!

If something like this were to happen to a woman of an ordinary family, the woman could only die in the end, much less a woman of the royal family. Feng Yuxuan looked at Ling Rui’er like she was a dead person. The love that he had pretended in the past had long become cold when he knew that Ling Rui’er only had one path: death.

“I asked the maidservant to invite Consort Xuan over just now. Consort Xuan said that she was resting there and would not come, and if I really needed her, I could go to the rockery. In case I don’t believe it, Consort Xuan specially sent her personal maidservant there. I didn’t expect that I would take the wrong path when I came over, so I went back while looking for her. I happened to meet His Highness, so we came here together.”

Mo Yarui explained to these madams in a gentle voice.

So it really was not Consort Xuan who had called Second Consort Mo over!

Then who was that woman on the bed?

Feng Yuran moved outside with Mo Xuetong half in his arms and covered her eyes with his hand. Then, he nodded to the guards standing outside the door. A guard came up and pulled the wrapped quilt away. Two naked figures rolled down from the bed and landed in front of it.

“It’s Sister Si Rong!” a maidservant suddenly screamed.

“It’s really Sister Si Rong!” The others were also shocked. They looked at the woman who rolled a few times on the ground in surprise. Her hair was loose and failed to cover her face. Beneath her long black hair was a pale and vicious face. Even though she looked pathetic, Ling Rui’er’s maidservants could still see clearly that she was Ling Rui’er’s personal maidservant, Si Rong, who had come to the manor with Ling Rui’er from Ding General Manor when Ling Rui’er got married.

Ling Rui’er could not help screaming when she also saw Si Rong’s face clearly!

How could Ling Rui’er not be shocked? Si Rong had been hiding in the back yard and did not come out. Why would she appear here? This trap was naturally set up by her and Si Rong. It had been generally planned according to Si Rong’s idea. Their goal was to ruin Mo Xuetong’s reputation and ensure that she would be doomed eternally. She had not expected that it would be Si Rong who was on the bed.

Ling Rui’er had met this maidservant on her way. Si Rong claimed then that she had a grudge with Mo Manor, so she brought her into Ding General Manor. She was preparing to get married then and had allowed her to go to King Chu’s Manor with her. After that, she had tried to attack Mo Xuetong several times according to this maidservant’s plans.

Since the two of them shared the same goal, their relations.h.i.+p grew better and better. It could be said that Si Rong was Ling Rui’er’s most caring maidservant. Even Mo Yarui had to avoid offending her when she met her in the manor. As for the matters of the back yard, Si Rong could at least make half the decision. How could she do such a thing with a man here at King Chu’s banquet?

“Your Highness, I was wronged. Si Rong was also wronged. Someone must be trying to frame us. Your Highness, you have to help us!” Ling Rui’er had come back to her sense and she rushed up to hug Feng Yuxuan.

Feng Yuxuan took a few steps back and coldly looked at her who staggered and almost fell. “Ling Rui’er, enough. This drama can end now! Since you got the servants to testify for you, it has been proved, let alone the fact that no one in the manor will frame you. I used to think that you are a gentle and gracious woman. But now… you have been lured to become so vicious. Ling Rui’er, you have let me down.”

“Your Highness, I… didn’t…” Ling Rui’er almost could not believe her ears as she looked at Feng Yuxuan’s disappointed and cold eyes.

It was not like that. Mo Xuetong was supposed to be the one to blame. Feng Yuran should be disgusted with Mo Xuetong. Mo Yarui and Mo Xuetong were supposed to have ruined their reputation together. But why did it become like this? Mo Xuetong had clearly said “Mo” after she came into the room. If she had not said that at that time, she would not have been so sure that it was Mo Yarui.

How could this happen? She had planned for so long and considered all possibilities with Si Rong. But in the end, she fell into the trap. How could she be willing to accept it? If she admitted her guilt, it meant that she admitted that her body had been seen in the palace. Although Ling Rui’er was arrogant, she also knew that if a woman forfeited her integrity, she had to die.

No, it was not like this. It couldn’t be like this!

Before she could say anything, another person who hated and was jealous of Mo Xuetong jumped out and pointed at Mo Xuetong. “Your Highness, it’s not Her Lady’s fault. It’s all Consort Xuan’s fault. It’s Consort Xuan who sent someone to bring me here. It’s her who framed me and Her Lady.”

Si Rong gritted her teeth and knelt on the ground. She hugged herself tightly, but she lifted her head and glared at Mo Xuetong with red eyes. She, too, was knocked unconscious by what had happened, which was impossible to happen.

She had been resting in Ling Rui’er’s yard earlier and had planned to sneak out at the right time to see what happened to Mo Xuetong. She wanted to see Mo Xuetong die a tragic death in person; she wanted to see Mo Xuetong lose all reputation and fall from the high position of Consort Xuan.

When she was thinking about it and felt that it was about time, she suddenly felt dizzy and fainted. When she woke up again, she found herself hugging a man intimately. Before she could even react, Ling Rui’er and the others rushed in. She was so frightened that she hid herself subconsciously…

“This maidservant looks familiar. She looks like the young lady of some family?” Mo Xuetong poked her head out of Feng Yuran’s embrace and looked at Si Rong carefully. There was a flash of thought in her eyes, as if she could not recall who she was.

Feng Yuxuan’s expression changed and his gaze swept Yu Sirong’s face. Then his eyes darkened.

“The young lady of some family?” The woman kneeling on the ground was so agitated by this statement that she lost her minds.

“Mo Xuetong, you s.l.u.t, don’t you recognize me? Hahaha, you didn’t believe that my face wasn’t ruined, did you? b.i.t.c.h, you’re really lucky. Consort Chu and I hurt you so badly, but you didn’t die. You…” Yu Sirong jumped up and rushed to Mo Xuetong fiercely.

She was not Ling Rui’er and felt that there was no way out for her. She went straight to Mo Xuetong on the condition that she would hurt her even before she died.

Feng Yuran dodged her and backed away with Mo Xuetong in his arms, avoiding Yu Sirong’s crazy blow, Feng Yuxuan suddenly pulled out the sword hanging from the guard’s waist and stabbed it at Yu Sirong’s chest as a hint of sharpness flashed through his eyes. He also remembered that this woman was the First Miss of the Yu family!

They had turned an official’s family member into a servant, and her father was still an official. Even if he was a prince, he would still be reprimanded.

The splas.h.i.+ng blood burst out and sprayed on Ling Rui’er’s head and face. Looking at Si Rong’s distorted face in front of her, Ling Rui’er screamed wildly in shock and fell backward heavily. The young and older maidservants on both sides could not hold her and she hit the door. Blood immediately fell from Ling Rui’er’s white forehead.

“Blood… blood…” she screamed. However, she ignored the blood on her head and stared at Yu Sirong’s corpse beside her feet. She screamed in horror and climbed up in a hurry, but she stepped on Yu Sirong’s blood and slipped. She fell down heavily again after having just stood up.

This time, she fell in the direction of Yu Sirong’s body. She fell heavily on the body, shaking it a little. Then, one of Yu Sirong’s hands happened to move to her face. Ling Rui’er shrieked in horror as she crawled backward on the ground, staring at Yu Sirong’s body.

A stench suddenly wafted from Ling Rui’er’s body. It turned out that she was so frightened that she was incontinent.

