Can’t Take My Eyes Off You Chapter 1753 – Keep An Eye On Her

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Chapter 1753: Keep An Eye On Her

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor. EndlessFantasy Translation

Yes, Young Master Liang helped arrange it. There was a plane crash, so

Director Jiang and Young Master Liang used that to announce that the Divine

Doctor had died in a plane crash when she was on her way home. Now that

everyone in the world knows that the Divine Doctor has pa.s.sed away, there is

no more Divine Doctor in this world. However, it seems like Director Jiang

doesn’t regret that arrangement, Big Ke said.

Lu Xingzhi listened as Big Ke told him everything that had happened to Jiang

Yao in detail. He thought that Jiang Yao’s decision was the most appropriate


The Divine Doctor’s death could cut off everyone’s crazy greed for the Divine

Doctor’s help and allow her to get some peace.

The Zhu family was involved in this matter. Ruan Yongjun’s people killed Zhu

Qjanlan. General Min Pang had taken over all the Zhu family’s businesses in

Zhu Jiu returned to the Zhu family in Ping City. They had fallen into a

complicated internal conflict. Everyone is dissatisfied with the current Zhu

family head. Everyone wants to replace him. And there’s also the Qjan family in

Jindo City,” Big Ke said.

Big Ke explained what the Qjan family had done to Old Madam Liang and what

they had stolen from Jiang Yao’s research inst.i.tute.

When Lu Xingzhi remained silent, Big Ke asked, Young Master Lu, what are

we going to do now?

Lu Xingzhi said, “My wife has no reason to swallow her pride after being

bullied to that extent.”

Naturally, he had to do something, but he had no plans to do so at that


“The Liang family will take care of the Qjan family”

The Ping City’s Zhu family was also in Province A. Even though they had yet to

gain a firm foothold there, the Zhu family had already lost one of their wings

Unfortunately for them, the internal conflict was not enough.

“Get someone to keep a close eye on the Zhu family. Let their internal conflicts

reach a point where they can’t resolve them peacefully. Then, after my

closed-door training is over, I will take care of the Zhu family.

He had not thought about what to do with them. He needed some time to

consider and make arrangements

However, he would have to start his closed-door training again in two days. He

would be cut off from all external communications. Therefore, he still had to

wait until he finished his training before making any plans.

“She should be returning to the school the day after tomorrow. I will arrange

for someone to send her back. You guys protect her well.” He felt as if he had

not said enough.

“Keep an eye on her. If there is anyone with ulterior motives toward her, do

what you have to do. Don’t be soft-hearted.”

His wife was so attractive that Lu Xingzhi felt that people like Ouyang Chenrui

would be around her like annoying flies.

After instructing Big Ke to keep an eye on Jiang Yao and not let her eat any

popsicles secretly, Lu Xingzhi hung up the phone. Big Ke shook his head and

turned around to whisper to Ah Lu. “I feel like we’re becoming like old ladies.

We’re helping Young Master Lu manage Director jiang’s meals, drinks, and


While Lu Xingzhi was talking on the phone, the summer wind had cooled down

a little, which had initially been stifling. It was already late at night, and dark

clouds were already in the sky. Lightning danced on the distant mountains,

and there was even the occasional dull rumbling of thunder.

Lu Xingzhi thought Jiang Yao would be afraid, so he waited for her outside the

bathroom. As he listened to the sound of water, his mind was filled with the

information he got from Big Danke, and he thought about his subsequent


Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 205

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Chapter 205: 79-Win Streak

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“Nickname: Sword Genius”

“Combat Strength: Silver-Level Rank-3”

“Battle Count: 70”

“Acc.u.mulated Points: 5058”

“Winning Percentage: 100%”

“Honor: 70 consecutive wins!”

Lin Huang looked at his score. The points acc.u.mulated had exceeded 5000. As long as he could win another 10 battles, the acc.u.mulated points would exceed 10,000. Then, he would be ranked in the top 10 on the leaderboard after collecting an additional 1000 points.

In order to accomplish the mission given by Mr. Fu, achieving an 80-win streak was the bare minimum. If he could not do this, it would probably be difficult for him to complete the rest of the missions in the following 20 days.

It would be best if he managed to make it to a 90-win streak. Then, he would have about 20,000 acc.u.mulated points, completing the task in one-shot. He could then save some time.

Lin Huang took less than half an hour to win 20 consecutive battles to get from a 50-win streak to a 70-win streak. Though he has already broken a record that no one could break for the past 16 years, he still remained in the arena.

“Would you like to continue the battle?”

When this option popped up in front of him, Lin Huang chose “Yes!” without hesitation.

Many of them did not expect this. Even after achieving a 70-win streak, Sword Genius did not choose to rest but instead, continued accepting challenges.

The reason why Lin Huang chose to continue was simple. The past 20 battles did not consume much of his energy. Also, he had watched more than thousands of battle videos of those who were ranked top-10 on the leaderboard. He had conducted a complete a.n.a.lysis of each of their strengths and weaknesses. He was not going to waste his time for additional preparation.

Since the keeper of the 70th battle was Explosive Female Demon who ranked fifth on the leaderboard, the keeper in the following battles would probably be those who are ranked even higher than her. Therefore, they would probably choose players that are among the top four players.

The one who ranked fourth was Handsome Imperial Censor. He was an Imperial Censor and could summon a Gold-Level Rank-3 mutated monster. The points that he had acc.u.mulated were basically earned by the monster he summoned. Although he was not strong, he still managed to enter the top 100 on the leaderboard with his own abilities.

The player who ranked third was The Final Fortress. He had terribly strong defensive power. He was the same as Yu Moli; having never lost a single battle on the sixth floor of the arena. Also, he was often chosen as the keeper by the system.

Of course, the one who ranked first would be Yu Moli. The second-ranked player was Ebonella and the fifth-ranked player was Explosive Female Demon who had almost achieved her 70-win streak. However, The Final Fortress had somehow, always been chosen as the keeper of the 70th battle to end their winning streaks.

Be it the Explosive Female Demon with amazing attack speed, Ebonella with her various combat techniques, or Yu Moli who was the invincible player on the sixth floor, they were unable to break through and achieve their 70-win streak because of The Final Fortress’ defense which usually caused the battle to end in a draw.

Lin Huang actually did not want to into this opponent as well because he was not confident that he could break through the opponent’s defense. Compared to him, he would rather encounter Ebonella or even Yu Moli as the keeper of the 80th battle.

He shook his head, snapping himself out of his deep thought and his 71st opponent was sent to the arena.

His opponent was a young gunmaster.

The moment he saw Lin Huang in the arena, he immediately activated his SilverPhoenix16.

Many of the audience found it uninteresting when they saw this.

Sword Genius had completed his 70-win streak. Although the opponent had acc.u.mulated 5000 points and it was not considered low, he was still too weak compared to the previous two keepers. The audience did not have any hope in his opponent.

“Sword Genius, I didn’t know that I’d randomly into you. The G.o.ds are being too kind!” The young man was excited.

Lin Huang glanced at his ID and it read, “Please give me your signature.”

“I can give you my signature. After I go offline, I’ll send you some photos when I’m free.” Lin Huang explained.

“Who wants your signature?!” The man immediately said, “I created the ID for my G.o.ddess!”

“Oh…” Lin Huang replied insincerely. He waited patiently as the countdown timer had not ended.

“Do you know who my G.o.ddess is? She’s Explosive Female Demon! The one you bullied earlier!” The signature guy asked and answered his own question.

“Oh…” Lin Huang sighed as the countdown timer had not ended yet.

“I want to take my revenge on you!” The signature guy finally told him the reason why he was happy.

