Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 1017 – Xiao Mo’s Challenge

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Chapter 1017: Xiao Mo’s Challenge

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

It was the first day since Lin Huang went into closed-door cultivation 45 days ago.

Xiao Mo was reading the Unrivalled Combat G.o.d in his head. The method was a completely new cultivation system. After flipping through it roughly, he realized it should be an ancient cultivation method. According to Lin Huang, this method should allow him to cultivate all the way to virtual G.o.d-level.

With excitement and anxiety thrumming in him, he began the level-1 of the Unrivalled Combat G.o.d’s cultivation.

This method was special whereby the first three levels were about integrating the power into his body, strengthening his flesh, organs, and bones to its maximum capacity for a human. On level-4, the method would begin using the sea of power to break through his body limit. If that was successful, it would mean that he would get to holy fire-level and become transcendent.

Xiao Mo cultivated level-1 of the Unrivalled Combat G.o.d following the Life Power in his body. It was much more successful than he imagined. Under normal circ.u.mstances, not many people could complete the level-1 full rotation in the first cultivation. However, he spent less than three hours completing one full rotation.

It was just a trickle in the beginning and it acc.u.mulated into an energy stream when the first rotation was done. A complete circle was formed. Just like that, he built the foundation of the level-1 energy like a piece of cake. Even he found it a little unbelievable.

After he completed level-1’s cultivation, Xiao Mo did not begin level-2 just yet. Instead, he proceeded to rotate level-1, adding more energy from his Life Wheel into this new energy circle.

The stream was growing while the speed of the flow was accelerating. Xiao Mo was performing the rotation with his energy over and over again at an accelerating speed.

The next morning, he shortened the rotation time to within a minute. The initial energy flow was so powerful that it was now a ma.s.sive surging river.

“I’m pretty much done with the level-1 cultivation for now.” Xiao Mo pulled his senses out of his body and realized that it was the next morning now.

b.l.o.o.d.y’s voice came loud and clear at the moment. “It’s almost seven now. Although Master said you can pick any time within 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. to complete your mission of interacting with people for an hour, I personally suggest you go there after breakfast.”

“Would there be any difference if I go at a different time?” Xiao Mo asked rather confusedly.

“Morning is usually the new beginning of a day. After a good night’s sleep, people have the best energy in the morning and they’re happiest in the morning too. Therefore, that’s the time most people are friendliest to others,” b.l.o.o.d.y explained while smiling.

Xiao Mo thought to himself and realized he did have the best mood after getting out of bed in the morning. “It seems like it.”

“Go wash up now. We’ll take a walk in the park after breakfast. After strolling for an hour, you’ll return to cultivate with an ease of mind.”

Although Xiao Mo was unwilling to go to the park, he nodded anyway. He got up and washed up in the bathroom. It was almost 7 a.m. when he was done.

He then went out with b.l.o.o.d.y and the Ninetails Lynx.

b.l.o.o.d.y transformed itself into a little cat and sat on Xiao Mo’s shoulder just like the Ninetails Lynx always did. Meanwhile, the Ninetails Lynx walked on its own, refusing to interact with anyone else except Lin Huang.

Xiao Mo had no idea what to eat, so he went to the fried bun store Lin Huang brought him to yesterday. It turned out there was already a queue there. Just when he was going to leave after seeing the fully seated tables and the crowd at the queue, the lady boss saw him and called out to him, “Young sir, you’re here!”

Xiao Mo stood where he was feeling awkward, but he nodded at the lady boss.

“You’re not late today. There are only two people queuing before you,” the lady boss updated while smiling. “Just give me a moment. It’ll be your turn very soon.”

Xiao Mo nodded, feeling helpless, and he queued behind a man and a woman.

Soon, it was his turn. He ordered two servings of fried dumplings for himself and two servings of fried buns and fried dumplings for b.l.o.o.d.y and the Ninetails Lynx.

However, he realized there was no vacant seat when he turned around after he placed his order. He stood where he was, clueless about what to do.

At that moment, b.l.o.o.d.y hopped off his shoulder and jumped onto a seat that had just been vacated.

However, there was a girl sitting at the table.

Xiao Mo had never shared a table with any strangers before. He was stunned to see what b.l.o.o.d.y did. b.l.o.o.d.y’s voice came to his ears at that moment. “Sit here. We can only share tables now. There’ll be more people later if you don’t take this seat now. It’s still early now, so we can leave as soon as we’re done eating.”

Xiao Mo walked to the seat b.l.o.o.d.y reserved without having a choice.

Meanwhile, the Ninetails Lynx hopped onto the bench and glanced at the girl across it. It did not go to the table.

The girl, who was eating a fried bun, asked in excitement when she saw Xiao Mo with two cats sitting across her, “Such beautiful cats! Are they yours?”

Xiao Mo felt troubled when the girl talked to him. He wanted to prevent such a situation, which was the reason why he was unwilling to share the table with a stranger.

Just when he was going to ignore the girl’s question, b.l.o.o.d.y’s voice came to his ears again. “Don’t reject interaction. I’ll teach you if you really don’t know what to say. I’ll say it and you’ll repeat after me.”

Xiao Mo looked at b.l.o.o.d.y and nodded lightly.

He spoke a moment later, “No, they aren’t mine. They belong to my friend.”

“Oh, really? Can I touch them?” The girl asked in excitement.

Xiao Mo looked at b.l.o.o.d.y before answering, “You can touch the one on the table. The one on the bench bites.”

The girl began caressing b.l.o.o.d.y after getting his permission. b.l.o.o.d.y went along with it while squatting on the table, not dodging at all. It considered sacrificing itself to solve Xiao Mo’s communication problem.

Soon, the lady boss came with a few plates of fried dumplings and buns.

“Isn’t the young sir joining you today?”

Xiao Mo peeped at b.l.o.o.d.y again and answered, “He’s been busy recently.”

“Oh, enjoy your meal then.” The lady boss nodded while smiling. She then turned around to go on with her work.

Seeing the lady boss serve six plates of fried buns and dumplings, the girl across looked surprised. “Can you eat so much?”

“The both of them will help,” Xiao Mo answered.

While the girl across was still in surprise, b.l.o.o.d.y and the Ninetails Lynx soon finished a whole serving. They were no slower than Xiao Mo.

The girl across was shocked when she watched the two cats finis.h.i.+ng two plates of fried buns and dumplings on their own. “These two cats have such big appet.i.tes!”

There was a long queue at the breakfast store when they were about to leave. Xiao Mo paid the bill quickly and walked to the park.

Fortunately, to his relief, there were lesser people at the park. Soon, he was surrounded by a bunch of students who were on their way to school. They were obviously attracted to the two cats.

Before the students came around, the Ninetails Lynx took a step out and disappeared. It was tens of meters away when it appeared again.

“Brother, this cat is so cute. Is this yours?”

“Brother, may I touch it?”

Xiao Mo had no idea what to do at the moment. He glanced at b.l.o.o.d.y immediately, hoping to get help. However, b.l.o.o.d.y’s voice came to his ears. “This is the park. You’ll have to depend on yourself from now on. I can only give you one advice — don’t reject interaction.”

His face turned gloomy but he did not choose to run away in the end. Instead, he answered in a shy manner, “Y-You can touch it. It’s my friend’s cat.”

Xiao Mo let out a long sigh of relief after he watched the little kids leaving happily. However, he suddenly realized that interacting with strangers was not as difficult as he imagined.

“You’ve completed the mission of speaking to three people today. All you have to do now is to stay here for an hour,” b.l.o.o.d.y reminded out of the blue.

Xiao Mo’s face turned morose again.

Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Chapter 1728: Wanting Ignored Valley

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Chapter 1728: Wanting Ignored Valley

Zhao Hai was stunned by Tie Zhantian’s proposal, he wasn’t really planning to open a mountain base. Therefore, he quickly replied, “Gang Leader, that won’t be a good idea. Although I’m a core disciple, I cannot just open a mountain base. Otherwise, people would gossip. How about this, since I’ve stayed in the Ignored Valley, Gang Leader can give the place to me. I’ll handle all the matters there from now on.”

Zhao Hai’s ability to recycle materials has already been made known to Tie Zhantian and the others. Therefore, he proposed this request. The Ignored Valley was the garbage dump of the Black Tiger Gang which Zhao Hai already manages. Although the spiritual force of the valley was thin, that wasn’t a problem for Zhao Hai.

Hearing Zhao Hai’s proposal, Tie Zhantian paused for a moment before knitting his brows and said, “I can give you the Ignored Valley. However, the spiritual qi of that place is very thin. It wouldn’t be good for your cultivation.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Gang Leader doesn’t need to worry about this. I’m now a peak Nascent Soul Cultivator. Thin spiritual qi wouldn’t affect me much. What I need right now is a spark of inspiration to break through. Although the Ignored Valley isn’t suitable for cultivation, I am fond of that place.”