“My Lady, My Lady, please get up. Let me help you up.” A brave older maidservant tried to hold Ling Rui’er up, but Ling Rui’er slapped her hands away and stared at Yu Sirong with wide eyes. She cried and screamed, “Blood, blood, so much blood! Someone died! Someone is gonna die!”

She screamed wildly at first before she suddenly muttered to herself. Then, she rushed toward the crowd. The crowd at the door involuntarily retreated when they saw how bloodied, dirty and smelly she was. Ling Rui’er ran out quickly and yelled, “Blood, blood, so much blood! Someone’s dead! Somebody, someone’s dead here!” …

Under Feng Yuxuan’s hint, a few young and older maidservants went out after her.

Songs of Angus and More Songs of Angus Part 10

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For mine is fire–a furnace strong and red; Look up into my eyes, There shall you see a flame to make the dead Take life and rise.

My eyes are brown, and yours are still and grey, Still as the frostbound lake Whose depths are sleeping in the icy sway, And will not wake.

Soundless they are below the leaden sky, Bound with that silent chain; Yet chains may fall, and those that fettered lie May live again.

Yes, turn away, grey eyes, you dare not face In mine the flame of life; When frost meets fire, ’tis but a little s.p.a.ce That ends the strife.

Then comes the hour, when, breaking from their bands, The swirling floods run free, And you, beloved, shall stretch your drowning hands, And cling to me.


Give me to-night to hide me in the shade, That neither moon nor star May see the secret place where I am laid, Nor watch me from afar.

Let not the dark its prying ghosts employ To peer on my retreat, And see the fragments of my broken toy Lie scattered at my feet.

I fashioned it, that idol of my own, Of metal strange and bright; I made my toy a G.o.d–I raised a throne To honour my delight.

This haunted byway of the grove was lit With lamps my hand had trimmed, Before the altar in the midst of it I kept their flame undimmed.

My steps turned ever to the hidden shrine; Aware or unaware, My soul dwelt only in that spot divine, And now a wreck lies there.

Give me to-night to weep–when dawn is spread Beyond the heavy trees, And in the east the day is heralded By cloud-wrought companies,

I shall have gathered up my heart’s desire, Broken, destroyed, adored, And from its splinters, in a deathless fire, I shall have forged a sword.


I have brought no store from the field now the day is ended, The harvest moon is up and I bear no sheaves; When the toilers carry the fruits hanging gold and splendid, I have but leaves.

When the saints pa.s.s by in the pride of their stainless raiment, Their brave hearts high with the joy of the gifts they bring, I have saved no whit from the sum of my daily payment For offering.

Not there is my place where the workman his toil delivers, I scarce can see the ground where the hero stands, I must wait as the one poor fool in that host of givers, With empty hands.

There was no time lent to me that my skill might fashion Some work of praise, some glory, some thing of light, For the swarms of h.e.l.l came on in their power and pa.s.sion, I could but fight.

I am maimed and spent, I am broken and trodden under, With wheel and horseman the battle has swept me o’er, And the long, vain warfare has riven my heart asunder, I can no more.

But my soul is still; though the sundering door has hidden The mirth and glitter, the sound of the lighted feast, Though the guests go in and I stand in the night, unbidden, The worst, the least.

My soul is still. I have gotten nor fame nor treasure, Let all men spurn me, let devils and angels frown, But the scars I bear are a guerdon of royal measure, My stars–my crown.


I dreamed that life and time and s.p.a.ce were one, And the pure trance of dawn; The increase drawn From all the journeys of the travelling sun, And the long mysteries of sound and sight, The whispering rains, And far, calm waters set in lonely plains, And cry of birds at night.

I dreamed that these and love and death were one, And all eternity, The life to be Therewith entwined, throughout the ages spun; And so with Grief, my playmate; him I knew One with the rest,– One with the mounting day, the east and west– Lord, is it true?

Lord, do I dream? Methinks a key unlocks Some dungeon door, in thrall of blackened towers, On ecstasies, half hid, like chill white flowers Blown in the secret places of the rocks.

Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 1157 – How’s Mr. Fu Doing?

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Chapter 1157: How’s Mr. Fu Doing?

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Huang Tianfu and Huang Baiyu were speechless when they saw the building as they stood outside the Union Government headquarters. Lin Xin looked away while blus.h.i.+ng a little. Clearly, she recognized the shape of the building.

“It’s huge! It’s much bigger than the video projection!” Huang Baiyu, who had been silent, could not help but exclaim.

Guan Zhong and the rest turned away. None of them were looking straight at the building.

In reality, Lin Huang had gone searching for the reason why the Union Government headquarters were designed like that out of curiosity when he got back from his visit last time.

In the end, he found out that it was not a joke the architect was trying to pull.

The buildings were designed by a powerful demiG.o.d named Gao Lou during the new era. He was hot-tempered and possessed powerful abilities.

The Union Government requested him to build a main building and two subsidiary buildings with the main building being so tall that it soared into the sky like a giant sword. Meanwhile, the subsidiary buildings had to be beautiful and tasteful.

In reality, the two subsidiary buildings were three to four times bigger than what they were now compared to the draft. Apart from that, the main building looked more like a sword that pierced into the land. It should be taller and thinner than what it was at the moment.

However, the Union Government was unsatisfied with the draft. They thought the main building was not tasteful enough and that the subsidiary buildings were too attention-seeking. They got the architect to change the sizes again and again.

After amending the draft for more than 20 times, Gao Lou could no longer take the Union Government’s warped sense of beauty and decided to drop the job entirely. The last version he drew was the current ratio of the trio.

The Union Government went looking for Gao Lou after he dropped the job, but he disappeared.

Unable to do anything else, the upper echelon looked for other architects. However, none of them wanted to take the job.

There were very few demiG.o.ds in the entire world back then whereby there were only less than ten of them. As the only demiG.o.d-level architect, Gao Lou was the best architect in the field and was an idol to many architects.

The act of the Union Government offending Gao Lou would mean they offended everyone in the architectural industry.

Without having any idea what to do, the Union Government built the headquarters using the last draft version that Gao Lou designed since the previous ones were all gotten rid of.

Ultimately, it turned out to look like this, a Neo Armstrong Cyclone Jet Armstrong Cannon.

The current the Union Government would have definitely chosen a dimensional demiG.o.d relic or G.o.d relic as their headquarters instead of constructing a building from scratch.

However, the discovery of ruins had yet to take place when the Union Government was founded 800 years ago during the new era. Not many people had demiG.o.d relics, let alone dimensional demiG.o.d relic and G.o.d relic.

“It’s windy outside. Let’s get in.” Eventually, the committee chairman, Zhao Lingming, broke the awkwardness and gestured for Lin Huang to go in.

They followed Lin Huang into the main building and arrived at the 198th floor, which was the highest floor of the Union Government office building by elevator.

Both sides sat at the table after entering the meeting room, and they fell into silence again.

After the staff served everyone tea, Guan Zhong finally broke the silence, “The chief found the tree of these tea leaves in a grade-5 ruin over 100 years ago. It’s considered an ancient tea. They brought 12 trees back, but only one survived. I think this should be the only ancient tea tree in the world.”

Lin Huang took a sip. All he tasted was a light sweetness and fragrance that lingered on his palate. There was no bitterness at all.

“How’s the annual production of these tea leaves like?” Lin Huang carried on with the topic.

“The annual production is extremely low with only approximately a pound a year. The chief usually serves 50% of them to our guests, sets 30% aside as a reward, and keeps 20% for himself.”