“Oh…” Lin Huang answered politely as usual and still, his eyes were staring at the timer above him.

“You bullied my G.o.ddess. I must defeat you. I want to take it out on you…”

“Have you finished talking?” Lin Huang suddenly asked.

“No, I…”

Lin Huang suddenly extended her hand, pointing at the timer that had reached zero. He then lunged towards him and said, “Sorry, I’m in a hurry.”

The next moment, Lin Huang moved one step forward, pa.s.sing by his body.

Before the man even managed to fire a single shot, a sword cut through his waist.

“Congratulations! Player Sword Genius has won the battle!”

“You’ve killed the opponent in one hit, you have obtained 2 points!”

The audience started discussing the man who just appeared.

“Tsk tsk, the guy has unusual taste. How could he like her.”

“Perhaps he was an innocent teenager who was cheated by her appearance…”

“Probably he likes her act of violence?”

The man who appeared just now meant nothing to Lin Huang.

After the 71st battle had ended, the challengers were sent to the arena one after another.

The moment they found out that their opponent was Sword Genius, eight of the fighters who were sent to the arena decided to give up the battle.

To them, they knew that they would have no possibility of winning when they encountered Sword Genius who had completed his 70-win streak. Giving up the battle would be better compared to getting killed by just one hit in front of more than hundreds of thousands of people.

With that, Lin Huang successfully completed his 79-win streaks and welcomed his 80th battle…

Who would be the keeper this round?

300,000 audiences stared at the arena, patiently waiting for the keeper to appear.

Even Lin Huang started to feel nervous as this battle would decide whether he could get 10,000 points or otherwise. If he wins this battle, he could be more relaxed in the following days. However, if he lost the battle, he would have to achieve another 70-win streak to collect more than 10,000 points. He would then require more time to complete the mission.

After about one minute, a shadow appeared on the other side of the arena…

Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 884 – Beaten!

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Chapter 884: Beaten!

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

It was 11 p.m. and this happened in the underground beneath the gully of the abyss.

After exactly 23 hours, the Union Government army finally arrived close to the volcano where the Nightmare Dragon was after traveling across over 5,000 kilometers.

At that moment, the 200-strong army had dwindled down to 176 people. The 176 people separated into a couple of smaller groups and began their search.

Fu Qingwei frowned as she looked around. She mumbled to herself softly while feeling puzzled, “That’s strange. The coordinates Gong Sun gave is somewhere around here, but why can’t we find the source of the monster horde?”

As the leader of the mission from the Union Government this time and the head of EA.2, she was sure that the information was legit.

“There’s something here!” Someone from one of the teams shouted all of a sudden.

Fu Qingwei headed there immediately in a flash.

One of the members in the team voiced his observation, “There seem to be battle traces on the ground and they’re recent.”

The other few EA.2 members landed on the ground and took a careful look around.

The marks on the ground seemed to be cut by some kind of sword, but it might be caused by a monster with sharp claws too.

Fu Qingwei scowled slightly after looking around for a while.

“The monsters around this volcano have all been cleared!” All of the teams stopped searching immediately and joined the hunting team.

Around 20 minutes later, they finally cleared the area around the volcano and the ground was revealed. The people from the Union Government could eventually see the traces left from the battle of Bai and the rest as well as the pools of blood that had seeped into the ground.

“There are many battle traces around the volcano which is obviously not the result of a fight between monsters. The blood all over the ground has been here for less than 24 hours.” The few EA.2 members came up with the same conclusion after checking the area thoroughly.

They had been beaten!

“There are saber marks, sword marks, frozen marks, burn marks and gunfire marks left from a firearms master… The battle covered a wide surface. It seems like it was a one-sided, large-scale ma.s.sacre. It was clearly not done by a person. Only a huge army could’ve orchestrated such a thing!”

“But who would know about the Nightmare Dragon apart from us?” Fu Qingwei was a little puzzled. “That fella called Gong Sun mentioned that he didn’t tell anyone else when he told us about it.”

“What if Gong Sun lied?” A girl dressed in a camo asked softly.

Fu Qingwei was stunned when she heard this suggestion. The truth was right before her eyes, and it seemed like there was no other explanation.

If Gong Sun had not exposed the information to anyone else apart from them, there would not have been a second group of people who knew about the Nightmare Dragon’s existence and they would not have been defeated.

“I would suspect the people from Dynasty if they hadn’t been killed by the Luotian Sect,” a young man with a buzzcut voiced his opinion. He was also one of the EA.2 members, and his name was Fei Yun.

Dynasty was the first name that flashed through Fu Qingwei’s mind because it was the most capable one among the underground organizations that came in this period. They were the most likely culprits.

However, Dynasty had been killed by a local organization. She even got someone to confirm the news when she first heard about it a few days ago.

“Maybe it’s the Purple Crow or Saint, or maybe it’s the heretics. The heretics have the most techniques. It seems like their style whereby they leave quietly after taking everything and avoid a face-to-face confrontation with us,” said a short, muscular hunk. He was also an EA.2 member, and his name was Feng Yong.

Fu Qingwei turned to look at the man in white robes next to her. “Can you predict this?”

“The success rate isn’t high since it involves G.o.d, but I can try.” The white-robed man nodded.

His name was Cao Zhen, and he was the only Diviner in the team.

The Union Government had released a piece of news earlier, saying they had two Diviners working for them. The intention was to confuse people out there so that the Diviner would not be targeted by underground organizations.

The probability of an underground organization the Diviner would be high if they knew that the Union Government only had one Diviner.

However, the underground organization would consider acting if there were two Diviners. The reason being it would only work if they were to kill both Diviners since killing one was futile. However, killing two would be much more difficult than killing one, and the price to pay might be higher too.

Cao Zhen took out a tortoise sh.e.l.l and three coins. He slotted the coins into the empty sh.e.l.l and performed a complicated hand signal as he chanted.

The tortoise sh.e.l.l hovered in the air and began rolling by itself.

As Cao Zhen grabbed the tortoise sh.e.l.l after he was done with the hand signal a while later, the sh.e.l.l exploded. Together with the coins, they shattered into dust.

Cao Zhen’s hand hung in the air and he only retracted it after a while. He shrugged his shoulders and looked helplessly at Fu Qingwei. “It doesn’t work.”

“Let’s see if we can find anything else.” Since the prediction failed, Fu Qingwei did not get Cao Zhen to try again. She pointed at the volcanoes before them. “Look through those few volcanoes too.”

The people from the Union Government separated into more than ten teams and began scanning around.

Around half an hour later, the teams that were responsible in the investigation came back one after another. Their effort was to no avail.

“It seems like the organization that took the G.o.d Figurine didn’t leave us anything at all.” Fu Qingwei was so p.i.s.sed that she was smirking at their own stupidity.

“Let’s return to Weiyang City!”

“Do we go back empty-handed?” Feng Yong said a little unwillingly.

“What else can we do? There’s nothing here!” Fu Qingwei glared at him in annoyance.

“Let’s go back for now. The Nightmare Dragon’s G.o.d Figurine has been taken and the monster horde has ended. We can always come back if we want to in the future.” Cao Zhen signaled Feng Yong immediately so that he would not get himself into any more trouble.

“There are too many cultivators who practice sword and saber, so it’s difficult to find out who it was. But there aren’t many cultivators who have frost and fire attributes. Neither are there many firearm masters.” A ferocious gleam flashed through Fu Qingwei’s eyes. “Help me find out when we get out. I’d love to see which organization has the capability of beating us!”

Lin Huang was just getting into bed at the Inn at the moment. He had no idea that Fu Qingwei and the people from EA.2 were cursing him underground.

However, he figured that it was about time the people from the Union Government arrived at the Nightmare Dragon’s previous coordinates.

