Poems by Muriel Stuart Part 8

If you are looking for Poems by Muriel Stuart Part 8 you are coming to the right place.
Poems by Muriel Stuart is a Webnovel created by Muriel Stuart.
This lightnovel is currently completed.


Comrade and friend! For me a new days lies, Splendid and strange. For you the night is pa.s.sed.


They rise, they go forth, foot by foot, hand in hand.

He goes not before, nor she after; together they stand.

He is no less though she be the more. Thus they meet, Long sundered whom life made for union, now at rest, now complete.

They are separate and free, they are woven and one, And the world has grown quiet between them the battle is done.

For this is the dream, the ideal, the designate plan, So slow of fulfilment, so sure,–G.o.d’s prevision of man.

Shared burden, shared wonder, shared wisdom and strife: In their fellowship only is found the perfection, of life.


From what clear wells of wonder Upspringing and upspringing, From what rock cleft asunder Leaps this stream cool and bright?

What secret joy thereunder Melodiously upflinging Its heart in ceaseless music upon the lyre of light?

To what high aery choiring This hour her way is winging, Her dewy troth to plight?

This golden hour aspiring Above the glad bells ringing, More sweet than sweet birds’ music, more fleet than fleet birds’ flight?

What joy and hope here clinging, With gentle fingers twining In wrapt and mystic rite?

What love unblind is bringing Two mortals swift and shining, With faces to the morning, with footsteps from the night?

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