“One pound is indeed a little low,” Lin Huang responded.

As the few of them chatted about tea leaves, they soon moved on to something else. The atmosphere in the meeting room that was initially silent was now livelier.

Not long later, a few new people soon came into the meeting room one after another.

There were faces that Lin Huang was familiar with, such as the deputy chief of the Union Government, Dongfang Bai, and the press representative, Han Yao.

Both of them always appeared in the Union Government official news site, so it was hard for people not to recognize them.

Apart from the two familiar faces, there was another old man with silver hair who was the committee deputy chairman of the Union Government just like Ran Ning.

There was also a middle-aged man who was clearly a security guard or some sort who came with Dongfang Bai. He had the same combat strength as Huang Baiyu, which was Virtual G.o.d rank-3. He sat next to Dongfang Bai and almost never took his eyes off Huang Baiyu as soon as he came in.

Huang Baiyu merely peeped at him and ignored him completely.

Everyone introduced themselves courteously after entering. They then found themselves a seat after chatting out of politeness.

When it was almost 8.55 a.m., the Union Government chief, Jiang Shan, finally walked into the meeting room. He was the last to arrive.

As soon as he showed up, everyone in the meeting room including Lin Huang and the rest stood up to welcome him as a sign of respect.

It was Lin Huang’s first time seeing Jiang Shan in real life. This man looked 35 or 36 years old and was almost 1.9 meters tall with a strong body. He wore a neat, light gray suit. Among everyone present, he was the most formally dressed.

Lin Huang could not help but hold his head down to look at himself after seeing how Jiang Shan was dressed. He thought he might have dressed too casually.

Jiang Shan looked through the room while standing at the door. His eyes soon landed on Lin Huang, and he walked toward him while smiling and gripping Lin Huang’s hand.

“Mr. Emperor, it’s such a pleasure! I’ve heard of the name Lin Xie around half a year ago. I told myself I must meet you if I had the chance for you’re such a talented young man. I never thought the No. 1 genius would become the Emperor of Dynasty in the blink of an eye! I couldn’t believe it when I heard the news. And now, you’re here as an organization leader. We should never underestimate the younger generation!”

“Well, I can only say that life is unexpected. I didn’t expect myself to be the Emperor of Dynasty as well.” Lin Huang smiled while nodding.

“It’s fate now that I think about it. You’re Mr. Fu’s disciple. He’s taught me before as well, so I’m considered his half-disciple. We’re pretty much senior and junior brothers of the same sect.” Jiang Shan soon found common ground.

“It’s nice to meet you, Senior Brother!” Slyness flashed through Lin Huang’s eyes. He did not think that calling Jiang Shan Senior Brother was a loss to him. After all, Jiang Shan was older and held a high position. Now that he was his junior, it would benefit him in the discussion later.

“How’s Mr. Fu doing?” Jiang Shan asked out of politeness.

“Pretty great. His injury has recovered.” Lin Huang’s answer surprised everyone.

The reason he revealed that at such a time was that Mr. Fu had informed him last night that he had elevated to Virtual G.o.d rank-9. Moreover, he told Lin Huang that he could use his name when he needed to.

Even Jiang Shan was stunned to hear the news. He asked immediately, “Are you serious?”

“Of course, I’m serious! I never joke about things like that,” Lin Huang replied grimly.

The Legend of Futian Chapter 2722 – After Ten Years

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Chapter 2722: After Ten Years

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Ten years had pa.s.sed since the G.o.ds’ Continent first appeared, and the once-barren land had been completely transformed.

The pa.s.sageway that linked other realms to this continent had also been opened for the same length of time, and cultivators from each realm had made their way over in troves. The enlargement of the continent also made it possible for countless more cultivators to be there.

At that time, Emperor-level cultivators had occupied the Ruins where the Heavenly Path Eight Legions had been previously and divided their respective territories using the Ruins as the center. For example, the cultivators from the Divine Prefecture used the Naga Ruins (1] as the center point of their

cultivation, while those from Devil World used the Ruins of the Karura.

Not only that, but the cultivators had also built imperial palaces within their respective regions. Many tall, imposing palaces stood on this ancient continent.

In addition, when the strongest forces from every realm occupied any ruins, they also started to construct their bases, resulting in the once-barren continent turning into a flouris.h.i.+ng and vibrant area now. In particular, where the Eight Legions were situated, one could see numerous city walls and

moats; they were impressive in appearance and a stark contrast to how the place had been before.

The cultivators who came to the G.o.ds’ Continent were all pioneers, just that. This time around, the pioneers were all-powerful cultivators from every realm, and they could transform this piece of land in the fastest time possible.

The cultivators in the land were also undergoing continual transformations. It was not rare to see clouds of tribulation rolling above the skies in recent years. Previously, it was extremely rare to see cultivators pa.s.sing through tribulations, but on this continent, it happened frequently. Some pa.s.sed the

first tribulation, others the second, but no one gave the third.

The divine tribulations came in threes, and pa.s.sing all three would make one a G.o.d on the Emperor-level. Yet even with all the changes taking place in the world today, it was still difficult to pa.s.s all three.

Of course, with cultivators from every realm training together on the same land, fights over the relics would still occur, and there would be clashes. Especially when cultivators from different realms clashed, a chain reaction would often occur, causing ma.s.sive disturbances.

Fights and battles were happening all the time on this ancient continent. Conflicts of all kinds were never-ending, and some ended up victorious while others were thoroughly defeated. The survival of the fittest was constantly showcased.

In addition, even till now, there were still highly mysterious relics on this land that had yet had their mysteries cracked, attracting many cultivators to head there to probe. Alas, many extremely powerful cultivators ended up dying in those relics.

The especially dangerous relics were even termed “Forbidden Zone of the G.o.ds” by the cultivators of the land.

No one knew what events had occurred before in those forbidden areas, but it was inevitable that there had to be beings on the Emperor level there in other forms. Otherwise, there was no reason they would be so dangerous as to cause many top-level cultivators to lose their lives there.

Ye Imperial Palace, which was previously the Ruins of the Mahoraga, had evolved into an impressive palace complex. Meanwhile, cultivators from Ziwei Imperial Palace came over continuously to train in this palace complex that encircled mountains, and many also went outside to explore.

‘What’s more, Ye Futian and company had also opened another linkway that linked to Ziwei Segmentum, allowing those from Ziwei Segmentum to come to this land to cultivate also. However, as they were not part of Ziwei Imperial Palace, they were not allowed to use the cultivation resources from Ye

Imperial Palace. Ye Futian only allowed them to visit the ancient continent like other cultivators from the other realms.

As for how far they could progress or how they would turn out, Ye Futian was not responsible for that. It was up to that person’s destiny.

At the summit of Ye Imperial Palace, which was at the top of the sky stairwell at the edge of the palace complex, there was a Will of the Solemn. If you stood on the sky stairwell and lifted your head to look, you would involuntarily feel awed as if it was an actual imperial palace.

The divine sword and sword formation hidden within the sky also gave people a sense of pressure, looking majestic and divine.

Following the steps of the sky stairwell to the top, one would find the magnificent and imposing Imperial Palace there, while behind the palace, there was a ma.s.sive training ground. In there, there sat a white-haired cultivator. Around his body, a jade-green divine light spun round and round. His whole

figure shone brightly and seemed as if the light and physical body were adjoined as one. The surrounding earthly will seemed to have been affected by him and fluctuated according to the divine light’s movements.

