Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 2337: The Majestic Moon Heaven Ascending City, Part Three

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Chapter 2337: The Majestic Moon Heaven Ascending City, Part Three

Qin Nan casually looked in the direction of the uproar, but it immediately caught his attention.

He spotted three young men and a woman several zhang away to his right. They were dressed in long robes and armor which were ancient Dao weapons with mystical glows, causing them to stand out among the crowd.

Three of them were in the Greater Success Stage of the Master Realm.

The short-haired young man in front was a peak Master of Dao.

In front of them was a stall selling Heavenly River Wood Rods.

The owner of the stall was a hunchbacked old man whose face was full of wrinkles. He was only a Peerless Ruler. A little girl was standing beside him.

The seemingly-ordinary girl was dressed in normal clothes. She was pulling the corner of the old man’s s.h.i.+rt and hiding behind him as if she was frightened by the people in front of her.

The only thing that was different was her pale-golden eyes.

Normally, if a person’s eyes had a special color, it meant the person’s eyes were born with unusual power. However, Qin Nan did not sense any energy from her eyes.

“A young girl with golden eyes? Could she be the one Elder Zhou mentioned?”

Qin Nan’s eyes flickered.

Zhou Xundao had told him a secret. Around the year two thousand and fifty of the Sacred Heaven Calendar, the Extreme Heaven Ranking suddenly gave out a quest to look for a young girl with golden eyes, but no one knew the reason behind it.

Zhou Di had only found the young girl with golden eyes in the year two thousand and eighty of the Sacred Heaven Calendar, but the young girl was already murdered.

“Hang on, it’s currently the two-thousandth year of the Sacred Heaven Calendar. That young girl would have grown up when the Extreme Heaven Ranking gave out the quest. She wouldn’t still be a little girl…”

Qin Nan shook his head.

Meanwhile, the short-haired young man kicked the stall and said with a mocking grin, “Old man, our Li Clan has always been nice to you, but you dare to betray us and bring her here? Tell me, how should we settle this?”

The old man lowered his gaze and said, “Young Master Li, please calm down. I didn’t sneak her out. Great Housekeeper told me I can redeem her with fifty Three G.o.ds Crystals. I’ve already given them to Great Housekeeper several days ago. You can ask him about it if you don’t believe me.”

The young man snarled, “Nonsense! You should know that Great Housekeeper has always found me an eyesore, yet you are asking me to ask him about it? Are you messing with me?”

“I’m telling you, this little girl is my servant. The contract is still with me too. She will always be my servant until I say otherwise!”

It was common for cultivators to sign a contract with some powerful cultivators to be their servants.

During the ancient era, many factions would recruit servants to handle miscellaneous tasks and serve the disciples and members of the clans.

The old man pleaded, “Young Master Li, please have mercy and let Xiao Li go! She’s still so young. She has a long way ahead of her. She can’t be a servant for the rest of her life.”

Normally, certain cultivators with lower cultivation levels who lacked talents and background would willingly submit themselves to the formidable factions as servants.

It would give them access to resources that were useful for improving their cultivation. Some could even win the favor of their masters and alter their destiny through the rewards from their masters.

They could redeem themselves after they grew stronger.

Unlike Qin Nan’s era, many strong cultivators in the ancient era who came from a poorer background were once slaves of the formidable factions.

However, the young man who was causing a scene was different.

Young Master Li was kidnapped by the enemy when he was young. He was badly tortured by the kidnappers. His personality became twisted since then. He often tortured the young girl and other slaves to entertain himself.

Every slave that Young Master Li took was kids below the age of ten. Once they were fifteen, Young Master Li would force himself onto them and torture them to death.

Xiao Li’s unique golden eyes had made her one of Young Master Li’s favorites.

The old man had taken the little girl because he did not want her to suffer the same fate as the rest.

The old man thought Young Master Li would only visit the Majestic Moon Heaven Ascending City after three months. He decided to hide Xiao Li here before bringing her to other Small Immortal Realms.

To his surprise, Young Master Li had come a lot earlier than he had expected.

“Cut the c.r.a.p, I’m giving you one last chance. Bring her back home at once!” the young man demanded.

The old man clenched his teeth. He did not say a word, nor did he move his feet.

“Very well! It seems like you are not going to listen to me. Do you really think I don’t dare to hurt you because we are in the Majestic Moon Heaven Ascending City?” Young Master Li angrily swung his arm.


The slap did not land on the old man’s face. It was stopped by a pale hand.

A woman whose face was covered by a pink veil had appeared beside the old man out of nowhere. She was wearing a white robe. Her long hair had reached her waist. Only her pair of faint purple eyes were visible.

The woman’s cultivation was also in the peak Master Realm just like the young man.

“Who are you? How dare you stop me?” Young Master Li’s eyes flickered coldly.

“Woman, you wouldn’t want to mess with Young Master Li. You should leave before he loses his temper,” the two young men and a woman behind Young Master Li said.

“I wouldn’t want to mess with him?”

The woman’s eyes flickered with disdain as she spoke, “I don’t care who you are, but no one is allowed to use violence in the Majestic Moon Heaven Ascending City! Are you trying to break the rule?”

The young man said coldly, “Don’t you dare threaten me with the false accusation! I know the rules of the city better than anyone else, but the young girl is my slave. Someone has taken her away with force. Why couldn’t I take her back as her master?”

The cultivators nearby shook their heads.

He was trying to save the girl?

Of course not!

However, it was a valid excuse to justify his actions.

The woman frowned and said, “What do you want to let her go?”

Young Master Li laughed and said, “It’s a surprise that there’s someone as kind as you in this world! It’s simple if you want to redeem her. A Heaven Dao Seven Moons Stone will do.”

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