Tie Zhantian hesitated before he nodded and said, “Alright. Then from now on, the Ignored Valley will be yours. Without your permission, n.o.body can enter the valley. Are you okay with that?”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Thank you, Gang Leader.”

Tie Zhantian waved his hand. Then he turned to Zhang Feng and said, “Alright, you can go back and resume your tasks.” Zhao Hai nodded. Then after giving a salute, he left together with Zhang Feng.

After the two left, Tie Zhantian turned to Hu Liangchen and said, “Old Hu, what do you think of the kid?”

Hu Liangchen smiled faintly and said, “Elder Hu Shan has a unique vision. The kid has extraordinary capabilities. Moreover, he’s careful in his actions. If we have him in the Black Tiger Gang, I would no longer worry about our successors.”

Tie Zhantian nodded, “That would be good. On the other hand, what do you think are our odds in dealing with the Roaring Flame Sect?”

Hu Liangchen knit his brows and said, “It’s hard to say. But if Little Hai’s plan becomes a success, our chances of winning would be high. If the plan fails, our chances would be lower.”

Tie Zhantian nodded and said, “Good, everyone, go back and make preparations. If we really manage to conquer the Roaring Flame Sect, the Black Tiger Gang would gain a lot of benefits.”

Everyone nodded. They understood Tie Zhantian’s meaning. If the Black Tiger Gang benefits, then their families would benefit as well. Therefore, Tie Zhantian wanted them to pitch in with the effort.

Actually, the major families were eager to attack the Roaring Flame Sect. The Roaring Flame Sect’s agreement with the Wandering Soul Group to attack the Black Tiger Gang caused the Patriarchs to be disgusted.

The Black Tiger Gang has always been more powerful than the Roaring Flame Sect. Even if the Black Tiger Gang has infighting, the Roaring Flame Sect would still lose if the two sects fight. Therefore, people from the Black Tiger Gang have an innate feeling of superiority over the Roaring Flame Sect. In their opinion, disciples of the Roaring Flame Sect couldn’t be compared to the disciples of the Black Tiger Gang.

Because of this, when the Roaring Flame Sect attacked the Black Tiger Gang together with the Wandering Soul Group, they attracted hatred from the people of the Black Tiger Gang. This hate was greater than their hatred towards the Wandering Soul Group.

Such was life. If you were bullied by someone stronger then you, even if you hate them, you still have to admit that they were stronger than you. Then you would work hard in order to improve yourself and defeat them. 

But if you were bullied by someone weaker than you, it would be a shameful event. Shame was a strong driving force for a person to remember an event. 

Cultivators were the same. Because of this, the cultivators of the Black Tiger Gang hated the Roaring Flame Sect more than the Wandering Soul Group.

This sentiment was even deeper with the major families of the Black Tiger Gang. Although the Black Tiger Gang was composed of countless cultivators, the sect’s affairs affected the major families the most compared to the ordinary cultivators. Moreover, most of the elites of the Black Tiger Gang belonged to these major families. They were the pillars of the sect.

The Roaring Flame Sect’s attack caused these major families to feel discontented. Even if they don’t benefit, they would still want to teach the Roaring Flame Sect a lesson. And now that there was great benefit to be had, they were more than willing to eliminate the Roaring Flame Sect.

The Black Tiger Gang grows a lot of medicinal materials and refines beast pills as their business. On the other hand, the Roaring Flame Sect focused on refining. With the Inferno Valley, they had an endless amount of earth fire available. Although earth fire couldn’t compare with core fire, it was a flame that was made from nature. Artifacts made with earth fire come out very well-made. This caused the artifacts made by the Roaring Flame Sect to be famous in the Northern Divergent Province.

If the Black Tiger Gang eliminates the Roaring Flame Sect, their refining methods would fall into their hands. This would be great for the Black Tiger gang. When the time comes, the major families would also benefit. Naturally, they were willing to join in on the attack.

Seeing the willingness in the eyes of the patriachs, Tie Zhantian nodded and then waved his hand, allowing them to leave. After everyone left, Tie Zhantian let out a long breath and said, “Roaring Flame Sect, let’s see how long you can last.”

After Zhao Hai and Zhang Feng left the main building, they quickly returned to the treasure ship. Once they were embarked, Zhang Feng took Zhao Hai to his study. Ten years pa.s.sed but Zhang Feng’s room on the treasure ship was still the same. Only a few things were added here and there. It can be seen that Zhang Feng was very satisfied with the treasure ship.

Once the two had sat down, Hao Xing and Zhang Hao arrived to greet Zhao Hai. The group continued to chat about what happened over the ten years. After that, Zhang Feng’s newly recruited people greeted Zhao Hai. Once only the four of them were left, Zhang Feng looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Little Hai, Martial Uncle wanted you to open a mountain base. Why did you decline?”

Zhao Hai shook his head and said, “It’s not the right time. Moreover, I have no need for a mountain base. I don’t want to trouble the Gang Leader with these matters. I also don’t lack cultivation materials. Opening a mountain base will need me to take care of this and that. It’s too bothersome.”

Zhang Feng shook his head as he bitterly smiled and said, “If others know about this, they would want to beat you up. A lot of people desired a mountain base for themselves. And yet here you are, declining the opportunity to have one.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Come on, Senior Brother, don’t say it like that. How about we take out some wine and have a good drink.”

At this time, a voice was heard outside, “There’s drinking? Why didn’t you call me?” Without even waiting for Zhang Feng to respond, the owner of the voice pushed the door open and walked in. Zhao Hai turned his head and saw Tie Ying.

Zhao Hai hastily stood up and said, “I have seen Senior Brother Tie Ying.”

Tie Ying laughed as he patted Zhao Hai’s shoulder and said, “Alright, now that you’re back, let’s sit down and have a couple of cups to drink.”

Zhang Feng rolled his eyes at Tie Ying and said, “Senior Brother, you only come over when there’s drinks. Sooner or later, I will run out of liquor to drink.”

Tie Ying laughed and said, “Why would I come here other than to drink? Hurry up, don’t hold on to those things.” Zhang Feng snorted before asking Zhao Hai for a few jars of liquor. Then the group proceeded to drink to their heart’s content.

After drinking a few jars in a row, Tie Ying turned to Zhao Hai and said, “I knew that as soon as you go out, Master would immediately make a move. Now look, as soon as you’re back, there’s a huge movement inside the sect. I also received an order from Master to prepare. How are things on your end? Do you need help?”

Tie Ying wasn’t a fool. He just doesn’t like to vie for power. He also knew things that other people don’t know. So when Zhao Hai came back, he knew that Tie Zhantian would make a move on the Roaring Flame Sect.

Since Tie Ying showed favor to Zhao Hai before, his relationship with Zhang Feng became closer. Therefore, Tie Ying also knew about Zhao Hai’s ability to recycle materials. Zhao Hai’s ability was among the top in the Black Tiger Gang. It had become one of the sect’s most guarded secrets. Only a few people knew about it. And those who knew were well aware of how important Zhao Hai’s ability was for the future of the Black Tiger Gang. Because of this, they willingly hid this information into the deepest recesses of their minds.

Tie Ying was the same. So after hearing Tie Zhantian’s order, he immediately knew what was going on. This was also the reason why he asked Zhao Hai his question.

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Senior Brother can rest a.s.sured, I’m fine. Right, Senior Brother, how is your large artifact? Does it need repairs?”

“Hahaha. Little Hai, now that you asked, Senior Brother was really fond of his large artifact. Almost every year, he wanted to perform repairs on it. Now, his large artifact is still as good as new.” Zhang Feng laughingly said.

Tie Ying cherished his large artifact to the point that it has become an inside joke in the Black Tiger Gang. Tie Ying didn’t care about this and continued what he was doing. Hearing Zhang Feng, Tie Ying smiled and said, “At least I’m a.s.sured that my ghost-face ship can fight once it goes out.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “It’s necessary to perform regular maintenance on a large artifact. If it isn’t properly checked, it might have problems during battle. I think Senior Brother is doing very well.”

Hearing Zhao Hai, Tie Ying couldn’t help but laugh as he said, “It’s good to hear that Little Hai understands me.”

Zhao Hai looked at Tie Ying and smiled. Then he turned his head to Zhang Feng and said, “Senior Brother, I think we should suggest a major inspection on all our large artifacts to the Gang Leader. After all, the black tiger ships aren’t built as well as the ghost-face ships.”

Zhang Feng nodded, “This needed to be done. I will find time to say this to Martial Uncle. Little Hai, this time, you’ll have a lot of things that you have to do.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly as he lifted his gla.s.s and then drank its contents.

Reborn: Femme Fatale First Daughter Chapter 559 – Whose Hand Was It in the Harem?

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Chapter 559 Whose Hand Was It in the Harem?

He Yufen left the capital hurriedly in the evening. She pa.s.sed off herself as a maidservant and mingled with Mo Xuetong’s maidservants. She followed Mo Xuetong out of the King Xuan’s Manor and went into an embroidery shed, and then got on a blue carriage which had been prepared at the back door. She left escorted by an old maid and a coachman.