Just by sitting there motionless, it felt as if he was the ruler of the world.

Ye Futian opened his eyes at that moment, and a jade-green divine light glinted and penetrated the vast area. He looked up above the skies. He was still unable to get past this stage. It seemed as if he had encountered a bottleneck.

He felt that the current him had cultivated until the highest level of a certain plane and was now at the doorstep of the demiG.o.d-level. Yet, he was unable to take the step into the door. Perhaps he still lacked understanding.

Besides, Ye Futian knew that his journey of cultivation had been different from the others’ in some ways. Ever since he had achieved the pinnacle in the Renhuang plane, he had started to walk along a different path. How the third and final tribulation would be, he did not either.

His current cultivation level was still at the pinnacle in the Renhuang place. It differed from the powerful cultivators who had pa.s.sed through tribulations, yet he had also pa.s.sed through two.

“How can I take the step in?” Ye Futian murmured to himself. He was able to be at the doorstep of the demiG.o.d-level with the powers of the Divine Ruler and was also able to spar with near-deities. He vaguely felt that, if he were able to take that step, he would be able to be at the pinnacle of the demiG.o.d


Once there, save those at the Emperor-level, there probably would not be anyone left who could compete against him anymore. Probably only Ji Wudao, Donghuang Diyuan, and those others at the demiG.o.d-level, or those comparable to the Great Skylords Black and White Almighty, would qualify to go up

against him.

He stood up and turned his head, only to see Hua Jieyu sitting against the wall, cultivating. A large beam of divine light surrounded her, and it was as if that place had become something special. Her aura was also out of the ordinary.

There was a divine stone floating in front of Hua Jieyu. It was among the hundred over stones that Ye Futian had gotten, and it was one of the more special ones. Due to its uniqueness, a lot of time was spent activating this stone.

On seeing Hu Jieyu engrossed in her cultivation, Ye Futian decided not to disturb her but turned around. With a move of his will, his body vanished from where he had been and appeared again outside the Heavenly Palace.

Ye Futian looked down at the lower skies. Divine consciousness enveloped the entire palace complex, and the activities of the cultivators all appeared in his sight.

These days, he practiced alchemy, activated the divine stones to aid other cultivators in learning divine techniques, was cleansed by the dragon’s blood, and let others bathe in the dragon’s blood. This was paired with an elixir, and they would perform closed-door cultivation afterward. It did not matter

whether they were from Ziwei Imperial Palace, West Imperial Palace, or the Lost Clan; all the cultivators underwent a complete transformation.

The important people in Ziwei Imperial Palace improved especially quickly. In recent years, that had been quite a few that had pa.s.sed through tribulations and became powerful cultivators.

Just then, there was a flash at the sky stairwell below. It was Old Ma. He moved toward Ye Futian and bowed. “Your Highness.”

Although they once had a close relations.h.i.+p, in the current Ziwei Imperial Palace, everyone highly respected Ye Futian. Despite being a junior, he had done so much for everyone that no one took his age into account anymore.

“You don’t have to stand on ceremony, Uncle Ma,” Ye Futian repled. Old Ma was still the protector of Ziwei Imperial Palace.

“How are things like in the outside world?” Ye Futian asked.

Ever since the chaos that had taken place then, he had not gone outside to court any more trouble after he had obtained the divine stones. They had already gotten plenty and were not greedy. What’s more, the best inheritances had all been s.n.a.t.c.hed up by those at the Emperor-level, and there was no way

he would incite a fight against them.

“It’s a changing situation. Every day is different,” Old Ma answered, “but the divine relics on the G.o.ds’ Continent have been more or less completely plundered. They have either been taken control of or inherited, except a few secret places known as the Forbidden Zone of the G.o.ds. As they likely contain

extraordinary inheritances, many people desire to decipher them.”

“Ah, I see.” Ye Futian nodded and looked toward the distance. After not being able to get past the cultivation bottleneck these few years, perhaps it was time to go out and have a look around!

[1] Also known as “Naga Relics..

Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 136

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Chapter 136: Fang Wen’s Information

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Fang Wen stayed in Room 1801 in the building across. Lin Huang got to his room number easily. Although they were supposed to be training now, as long as they did not enter the training tower, they were allowed to move around within the residential area but they were not allowed to leave. Although the dormitory did not have an elevator, it was still a breeze for Lin Huang to get up to the 18th floor.

As he walked on the corridor, he noticed that Fang Wen’s door was opened.

“Luckily he’s here.”

Just when Lin Huang was making his way to his room, he hears a woman’s voice. Not one, but two voices. Lin Huang did not expect that Fang Wen would do something so inappropriate.

“Who is that?!” Somebody shouted from the room. Fang Wen walked out with a white robe. It was awkward but Lin Huang turned around and waved at him, “Oh, good morning…”

“Lin Huang?” Fang Wen did not expect him to come but he wanted to talk to him so he said, “Give me a minute, let me clean up.”

“It’s alright, you seem busy. I’ll come by tomorrow.” Lin Huang knew he was interrupting the fun.

“It’s alright, I can have that anytime I want. You’re more important, just give me two to three minutes.” Fang Wen then returned to his room.

A moment later, two tall ladies sprinted out from his room with their pajamas and left. Fang Wen dressed up appropriately and nodded to Lin Huang, “You can come in now.”

Lin Huang was stunned by the size and decor of the room, “Your room is so big and luxurious!”

“I renovated it myself. If you wanted it, I believe the manager would do the same for you.” Fang Wen knew very well that Lin Huang must have even someone even stronger supporting him from the shadows.

“That won’t be necessary; I won’t be staying here for long you see.” Lin Huang shook his head and followed Fang Wen into his room.

There was a living room, a bathroom, a bedroom and a kitchen in Fang Wen’s room. The four part.i.tions took up the s.p.a.ce of ten regular sized rooms. It was at least ten times bigger than Lin Huang’s room and there was still a feminine scent lingering in the living room. However, it was really clean. At least Lin Huang could not see anything that was messy or dirty.

“Come, come, have a seat.” Fang Wen said, pointing at the couch.

Lin Huang hesitated as he was not sure if the couch was where Fang Wen had intercourse earlier.

“Don’t worry, I didn’t do it on the couch today. I have done that before but I would always get someone to clean the covers.” Fang Wen explained.

Lin Huang shook his head while he got himself a chair. Fang Wen did not say anything as proceeded to sit on the couch. He smiled at Lin Huang, “Bro Lin Huang, is there anything that I could do to help you?”

“This is what happened. I realized that I have lost one of my storage rings this morning. I couldn’t find it anywhere in my room. I thought about it and figured I must have lost it in Gong Sunying’s clothes when I was searching his dead body yesterday. However, his dead body is gone now. I know you must know more than I do, so I’d like to know how they handled his corpse? Is there any way that I could get my ring back?”

“I think it’s a difficult task. Is there anything valuable in the ring?” Fang Wen bought Lin Huang’s lie.

“There’s nothing valuable, just some equipment and Life Crystals. However, it was a gift from a girl. This would upset her.” What Lin Huang said was not a complete lie because the ring was indeed given by Leng Yuexin.

“Ahh… It’s a gift of love…” Fang Wen teased.

“Is there any way to get it back?” Lin Huang continued to ask. He did not want to give too much information.

“I don’t think so, I bet you have no idea how they handle dead bodies here.” Fang Wen then explained the process to Lin Huang patiently.