“The people from the Union Government should arrive there soon. I wonder when will the news of the end of monster horde spread.” Lin Huang did not sleep as he lay in bed. His head was occupied with things that he needed the handle later. “I must find time to excuse myself from the Heaven Alliance to trade those monster for resources after the news comes out…”

“Now the biggest trouble is that True G.o.d’s will called Gong Sun. The stone tablet can’t locate it as long as it’s in hiding.”

Can’t Take My Eyes Off You Chapter 1759 – Can’t Compare

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Chapter 1759: Can’t Compare

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor:

EndlessFantasy Translation

“Yes!” Ye Jianguo nodded repeatedly. “I heard that you’re Colonel Lu’s family. Then we are neighbors! I didn’t expect it to be such a coincidence!”

“Ye Jianguo, what do you mean? Are you saying that Colonel Lu’s wife works at your school? Or is she also a student at your school?” an older woman asked Ye Jianguo curiously.

“Theard from my schoolmate that this year’s medical school’s postgraduate supervisor is a professor from Nanjiang City Medical University. That professor was also a postgraduate supervisor. How can our university compare to Nanjiang City Medical University? They are on the same level as Jindo

University and Jindo Medical University. Our university can’t compare to them.”

Ye Jianguo’s words were direct. It did not sound like he loved her university. “I heard that those who graduated from Nanjiang Medical University would always get a good job after their graduation. Many hospitals would want them. Our school isn’t that popular. Miss Jiang is a professor’s a.s.sistant, right?

That should count as working for the Nanjiang City’s Medical University, right?”

a.s.sistant? Those illiterate older women did not understand it. However, their perception of Jiang Yao changed when Ye Jianguo said that Colonel Lu’s wife worked for Nanjiang City’s Medical University.

Initially, they were just sizing her up, but after that, they had a feeling that she was unattainable. They were also complaining in their hearts—no wonder a young girl like her could afford to use a cell phone.

They would have been very impressed if she were only a primary school teacher or a middle school teacher. Colonel Ye’s daughter was a teacher at a huge primary school, and many people envied her for that.

They did not expect that Colonel Lu’s wife, who looked younger than Colonel Ye’s daughter, Ye Xueli, had a job that was hundreds of streets ahead of her.

“So, you are Colonel Lu’s family? Do you know Colonel Ye’s daughter, Ye Xueli? She’s teaching at Luo City Primary School. Her salary is very high. She receives so much money a month, and there’s also a bonus every year. She even has three months of vacation a year and two days off a week. Look at how

comfortable her life is, how well she dresses every day. How much do you earn a month? You can afford a cell phone, so you must make a lot, right?”

Those women were curious about Jiang Yao’s salary.

‘When Ye Jianguo heard that, he cut her off. “My sister’s job? She’s just an elementary school teacher. How can she compare? Look at how well my sister dresses. Her monthly salary is spent on clothes, shoes, bags, and cosmetics. Sometimes, her salary isn’t even enough, so she still has to ask my dad for it.”

Jiang Yao glanced at Ye Jianguo. A 20-year-old boy was thoughtless. She thought she was fortunate to have been the youngest in her family. She would strangle him to death if he were her brother, especially if he would ruin her reputation with outsiders.

Ye Jianguo did not know what Jiang Yao was thinking, but he continued to say, “The teachers in our school receive 100 bucks a month, and some even get several hundred. Nanjiang City is much richer than our city. Nanjiang Medical University is also a key national university, so their teachers’ salaries are

definitely higher than ours..”

Reborn: Femme Fatale First Daughter Chapter 630 – Imperial Noble Consort Wen’s Doubts

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Chapter 630 Imperial n.o.ble Consort Wen’s Doubts

The banquet in the imperial palace did not last long. The marriage between the Southern Barbarian Lands and the Qin Kingdom had been carved in stone. Now there was the last step left: which princess would Crown Prince Xieyue ask to marry? It was different from Princess Caifeng’s marriage. Although Princess Caifeng was also the candidate for marriage between the Southern Barbarian Lands and the Qin Kingdom, she would be a member of the Qin Kingdom after she got married. Moreover, she was going to marry King Ning, so there would be little chance for her to become the ruler of the country.

Crown Prince Xieyue’s case was different. He was likely to be the future Emperor of the Southern Barbarian Lands, and thus the princess, who would marry him, would be the future Empress of the Southern Barbarian Lands and had the right to decide the national affairs of the Southern Barbarian Lands and the Qin Kingdom in the future. Therefore, the Qin Kingdom attached more importance to the marriage of Crown Prince Xieyue. And because of this, Emperor Zongwen had no definite candidate to marry him.

After he left the banquet in the hall, Emperor Zongwen did not return to his Qianqing Palace. Instead, he went straight to Imperial n.o.ble Consort Wen’s place.

As soon as he arrived at the door, Imperial n.o.ble Consort Wen came out and greeted him gently and respectfully in front of the imperial carriage.

Emperor Zongwen held Liu Xi’s hand and stepped out of the imperial carriage. He hurried forward and helped Imperial n.o.ble Consort Wen up. Then, he said in a tender manner, “My love, you don’t have to be so polite. Let’s go in and talk.”

“Yes,” Imperial n.o.ble Consort Wen replied softly. There was a hint of joy on her face. Even though she was not as ecstatic as the other consorts when they saw Emperor Zongwen, her look made others comfortable without any pressure.

After being in the palace for so many years, Imperial n.o.ble Consort Wen seemed to have never competed with anyone. She was pregnant before, and the child had an accident when he was about to be born. A little prince did die after being born, which also involved another consort. Although Imperial n.o.ble Consort Wen fainted in pain, she did not say a word when she woke up. She did not force Emperor Zongwen to punish the consort either and even plead for mercy, which made Emperor Zongwen feel guiltier about her.

In this way, he had always admired Imperial n.o.ble Consort Wen’s generosity. Even though she did not have a son, she had also been promoted to imperial n.o.ble consort. She and Consort Su became the two imperial n.o.ble consorts below the Empress.

“Your Majesty, do you have anything to say to me today?” Imperial n.o.ble Consort Wen took the porcelain teacup from the palace maid and placed it on the table in front of Emperor Zongwen with a smile.

“Isn’t Xuehe here?” Emperor Zongwen looked around and asked.

Usually, the Sixth Princess, Feng Xuehe, was in Imperial n.o.ble Consort Wen’s place to embroider and fiddle with flowers and plants at this time. Compared with the Fifth Princess, who was arrogant and often caused trouble, the Sixth Princess was so obedient. She was gentle when she saw people, as if she was the same as Imperial n.o.ble Consort Wen.

Emperor Zongwen was very satisfied with the Sixth Princess from the bottom of his heart. He had once said that no matter which family she married into, the Sixth Princess would lead a good life, which meant the husband and wife would be harmonious, and they would be filial to the elders and the family would be harmonious.

“Just now, Princess Caifeng of the Southern Barbarian Lands invited Xuehe to walk around the garden. Consort Xuan has always been in poor health, and Consort Yan has just experienced… We couldn’t let Princess Caifeng walk around the garden alone, so I asked Xuehe to accompany her. It’s always pitiful for her to marry far away. Even if she is a princess, she has no one to rely on. Fortunately, Princess Caifeng is a little tough, so she won’t suffer losses. If she were a gentle girl, well, alas…”

Imperial n.o.ble Consort Wen did not finish what she wanted to say. She frowned slightly, and there was a trace of sadness in the corners of her eyes. Even the smile on her lips became bitter, she smartly did not continue.

