Princess Is Glamorous In Modern Day Chapter 615 – Eating at the Same Table

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Chapter 615: Eating at the Same Table

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As the highest education inst.i.tution in the country, the threshold for

professors at Qing University was quite high. Some people might not be able to

reach the edge of Qing University even if they worked hard their entire lives.

If it were other academician masters, those who had no fate with the Qjng

University could comfort themselves that they did not have enough experience

However, Xia Wanyuan was still a female celebrity in the entertainment

industry at a young age. Not only had she become a professor at Qing

University, but she had also stolen the limelight and become a demonstration

teacher at Qjing University. This was a height that some teachers could not

reach even after decades of hard work.

As for Xia Wanyuan, who was praised by the outside world for her profound

knowledge, many people scoffed. Those who could reach the level of a

professor were all rich. Xia Wanyuan could not convince the public with just

her knowledge.

Some people who were not from the art department could not understand what

was going on. To them, Xia Wanyuan was just good at marketing.

The university industry had always emphasized academic research. Xia

Wanyuan indeed did not have any major academic results that could convince

the public.

Gradually, some discordant voices sounded, but these voices were temporarily

drowned in the sea of people, slowly seeping into the surroundings

From the moment Xia Wanyuan stepped into Qing University, she knew that

she would definitely face these doubts in the future. However, she didn’t care

about these things now.

She was standing beside a group of leaders and talking to Jun s.h.i.+ling.

The Qing University also needed someone to show their face. As the current

professor of the Qing University, Xia Wanyuan was a young talent who had

been entrusted with the high hopes of a master of Chinese arts.

The most important thing was that Xia Wanyuan was good-looking. Initially,

in the news, Jun s.h.i.+ling’s looks could crush the good looks of the leaders of the

Qing University. With Xia Wanyuan, the Qing University was brought back to

its former glory.

Xia Wanyuan sat quietly by the side and listened to the leaders and Jun s.h.i.+ling


“The academic level of the Qing University has indeed improved greatly in

recent years.” Hearing the school leader’s introduction, Jun s.h.i.+ling nodded.

Then, he suddenly changed the topic and looked at Xia Wanyuan, who was

acting as a quiet mascot. “I have a mischievous son. He just listened to

Professor Xia’s lecture and thinks that he has gained a lot. I wonder if I can

bring the child over to listen to Professor Xia’s lecture in the future and let him

accept the influence of national studies.”

Under the enthusiastic attention of the leaders, Xia Wanyuan’s lips curled

“CEO Jun, I naturally welcome your praise.”

A hint of a smile appeared in Jun s.h.i.+ling’s eyes. He had always hidden his

emotions very well, and only those who were most familiar with him could

notice it.

Xia Wanyuan was the person who could notice this subtle difference.

There were cameras everywhere. Xia Wanyuan’s expression looked flawless,

but Jun s.h.i.+ling could feel that if there were no cameras now, Xia Wanyuan

would definitely kick him.

In the past years, Jun s.h.i.+ling had always left after showing his face. This year,

he had stayed for a long time.

Jun s.h.i.+ling was a walking money tree. The leaders would love for Jun s.h.i.+ling to

stay longer.

If he was interested in something, he could just wave his hand and make

another pile of donations. This was what the school leaders were most willing

to see.

“It’s getting late. CEO Jun, why don’t you have lunch at Qing University?

Although it’s not as good as the food outside, you can try and see if it still

tastes like back then.”

Okay, that’s what I was thinking”

It was a set of polite words said every year, a formal greeting done for show.

This year, Jun s.h.i.+ling actually agreed. The school hurriedly changed the plan

and created a private room in the teachers’ canteen.

Xia- face of the entrance – Wanyuan was still accompanying him.

Jun s.h.i.+ling was a distinguished guest and should be sitting at the top, but Jun

s.h.i.+ling looked at his seat. “Tve been a little cold recently. Ill sit here far from

the air-conditioner

The seat by the door was usually reserved for juniors with lower seniority. For

example, in front of the leaders, Xia Wanyuan could only sit by the door.

Before the school leaders could reject, Jun s.h.i.+ling sat beside Xia Wanyuan.

The leaders did not say anything else and called for the waiter to serve the


Jun s.h.i.+ling habitually wanted to help Xia Wanyuan with the chopsticks and

bowl, but he restrained himself after Xia Wanyuan kicked him lightly under the


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