“If someone died in the training camp, a truck would pick up the dead body on the day itself and toss it from the cliff outside the camp and monsters will feed on it. This area is practically a graveyard. Since Gong Sunying’s body was collected yesterday, your ring was either taken by the staff or its already in the monster’s stomach, bro. Either way, it’s impossible to retrieve it.”

“If the girl who gave you the ring is really important, I have an idea for you. Once you get out, get a ring that looks exactly the same, possibly with the same amount of storage s.p.a.ce. She won’t know the difference.” Fang Wen said to Lin Huang.

“That’s a great idea.” Lin Huang nodded. Fang Wen knew so much more than the rest, he even knew the exact location of the training camp. He had gotten the most important information from Fang Wen, which was how the camp handled corpses.

“It’s a pity that Gong Sunying doesn’t have a proper grave.” Fang Wen sighed, “If he had the same background as we did, at least his body would not be thrown away like a piece of trash.”

Lin Huang was stunned, he then asked, “Would the treatment be different if the background is different?”

“Of course. Those who come with a good background would have their dead body kept for their family to collect. The camp doesn’t want to offend anyone, keeping the dead body is for the family or person-in-charge to do as they wish, probably an autopsy to find out the real reason of death if that’s what they want.” Lin Huang was concerned after hearing Fang Wen’s explanation.

“What’s wrong, you don’t look too good.” Fang Wen noticed Lin Huang’s became fidgety.

“I ate something cold this morning, my stomach doesn’t feel too well. I need to go back now.” Lin Huang lied.

“If you cannot hold it, you can use my bathroom here.” Fang Wen was generous.

“It’s alright, I will go back to my room.” Lin Huang bid him farewell.

Lin Huang was frowning all the way back from Fang Wen’s room. If he faked his death, he could successfully leave the camp. However, Scarface would definitely keep his dead body and inform Hong Zhuang. Even if he managed to escape before Hong Zhuang’s return, she would know that he faked his death if there was no body. By then, the trouble would be even more serious. That was not what he wanted, he wanted to disappear and leave no trace behind.

“What should I do?” Lin Huang squatted on the toilet bowl and mumbled to himself. Since he told Fang Wen that his stomach was not well, he had to continue his act or Scarface man might find out that he was up to something. After half an hour, Lin Huang could not think of anything. However, he recalled that he had yet to acc.u.mulate the 10 cross-ranking rewards.

“I shall get the 10 bronze-level cross-ranking reward cards and hopefully I can get something that could help me escape…” After cleaning himself, he then pressed the flush b.u.t.ton and put his pants on. He headed to the training tower. He entered a vacant door on the sixth floor. This time, he did not summon Bai. Instead, he took out his bronze-level battle sword and started killing the monsters.

An hour later, two circles of Life Power were consumed. He then left the training room and proceeded to the seventh floor. There were silver-level rank-1 monsters on the seventh floor, it was his first time on this floor. He chose a vacant room and summoned Bai.

“Xiao Hei, disconnect my Life Wheel from Bai’s temporarily.”

“Life Wheel has been disconnected.”

When his Life Wheel was disconnected, Lin Huang could not obtain Life Power from Bai. It was what he wanted. He consumed his Life Power on the sixth floor on purpose to prevent himself from having his Life Power getting filled and the Life Light Baptism from happening. After all, he had just broken through bronze-level rank-3 not long ago and the Life Power in his body was not stable yet. If he were to receive the Life Light Baptism under such conditions, his Life Power might go haywire and possibly break his Life Wheel or cause death.

“Bai, block the other monsters. Give me two at once.” Lin Huang instructed Bai.

Since he was a bronze-level rank-3, he could handle silver-level rank-1 monsters. However, there were too many monsters here. If they were to attack all at once, he would have to run away. That was why he had Bai control the number of monsters he would fight. Bai nodded and extended his Blood Powerwings. Standing right in front of Lin Huang, a pair of wings were transformed into an arena that measured 50 meters by 50 meters while the other wings were transformed into two long vines to tie up two monsters. He then tossed the two monsters into the arena that Lin Huang was in.

“Great job!”

Lin Huang did not expect Bai to create an arena just for him, he gave Bai a thumbs up. The ring on this right middle finger was then transformed into a bronze-level battle sword. He lifted the sword and plunged towards the two monsters…

Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 662 – Never Insult The Heaven Alliance!

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Chapter 662: Never Insult the Heaven Alliance! Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Lin Huang did not know why Huangfu Lin suggested that he leave the Sweep Alliance. However, he knew very well that it was just an excuse as Huangfu Lin had told him that the Sweep Alliance was not a place for him to s.h.i.+ne. There were some other reasons that she did not mention. Since she was reluctant to share, Lin Huang did not ask any further.

After the farewell dinner, Lin Huang returned to the hotel.

Sitting on the sofa in the living room, he opened the communication page and studied the invitation letter that the Heaven Alliance sent to him.

Joining the Heaven Alliance was actually a wise decision since he had to achieve imperial-level in three years time. He needed plenty of resources to support him. He would be going onto something big five years later. Therefore, he had to keep improving himself. If Huangfu Lin had not asked him to leave, he would have probably gone after achieving immortal-level to join a stronger alliance.

After thinking for a while, Lin Huang tapped the invitation letter open. He carefully read through the details of the letter twice. He did not hesitate after confirming that not many restrictions were imposed on him. He immediately signed the letter with a digital fingerprint and sent it back to the Heaven Alliance.

In less than ten seconds, a system message came from the Genius Union.

“Congratulations! You’re now a member of the Heaven Alliance!”

The next second after Lin Huang received the message, a notification from an unknown number arrived.

“Welcome to the Heaven Alliance! I’m currently the chief of the Heaven Alliance. My name is Chan Dou. If you’re free tomorrow morning, let’s meet up to talk.”

Lin Huang was surprised to see the sender of the message.

He was familiar with this name. It was not his first time coming across this name after coming to Division 3 because not only was he the current chief of the Heaven Alliance, he was also one of the five strongest geniuses in Division 1 (by the Genius Union’s standard below 40 years old). He was only 28 years old and was now an immortal-level rank-9. It was said that he had killed a crimson gold-rank before.

“Alright. May I know the time and venue please?” Lin Huang gave a short reply.

“I’ll see you at 8 a.m tomorrow at the Heaven Alliance’s 46th checkpoint.” Chan Dou soon sent him the place and time to meet.

Lin Huang was shocked as Chan Dou seemed to have paid attention to him. After closing the communication page, he snapped out of his thoughts and continued practicing his Army Attack Tactics.

The next morning, Lin Huang kept to his regular schedule and logged into the virtual reality after breakfast.

Through the cracks on the branch on the 46th checkpoint of the Stairway Tree, the location of the Heaven Alliance was displayed on Lin Huang’s Emperor’s Heart Ring. It was at one of the branches near to him. After confirming the location, Lin Huang quickly climbed towards the branch.

After more than ten minutes, Lin Huang finally reached the branch where the Heaven Alliance was at.

As he leaped forward from the tree branch, everyone recognized him.

“Are you Lin Xie?!” A squat man was stunned the moment he saw Lin Huang and exclaimed.

The people nearby who heard that immediately s.h.i.+fted their focus to Lin Huang.

The short man soon noticed that something was wrong. A flicker of fury flashed through his eyes, and soon, two daggers appeared in his hand. He immediately dashed towards Lin Huang. “Four million points are mine!”

