Princess Is Glamorous In Modern Day Chapter 617 – Applying to Be a Boyfriend

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Chapter 617: Applying to Be a Boyfriend

Translator: Atlas Studios | Editor: Atlas Studios

It was the end of summer, in a small country in Continent Fat the edge of the

equator. The weather was so hot that an egg could be cooked immediately on

the ground.

“Dog man, you torture me the moment you wake up.” An Rao held the frozen

milk in her hand and hurried into the ward.

That day, Bo Xiaoli was unconscious and slept for ten hours before walking up.

In the end, the first thing he said when he woke up was that he wanted to eat.

An Rao went to ask the doctor. The doctor said that it was okay, so An Rao

wanted to buy something delicious for him.

Who would have thought that Bo Xiao would not eat what was bought outside?

He looked at An Rao confidently. “I want to eat what you make.”

Bo Xiao frowned when An Rao rejected him. “It hurts.” An Rao immediately

went to the kitchen to make a bowl of porridge for Bo Xiao.

He did not ask An Rao to cook for him today. Out of the blue, he wanted to

drink frozen milk.

Seeing that Bo Xiao was about to raise his arm and cry out in pain, An Rao took

the lead. “Stop, Ill buy it for you. Okay?”

After the war, there was rarely any milk in many places, let alone frozen milk

An Rao ran for more than an hour before she found a milk shop with an ice


Thinking that the temperature was high and that the cold air had dissipated,

An Rao quickened her pace and entered the ward. When she pushed open the

door, she saw Bo Xiao sitting on the bed like a master playing a single-player

game on his phone.

An Rao pursed her lips. Dog man

“You’re here? You’ve been looking for it for a long time, haven’t you?” Bo Xiao

looked up when he heard the door open. “You’ve worked hard.

“No, it’s quite easy to find. I just had something on and went out for a while.”

Bo Xiao’s serious tone made An Rao feel a little embarra.s.sed.

The corners of Bo Xiao’s lips curled up, but he did not continue.

An Rao walked over and handed him the milk “Drink it. It’s still cold. The

doctor said that you can have some rice for lunch. What do you want to eat”

“My hand hurts. I can’t open it. Help me open the bottle cap.” Bo Xiao did not

answer An Rao but gestured for her to open the milk bottle in his hand.

“An Rao walked to the bed and reached out to take the milk bottle from Bo

Xiao. Bo Xiao grabbed her wrist and pressed her against the bed.

An Rao struggled for a while, but realized that she could not break free at all.

Bo Xiao, who could not even open the bottle cap just now, was like a mountain

and could not be shaken at all.

“What are you doing?!” An Rao glared at Bo Xiao. It was unknown if her eyes

were more angry or embarra.s.sed.

“Let me ask you a question.” Bo Xiao grabbed An Rao’s hand that was trying to

break free. The bottle beside him clinked on the metal frame.

“Ask what? Let go of me first.” At that moment, being suppressed by Bo Xiao in

an absolute manner, An Rao finally understood what kind of iron-blooded

strength was hidden behind Bo Xiao’s ostentatious appearance.

An Rao struggled for a while. Suddenly, her face flushed red. “Hooligan!! Get


“I told you to stop moving” Bo Xiao was uncomfortable from An Rao’s

struggles and pinched her hand even more forcefully. “Let me ask you, why did

you come to Continent F?”

“Tm here for a vacation.” Meeting Bo Xiao’s burning gaze, An Rao avoided his

gaze uncomfortably.

“Travel to a place where there’s a war?” Bo Xiao raised his eyebrows slightly.

His eyes were filled with ‘Continue pretending. Let’s see how long you can

pretend for

“Why do you care? Speaking of which, I’m your savior!! Is this how you treat

your benefactor? Get upl” Sensing the increasingly obvious abnormality in Bo

Xiao’s body, An Rao’s face flushed red.

“Let me ask you one last time. What are you doing in Continent F?* Bo Xiao

stared intently at An Rao, causing her to tremble in fear.

IAn Ra0 was about to die of anger from Bo Xiao. Didn’t he know why I was

here?l He insisted on asking and insisted on hearing me say it myself. What

was wrong with him?”I came for a dog man, okay?!

An Rao almost shouted the second half of her sentence. Only after she finished

speaking did she realize what she had said. However, she was suppressed by Bo

Xiao and could not dodge even if she wanted to.

“Miss An Rao.” Unexpectedly, Bo Xiao did not laugh at her but looked at her

with a gentle smile.

What?” An Rao subconsciously asked.

Don’t you like soldiers?” The corners of Bo Xiao’s lips curled up. “Major

General Bo Xiao of the Third Army / District in China has applied to be your


After speaking, seeing An Rao stunned, Bo Xíao added, “Tll protect you the way

I protect the country.

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