Mo Xuetong sat on the upstairs of the embroidery shed and watched the carriage leave. With some faint ripples in her limpid eyes, she felt that there were secrets in the remote He family. However, the things and people were too far away from her. Even if she sent people there, some things still remained mysterious. It had been so long that Mo Xuetong was unable to detect any clues immediately.

He Yufen was the best person Mo Xuetong could think of. Compared to He Yuxiu, He Yufen was obviously more patient and intelligent. However, she was not strong enough, and was more afraid of death. When a pill was put on her body and she felt the unbearable pain when the poison took effect, she became very obedient.

Furthermore, Mo Xuetong also promised that after the thing was over, she would detoxify He Yufen’s body and give her a certain sum of money to let her live. It would be better than anything else. Mo Xuetong believed that He Yufen would understand it thoroughly and do all she would to help Mo Xuetong to investigate the affairs about the He family. Mo Xuetong even looked expectantly at He Yufen’s carriage disappearing into the crowd.

Mo Lan put down the tea in her hands, stood behind Mo Xuetong to take a look, and asked with some uncertainty, “My Lady, shall we send a few more people?”

“There’s no need. The persons who follow He Yufen are given by His Highness, and they bring my antidote. He Yufen will not listen unless she doesn’t want to live.” Mo Xuetong looked away from the window and said lightly, “Has He Yuxiu been found?”

“Mo Ye has sent word that He Yuxiu had no place to go, so she once came to the back door of the manor, but was driven away. Later, she disappeared for a period of time. She is in the Huaman House. It’s said, it’s said that…” Mo Lan’s face turned red. As an unmarried girl, it was improper for her to speak of such a place.

Mo Xuetong understood immediately and waved her hand to gesture Mo Lan to stop. He Yuxiu had no alternative. According to her character, she would definitely take this way. Besides, she came from the brothel when she was young, so she didn’t think the brothel inappropriate. Both the Yu family and the Lian family were looking for her now. She did not have money nor way. This was her only chance.

It was good. With He Yuxiu’s existence, Lian An and Madam Lian would be hard to feel rea.s.sured.

She lowered her eyes slightly to hide the coldness in them. She had just received a report that Consort Zhao in the palace acted unexpectedly dutifully and even requested to cultivate her heart and pray with the Empress. Although the Emperor rejected Consort Zhao, the control over the Mingyue Palace was not as strict as it was a few days ago. Consort Zhao’s move of retreating in order to advance was absolutely remarkable.

But whom did the outstretched hand belong to?

If the Empress did it alone, the Emperor would be moved, but it would have little effect. However, Consort Zhao was different. She resembled Consort Xian so much that she had been favored by the Emperor. Although the things in the palace seemed to have something to do with her, as long as she was ruthless enough to push all the blame to Lian An, she could completely get away.

From the matter that Lian An’s rank had been downgraded by three levels on that day, Consort Zhao was rather heartless. But there was one thing that Mo Xuetong could not figure out—since the Empress was in the Tianfeng Palace while Consort Zhao in the Mingyue Palace, how could they echo each other at a distance if no one helped them to inform each other?

Since the person could gain the trust of the Empress and Consort Zhao, she was supposed to have a high status. Considering the person had a high status, had the ability to win the recognition of the Empress and Consort Zhao, and had access to enter the Empress’ and Consort Zhao’s palaces, a person arose in Mo Xuetong’s mind. It was the one who had never caused any ripples in Mo Xuetong’s heart. However, Mo Xuetong pondered for a long time but still could not understand how this person got involved in the matter.

Was it really because the person didn’t want to see the harem fall apart? When did such a kind woman exist in the harem?

There were a large number of beauties in the harem. Without any tactics, a beautiful woman could only be favored by the Emperor at most for one or two years, let alone give birth to a baby and get a high position. But why did the person do this? In the past, when King Yan was in the ascendant, she did not stand on the Empress’ side. Now King Yan and the Empress were in the declining position, she stood beside the Empress openly.

Was it timely a.s.sistance? Mo Xuetong shook her head slightly. Since the person had remained worldly-wise for so many years, how could she act oppositely at the old age? It was unrealistic…

The palace, which was originally opaque to her, became more puzzling.

Mo Yu came in and reported, “My Lady, Second Consort Mo is here.”

Mo Yarui came here! She did come so quickly.

Mo Xuetong came out this time at Mo Yarui’s invitation. So Mo Xuetong nodded and gestured for Mo Yu to invite Mo Yarui in. Ever since Feng Yuxuan brought Mo Yarui to King Xuan’s Manor, Mo Xuetong and Mo Yarui got along well. Furthermore, Ling Rui’er was too embarra.s.sed to go out after the humiliating incident in the palace. King Chu’s Manor was in Mo Yarui’s charge, so it was much easier for her to leave the manor.

Mo Yarui brought Mei Yu, her close maidservant, this time. Since they were acquaintances now, they sat down after exchanging some polite greetings. Mo Lan asked someone to serve the tea, and then stood outside the private room with Mei Yu. This was the upper floor of the embroidery tower. Because the embroidered goods upstairs were expensive, just a few guests came there. Besides, a line of private waiting rooms were set up around. It could be considered as a casual place.

Mo Xuetong smiled and asked directly, “Second Consort Mo, you ask me to come today for?” She picked up the teacup by her side, took a sip, and gave a gentle look at Mo Yarui. With the look, a myriad of thoughts crowded into Mo Xuetong’s mind. As Consort Chu, Ling Rui’er did such a thing. So Mo Xuetong did not think Mo Yarui was in the mood to chat and drink tea with her.

Mo Yarui replied gently, “It’s not a big deal. It’s our king’s birthday in a few days. His Highness entrusts it to me, but I lack experience, so I want to ask you to give me some advice.” She was wearing a light yellow dress today, making her thin face look delicate and beautiful.

However, Mo Xuetong frowned slightly when she heard that. Everyone knew that she had come from Cloud City, a small place. It had only been a year since she arrived in the capital. What did she really know about it? However, since Mo Yarui had asked so sincerely, Mo Xuetong had to answer.

“Actually, I don’t know how to do it as well. Last time, when His Highness had his birthday, he just had dinner with me outside and didn’t bother others. However, the Emperor and the Empress sent gifts later, which made us in a great bustle, and told us to hold a birthday party next time. Otherwise, it will be like this time. Not only did it cause flurry, but also the people in the palace thought that I didn’t want to hold it.”

Mo Xuetong evaded with a slight smile. She did not want to make trouble for herself. King Chu’s Manor was swaying in the midst of a raging storm. Any carelessness would lead her to get into trouble. It was not worth it. Therefore, Mo Xuetong’s reply revealed that she was too young to know about it. If she was really thoughtful, she would not have done the thing like that.

“Consort Xuan’s words remind me that our King also said that King Xuan’s birthday had been held so carelessly that the Empress and the Empress Dowager were not happy about it.” Speaking of it, Mo Yarui could not help laughing. She covered her mouth with a handkerchief and grinned brightly.

As for the matter, it was really deliberately caused by Feng Yuran. It was said that Consort Xuan had planned to celebrate the birthday for him, but the flamboyant king took the consort to see the sunrise for days. So they were not at home on the days before his birthday, even the gifts sent from the palace were received by the butler. When the people from the harem came to ask when to hold the birthday party, the butler had to answer that there was no party this year, and the King just went out with Consort Xuan.

It was said that the Emperor was so angry that he asked Feng Yuran to go to the palace and told him off. But after coming out of the palace, Feng Yuran still got his own way and act arrogantly, doing what he liked to do without any sign of reflecting on himself. The Emperor could do nothing to him, so the matter of the birthday banquet was concluded without a conclusion. Since the host did not want to hold the banquet, could the host be forced to do? Feng Yuran was the imposing prince, and even the most favored one by the Emperor. Who dared to fuss about it with him?

Thinking of the matter, Mo Xuetong could not help but laugh. She held the handkerchief in her hands and said with a smile, “Our king just messed about. There were follow-ups. He was told off by the Emperor more than once. However, His Highness did not learn a lesson. I did not know what happened then, but the Emperor was so angry that he just scolded His Highness for being a decayed wood. No matter how hard it was carved, it could not be made good.”

Mo Yarui said to Mo Xuetong with a smile, “It is His Majesty tough love. Otherwise, why did His Majesty praise that King Xuan has made great progress recently?”

What Mo Yarui said was true. A few days ago, the Emperor praised Feng Yuran in the imperial court, saying that Feng Yuran was more and more reliable and looked like a prince. Feng Yuran was no longer a useless playboy, and the Emperor even handed over some political matters to Feng Yuran.

Mo Xuetong shook her head smilingly, restrained the smile, and said amusedly, “His Highness is just seized by a whim. When the whim fades away and he is in no mood, no one will know what trouble he will make.”