The people in the palace of the Qin Kingdom knew Princess Caifeng’s temperament very well after these days. With such a strong temperament, she could not even decide her marriage in the end. What if she had a soft temperament? Then if a docile princess married into the Southern Barbarian Lands, where she had no family there, it would be very difficult for her to take root in the Southern Barbarian Lands.

At this moment, Emperor Zongwen hesitated. The Sixth Princess was gentle and kind. If she married into the Southern Barbarian Lands, would she really be able to take care of everything? Furthermore, the battle in the harem had always been a life-and-death struggle. It would not be easy for a woman to be the Empress of the Southern Barbarian Lands. Could the Sixth Princess Feng Xuehe really do that?

Emperor Zongwen couldn’t help frowning. In his heart, he was comparing the strengths and weaknesses of the Sixth Princess and the Seventh Princess.

In Emperor Zongwen’s opinion, the Sixth Princess had no advantage at all. Although Emperor Zongwen liked the Sixth Princess’ character, wouldn’t she be swallowed up by others with such a character if she married into another country? If she couldn’t even protect herself, how could she show the benefits of the marriage between the Southern Barbarian Lands and the Qin Kingdom?

Or maybe it would cause a war between the two countries because of the Sixth Princess’ suffering.

Thinking of this, Emperor Zongwen made the Seventh Princess as the candidate. The Seventh Princess was a little stronger than the Sixth Princess, but she was not strong enough in general. At this moment, Emperor Zongwen thought of the Fifth Princess. With the Fifth Princess’ character and the status of the Empress’s legitimate daughter, she was most suitable to marry into the Southern Barbarian Lands.

Coupled with the fact that the legitimate princess had 100 secret guards, it could be said that nothing could go wrong. With the guards’ protection, and her strong character and the support of the Qin Kingdom, she was almost invincible. However, the Fifth Princess had already gone to the Yan Kingdom. Emperor Zongwen got a headache at this point.

Emperor Zongwen did not reply to Imperial n.o.ble Consort Wen’s words. The hall quietened down immediately. When she saw that Emperor Zongwen was frowning and did not speak, Imperial n.o.ble Consort Wen did not urge him. She walked to the side and ordered her lead palace maid to prepare the sober-up soup. She even ordered to put two spoonfuls of honey inside.

Emperor Zongwen did not like things that were too bitter. He could only drink the sober-up soup when there was honey in it.

Emperor Zongwen’s expression softened when he heard Imperial n.o.ble Consort Wen’s soft and gentle voice. There was a note of care in her concern. He gestured for Imperial n.o.ble Consort Wen to go over. Then, he pulled her to sit down beside him and said gently, “My love, you don’t have to do this. I will leave soon. I have to visit Mother. I heard that something happened at Mother’s place earlier, and she is displeased because of it.”

Imperial n.o.ble Consort Wen obeyed Emperor Zongwen’s word obediently, sat down and looked up. When she heard that Emperor Zongwen was about to leave, a hint of disappointment appeared on her face, but the disappointment was immediately covered by a gentle smile. However, even if her expression grew faster, Emperor Zongwen, who had been staring at her closely, had noticed it, and his expression grew even gentler.

“Your Majesty, no matter how busy you are, you can leave after you drink the sober-up soup. I won’t prepare food for you here. I heard that what had happened in the Empress Dowager’s place was also about the Southern Barbarian Lands. It was said that Princess Caifeng didn’t know that the Southern Barbarian Lands sent a poisonous accessory, and wanted to give it to Consort Xuan. This made the Empress Dowager very unhappy. I also sent someone to inquire about it. The Empress Dowager said that it was nothing.”

Emperor Zongwen had known about this long ago. As such, he was even more determined to marry Princess Caifeng to Feng Yuzhen. The back garden of anyone would not be peaceful with such a vicious woman. As such, Crown Prince Xieyue had brought up the matter and agreed. When he heard that Imperial n.o.ble Consort Wen had already dealt with the matter first and that her behavior was decent, he praised her greatly.

“My love, you are indeed my good consort. Since that’s the case, I shall not go to Cining Palace. I shall have dinner at your palace today,” Emperor Zongwen said with satisfaction.

At this time, the sober-up soup had been sent over. Imperial n.o.ble Consort Wen beamed and brought the soup to Emperor Zongwen. Emperor Zongwen took it and drank it up. It was not bitter and the sweetness was just right in taste. It was his favorite flavor. He was more satisfied with Imperial n.o.ble Consort Wen. When he put down the bowl in his hand, Imperial n.o.ble Consort Wen had already brought him a fragrant handkerchief. After he slightly wiped his lips, Imperial n.o.ble Consort Wen took it and placed it on the tray before asking someone to take it away.

“Your Majesty, I am so happy that you can have dinner with me. Just now, you asked about Xuehe. Do you want me to send someone to ask her here?” Imperial n.o.ble Consort Wen could not hide the joy on her face. There was a hint of joy on her lips, as if she was very surprised that Emperor Zongwen would stay for dinner. She could not suppress the overjoyed look on her calm face.

“No, don’t have to ask her to come back. Let her accompany Princess Caifeng for a stroll.” Emperor Zongwen waved his hand.

At this moment, he was confused and could not make up his mind. He did not intend to ask the Sixth Princess to come here. Originally, Emperor Zongwen had come to sound out the Sixth Princess’s views. Even though it was up to him to decide which princess to marry into another country, it would be better if he could see that his daughter was willing to marry.

Imperial n.o.ble Consort Wen nodded with a smile, as if she did not know that she had made Emperor Zongwen change his mind with a few words. She wholeheartedly asked her lead palace maid to prepare Emperor Zongwen’s favorite dishes. She smiled and persuaded him softly, “Your Majesty, I went to Consort Yu’s palace early in the morning. She is so thin that she is almost beyond recognition. She told me that if you are free, you can go to her palace to have a look. She only has you now.”

Emperor Zongwen’s expression darkened when he heard Consort Yu. He harrumphed coldly and said, “She only has me? She couldn’t even protect the royal child, but focused on fight with others. How could she have the face to say that?”

“Your Majesty…” Imperial n.o.ble Consort Wen wanted to continue persuading him but Emperor Zongwen glared at her angrily. She was so frightened that she could not say a word.

“Leave Consort Yu alone. Now that she didn’t protect my child, what does she want from me. Stop daydreaming!”

Emperor Zongwen’s eyes turned sharp and his expression was glum. It seemed that Consort Yu really could not turn over this time. The corners of Imperial n.o.ble Consort Wen’s eyes twitched slightly and she tactfully did not continue. She timidly changed the topic and said, “What about Consort Zhao? After all, there is no clear proof that she did that…”

Imperial n.o.ble Consort Wen stole a glance at Emperor Zongwen. She did not finish what she wanted to say, but had completely expressed her meaning.

“Leave Consort Zhao alone too. She has been thrown into the Cold Palace. What else does she want? Just let her live in the Cold Palace. Anyway, she has been living a cold and lonely life,” Emperor Zongwen stated lightly.

Imperial n.o.ble Consort Wen did not understand what he meant at the moment. She peeked at his face and did not see any emotion on his face. She could not tell what he meant. However, relative to his firm att.i.tude towards Consort Yu, he seemed less cruel to Consort Zhao. She felt that there was something hidden in his words. Did he mean that she had lived a cold and lonely life in the first 10 years?

For so many years, Consort Zhao had been independent of the people in the harem. She did not need to pay her respects to the Empress or the Empress Dowager, nor could she come out. She was protected by Emperor Zongwen in Mingyue Palace. Up to now, Imperial n.o.ble Consort Wen still did not understand what Emperor Zongwen want. If he was protecting her, it didn’t make sense as he had locked up his favorite consort for 10 years.

If he didn’t dote on her and just wanted to lock her up, what about the guards at the door? She had seen with her own eyes that the Empress was blocked by the guards when she came to the palace.