Lin Huang was startled as he wondered why would they attack him the second they met him. However, when he heard what the man said, he instantly understood why the person was coming after him.

He did not bother replying with nonsense. Soon, a silver glow flashed through the air and pierced between the man’s brows.

Just when he was about to pounce on Lin Huang, the short man’s body became limp. He was shocked, and his intention to kill was unsatisfied. His body immediately turned into pieces and disappeared as he was sent to the first checkpoint of the Stairway Tree.

“Zhang Hui has been killed. You’ve obtained 123,181 points!”

Seeing the crowd coming after him, Lin Huang frowned.

He had to say that the man called Zhang Hui had acted recklessly as he attacked him without thinking twice. He did not even consider whether he, as an immortal-level rank-4, was capable of obtaining the four million points.

The abilities of the people who surrounded him now all surpa.s.sed him, and the weakest one was on immortal-level rank-5. The strongest one was on immortal-level rank-7.

Lin Huang would not worry if the a.s.sailants were just ordinary immortal-level rank-7s. However, most of the Genius Union members could cross three ranks to fight him.

Seeing four of them charging at him, if he did not use any unique skills, he definitely could not defeat them.

It seemed like the four of them were in a team as they did not fight among themselves.

“Are you Lin Xie? We aren’t going to make things difficult for you. As long as you’re willing to let go of half of the total points you’ve collected, we won’t attack you,” a muscular young man said, “I guess you don’t want to start again from the first checkpoint since it’s not been easy for you to reach here.”

In the virtual reality, the transfer of points was like plunder. The most that they could transfer was only half of their total points. Moreover, only one transaction could be a day as the Emperor’s Heart wanted to protect the weak.

“If I were to transfer half of my points to you, won’t the others mind?” Lin Huang asked with a sardonic grin.

“There’s no need to sow discord between us. The four of us have come to an agreement regarding the distribution of the points. As long as you’re willing to transfer half of your points to me, you don’t have to worry about the rest.” The muscular man and the other three were approaching Lin Huang.

They did not act rashly. They were aware of Lin Huang’s telekinetic throwing dagger as the immortal-level rank-4 man’s head had exploded in an instant. They were unsure about Lin Huang’s ability, so they were reluctant to risk their lives. However, they knew that Lin Huang was a psychic. If somebody attempted to approach a psychic, the psychic could activate less than 10% of his skills. This was the reason why they went closer to Lin Huang slowly.

After confirming that the four of them were in a team, Lin Huang scowled. He did not want to waste his Transformation Card to increase his combat strength at such a place. However, if he did not kill the four of them, he would have to give them half of his points.

Aware that the four of them were getting closer to him, the Transformation Card suddenly appeared in his hand. Right when he was about to crush it, a strong, intimidating aura suddenly appeared behind the quad.

They then turned around to see where the aura came from and saw a man in a white s.h.i.+rt who was gradually walking towards them.

In an instant, the white s.h.i.+rt man had surpa.s.sed them and immediately appeared in front of Lin Huang.

Lin Huang’s eyes could not capture the man’s movement at all as if he had teleported. However, Lin Huang knew very well that such a traveling skill was prohibited in the Stairway Tree.

“h.e.l.lo, Lin Xie. I finally get to meet you.” The white s.h.i.+rt man extended his hand.

“You’re Chan Dou?” Lin Huang guessed.

Both of them shook hands. Chan Dou then turned back, glaring at the four of them who wanted to rob Lin Huang. “So, the four of you are attempting to rob a member of the Heaven Alliance?”

“Heaven Alliance?” They were stunned and soon, their facial expressions changed.

“He’s the chief of the Heaven Alliance, Chan Dou!” A couple of them could finally recognize him.

“I’m sorry. It’s just a misunderstanding. We’ll leave immediately,” the muscular young man apologized and was about to leave.

The rest of them begged for pardon as well and were about to flee.

“It’s too late to leave now!” Chan Dou did not want to let them go. “I’ll teach the four of you a lesson today! Never insult the Heaven Alliance!”

After uttering his words, a black shadow streaked through Chan Dou’s eyes and in the next second, a black mist gradually emitted out of four of their bodies. Soon after, their bodies were shrouded in a black fog. They screamed in terror and completely disappeared.

Seeing that Chan Dou had killed the four of them within seconds, the people surrounding him immediately left as they were afraid that they might get into trouble.

After killing them, Chan Dou turned to look at Lin Huang contentedly as if nothing had happened. “Let’s have some drinks and chat at the subdivision of the foothold.”

Takarakuji de 40-oku Atattandakedo Isekai ni Ijuu Suru Chapter 110.2

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Chapter 110.2

“Yes. Yes, it will take some more time. ……”

It is not clear whether prayer really works or not, but Kazura was skeptical about the efficacy of such things.

‘I don’t want to deny it outright, of course, but I’m more familiar with medicines that work if you take them.’

I suppose I could’ve said that I don’t need to look into the matter of prayer, but that might have led to denying the whole idea of prayer, so I decided to keep my mouth shut.

Believe it or not, it’s up to each individual.

“Okay, I understand. What about the type of medicine?”

“We’ve already prepared materials for over-the-counter products that can be obtained at stores, but we haven’t finalized most of the special drugs used by sorcerers, so we’re still negotiating.”

“Oh, there’s no need to rush. You don’t have to be in such a hurry. Can you just give me the information on the over-the-counter products later?”

“Yes, sir.”

“I heard that there is a herb garden in the city of Isteria.”

“Is it possible to visit it?”

“Yes, we can visit it when the construction is finished.”

According to what I had heard before, the herbs were cultivated in the herb garden by the sorcerer’s guild, which also had a monopoly on the production of medicines.

I don’t know what was going on inside the herb garden, but they seemed to be doing something about it.

It is troubling that they don’t know how to prepare the medicines, but they could promote the production of medicinal herbs by some means and leave the preparation to them.

We could promote the production of medicinal herbs by some means and leave the mixing to them, considering the friction of vested interests.

“Since ancient times, they have developed their own methods of making medicines, so nothing has leaked out. The cultivation of medicinal herbs is very difficult, and we are trying to encourage them to increase their production with subsidies, but it doesn’t seem to work very well.”

Narson says in a complimentary tone, and Kazura turns to look at him.

“Do doctors not use medicines?”

“The doctor must use medicines purchased from the sorcerer. The doctors are supposed to use medicines purchased from the sorcerers, although they seem to prepare their own medicines for wounds and such.”

“Hmm. …… Don’t sorcerers treat wounds?”

“─ Sorcerers do not treat external wounds, so they rely on doctors. Sometimes they use prayer to heal, but that’s not common because full-blown prayer is expensive.”

Apparently, there is a division of labor between sorcerers for the treatment of illness and doctors for the treatment of trauma.

I was a little surprised to learn that prayer is expensive.

“We should try to increase production somehow. Using fertilizer might be a good solution.”

“That’s right. If we can increase production, we can export it and make a profit, so we should do well. Before we go to the herb garden, I will prepare some sample herbs for you.”

“Yes, let’s use them to prepare before we communicate with the sorcerers.”

After that, we made some minor adjustments and closed the meeting.

“Kazura-san, regarding the meeting with the emissary of Krayrats, …..”, when Kazura and Liese were cleaning up the equipment, Zirconia called out to them.

The others had left the room and the three of us were the only ones in the room.

“Oh, yes. How was it?”