Mo Xuetong’s words sounded very reasonable. Mo Yarui couldn’t help laughing as well. Feng Yuran was truly temperamental, as he would handle affairs seriously today, but would stir up things out of certain new ideas. No one could foresee when he would give a big shock which was impossible to retrieve.

“King Xuan has this weakness that he seldom learns.” Mo Yarui nodded and comforted Mo Xuetong, “Consort Xuan, you don’t have to worry. His Majesty always likes the way His Highness acts, but His Majesty just gives some talking-tos sometimes. It is just verbal punishment, and His Majesty will not really do anything to His Highness.”

Mo Xuetong nodded in agreement and said, “That’s true. Anyway, His Highness gets such a tough temper of not being motivated. No matter how hard His Majesty tries, His Majesty is unable to change His Highness. His Majesty knows that well.”

“By the way, talking about His Majesty, I still want to say that it’s really dangerous.” Mo Yarui suddenly frowned. “Why does the hand over there extends so long? How can they know it in such a short time? And even go to tell it to Consort Ling. This… this is too scary… How dare we talk freely about the things of the manor in the future?”

Mo Yarui looked around uneasily as she spoke. She had not yet got over the scare about the matter. The Empress had stretched out her hand too quickly. If that was the case, did that mean that the Empress knew everything that was happening in the manor? Every time Mo Yarui thought of that, she felt uneasy.

Although Mo Yarui did not say it outright, Mo Xuetong still knew that Mo Yarui was referring to the Empress. Then, Mo Xuetong smiled and said, “It won’t happen. Perhaps it is just hearsay. Our manor is not strict actually.”

Perhaps because Mo Xuetong’s words reminded Mo Yarui of something, Mo Yarui’s eyes reddened. She sighed sadly and said, “But, I still feel worried. I… the people in the manor are all from the Ding General Manor. His Highness usually does not stay at the manor.” Mo Yarui looked up at Mo Xuetong’s pink and charming face, and Mo Yarui’s expression darkened subconsciously.

Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 1267 – Young Man With Gray Hair

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Chapter 1267: Young Man with Gray Hair

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Never had Lin Huang thought that the bug that he submitted for the missions could not be verified. He would have to wait for the experts from Death Sickle’s headquarters to verify themselves. He could only submit the missions when everything was made sure to be right.

Initially, he was planning to leave the Iron Fist Shelter and head to the next destination. Now he could only stay.

Feeling helpless, Lin Huang could only put up at a nearby hotel temporarily.

After checking himself into the room, the first thing he did was to log onto Death Sickle website’s mission section to look for missions that were suitable for him.

He only returned to the message section after some filtering and accepting two missions. He wanted to see if there were any news.

He had his eyes on the first message on the first page of the message section.

The t.i.tle was ‘The Missing Bug Kings and Bug Queens Suspected to be Killed!’

It had been less than ten minutes since the thread was posted and there were already hundreds of comments.

Lin Huang was stunned for a while before he then clicked into the thread.

He frowned slightly under his mask after spending a couple of minutes to finish reading the thread.

“So, this is what happened, I was wondering why do they have to verify the bug…”

The thread had a screenshot of another thread from the forum, as well as some pictures too.

After reading the thread, Lin Huang realized that the mission receptionist who attended to him thought he was a liar who had forged the bug He was mistaken for wanting to use fake bug to cheat for rewards.

However, the person who posted the thread on the message section seemed to know something about the Bug Tribe. He speculated that the bug were most probably real judging by the many angles from the pictures taken. Not only that, he concluded that the Bug Kings and Bug Queens that went missing out of nowhere two months back might have been killed.

Meanwhile, suspicions drowned the comment section.

Most people were convinced that the bug were forged, while only very few people thought they might be real. However, they disagreed that the Bug Kings and Bug Queens were killed. Instead, they thought someone picked up Bug Kings and Bug Queens’ after they were dead for some other reasons.

After reading the thread, Lin Huang could not help but return to the forum exchange section. He wanted to check out the original thread and the comments on it.

He clicked into the forum exchange section, the thread that ranked No.1 was the original thread that he was looking for. There were over 10,000 comments by now.

As he looked through the original thread, Lin Huang was almost 100% sure that it was the mission receptionist attended to him who posted it.

Judging by the original thread’s use of words, the poster made it clear that he loathed Lin Huang the ‘forger’.

Lin Huang smiled and proceeded to read the comments below.

Up to 10,000 comments on the comment section were condemning the forger. Many of them even condemned that Lin Huang did that to be viral.

Only a few of them could tell that the bug were real through the pictures. However, their voices were soon drowned in the comment section.

Lin Huang forced a smile and shook his head after reading the comments. He even saw some of them claiming to be Death Sickle’s mission receptionists who supported the poster in the comment section.

“I suppose things would turn out the same way even if I was attended by another mission receptionist. It seems like I can only wait for the people from the headquarters to verify the over again.”

After putting the missions aside, Lin Huang began to plan his next step.

Following b.l.o.o.d.y’s plan, elevating his combat strength was the No.1 priority. However, since he had already elevated to imperial-level rank-9 while he had yet to find the way to elevate further, he could only look for other ways to do so.

According to b.l.o.o.d.y’s plan sequence, the second priority was to elevate his G.o.d’s Figurine’s Combat Souls’ combat strength. Now that all ten of his G.o.d’s Figurine’s Combat Souls had elevated to Virtual G.o.d rank-9, he would need to hunt for True G.o.ds to obtain True G.o.ds’ spiritual energy to elevate further.

Lin Huang thought about it and decided to put this aside as well. The reason being he was only a Black Sickle member at Death Sickle at the moment. He could not take on any missions to kill True G.o.ds, neither could he obtain true G.o.d-level targets’ details easily.

b.l.o.o.d.y’s third priority for him was to expand the hive army.

In reality, Lin Huang was already doing that. When he killed the Bug Kings and Bug Queens earlier, apart from obtaining their spiritual energy and G.o.dheads, expanding the hive army was one of the main reasons to take up the missions.

“I must look for more missions to kill Bug Kings and Bug Queens. Since there’s no such mission now, I can look if there’s any information about Bug Kings and Bug Queens on the message section. Or I’ll look for related information through some other ways.”

Lin Huang had already put that in his schedule.

“Fourth is to elevate my brute ability, such as cultivating Sword Dao and Divine Telekinesis. I can’t slack on them…”

“Fifth is to obtain all sorts of cultivation resources…”

After sorting out his next plan and route roughly, Lin Huang thought he would cultivate Seamless the few days while waiting for the experts from Death Sickle’s headquarters.

What he had no idea was that a ‘young man’ came to Death Sickle’s estate in the Iron Fist Shelter soon after the mission receptionist posted the thread.

The young man had gray hair and looked exactly like a human. He looked to be 15 or 16, was short at only approximately 1.6m tall.

He wore a black and red intersected long jacket with the collars lifted. He wore a black scarf on his neck, covering his neck entirely. The jacket’s hoodie covered most of his hair, only revealing a little of it to show its gray color.

He wore a pair of black long pants, both of his hands were in the pockets.

He walked into Death Sickle’s estate as if it was his home.

“Sir… Is there anything that I can help you with?” The lady attendant at the entrance was startled at first when she saw the young man, but she became respectful subsequently.

Only Protoss dared to walk around in human form in the G.o.d Territory as they wished.

Although the person looked young, she dared not delay her service at all.

“Who was the attendant who attended to the forger on the forum exchange section some half an hour earlier?” The young man lifted his head to look at the lady attendant and asked. “Although he was anonymous on the forum, you guys should know who he is?”

“Well…” the lady attendant looked rather troubled.

“He’s not in trouble,” the young man with gray hair added.

“Oh. His name is Ji Bai, he’s at counter 11,” the lady attendant only nodded and gave the name.

“Thanks,” the young man thanked her briefly and walked to counter 11 directly.

The lady attendant watched as the young man walked to the counter and only looked away when the counter’s s.h.i.+eld was activated automatically. The counter was covered now.

“Why does that young man look rather familiar? I think I’ve seen him somewhere but I can’t remember who he is…”

The lady attendant was pondering for a moment when she saw the counter’s s.h.i.+eld deactivated automatically. The young man with gray hair had walked away from the counter.

“What is he doing? He only went to the counter for only less than five seconds…”

Imperial Commander: His Pretty Wife Is Spoiled Rotten Chapter 1299 – Rampage

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Chapter 1299: Rampage

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Before Yun Yuanfeng could react, Liang Xiuqin had already picked up some more food and thrown it at the woman’s face.

Yun Yuanfeng put his arms around the woman and tried to help block the attack. A bowl of hot congee smashed onto Yun Yuanfeng and the woman’s heads, burning them as the woman screamed.

Yun Yuanfeng definitely had not expected Liang Xiuqin to appear here. He was completely stunned.

Initially, he had thought that the mother and daughter would go to the central hospital, so for safety’s sake, he had never dared to go to the central hospital for these prenatal checkups. Instead, he had chosen to go to the city hospital, which was farther away from where they lived.

He had never imagined that they would into each other under such circ.u.mstances.