Imperial n.o.ble Consort Wen had always been confused by Emperor Zongwen’s att.i.tude toward Consort Zhao. In this situation, if Emperor Zongwen really hated Consort Zhao very much, he would not have said so much.

Even though she could not figure it out, Imperial n.o.ble Consort Wen still nodded obediently. The next time she met Consort Su, she would tell her what the Emperor had said. As for what Consort Su would do, it had nothing to do with her. What would Consort Su deal with Consort Zhao? Would there be any fight between the two of them? She would just wait and see.

Since everyone knew that she didn’t have a son, she had better not get involved in these things.

Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 651 – Tens Of Thousands Of Points

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Chapter 651: Tens of Thousands of Points

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

As Zhao San counted down, Sun Yu hurtled towards Lin Huang without waiting for him to summon his monster. Sun Yu thought it was impossible for Lin Huang to have gotten to the 21st checkpoint on his own since he was only a blue flame-level. He had experienced it himself, and he knew how difficult it was to get through the 20 checkpoints. It was impossible for a holy fire-level to get there on his own.

Among the active members of the Genius Union, the last holy fire-level who managed to get there was a golden flame-level seven years ago. It was a supreme genius from Division 1. Now that seven years had pa.s.sed, the person had already got to the 63rd checkpoint, and he was now an immortal-level rank-9. Sun Yu did not think that Lin Huang was on par with the man. He thought Lin Huang must have depended on the triple mutated immortal-level rank-2 gigantic ape. To him, most of the Imperial Censors were merely adequate. Without their powerful summoning monsters, they were just garbage.

As soon as the countdown ended, Sun Yu attacked first so that he could kill Lin Huang before Lin Huang could summon his monster. He was sure that Lin Huang was incapable of fighting without his summoning monster. Many onlookers who bet on Lin Huang were concerned as they watched Sun Yu advance before Lin Huang did. They did not have faith in Lin Huang, but they believed in his Mighty Ape. To them, Lin Huang’s combat level was too low as an Imperial Censor. He could not fight Sun Yu even though he was a genius.

After all, everyone who got to this virtual world was a genius. Although Sun Yu was only an immortal-level rank-1, his ability was actually on immortal-level rank-4. Even though Lin Huang was a supreme genius who was able to fight someone one level above him, he as a blue flame-level could only fight an immortal-level rank-3. He definitely could not fight Sun Yu. In this battle, the only way for Lin Huang to turn the tables around depended on whether he had the time to call for his summoning monster.

If Lin Huang managed to summon the ape before Sun Yu killed him, the battle would be a great show with unpredictable results. However, if Lin Huang did not manage to summon the ape, there was nothing to watch in this battle as Lin Huang would definitely lose! All of the onlookers a.s.sumed that Lin Huang was incapable by himself as an Imperial Censor. Many of them smiled and shook their heads when they watched Sun Yu dash towards Lin Huang before he could summon his monster. The poor kid’s points would go back to zero soon. Those who had bet on Lin Huang felt their hearts skip a beat as they realized they would lose their wager.

However, a silver glow flashed in the air. Some of the onlookers were shocked by the sight of this. Sun Yu brushed shoulders with Lin Huang while the latter stood where he was without moving. Sun Yu was appalled as he spat a mouthful of blood. They then noticed that there was blood blooming out of his left chest.

“So, you’ve been hiding your abilities…” Sun Yu clenched his teeth as he glared at Lin Huang.

“You’re the one who asked for this.” Lin Huang turned around and smirked at Sun Yu. “I shall take your 6,000 points then.”

As soon as Lin Huang said that, Sun Yu’s body faded into sparks and disappeared entirely within seconds. A notification from the virtual system came to Lin Huang’s ears.

“You’ve obtained 6,102 points from killing Sun Yu!”

Those onlookers were shocked to see that Sun Yu was killed in an instant. Although some of them noticed the silver glow, they had no idea what exactly it was.

“What exactly happened?”

“Did that guy cheat?”

“What was that silver glow that came out of nowhere? Is that the new kid’s technique?”

“How could an Imperial Censor be so powerful? I thought he’s just a blue flame-level.

The people started discussing among themselves, most of them not knowing how Lin Huang managed to win.

“Alright, stop guessing among yourselves. This new kid is a powerful psychic. The silver glow was a flying dagger. As Sun Yu rushed towards him, the flying dagger pierced through his heart. That was how Lin Huang killed him,” a tall, bald, middle-aged man among the crowd spoke. He was an immortal-level rank-4, and it was clear that he knew what Lin Huang did just now.

“I’m sure some of you recorded the battle just now. Just play the video at a slower speed, and you’ll see.”

Some of them who had recorded the fight then played the video. Zhao San, who started the bet, played the video ten times slower and saw the flying dagger that appeared before Lin Huang piercing through Sun Yu’s chest. Many of them underestimated Lin Huang, so none of them expected such a result. The blue flame-level newbie standing in front of them was not only an Imperial Censor but also a psychic who managed to kill the immortal-level rank-1 Sun Yu in a flash.

“He’s a supreme genius!” Someone exclaimed after a moment of silence. Besides fear, they now looked at Lin Huang with respect. It was rare to find a supreme genius outside of core zones, and they were lucky to see one or two occasionally. There were not many supreme geniuses in the core zones. There were only 50 supreme geniuses in the Genius Union in Division 3. All those people who were stuck on the 21st checkpoint were mostly geniuses outside of the core zones. To them, supreme geniuses were hard to come by, so it was natural that they would hold such respect for Lin Huang.

Lin Huang ignored the people’s discussion about him, and he walked over to Zhao San.

“You’re giving me the 2,864 points that I bet on, right?” Lin Huang asked Zhao San.

“Yes… Yes!” Zhao San nodded immediately. His ability was just slightly more powerful than Sun Yu. If he denied what he promised, this newbie would definitely send him to the bottom of the Stairway Tree.

“Five times of 2,864 will be 14,320. Deducting the deposit that you haven’t paid, I’ll need to give you 11,456 points.”

Zhao San transferred the points immediately after he had done the calculation. Lin Huang was thrilled to see the 6,000-odd points from Sun Yu being added to his 5,000-odd points, together with more than 10,000 points that he had won from the bet.

The sky was getting dark. Lin Huang looked at the time and thought he should log out now. Zhao San noticed that Lin Huang was opening the log out page, then he quickly went to him.

“Mr. Lin, are you interested in joining our hunting team?”

“Hunting team?” Lin Huang looked skeptically at Zhao San.

“It’s a temporary team that we formed to hunt at night,” Zhao San explained to him since he was new. Lin Huang understood what he meant after Zhao San clarified. Usually, many monsters came out to look for food at night, so it was difficult for people to climb the tree. However, it was the golden hour to kill monsters for points too.

The people could hunt for monsters from sunset to just before midnight when the number of monsters had yet to reach a peak. Therefore, many people would form hunting teams on their own at the 21st checkpoint to kill the monsters together. The points would still be the same as usual, but creating a team made hunting easier, and they could look after each other.

“We’ll leave to the isolated s.p.a.ce when the monsters get out of hand during midnight, and we’ll leave the virtual world. It’s pretty safe if we stick together,” Zhao San explained further.

“Thanks for your invitation, but I don’t plan to stay any longer below the 30th checkpoint. However, I’ll stay together to hunt together just for the experience.” Lin Huang rejected Zhao San’s invitation, but he decided to join them for the night.

Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 765 – Die, Evil Spirit!

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Chapter 765: Die, Evil Spirit!

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

If one’s consciousness was emptied, was the person still the same as before?

This topic had actually been discussed by many, but n.o.body could actually give an accurate answer.