“That’s …….”

Zirconia explained the contents of the meeting with Carnelian and the others.

It’s a good idea to have a good idea of what you’re looking for.

Zirconia didn’t mention that the other party was probing, but only mentioned their demands and her answers.

“There are about four years left before the armistice expires, right?”

“Yes, there are about four years left.”

“If there is such a long period of time, does it mean that there is a possibility that Balbert will break the agreement?

“Of course there is that possibility. However, of course, breaking the agreement will result in a loss of trust from other countries. Unless there is a good reason, I don’t think they will break the agreement.

“Hmm …… Nevertheless, the fact that they have offered to march in means that the Krayrats have information that Balbert will break the agreement? Is that what the army is preparing for?”

I’m not sure that’s the case.

“No, I don’t think so. It’s a good idea to have a good idea of what’s going on in the world.”

“I’m not sure if that’s true or not. I’m not sure what to make of that.”

“I’m sure you’ll be able to understand why I’m so excited about this. If Kreilats is going to betray us, then that would explain the offer of the right to enter.”

Kazura listened and wondered what would happen if Kreilats betrayed them.

The last war had been a fierce battle that the allies had worked together to finally bring to a draw. But if the Krayrats betrayed them, the situation would be hopeless, wouldn’t it?

“There is a great possibility that the Kreilats will turn on him at the last minute. I think that Balbert may have contacted Kreilats in some way.”

When Zirconia finished, Liese, who had been thinking about it, offered her opinion.

“But if Kreilats was going to betray us, would he have bothered to come up with something like this?”

“What do you mean?”

“Rather than risk suspicion by doing so, it would make more sense to betray us just before the war starts and poke us in the side when we’re glued to Balbert. ……”

“I agree. But I think that the Krayrats made a deliberate offer like this to find out if we knew about the secret agreement between the Kreilats and Balbert.”

“If we had some information, we would have thought that they would have come up with some kind of ruse when they talked about the right to enter ……?”

Zirconia nodded again at Kazura’s words while Liese’s expression remained reluctant.

“I’m embarra.s.sed to say that I don’t have as much experience in negotiations as some of the other military and civilian officials. I’m sure the other side understands that. The person I was negotiating with was the military commander of Kreilats, and he was watching me the whole time.”

“If they know that we have information, they will a.s.sume that we will betray them and deploy their troops to the border. Even if they don’t know whether we have the information or not, they can drag the garrison to the border line by daring to look deliberate. …… Is this how they plan to do it?”

“Yes. In the event that you are not aware of the fact that you’ve got the information, the Kreilats will be ambushed and suffer heavy losses. However, if we deliberately give the impression of treachery beforehand, we can attract a percentage of the army and bring them into a standoff. The Kreilats will be able to minimize the damage to their own troops while at the same time gaining face with Balbert, so I think it’s an effective measure.”

“I see. I see. So you are planning to leave the fighting to Balbert, with little or no fighting on your part. If that’s the case, then the offer of the right of entry is only beneficial to the Kreilats, isn’t it?”

“Yes. So, if the war starts four years from now, we will actually have to fight on two fronts.”

Ichiran frowned at Zirconia’s line.

“…… Isn’t that hopeless?”

“If the Krayrats don’t intend to fight properly and are just going to stare each other down, they can be contained by strengthening the defenses of the towns and forts along the border with the Kreilats. The Kreilats will have to be wary of the neighboring Protea, so they wouldn’t send their entire army against us.”

“I see. …… Either way, it’s going to be tough.”

“The situation is pretty bad, but we have to try.”

Zirconia then bowed and left the room, saying, “Well then.”

She only told Kazura about the meeting as she had promised the other day, but did not ask for any help.

My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker! Chapter 1721 – A Resolute Rejection

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Chapter 1721: A Resolute Rejection

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor:Henyee Translations

Qi Xuanxuan quickly asked, “This miss, how long is the break after the tenth challenge?”

“Around one hour,” answered that woman. She nodded harmoniously at Qiao Mu and the others.

Qi Xuanxuan did not know if the other compet.i.tors were intimidated by Qiaoqiao’s show of strength earlier, but so far, no one had come to look for trouble.

But that was good. At least they could watch other people’s compet.i.tions in peace.

Qiao Mu turned to look at Young Sir Ding, who had remained rooted beside her. She creased her brows and asked, “Are you very free? Why haven’t you gone to take care of your own stuff.”

What was he doing by following her all this time?

Even if he followed her, she wasn’t going to give him candy!

Young Sir Ding said with a smile, “I’ve basically finished organizing the battle arena tournament, so this young sir will be very free every day after this. How about I watch the compet.i.tion together with Qiaoqiao?”

Qiao Mu gave a harrumph and turned her pet.i.te head aside, not saying anything.

Young Sir Ding could not help but sigh at her reaction. “Qiaogiao, I actually am not as detestable as you think!”

Yet Qiao Mu simply pursed her pet.i.te lips noncommittally. She ignored him and looked up at the large stone crystal display in the rear center of the arena.

Beside the stone crystal display was a table where the staff of the underground battle arena were busy drawing lots, displaying names, and recording points.

Every time they finished drawing lots, two staff members of the battle arena would publicize the names on the stone crystal display behind them.

As each battle concluded, their points would also be recorded under each person’s name.

In order to prevent mistakes, the battle arena had specially arranged for three to four auditors.

Young Sir Ding had put in quite a lot of effort to ensure the fairness of this time’s tournament.

‘When Qiao Mu turned to look at Ding Yun, she saw that he was grinning at her.

Young Sir Ding propped up his cheeks and was staring at her. He said with a grin, “Qiaogiao, can we make peace? Look, you stabbed me with a knife, but I didn’t go settle accounts with you. I pretended to be your mother, but could we write off our old scores? I also got my just desserts.”

What just desserts did you get? Qiao Mu did not believe him as she swept him a look. “You also pretended to be my Lian.”

She was very angry. She nearly got tricked by this guy.

She had no favorable impression of this person ever since he approached her in the guise of the snake beauty.

She felt that this man in front of her was too slick. She really got angry looking at him.

Young Sir Ding gave a perfectly guileless look and inquired, “Qiaogiao, just tell me any compensation you want.”

You think that paying indemnities to Qiaogiao will do the trick?

Qiao Mu swept him a glance and grunted, “I have money!”

“That’s right. Qiaoqiao is very rich.” Qi Xuanxuan nodded furiously, backing up her good sister.

Qiaogiao was the richest person she had ever seen. She was so loaded that she could crush you to death anytime with a pile of talismans and pills!

If Qiao Mu could hear what Qi Xuanxuan was thinking, she would definitely roll her eyes at the latter.

How was she loaded?

It’s just that she knew how to make pills and talismans. Compared to other people, mhm, she indeed had a few more ways of making money.

“What do you think of this Qianluo Battle Arena?” Young Sir Ding suddenly swept his finger around them.

Everybody was surprised.

“Qiaogiao, how about I give it to you?”

“Don’t want it.” Qiao Mu rejected it resolutely. Why would she accept another man’s favor for no reason?

They weren’t close!

Reincarnation: Multi-skilled Goddess Is So Beautiful! Chapter 523 – Grandfather Knows of Our Wedding

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Chapter 523: Grandfather Knows of Our Wedding

Translator: Henyee Translations

Editor: Henyee Translations

As soon as Dean Zhou sent the message to the group, the entire circle that

consists of the higher ups in MUni had exploded.