“Shu Hua…are you all right?” Yun Yuanfeng looked at the woman whose hair and neck were drenched in porridge. He then looked at Liang Xiuqin, who was rus.h.i.+ng forward to fight some more. He grabbed Liang Xiuqin’s arm and pushed her over to one side.

Liang Xiuqin’s feet landed in the porridge that was all over the floor. She slipped and fell to the ground, screaming in pain.

“Liang Xiuqin, what’s wrong with you?” Yun Yuanfeng looked at his wife who was wailing on the ground, and he wiped the hot porridge from his face. He was only worried about his unbom son. He really hardly noticed the on his body.

“Yun Yuanfeng, you b*stard! How dare you keep a mistress behind my back and even get this woman pregnant? Are you even human? I’m going to your office and sue you!”

“Do you think I’m afraid of you? Liang Xiuqin, let me warn you. If anything happens to my son, I will hunt you down.”

Yun Yuanfeng was a little frightened by Liang Xiuqin’s crazy words. He was afraid that something might happen to his son. When Liang Xiuqin sat up and started attacking him, he kicked her mercilessly. Then he helped Shu Hua up from the chair.

Just then, a doctor from the examination room heard the commotion outside and came out. Yun Yuanfeng hurriedly helped Shu Hua over to see the doctor to prevent Liang Xiuqin from attacking her again.

This was the son that he had been looking forward to for 18 years. If he was killed by this idiot Liang Xiuqin, he would definitely tear her apart.

Novel Full

After being kicked by Yun Yuanfeng, Liang Xiuqin sat on the ground and howled in pain.

“B*stard! Liar! How could you do this to me?”

Looking at the pregnant woman standing before her, Liang Xiuqin felt as if the sky above her had collapsed. Her anger and sense of danger had consumed all her rationality.

It was fine if Yun Yuanfeng cheated on her, but when she thought about how he would have a son in the future and how he might marry another woman and divorce her because of this son, she was so mad that she could not control the anger and resentment in her heart.

She had taken care of the Yun family for him and raised his two daughters. Even if she had not done anything for him all these years, she had still worked hard. And, in the end, he had betrayed her mercilessly.

How was this fair? What had she done wrong? She had done nothing wrong. The only ones at fault were Yun Yuanfeng and this b*tch.

At her age, it would be impossible for her to remarry. Any b*tch who stole her happiness and husband would be her enemy.

‘The doctor understood what was going on. After all, pregnant women were more important, so he had no choice but to take the pregnant woman away.

The doctor had just taken the pregnant woman’s hand from Yun Yuanfeng and was about to help her into the room when Liang Xiugin suddenly got up from the ground and ran toward Shu Hua’s back.

Yun Yuanfeng did not notice immediately so he was too late to stop her. He could only watch helplessly as Liang Xiugin shoved Shu Hua’s pregnant belly against the door frame.

“Abhbh…” The woman’s screams filled the corridor.

Liang Xiugin had rushed over with all her might, and she also b.u.mped into the hard door frame. The gynecologist watching all this was completely shocked.

Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 109

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Chapter 109: The Ruins of the Ancients

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Lin Huang had his mind occupied with the Xiagong ruins ever since he saw the laptop at the museum. There were not many changes to their schedule during the trip. He would visit tourist attractions with Lin Xin in the foothold during the day and return to the hotel around four to five o’clock for dinner. After dinner, he would practice Army Attack Tactics until 10 at night. He would then look for information about the Xiagong ruins on the Heart Network before he slept at 12.

Five days had pa.s.sed without incident. His Army Attack Tactics  skill rotation was now only 10 minutes per cycle and he had obtained 228 card pieces. He was close to obtaining 400 card pieces to upgrade to level three. There was not much information about the Xiagong Ruins on the Heart Network and the Hunter Network. All he found out was that the ruins were found more than 300 years ago when Division7 was built. Many experts had conducted some form of research on the ruins and found out that there were many things in the ruins of the palace that were not present in other places. The discoveries include decorations which were different from those that were excavated from other ruins and because of this there were various speculations about these ruins on the Heart Network. Some even speculated that the palace was built by the G.o.ds.

Seeing that they had almost visited all the attractions in the city center, he would finally have the chance to visit the Xiagong Ruins. Lin Huang felt obliged at first but he called Yi Zheng anyway in order to get more information about the ruins. However, after the call was connected, it was cut off after two rings. Soon, Lin Huang received a message.

“I’m in the middle of something, let’s talk tomorrow.”

Lin Huang raised his eyebrow. He did not want to bother Yi Zheng, so he called Yi Yeyu instead. On the second ring, his call was picked up. Yi Yeyu was wearing a black dress with expensive jewelry on her neck. Hearing the noise in the background, Lin Huang asked, “Where are you and why are you dressed so formally?”

“Nothing much, it’s just a gathering,” Yi Yeyu shook her head and teased. “So tell me, what kind of trouble did you get yourself into again?” She continued, rolling her eyes mockingly.

“Nothing! Do I look like a troublemaker?” Lin Huang asked.

“You don’t look like it, you ARE a troublemaker!” Yi Yeyu shouted as she remembered what Lin Huang had done a few days ago.

Lin Huang did not say anything in response… Yi Yeyu was a member of royalty. It was normal if she had found out what he had done on the s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p. As he thought about it, he realized that it must have been Yi Yeyu who covered for him as the Union Government did not pursue him after he killed someone.

“They’re calling for me. If you have something urgent, say it now,” Yi Yeyu muttered firmly. She thought what she had said earlier was rude so she changed the topic to move on.

“I wanted to ask for your help to find out more about the Xiagong Ruins. I couldn’t get anything informative with my search restrictions,” Lin Huang said, finally telling her his intentions.

“Xiagong Ruins? Many people have excavated the ruins before, why would you want to know more about it?” Yi Yeyu asked as she thought Lin Huang’s request was ridiculous.

“I just wanted to know more about it. I will be going there two days from now. The information would be helpful as I’m acting as a guide for my sister,” Lin Huang said, cooking up an excuse.

“There are professional tour guides there, I don’t understand what’s with you wanting to be a know-it-all to your sister. Alright then, I will do what I can for you after the dinner. It might come late at night,” Yi Yeyu promised him.

After the phone was disconnected, Lin Huang realized that it was 12. He did not wait for Yi Yeyu’s reply and went straight to bed. The next morning, before he got up, he saw a couple of messages on his phone. They were all from Yi Yeyu. She had sent all the information about the Xiagong ruins to him. There were many pages with pictures, so much more than what he managed to find the past few days.

“The Xiagong ruins existed in the ancient epoch, even before the old epoch? The old epoch was 30,000 years ago which meant the time the traveler with the laptop arrived was about 30,000 years ago or possibly even earlier…” Lin Huang frowned at that piece of information.

“Humans below the level of transcendents cannot live for more than 720 years. The longest a transcendent can live is 1,800 years. Although I have no idea how long a demiG.o.d can live, it’s not really possible that one could live up to 30,000 years,” Lin Huang thought, basically confirming that the transcendent had died many years ago. “About the laptop, the traveler wouldn’t bring something that was useless here, that could have been his Goldfinger. Since his Goldfinger was destroyed, his chance of survival would have been really slim…” He concluded.

Lin Huang was disappointed. He always wanted to meet someone who was like him. Although they might not be able to teach him anything, a simple chat would have sufficed to warm his heart to the life he was living in a different world. He then continued to read and found another helpful piece of information. An expert suggested that Xiagong was related to a person called Xia Hao in the Ancient Epoch. There were historical records mentioning a man named Xia Hao that appeared in the Ancient Epoch and he managed to level-up from an ordinary person to a DemiG.o.d within a couple of years.

He was called the No.1 Genius during the epoch. However, he disappeared all of a sudden. Some said he was dead while others speculated that he traveled to another world.

After reading that, Lin Huang was sure that if this Xia Hao really existed in the Ancient Epoch, he was the traveler that he was looking for. Only travelers with Goldfingers could level-up to become DemiG.o.ds within a couple of years.

Yi Yeyu left a message at the end.

“I have tried to look for more information about Xia Hao for you but there isn’t much to go on. There is very limited information about the Ancient Epoch, and the restrictions are even tighter. I’ve sent you all that I’ve found,” she said.

“Thank you, I’ve received them!” Lin Huang replied Yi Yeyu’s messages right after he read them.

“Brother, wake up!” Lin Xin shouted and knocked on his door.

“Alright, I’ll be right there,” Lin Huang yelled back and then got up from his bed.

They arrived at the hotel restaurant 10 minutes later. After getting food from the buffet, they sat by the window.

“How many attractions have we yet to visit within the city center?” Lin Huang asked as he ate.

“We’re only left with one more. It can be done before noon,” Lin Xin said and asked Lin Huang right away, “Will we be staying in the city center for another few days or do we go straight to the Xiagong Ruins?”

“We will go to Xiagong Ruins tomorrow morning,” Lin Huang replied as he was in antic.i.p.ation of what the ruins had to offer too.

Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 687 – Splitting Up

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Chapter 687: Splitting Up
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

On the white, snowy ground, the crowd moved quickly forward in a flash, and a path was created on the ground as the wind blew past.

Lin Huang and Shen Tao led the Heaven Alliance team while the rest of the three organizations followed after them. Just ten meters away were the members of the Divine Alliance. More than 140 of them made their way through the Yeti Maniac’s territory in an instant.

As they looked ahead, they saw ice sculptures of various shapes in which dead bodies were sealed.

Most of them were Glacial Phoenix. Obviously, sometimes the predators would become the prey. The Glacial Phoenix itself was truly beautiful. They looked impressively breathtaking after being sealed in ice.

The Glacial Phoenix’s combat strength was higher than the Yeti Maniac’s, and they could defend themselves against ice element attacks, but even so, they were vastly outnumbered by the Yeti Maniacs. If tens or hundreds of s…o…b..a.l.l.s struck them, they would be locked in ice.

Other than the Glacial Phoenix, there were other monsters as well. Unexpectedly, they saw the two immortal-level rank-7 whom they had sent.

There were only a small number of monsters sealed in ice. Obviously, most of the monsters knew that it was the Yeti Maniac’s territory and only some rash ones would trespa.s.s.

Not far away from them, the Glacial Phoenix and the Yeti Maniacs had already started fighting.

In mid-air, Glacial Phoenix were continually pouncing on the monsters. Only a minority of them managed to capture the Yeti Maniacs in one go as the prey managed to dodge most of the attacks.

The Yeti Maniacs counterattacked as well while dodging their attacks. s…o…b..a.l.l.s were quickly formed in their hands and were being thrown towards the Glacial Phoenix that avoided the attacks as well. If the Yeti Maniac’s s…o…b..a.l.l.s struck them, not only would their movement be slowed down; there would be a drastic increase in the consumption of their Life Power as well.

While both parties were engaged in an intense fight, they noticed Lin Huang and the rest approaching them.

“Immediately activate your Life Power and reveal your combat strength!” Lin Huang shouted. Their Life Power was activated and reached its peak, revealing their combat strength as immortal-levels. Even the Divine Alliance members that followed after them did so.

Lin Huang then whispered to Shen Tao after all of them had activated their Life Power.

After listening to him, Shen Tao immediately announced to the two parties that were fighting each other, “We have no bad intentions, and we’re just pa.s.sersby. If anyone of you attacks our members, we have no choice but to join another party to attack you. Although there’s only a small number of us, we have nine immortal-level rank-9 members here. As long as you’re willing to ignore us, we’ll leave this place quietly. I promise that we won’t hurt any of you.”

The two parties noticed that he was an immortal-level rank-9 as well.

Although neither of the parties responded to him, the people pa.s.sed by the Yeti Maniac unharmed.

The crowd continued to move forward. Shen Tao then told the rest of the people who followed him, “If you don’t want to die, have good control over your hands. We’re in a hurry. Don’t create trouble for us.”

On the Yeti Maniac’s turf, both parties continued fighting each other. Although they were paying close attention to the humans who had suddenly appeared, still, the monsters did not attack them. Because the both of them were equally strong, they did not want either side to have a backup team. Although there was only a small number of people, they were obviously strong as most of their combat strength ranged from immortal-level rank-7 to rank-9.

After five to six minutes, more than 140 of them managed to pa.s.s through the Yeti Maniacs’ territory unscathed. After leaving the Yeti Maniac’s territory, the crowd then stopped.

Many of them looked at Lin Huang respectfully. Before the plan had proved workable, many of them had wondered if the plan would succeed. In fact, not only had the plan succeeded, it was almost perfect. They managed to pa.s.s through without being attacked.

The Divine Alliance did not bother to deal with the Heaven Alliance. As soon as the danger had been removed, Gu Li brought the people along and left without saying anything.

Seeing that the Divine Alliance members had left, Shen Tao then said to the rest of the teams from other organizations, “Alright, since everybody has pa.s.sed through, you may choose which way you want to go.”

Shen Tao and the Heaven Alliance members did not want the others to follow after them as they did not want to share whatever treasures they discovered. Moreover, the three other organizations were not really strong, and they could not provide any a.s.sistance to them even if they encountered any danger.

Since they had overcome the threat, the rest of the organizations were not going to follow the Heaven Alliance as well. The people from the Heaven Alliance would definitely take a significant portion of the treasures they discovered, and only a small portion would be given to them. Therefore, they would prefer to explore the ruins on their own.

Since they did not want to team up, the three organizations soon said goodbye to the Heaven Alliance members and went their separate ways.

Seeing the direction in which one of the teams was heading to, Lin Huang wanted to warn them, but he still remained silent.

The team was heading in a direction where the monsters were gathered. If they did not discover the monster gathering place in time, all of them might be killed.

Looking at the different directions where the teams had left, Shen Tao then pointed towards another way. “Let’s go there.”

Lin Huang glanced in the direction that he pointed to, keeping mum. According to b.l.o.o.d.y’s investigation, there was actually a group of monsters over there. Since it was only a small-scale monster horde, it would not be a hindrance to them.

If he were to go on his own, he would avoid the group of monsters and head where the treasures were kept at his fastest speed. b.l.o.o.d.y’s monitoring pods only managed to cover the areas nearby, so he could not gather enough information regarding the land yet, and he had not discovered any places where there was treasure. Therefore, he decided to follow the team.

They flew in the direction where Shen Tao had chosen for less than half an hour. Soon, they encountered a small monster horde.

“There’s a monster horde about five to six kilometers away. There’s only a small number of them, but I’m not sure what kind of monster it is,” one of them who was responsible for scoping the situation of the ruins with a detection relic whispered to Shen Tao.

“Please take a break over here. I’ll send two immortal-level rank-8s to identify the type of monster in front of us, and if we’re capable of killing it,” Shen Tao ordered the rest of them to stop, sending two of his members to check it out.

In just a short while, they returned.

“It’s the gathering place of a small-scale Frigid Yak monster horde. There are only 26 of them, and there aren’t any other monsters nearby.”

The people were excited when they heard the investigation results. Although the Frigid Yak was an immortal-level monster, they could be used as a high-grade ingredient and made a finger-licking steak.

“I’ve tried the Frigid Yak steak at Celestial Tower. It’s not cheap though as it costs 100,000 Life Crystals. I’m lucky that the others paid for it.”

“That’s not the most expensive one. The immortal-level rank-6 Frigid Yak steak sold at the Star Pavilion costs 300,000 Life Crystal each. I treated my friend at that restaurant, but I didn’t order that.

“My saliva is dripping.”

“It seems like we’re going to have pretty awesome food in the following days.”

The people’s laughter soon spread to the place where the Frigid Yak was.

Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 1493 – Are You Sure You Want Me To Remove My Mask?

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Chapter 1493: Are You Sure You Want Me to Remove My Mask?

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

At eight o’clock sharp in the morning, Buried Heaven arrived promptly.

In the presence of the members of Death Sickle’s inner circle, he revealed himself using his original appearance—a white-haired young man, less than 1.6 meters tall.

As soon as he entered the room, he saw Lin Huang sitting in the first row, seemingly not getting along with everyone else.

At the sight of Lin Huang, he was taken aback for a moment. Although he was not a sword cultivator, he was a well-known figure who was among the top-tier Heavenly G.o.ds, and he could clearly sense that Lin Huang’s Sword Dao had broken through to heavenly rule-level.

Looking away from Lin Huang discreetly, he glanced at the other people sitting at the back. When he saw the expressions on their faces, he immediately understood what was happening.

He said to Lin Huang, “Newcomer, why don’t you briefly introduce yourself?”

Lin Huang nodded. He stood up, turned to look at the people behind him, and took off his hood. “I’m Xiu Mu, and I’ve just recently joined Death Sickle. I’ll be in your care.”

Huang Mu was the real name of this ident.i.ty, while Xiu Mu was the code name that he had applied for in Death Sickle.

After this simple introduction, Lin Huang turned around and sat back down again.

Buried Heaven raised his brows at Lin Huang’s brevity; he guessed that Lin Huang was probably putting on an act.

The others in the conference room were rather dissatisfied with this, however.

“This fellow is saying that he’ll be in our care, but there’s nothing in his expression or his att.i.tude that makes it seem like he needs our care, is there?”

“What a terrible personality this fellow has!”

“He sure has some b.a.l.l.s, acting so arrogant even in front of Senior Buried Heaven!”

Naturally, Lin Huang heard these grumblings, but he could not be bothered to respond to them.

The corners of Buried Heaven’s lips quirked up slightly. Conversely, he found Lin Huang’s role-playing very amusing.

“Alright, since everyone else already knows each other, there’s no need for further introductions.

“Everyone’s already here, so we’ll head out now.”

As soon as he said that, Buried Heaven shook the cuff of his sleeve, and a green-colored snake as thick as a pinky finger shot out, landing on the conference table.