Somebody had once said that as soon as one’s consciousness was wiped away, the person would not only experience a loss of memory. Aside from their memory, they would lose their personality as well. Personality was complex as it was determined by nature and nurture. Having had their personality erased, they would lose a part of themselves as well. This indicated that they would lose their personality that had been shaped by their experiences, their emotions, will, and all other aspects of life. Losing one’s consciousness actually meant that one’s consciousness was replaced by the new consciousness.

There were also people who likened the emptying of consciousness to reformatting a hard disk. After it was being reformatted, the hard disk was still what it used to be. With or without consciousness, you were still you. You would just be a different version of yourself.

The evil spirit had never done research on this topic. However, it definitely did not want to lose its consciousness. However, because of Lin Huang, it had no other choice.

It either had to be killed by Lin Huang or its consciousness had to be removed. Both choices were equally bad.

However, as it thought of what it had encountered today and felt how miserable it was now, the evil spirit chose the latter.

Lin Huang instantly felt that something was amiss just as he heard it growl, “You forced me to do this!”

Before he could react to it, a black glow emerged between the eyebrows of the evil spirit’s floating sculpture. All of a sudden, the black glow then flashed in the air and penetrated through the cloud layers in an instant. Lin Huang could not identify where it was going.

He felt insecure as he had no idea what the evil spirit was doing.

He immediately transferred a large number of daggers that were initially restricting the evil spirit’s tentacles to attack it. Also, he increased his attack speed as he wanted to kill it as soon as possible.

“It’s useless. It’s no use even if you completely damage my body.” A ferocious smile plastered across the evil spirit’s face. “You forced me to do this…”

“What have you done?” Lin Huang frowned, feeling more and more insecure.

“Nothing special. I’ve just summoned my real body.” The evil spirit laughed loudly after uttering its words. As countless daggers were coming after it, it went mad and completely gave up defending itself. It allowed the daggers to strike against its body and yelled at Lin Huang, “Enjoy the last slaughter of your life! Kill me and become my new body!”

“Has the dude gone crazy?” Lin Huang frowned, seeing the evil spirit’s reaction. However, he got some important information from the evil spirit, which was that it had summoned its real body.

Lin Huang felt his emotions spiral downwards. Right until this moment, he could not understand the actual concept of the G.o.d’s Blood Pods. Based on what he could see from the evil spirit, he guessed that it could be something with a cloning ability. With its cloning ability, he had to use almost all of his trump cards in order to gain victory.

Right now, the evil spirit’s real body was coming from an even stronger world. Despite the fact that it was only the consciousness of the real body itself, its ability would far surpa.s.s the G.o.d’s Blood Pods’.

Moreover, Lin Huang speculated that its real body might be a Virtual G.o.d or a True G.o.d due to the phrase “G.o.d’s Blood” in the G.o.d’s Blood Pods.

Lin Huang lifted his head and looked towards the sky. On top of his head, a powerful yet unusual energy was throbbing vigorously between the cloud layers which the black glow had just penetrated through. The energy was spreading and increasing tremendously. Perhaps within half a minute, the plan that it was brewing would soon be revealed.

“It’s too late to escape now. Even if I were to leave the mini world, with the G.o.d’s power, it could easily tear the mini world apart and chase after me,” Lin Huang surmised. He then quickly s.h.i.+fted his gaze towards the evil spirit.

The evil spirit’s black blood was splashed everywhere on the ground and there were wounds all over its body. It was spine-chilling to look at. It no longer cared to what extent its body was damaged. It put its tentacles down and gave up defending itself against Lin Huang’s attacks. However, it could still survive at the moment due to its body’s recovery ability.

“Let’s kill it first!”

Lin Huang did not want to waste his time fighting the evil spirit any longer. He then took out his G.o.d Crasher.

Manipulated by his telekinesis, the G.o.d Crasher then took aim at the evil spirit.

The six third-generation G.o.d Crashers that Lin Huang owned only had two remaining shots. They would be completely destroyed after being used. Lin Huang had been unwilling to use them all the while as they were weapons that could save his life, so he tried his best not to use them.

He had wanted to purchase more of the G.o.d Crashers from the black market for emergency use. However, the purchase of the item was strictly controlled by the Union Government. It was an extremely rare item in the black market as well. At almost every foothold if he happened to drop by the local black market, he would ask if the arms dealers had any G.o.d Crashers available for sale. However, each time he would receive the same reply: out of stock.

The G.o.d Crashers could not be replenished, so Lin Huang could only reduce the usage of the weapon.

Seeing the G.o.d Crashers taking aim at it, the evil spirit could clearly sense that it was threatening. All the memory regarding the G.o.d Crashers that it had inherited from the bodies that it had previously killed flashed through its mind. It then knew very well that the weapon could destroy it into ashes. However, the face of the floating sculpture revealed no fear. It taunted instead, “I’ve told you before that it’s useless. As long as my G.o.d’s Blood Pod isn’t destroyed, the summoning process won’t be interrupted. The arrival of my real body won’t be stopped as well. The G.o.d Crashers that you have can’t even break through the G.o.d’s Blood Pods’ defense.”

“You’re not the one to judge whether it’s useful or not!” Lin Huang glared at the evil spirit. The daggers stopped attacking and scattered in all directions. The evil spirit was at the center, which stopped it from running away.

At the same time, a red glow appeared at the muzzle of the G.o.d Crashers. It continued to radiate intensely and reached its peak in an instant. The lavlike red glow then gushed out of the muzzle like lightning.

The evil spirit’s eyes flashed with fear. The red glow then penetrated through its head before it could react to it. A large hole that was about a meter in diameter appeared next to its tentacles that were less than a meter away. The brain juice within its wound was boiling. Lin Huang could see the towering mountain behind its back through the hole.

A third of its head had exploded in one hit.

The evil spirit’s body became limp and it fell down to the ground.

Lin Huang stared at the evil spirit, not letting his guard down. A notification from Xiao Hei was then heard.

“Congratulations! You’ve obtained a Pseudo Mythical-level Monster Card (Unnamed) x1”

Lin Huang then felt relief flood through him.

He had made countless attempts to kill the evil spirit but kept failing. Now, Lin Huang could confirm that it had died after receiving the notification from Xiao Hei.

Soon after, his face turned ghastly because the summoning force of the evil spirit had not faded away. It remained unaffected and continued to grow immensely.

Lin Huang could clearly sense that the terrifying aura growing stronger every second.

“What it said is indeed true. Killing it won’t stop the arrival of its real body…”

I’m Secretly Married to a Big Shot Chapter 2924 – She Can Do Whatever She Wants

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Chapter 2924: She Can Do Whatever She Wants

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor:

Atlas Studios

Tang Ya then glanced at Mo Yesi.

Her words expressed her admiration for him.

Her son-in-law was excellent, which meant that her daughter had good taste and married well. Hearing this, Mother Bai smiled in satisfaction. “Yesi is good, you’re good too. You’re both very outstanding people.”

Tang Ya also smiled. “Mianmian is also very outstanding. She’s already a popular star in the new generation at such a young age. I’ve seen the television drama that Mianmian acted in, she did very well. She’s very talented in acting.”

“Both of you are very outstanding and have your own strengths.” In Mother Bai’s heart, her daughter was naturally the best. She praised Qiao Mianmian generously. “Mianmian is indeed very talented in acting, Her brother also said that she’s very suitable as an actress.

“This child sings pretty well, too. She casually recorded two songs and even won an award. Originally, your uncle and I wanted her to work at the Bai Corporation, but she only likes acting and is unwilling to go to the company. Of course, we won’t force her. Everything is up to her.