The Dean of the School of Foreign Language typed: “What? Student Zi is

getting married? Has she reached the age to be legally married yet?”

The Dean of the School of Science and Technology replied: “Even if she’s not of

legal age yet, can’t she just get married in advance9 and get the marriage

certificate at a later date?

The Dean of the School of Information Technology also sent a message saying

“Student Zi has taken up some modules from our school and I feel that she

should invite me to her wedding to0.”

The Dean of the School of Information Systems chimed in with a response: “I

der which school Student Zi is heading to. I plan to go have a discussion

with her about something.”

By the time Zi Yi arrived at the Dean’s office of the School of Medicine, before

she even had the chance to speak, Dean Wu approached her with a kind smile

as he asked, “Student Zi, I heard that you’re getting married on the 24th of this


When Zi Yi was still wondering how did the news spread around so quickly…

Dean Wu’s Smile seemed friendlier than before. “Student Zi, you are the pride

of our School of Medicine and you have won such a great honor for our medical

school. If you are getting married, it’s basically one additional happy event

after another. Would you be welcoming of me to attend your wedding


Zi Yi said with a little hesitancy, “. Yes, of course.”

“That’s great. When is your wedding banquet being held? Will it be held during

the afternoon or evening? It’s so that I can make arrangements in advance.”

Zi Yi did not immediately answer Dean Wu’s question but instead, she asked

one of her own, “Dean Wu, how did you know that I’m getting married?

Dean Wu smiled and showed his computer display to Zi Yi.

Zi Yi propped her hand on his office desk and took a look.

There was currently a heated discussion amongst the members in the group

chat on how to locate Zi Yi right now.

Zi Yi looked away from the screen and said, “I have to discuss this matter with

Ah Jing

There were many deans in M.Uni and all of them had possessed great

influence. She had to infom Ah Jing of this matter first.

Of course, Student Zi, you can give Little Lu a call right away.” Dean Wu was

even more active than Zi Yi.

She nodded her head and took out her phone to give Lu Jingye a call.

“Ah Jing, there are quite a number of Deans in M.Uni who said that they will be

coming to our wedding”

There were traces of a smile in Lu Jingye’s tone of voice. “Sure. We’ll definitely

welcome them. I’ll get my mother to prepare more invitations then.”

Zi Yi’s lips curved up at his words. “Ok, then I’m hanging up-”

“Yiyi, hold on.” Lu Jingye stopped her.

“Is there anything else?

Unexpectedly, Lu jingye was silent for a few seconds before he spoke.

Grandfather knows of our marriage.”

As soon as ZI Yi heard that, she seemed to have guessed something. “Is he

thinking of interfering again?

Lu Jingye told her about what Mrs. Lu had conveyed to him earlier.

Zi Yi coldly snorted. “So be it that we won’t hold the wedding banquet there.

Since that’s the case, we’ll hold an even larger-scale wedding. When the time

comes, those without invitations are not allowed to attend our wedding”

Does he honestly think that he could make things difficult for her?

Lu Jingye was silent again for several seconds, when he suddenly said, “Yiyi,

I’m sorry.”

Zi Yi was not fond of hearing such words from him. “You’re not in the wrong.

He’s your Grandfather and you can’t possibly oppose him. However, I’m

different. Since he doesn’t recognize this daughter-in-law, then there’s no

need for me to be nice to him.”

Lu Jingye said, “We’ll hold the wedding in the villa in front of ours. My Mother

and your Aunts will be there in advance to prepare.”

Zi Yí said, “Okay.”

Lu Jingye then added. “Confim the number of attendees first. We’ll fill in the

invitations later.”

Zi Yi once again agreed and said, “Okay.”

After they finished discussing this topic, they ended the call.

Only then did Zi Yi answer Dean Wu’s question.

Dean Wu was also aware of Lu Jingye’s situation. As the Dean of M.Uni, what he

disliked the most was how Patriarch Lu did things and so, he said, “Student Zi,

don’t worry. You are a student of our M.Uni and it’s not up to a martial man to

bully you.”

Zi Yi smiled and nodded her head.

Dean Wu pa.s.sed her the two certificates and said the same thing as Dean Zhou.

By the time Zi Yi came out of the School of Medicine building, she received a

phone call from the headmaster.

“Student Zi, come over to my office for a moment.”

Zi Yi responded with an ‘ok. After hanging up the phone, she headed to the

headmaster’s office.

By the time Zi Yi came out from the headmaster’s office, she had already been

pulled into the group chat of the higher-ups in M.Uni.

For a moment, her screen was flooded with numerous people tagging her.

Zi Yi took a glance and all the messages were from those who said that they

will be coming to attend her wedding banquet.

Her lips curled up and she typed her response. “Everyone is welcome.”

Only then was everyone satisfied and she did not get tagged anymore.

She then gave Elder Tang and Elder Gu a call.

The news of Zi Yí and Lu Jingye holding a wedding was soon known by the

entire high-society circle of the capital.

At the same time, everyone also knew that Patriarch Lu did not allow them to

hold their wedding at Lu Jingye’s father’s house.

For a moment, everyone was gloating behind their backs.

There’s going to be a good show.”

“Second Brother is finally now not so unsurpa.s.sable. Say, if we encounter him

in the future, should we continue calling him Second Brother or should we call

him Mr. Lu?”

The one who was capable enough to make us call him Second Brother is that

same Lu Jingye who had everything in his grasp throughout the entire business


However, I heard that he’s basically staying at that small courtyard of Zi Yi’s

every day now though, and even if we want to address him, we won’t even have

the chance to see him.”

“That’s right. Second Brother has now just become a legend and right now,

there’s only Mr. Lu that remains.”

“Who knowS where the small courtyard of Zi Yi’s is? Why don’t we organize a

group to visit Mr. Lu?

“Tm not going. I heard that the courtyard is full of robots and they are not

humanized at all. What if those robots are activated into battle mode? Won’t we

be at a great disadvantage?”

“Ir’s rare that we could finally be on the same level as Second Brother and I will

feel uncomfortable if I don’t show myself in front of him.”

“Me too. Why don’t we think of a way to make the both of them head to the

[Futuristic] bar?

“That’s a good idea. At the very least, we can have a drink together.”

That’s right. They would have to invite us to their wedding then and if they let

us have a good time, we can consider whether we would be attending or not.”


At the same time, the other major families also knew about this.

They felt that as long as they did not attend Lu Jingye’s wedding, they would be

telling the whole world that Lu Jingye was no longer a member of high society.

“A man who’s kicked out of the family by Patriarch Lu doesn’t have the

qualification to make us attend his wedding.”

Other than these people, the news had also soon entered the ears of He Fei and

Ouyang Ming who were at the Bermuda Triangle.

Both of them were located in the territory of one of the big shots and that

person was the person they would be collaborating with.

The two of them were standing on the balcony on the second floor of a small

building while they smoked.

“‘Say, Old He. Is your smoking addiction getting stronger these days? It’s only

been sucha short time and yet, you’ve smoked half a cigarette more than me.”

Ouyang Ming glanced at the cigarette b.u.t.ts scattered at their feet and he

clicked his tongue.

He Fei could not be bothered to even look at him. After he finished the last

cigarette and rubbed the cigarette b.u.t.t on the balcony’s railing, he threw it on

the ground. Seeminglyhaving made up his mind, he said, “Im returning to the

capital tomorrow.”