The little snake merely opened its mouth slightly, and Lin Huang, along with the other six people, rapidly shrank in size, turning into tiny particles that were swallowed up by the tiny snake.

After swallowing the seven of them, the little black snake transformed into a python, and in a flash, Buried Heaven stepped up on top of its head.

The next instant, a black whirlpool appeared out of nowhere, and the black python slid into it, bringing Buried Heaven along.

A moment of dizziness and darkness later, when Lin Huang and the others were spat out by the python, they found themselves already in an expanse of void.

Lin Huang looked around. Buried Heaven—who was standing to one side—had long since changed his appearance into that of a muscular man who was more than two meters tall.

The six people who had been in the conference room previously were all present as well.

In addition to the few partic.i.p.ants from Death Sickle, more than a dozen organizations had also arrived, each forming a small group. The number of people was quite small.

Lin Huang even saw two grade-7 organizations that had sent only ten people—five Virtual G.o.ds and five True G.o.ds, no less.

Just when Lin Huang was wondering if this secret territory had a limit for the number of partic.i.p.ants, Destiny could not help speaking up from where he was standing to one side.

“Master Buried Heaven, even the grade-7 organizations have sent so few people. Is this because the secret territory has a limit on the number of partic.i.p.ants?”

“That’s not the reason.” Before Buried Heaven could even open his mouth, a True G.o.d beside them spoke up, “It’s because the hunts in this secret territory hunting are solo battles, and each person’s hunting points count only toward themselves. That’s why the major organizations have selected only the strongest powerhouses within their own organizations. This is also to prevent weaklings from joining, so as not to disgrace the entire organization through earning hunting points that are far too low.”

He deliberately glanced at Lin Huang as he delivered this last sentence.

This True G.o.d was Wild Fiend, the current number three on Death Sickle’s White Sickle Leaderboard. His main reason for being upset with Lin Huang was that previously, Buried Heaven had announced that only three True G.o.ds from Death Sickle would be entering the secret territory this time. This year, he had only managed to secure third place on the White Sickle Leaderboard after much difficulty and had very nearly lost the position to other people. However, this limited spot that he had managed to obtain only after a year of hard work had been easily secured by a newcomer, in a complete departure from the rules. Naturally, he was extremely displeased.

Lin Huang had no idea how precious his spot was. He had only asked Buried Heaven for it because he needed it, and Buried Heaven had immediately agreed. Buried Heaven had not mentioned how scarce these spots were either.

Of course, he could pick up the indirect barb in Wild Fiend’s words, but he did not know why the other showed such animosity toward him. He a.s.sumed that his previous att.i.tude had upset Wild Fiend, so he just ignored the other’s provocation.

In Lin Huang’s opinion, such low-level provocation was meaningless. If the other party were genuinely capable, he should be thinking about how to crush Lin Huang in terms of hunting points, instead of verbally making oblique accusations at him before the hunt had even begun.

Seeing that Lin Huang did not rise to the bait, Wild Fiend did not continue being aggressive.

On the one hand, Senior Buried Heaven was right there, so Wild Fiend could not simply antagonize Lin Huang. On the other hand, there were also many other organizations in the vicinity, and it would not reflect well if others were to witness internal conflict within Death Sickle.

The truth was, if it were not for his apprehension at Buried Heaven’s presence, he might have directly started a fight with Lin Huang when they were still in the conference room.

What Wild Fiend did not know, however, was that he was lucky.

If he had chosen to make a move against Lin Huang at that time, there was a high chance that he might have immediately lost this opportunity to enter the secret territory.

Ignoring the murmurs of the people beside him, Lin Huang directed his gaze toward the other organizations’ sites.

The partic.i.p.ants from the two grade-7 organizations—the Combat G.o.d Temple and Xeno—had all arrived. He even saw a few familiar faces, such as Unrivaled G.o.d from the Combat G.o.d Temple, and Frontier from Xeno…

More than a year had pa.s.sed, yet these old acquaintances, just like Fallen Star and the others, were still at virtual G.o.d-level rank-9. However, their auras had obviously become much stronger than before.

Just when Lin Huang felt regretful that he had left this group of individuals far behind him in terms of advancement, a figure suddenly leaned over from beside him.

“Haven’t I seen you somewhere before?”

Surprisingly enough, the speaker was the black-robed Virtuoso. Their voice was very neutral, and it was impossible to make out whether they were male or female.

Lin Huang turned around to look at Virtuoso and smiled as he answered a touch mockingly, “You’ll have to take your mask off for me to have a look, then I’ll know if we’ve met before or not.”

As the few Death Sickle members were wondering why Virtuoso had taken an interest in this newcomer, they heard what Lin Huang said, and their expressions immediately became rather odd.

“Are you sure you want me to remove my mask?” Under Virtuoso’s white mask, red lips quirked up slightly.

However, their mask was actually concealing their lips. Logically speaking, Lin Huang should not have been able to make out any expression on the other’s face, but he definitely saw the corners of their lips curl up.

Right at this point, Buried Heaven could no longer keep silent. “The secret territory is opening soon—both of you better not cause any trouble!”

Lin Huang noticed something unusual in Buried Heaven’s tone as he said that, and guessed that something might happen if the other party were to remove their mask. Judging from the expressions on the others’ faces, it was not likely to be anything good.

This made Lin Huang a little curious as to the abilities of this fellow who was ranked first on the White Sickle Leaderboard.

Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 206

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Chapter 206: Arrival of the Ultimate Keeper

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Sometimes, sh*t happens.

The moment he saw a skinny shadow appear in the arena, Lin Huang could immediately confirm his ident.i.ty – it was the third-ranked person on the leaderboard, The Final Fortress.

The Final Fortress was shorter than 1.4 meters, and he was very skinny. He might even weigh less than 60 catties and looked like a 10-year-old boy. However, he was actually already 17 years old and looked like this because he had stunted growth.

It was because of his body size that allowed Lin Huang and the rest to recognize him before the light was even shone on the keeper.

Although he looked like a harmless kid, The Final Fortress was the one opponent most players on the sixth floor did not wish to encounter.

He was recognized as the ‘Final Keeper’ on the sixth floor. Even Yu Moli who ranked first on the leaderboard had never defeated him in the arena after several battles.

Lin Huang did not want to into him as he had no confidence that he could break through the opponent’s defense.

When the audience saw the appearance of The Final Fortress, they observed a moment of silence for Lin Huang.

“It seems like Sword Genius’ winning streak will end here.”

“The system did really send the final keeper here…”

“Yu Moli had said this before. None of the Silver Hunters could break through his defense. Only a gold-level, attack type relic could do it.”

“Although I feel like seeing Sword Genius create another miracle, it seems like it’ll remain a wish…”

Most of the players on the sixth floor knew The Final Fortress from watching his previous battles. The moment he appeared in front of Lin Huang, they lost all hope for Lin Huang in this battle.

Regardless of how strong Sword Genius was, his combat strength was only Silver-Level Rank-3. The strength of his Life Power could not activate a gold relic. Even if he used a gold-level battle sword to attack, it was still impossible to break through his opponent’s defense. Countless hunters had tried but failed.

Lin Huang clearly understood that. He had been watching his battle videos repeatedly. He was afraid that he might encounter an opponent with such a powerful defense. The results of his a.n.a.lysis showed that when one’s defensive skills were enhanced to a certain level, that person would be unbeatable. Unleas.h.i.+ng a stronger power was the only way to break his defense. Other than that, nothing could help him.

Lin Huang did an a.n.a.lysis of the weaknesses of the top 10 players on the leaderboard. He thought of ways to kill them as well. However, he had no idea how he could defeat The Final Fortress.

In fact, it was not his abilities that were unbeatable. If his defensive skills were not taken into consideration, he would only manage to achieve top 30 on the leaderboard. However, he was invincible because of his incredible defensive skills.

While Lin Huang was sizing up The Final Fortress, his opponent did the same thing on Lin Huang too.

“It has been 16 years since the last player achieved a 70-win streak. Congratulations.” The Final Fortress smiled at Lin Huang.

“Thank you.” Lin Huang nodded his head.

“I’ve watched your battle videos, you’re so strong.” Fortress admitted that Lin Huang was strong, “Therefore, I chose to defend the arena in this battle. As long as you can break through my defense in half an hour and leaving a wound on my body, I’ll concede. As long as it’s allowed, you can use any skills.”

Apparently, he knew that Lin Huang had heard of him before. He was lazy to banter on with him. He then explained to him the rules that he had set.

“Alright.” Lin Huang agreed with him.

“Then let’s begin!” The Final Fortress took a look at the countdown timer, a complicated pattern was formed by both his hands when the countdown was about to end.

Right after the pattern was formed, a layer of a sh.e.l.l-shaped object made of a material that looked like metal and stone was formed in the air in before his body.

The object gradually became thicker, extending towards The Final Fortress and in less than three seconds, he was completely covered by it.