“It doesn’t matter if she likes acting or singing, as long as she’s happy. In the future, if she’s sick of acting, she can do whatever she wants. Anyway, our family doesn’t lack anything, so we’ll do whatever makes us happy.”

Another meaning behind Mother Bai’s words was that the Bai family did not lack money.

So, her daughter could do whatever she wanted.

Her thinking was different from Madam Mo’s.

If it were Madam Mo, she would think that it was a disgrace for her daughter-in-law to go into the entertainment industry.

Because Madam Mo despised the entertainment industry.

Even if she won the Best Actress Award, she was just a high-end actress in Madam Mo’s eyes.

‘The Bai family was also a top-notch family that had existed for several generations.

Even though Mother Bai did not think the entertainment industry was a good place, she did not discriminate against professionals.

As long as it was not something illegal like murder or arson, Mother Bai felt that it was nothing worth arguing over.

Besides, her children were both in the entertainment industry. One was a director and the other an actress. She wouldn’t discriminate against the entertainment industry.

“Mom, don’t flatter me.” Qiao Mianmian sat down on the other seat next to her and said shyly, “There are many people better than me, and my results aren’t even good enough. Even if you think your daughter is the best in the world, you should be more modest in front of so many people.”

“Okay, okay.” Mother Bai looked at her daughter dotingly. “I won’t speak anymore. Anyway, I think my daughter is the best.”

“Let’s eat.” As the head of the family, Father Bai put food into Mother Bai’s bowl. “Mianmian and Xiao Ya must be hungry. Well talk later.”

“Yes, yes, yes. Let’s eat.” Mother Bai smiled at Tang Ya and said lovingly, “I made some of my signature dishes today. Xiao Ya, have a taste.”

“Yusheng said that you don’t have any taboos, so I don’t know if these dishes are to your liking. If you find anything you don’t like, just tell me. I won’t cook it next time.”

Tang Ya picked up her chopsticks and said obediently, “Aunt, you’re such a good cook. I think every dish is delicious. I think the dishes on the table are all very good. Aunt has put ina lot of effort to make this meal. Thank you..”

Martial King’s Retired Life Volume 11.5 Chapter 82 What… About View Page Source Additional Resources Visitor Testimonials

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Volume 11.5 Chapter 82 What… About View Page Source Additional Resources Visitor Testimonials

Ming Feizhen opened his eyes after a self-perceived long time to find the surroundings peaceful. Hua Qing, Su Li, Yungu, Miguo… no living organism that should’ve been present was present. As a matter of fact, even the large lotus platform was nowhere to be seen in this world coloured a sickening red. The firmament and earth – if they were even distinguishable – were red. The falling big droplets of blood at the “end” of the realm were the only movement. The red colour in question was identical to the Fengpeng’s eyes.

For whatever reason, the blood started trickling progressively faster, comparably to drizzle turning to hail. As the blood dripped down, a black screen behind the red screen came into view. Incomprehension didn’t stop the realm from splitting apart.

As of a consequence of the blood belting progressively faster, Ming Feizhen’s location was no longer a safe haven. Instead of feeling pain due to being split, though, he couldn’t feel any pain. The realm deprived him of his five senses, rendering him hopeless to struggle against the break down.

In a split second, the realm was reset – Ming Feizhen’s status quo included. The cycle of blood dripping and the world splitting then commenced again.

Subsequent to an unknown number of repet.i.tions, even when Ming Feizhen’s intuition had stopped registering, he still didn’t feel he had adapted. On a certain cycle, he started hearing, “A fire can burn anything. How does a flame exist if there is nothing to burn? If the way of breathing sustains life, where is dao without life? You are the energy’s host. How can it exist if you are dead? Hence, there is no reason for it to take your life.”

Apparently, understanding the adage was the reason behind the destruction and resetting cycle. It was Ming Feizhen’s first time witnessing the time before Chaos – the nebulous state of the universe – the formation of heaven and earth, followed by their separation.

From his observation, Ming Feizhen gleaned something that he couldn’t put into words. Nevertheless, he felt he could nigh pinpoint the source of the mad energy. Regrettably, every time he came close to deciphering the mystery, the world would crumble. This time, he only watched the world’s construction and demise.

The other section he recalled was, “Man’s joy and sorrow, hatred, care and love are the masters of people, fate, yin and yang. Like the universe, as long as qi sustains it, the universe can sp.a.w.n infinite ent.i.ties. Conversely, the universe is not called the ‘universe’ if it sustains qi. If the universe is lasting, transparent and still, the vast universe cannot be formless; yin and yang’s profoundness cannot be without qi; fate’s infiniteness must exist. What I possess now is supreme; I wield yin and yang. If I cease to exist, what am I the master of? I create yin and yang, heaven and earth.”

“What’s going on?”

Ming Feizhen split again, except he had become the heart of the realm’s reconstruction. The blood constantly congregated, forming the shape of Ming Feizhen and espousing a different red unlike previous times. Though both Ming Feizhen’s were the spitting image of each other, they were internally different.

Ming Feizhen clenched his fists.

The once unbridled sinister energy had become cordial and compliant to his will. What once was limited as a lake had transformed into an ocean. Unfortunately, the redness in his eyes was a symptom that couldn’t be expunged.

Maybe I’m expecting too much. How is a monster supposed to not resemble a monster?

The next section Ming Feizhen recalled was, “It serves me, not the other way around. If I am empty, what can serve me? This is the mental cultivation I have compiled over the years. You can utilise it to control the aggressive energy.”

The individual scratched their head, then continued, “I cannot teach you how to deal with the Fengpeng’s aggression; that is the toughest and most dangerous challenge that you alone need to win. Should you fail, your only conclusion will be death on the lotus platform. While the energy won’t kill you, the Fengpeng will. The only thing I can teach you is how to wield the aggressive energy. Don’t give me that look! It took me years to come up with it… Wait, a little cheaper. 50%? No, thirty. Make it ten! Ten!”

Ming Feizhen still found their dispute amusing.

I chewed the Fengpeng’s consciousness into nothing already.


“Baldy!” Ming Feizhen heard Hua Qing scream upon returning to reality. Hua Qing and Su Li were visibly done, but Hua Qing continued to curse at Miguo to protect Ming Feizhen even if it was only for a little longer.

Appreciatively smiling to himself, Ming Feizhen uttered, “You’ve done enough,” the moment before he caught Miguo’s punch.

Although Miguo managed to retreat, he had to sacrifice a hand to do so.

Ming Feizhen sealed off ten-odd accupoints on Su Li, but that only made his face longer. “c.r.a.p.”

Su Li’s meridians had snapped. Besides excessive blood loss, her essence was damaged, as well, as a result of Miguo forcibly drawing it out from her. In essence, she had one foot and half of her other foot in the coffin.

Ming Feizhen grabbed the top of her head with one hand, and only a moment later, she could open her eyes and utter “Eh?” with energy.

“Brother Ming, h-have you transcended?!”

Saving Su Li would’ve been beyond Ming Feizhen before he grasped the concept of wielding yin and yang. Juxtaposing the human body as the scarlet realm’s reconstruction, they abided by the same principles. The approach to fixing meridians and replenis.h.i.+ng essence, therefore, was only a touch away if one truly understood the principles.


A fire can burn anything. How does a flame exist if there is nothing to burn? If the way of breathing sustains life, where is dao without life? – Don’t think too hard about this adage from the scripture 文始真经. “Fire” is a placeholder to express a point.

Red Packet Server Chapter 1701: The Gu Family’s Invitation

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Chapter 1701: The Gu Family’s Invitation

Lan Tu’s smile froze, noticeably more rigid than before. He fought to maintain it, and before he could respond, Ye Zichen beat him to the punch.