A grey, ball-shaped object instantly appeared in the arena as well. It had a diameter of about two meters and it had a stone and metal texture to it.

The ability was unique to the extent that even Lin Huang could not confirm if the layer he formed was a skill, a blood inheritance or a monster skill.

Looking at the countdown timer above him end, Lin Huang did not attack immediately. He activated Boundless Vision and walked around the ball-shaped object. He carefully observed it.

The audience did not urge Lin Huang to hasten his attack as they waited patiently for his next move.

“It seems like Sword Genious is going to end his winning streak here.” The black-robed man laughed as he looked at the gold-robed young.

“He’s got bad luck to into this little brat that has a blood inheritance. He’s even inherited such powerful defensive abilities.”

Unexpectedly, the gold-robed man did not give him a reply.

“Do you want to add on to the bet. Another relic perhaps?” The black-robed man grinned.

“If the one he met was Yu Moli, he might not lose.” The gold-robed young man changed the topic.

“Those who possess a blood inheritance will inherit abilities developed by a transcendent. Their combat strength is restricted and they are not allowed to fully unleash the power of their blood inheritance. However, this brat possesses a blood inheritance skill that cannot be broken by those who are below the transcendent level. He can only be defeated by those who also have a blood inheritance. Despite the fact that Yu Moli has obtained numerous monster skills, it would still not be enough. Regardless of how strong the skill is, it would still a silver-level mutated monster skill. It is not comparable to a blood inheritance.” The black-robed man explained with a smile.

“Regardless of whether Sword Genius can win Yu Moli or not, he’ll definitely lose this battle! Unless he has a blood inheritance as well…”

“Stop talking nonsense. Let’s watch the battle quietly.” The gold-robed man was getting lazy to listen to him and interrupted him. The black-robed man laughed arrogantly, he then kept quiet.

Lin Huang walked slowly around the ball-shaped object in the arena. He tried to touch the object’s body but made no attempts of an attack.

The audience started to feel impatient.

“Sword Genius! Are you a man? Why are you looking and touching the ball instead of doing what you’re supposed to do?! Do you even dare to pick up a gun and fire?!” Some of them even shouted at him.

“What do you know? This is foreplay!” Another man responded from afar.

“The foreplay is too long. I’m going limp already!” Another man yelled at him as well.

Everyone burst out laughing as they listened to their conversation.

After carefully observing the ball-shaped object in the arena, he finally stood still…

Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 15

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Chapter 15: Sand Monster

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There were staff members from the Hunter a.s.sociation already waiting at the entrance to the desert.

When all the members who joined the a.s.sessment arrived, the head examiner, Yi Yeyu followed through behind them all.

“Now please conform to the checking of your s.p.a.ce storage facilities with our staff,” Yi Yeyu said and then nodded to the 12 staff who were there waiting for her instructions.

The 12 staff started to check each and every storage compartments.

“All weapons, combat, defense and other a.s.sistance equipment that are above iron-level are prohibited. Aside from healing-related medication, all medicines including septic divisor that have poisonous effects on the human body are prohibited as well. Equipment that has been poisoned must be cleaned. Those who refused to clean them will have your equipment confiscated,” she continued.

“Also, all food and water are prohibited. Climbing equipment is prohibited too…”

Yi Yequ announced loudly while walking back and forth in front of everyone.

Soon, the 12 staff members had done their job.

Most of the things that were confiscated were food and water. Some of them brought bronze-level equipment and some of the weapons were soaked in septic divisor. They were asked to clean their weapons on the spot.

The same happened to Lin Huang when they checked his storage s.p.a.ce. His food and water were confiscated. The military water bottle that he bought was almost taken away too but he poured out all the water in front of the staff before they did.

They found Lin Huang’s armored bullets too. The staff confirmed the item with Yi Yeyu before returning the bullets to him.

Yi Yeyu thought it would not make a difference if he had them or not since the bullets were meant for normal guns. Even at a short-distance, the impact would hardly be of any significance against bronze-level weapons. Moreover, there were only 10 bullets, so the bullets were returned to him.

When the staff returned the bullets, Lin Huang was relieved as it was one of the few ways he had to protect himself.

When the inspection was completed, it was already past 9 a.m.

After all the staff had confirmed that nothing had been missed out, a communication device was given to every one of them.

Yi Yeyu then spoke again, “The stuff that was confiscated will be kept safely with our authorities. When the a.s.sessment is over, we will return them to you.”

“The time is now 9:23 a.m., I’m giving you guys an extra seven minutes. Those of you who arrive at the destination within 15 days before 9:30 a.m. will pa.s.s the a.s.sessment.”

“Before the a.s.sessment officially begins, I have some bad news for the lot of you. During the a.s.sessment, the internet connection, communication and map positioning guidance functions on your Emperor’s Heart Ring will not be available. The only thing that you can use will be the storage system,” Yi Yeyu said, with a hearty laugh once she finished. Her b.r.e.a.s.t.s jiggled vigorously, distracting the partic.i.p.ants for a few moments, before drawing them back to the harsh truth she had revealed.

What Yi Yeyu said caused the crowd to groan again. Even Lin Huang did not expect her to be that sneaky.

On the other hand, Yi Yeyu as the head examiner seemed to enjoy the torture she inflicted. With a grin, she said, “Now, let the a.s.sessment, BEGIN!” she shouted.

Just when she was finished speaking, some of them ran well ahead of the rest. Those who were groaning followed too.

Lin Huang who was the weakest among them all was the slowest. Instead of running like everybody else, he walked at his normal pace. The fatty greeted him and sprinted away following the people ahead.

Soon, Lin Huang was left behind. However, he did not accelerate. He continued walking at his own pace, studying his surroundings as he went.

Watching Lin Huang getting further and further away, the head examiner Yi Yeyu shook her head and said, “I thought there was something special about that kid. It seems like he’s just an ordinary person. At this speed, it would be amazing if he could walk 40 kilometers in a day. I don’t think he can even finish half of the journey within the given 15 days.”

In truth, it was not that he did not want to follow the other’s pace as they ran off in the wilderness. The fact was that he was not able to keep up anyway.

He was just an ordinary person. His physique and body structure were completely different from those who were at an iron-level.

If he was to run like those fellas who were iron-level, he would collapse within half a day. The environment in the desert was so harsh, that if he pushed himself too hard, he would have to give up the a.s.sessment if he even planned on surviving it.

Lin Huang had been researching the Pure Gold Desert on his Heart Network since the head examiner Yi Yeyu gave out the a.s.sessment area and content that morning. He had a plan in mind to survive the desert.

Within the 15 days, he needed at least two days to climb the alps so he had 13 days to cross the 1,500 kilometers desert. That said, he needed to walk more than 115 kilometers per day. That did not include the time he spent searching for food and a source of water.

Lin Huang knew very well that the desert was not a simple flatland.

When he was on earth, he had traveled to a desert before. The fastest an ordinary person could walk in the desert would be four kilometers per hour. A few well trained others could walk five kilometers per hour. Moreover, he would need to rest at night.

He would be pus.h.i.+ng his limits if he was to walk 50 kilometers per day.

Within 15 days, no matter how he pushed himself, he could only finish half the journey.

An iron-level person had a body that was a few times stronger than ordinary people.

Their strength and tolerance were better than ordinary people and they could even run up to a 100 kilometers per day. That would be impossible for Lin Huang.

Therefore, he had a plan that involved monsters in the desert. Especially those that moved fast which he could use as a vehicle.

With his ability to obtain Skill Card pieces and his skill of summoning monsters, he had memorized the locations of the footholds where the monsters he needed would reside.

Although the acc.u.mulation of Skill Card pieces would take time, the native creatures that resided in the desert could move much faster than humans. The time that he spent on acc.u.mulating Skill Card pieces would be made up by the monsters’ high-speed movements through the desert.

Lin Huang’s headed in a very different direction from those who were ahead of him. His goal was not the destination, but the foothold with a Sand Monster that he had seen on the map.

The Sand Monster belonged to a branch of human giants. They were huge, very fat and they consumed a diet consisting of a variety of flesh and meat very regularly. They looked similar to humans as they walked with two legs. They were more like a deformed human with some of them having two or three heads and some with only one head with additional mouths or eyes.

Iron-level Sand Monsters were at least five meters tall and the tallest one could be up to 10 meters. They were easily a few times stronger than iron-level humans.

Lin Huang had his eye on an iron-level Sand Monster, and as they lived in groups, the monstrosity of that sort would not be hard to find. What he needed to do at the moment was acc.u.mulate a complete Monster Card from killing many monsters at once. Another reason that aided his plan was that the Sand Monster’s foothold was very near the entrance of the Pure Gold Desert.

Lin Huang followed the planned route for half a day without water. Finally, when the sky was dark, he arrived at the foothold where the Sand Monsters lurked. Lin Huang knew earlier that there was a source of water at the location, but didn’t see it upon his arrival. Soon after, he thanked his lucky star when he saw a freshwater lake not far from the foothold.