“Are you a member of my Upheaval Alliance?”

“I’m not!”

“Then what right do you have to bring outsiders here to see me? That you were allowed in at all is out of respect for Luolin. You yourself have no position here at all. Do you have any idea what the few of them have done? Do you have any idea why they came looking for me? Do you have any idea who I am, or what my status is? If these essence spirits wanted to hurt me or if something went wrong, could you take responsibility?”

A cold wind blew by. It blew right through the doors, and the temperature in the meeting room dropped noticeably.

Beams of light shone in through the windows, hitting Ye Zichen right in the eye. As he narrowed his eyes, the lofty air of one long accustomed to rule flowed forth.

This series of verbal firecrackers left the Gu Family bodyguard unable to even speak.

He just stood there, dazed, as if stunned that Ye Zichen would behave like this before the GU Family. Or perhaps, he was considering whether he really had overstepped the limits of his authority or not.

Perhaps he really should have considered this move more thoroughly.

But in the past, wherever he went, even to Holy Lands, everyone was intimidated by the Gu Family’s prestige. Every clan and faction treated them with respect.

But this was different.

Although the Upheaval Alliance was a faction, it ruled over an entire Divine Mountain. It was more like a Sacred Beast Clan of the yao realm than an ordinary faction.

After hundreds of millions of years of stability, a new Divine Mountain had appeared in the G.o.d Realm.

Its leader, Ye Zichen, was even the Third Era’s Master of the Stars!

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Although the Upheaval Alliance hadn’t been around for long, you couldn’t consider them just another faction.

Before Lan Tu could respond, the fire essence spirit lit up with red firelight and landed just three meters away from Ye Zichen. His entire body flickered with iridescent white embers, but none of the heat escaped the blaze.

And yet, anyone would believe that these flames contained enough energy to burn the heavens.

He was furious!

He and his siblings were the five elemental essence spirits. Anyone who met them would have to treat them with respect. Anyone would beg them to stay by their side.

Yet Ye Zichen, despite knowing full well who and what they are, had left the Five Elements Hidden Palace without them.

The five of them had discussed the matter amongst themselves, and they agreed to take the initiative and smooth things over, but they’d been stuck wandering Upheaval City’s perimeter for days without being allowed in.

Now that they’d finally made it in, before they could even get a word in, they were greeted with a cold glare.

“What do you mean by that? Are you saying we’ll hurt you?” The fire essence spirit glared at Ye Zichen, and the embers around him blazed noticeably higher.

“Don’t kick up a fuss here. This isn’t that elemental s.p.a.ce of yours; this is my Upheaval City.” Ye Zichen looked at the five essence spirits coldly as he spoke, but to Lan Tu, it seemed like the words were directed at him.

“Alliance Head Ye, I had no intention of offending you, and I hope you can forgive my indiscretion,” said Lan Tu.

Lan Tu was at least an imperial lord!

Despite his lofty cultivation, he was willing to humble himself. Ye Zichen actually had a rather good impression of him. Although, when he first entered the room, he’d been a little wanton and arrogant due to his status in the Gu Family, he’d reconsidered his behavior and adapted in a timely manner. Ye Zichen liked people like this, who knew when to push and when to give.

“No harm done.” Ye Zichen waved Lan Tu’s concerns away, a signal that he’d let it go.

As for the five elemental essence spirits, he didn’t even look at them. Even now, they thought themselves far too important, and they couldn’t see the bigger picture, nor did they know when to back down…

It seemed the five elemental essence spirits had been spoiled rotten! If a shrub grew crookedly, you had to prune it. It seemed the five of them needed correction too.

Ye Zichen pointedly ignored the essence spirits, then turned to Lan Tu. “Might I ask why you’ve graced my humble domain with your esteemed presence?”

“The young miss snuck out, and in her absence, our entire clan was in uproar. Even though the family head later learned that she was with you, she’s been gone for far too long, and her parents miss her dearly. They sent me here to take her back to the clan,” said Lan Tu.

He was here to take Gu Luolin back?

Xiao Yumei and Ye Zichen’s eyes lit up despite themselves.

This was good news! Wonderful news!

Gu Luolin had caused trouble throughout Upheaval City. It was indescribably aggravating to Xiao Yumei, and when Ye Zichen heard her reports, he naturally felt much the same way. He wanted to send Gu Luolin packing as soon as possible, but she’d just had to take a s.h.i.+ne to Upheaval City. No matter what anyone said, she refused to leave.

Then there was her relations.h.i.+p with Ye Rong, and the fact that the Gu Family was a major clan.

Ye Zichen couldn’t suppress her with military force, either. All he could do was hope that the rest of the Gu Family hurried up and took the little spoiled princess back home.

He’d been waiting for this day and night, and the person he’d been waiting for was finally here.

But Ye Zichen couldn’t make his feelings too obvious, otherwise, Gu Luolin might lose her temper and, in a fit of rage, refuse to leave. Ye Zichen figured her dad’s bodyguard wouldn’t dare do anything to her if so.

“It’s natural they’d miss their daughter. I, Gu Luolin, shall follow you back.” She giggled. “I was prepared to go back anyway!” 

That she agreed so readily was beyond Ye Zichen’s expectations.

She’d always seemed to hate the family estate. This wasn’t because her family was good or bad.

It was simply because she was the youngest person there!

She didn’t want everyone to treat her like a kid forever. She wanted to be someone else’s senior! That was why she’d never wanted to go back.

And here Ye Zichen thought it would take time and effort to persuade her. Her immediate agreement actually gave him a sense of foreboding. 

“Alliance Head Ye,” said Lan Tu. “There’s something else I must say!”  

“Go… ahead….”

“Out of consideration for how well you took care of his daughter in her absence, the family head would like to express his grat.i.tude, and furthermore, he’s invited you to visit our estate.”

As expected!

 No wonder Gu Luolin agreed so readily. The Gu Family Head wanted Ye Zichen to go back with her!  

So long as Ye Zichen went with her, Gu Luolin wouldn’t be the most junior member of the clan. She was happy as long as she wasn’t the youngest.

But the Gu Family? Ye Zichen didn’t want to visit them!

Perhaps because of Gu Zichen’s tragic fate, Ye Zichen felt an inexplicable aversion to the Gu Family.

Or perhaps it was because they were too mysterious. Ye Zichen didn’t want to get involved with such an inscrutable faction.

In any event, he didn’t want to go!

“Hey! I’m talking to you!” the fire essence spirit suddenly roared. “Don’t take this too far!”  

“Heh, you sure are interesting,” said Ye Zichen. He was naturally pleased at the chance to change the subject, so he didn’t linger with Lan Tu. Instead, he looked at the fire essence spirit and said, “I made myself perfectly clear, didn’t I? I don’t need you. All you have to do is stay put. What did you run all the way here for?”


“Boss!” The lightning essence spirit let out a low shout, then walked over. “I ask the Master of the Stars’ forgiveness. It’s true that our att.i.tude was wrong earlier, but we are the five elemental essence spirits, and it’s only natural that we be by your side. You might have ill feelings about us, but this is the irrevocable truth. Furthermore, we decided that even if you don’t agree, we’ll stick to you like glue!”

“That’s right! We’re not leaving!” The water essence spirit, who’d been as lazy as could be to begin with, directly sprawled out on the ground.

A temper tantrum?

If the essence spirits really started throwing a fit, Ye Zichen really wouldn’t be able to handle it.

Having them stick to him like glue, day after day, would only create unnecessary trouble. Ye Zichen then flashed the thunder essence spirit an eerie grin, turned to Lan Tu, and said unflinchingly, “Alright, since your clan head has extended a warm welcome, I’ll come take a look around the Gu Family!”